The Broker

↠ The Broker ↠ John Grisham ↠ The Broker ↠ John Grisham - The Broker, The Broker In his final hours in the Oval Office the outgoing President grants a controversial last minute pardon to Joel Backman a notorious Washington power broker who has spent the last six years hidden awa

  • Title: The Broker
  • Author: John Grisham
  • ISBN: 9780385340540
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback

↠ The Broker ↠ John Grisham, The Broker, John Grisham, The Broker In his final hours in the Oval Office the outgoing President grants a controversial last minute pardon to Joel Backman a notorious Washington power broker who has spent the last six years hidden away in a federal prison What no one knows is that the President issues the pardon only after receiving enormous pressure from the CIA It seems Backman in his power broker heyIn his final hou

The Broker

↠ The Broker ↠ John Grisham ↠ The Broker ↠ John Grisham - The Broker, The Broker In his final hours in the Oval Office the outgoing President grants a controversial last minute pardon to Joel Backman a notorious Washington power broker who has spent the last six years hidden awa The Broker

  • ↠ The Broker ↠ John Grisham
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The Broker

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  1. I finally found a Grisham novel that I don t remember reading before The Broker, Joel Backman is in prison serving twenty years for a crime that he may or may not have committed With fourteen still to go he is unexpectedly pardoned by the outgoing President and smuggled to a secret location in Europe Then, the authorities of various countries sit back and monitor him as they wait to see who will get to him firstThis was a great read and kept me hooked until the end The danger the main character [...]

  2. It s OK Not that bad, not that good either The plot was promising, but I got bored along the way Because it s Grisham, the characters are always interesting and the writing is always great But my problem here was the pace There were a lot of instances where I thought Grisham was beating around the bush He was rather fond of the Italian culture and took lengths to explain quite a few things and that would have been nice if this was a book about Italy But, this is an espionage thriller of some sor [...]

  3. In this hefty 422 page wanna be spy novel travel guide, 421 pages too long , Mr Grisham confirms that he is fortunate, indeed, to make so much money with so little talent This book is generously peppered with little gems, such as, I love Stuttgart, Marco said, just to watch it unwrinkle Or, He met Joel at the powerful oak door and they shook hands properly, but not like old friends In other days, he d have followed Elke anywhere, but now it was only downstairs Mr Grisham, who is no Paul Theroux, [...]

  4. My brother recommended this book Since I want him to read Joel Salatin, in a tit for tat deal I agreed to read The Broker The first 13 pages, the political pardon arrangement, were hilarious I was hooked But not for long After the main character, Backman, was whisked away to Europe by the CIA, the spy vs spy vs innocent in a strange land story or whatever this was supposed to be went awry At this point Grisham s editor he does have one, I presume should have sent back the manuscript and told his [...]

  5. This is another novel in a long line of great books by John Grisham You know it s going to be a fun book when the CIA is leaking someones whereabouts just to see who kills him When I read the jacket of the book I was afraid that they may have given too much of the plot away I was wrong There was still plenty of suspense and drama to be had This book had me guessing how it was going to end until it was over I must admit that I didn t guess right at all The characters in this book are well rounded [...]

  6. Am a fan of John Grisham and if am not mistaken I have read almost all his work starting from A time to kill,The firm,The pelican brief,The runner way jury, The client and so on and so forth.John Grisham don t disappoint.

  7. The president had shifted to the we mode now, something he invariably did when a potentially unpopular decision was at hand For the easy ones, it was always I When he needed a crutch, and especially when he would need someone to blame, he opened up the decisionmaking process and included Critz Every so often, we wonder how the decision making process goes inside the government, particularly in the seemingly superior branch of the government go figure The Broker gave us a little preview of how th [...]

  8. I hadn t read Grisham for a while and The Broker was not a bad start to 2017 The story starts with a slightly sardonic humorous tone than usual Grisham books introducing a quintessential worst president ever who goes on to pardon the real MC Joel Backman aka the broker It s all part of a plot to get Backman killed something that basically just requires getting him off US soil and letting his enemies take care of it.The story starts powerful and tense, Backman isn t a hugely relateable guy but h [...]

  9. WOW THIS WAS A WILD RIDE This starts out with a super secret meeting in the White House, doing HIGHLY ILLEGAL things, and from that first bit we go to a Federal Prison to get out The Broker A High command, High powered lawyer lobbyist Rubbing shoulders with Senators, Congressmen, Even Getting a President elected in Washington D.C He is out and from there whisked out of the country to ItalyFrom there is where our main character is on his own so to speak with the deck stacked against them That s w [...]

  10. It starts promisingly Then it gets repetitive and reads like Italy s tour guide instead of a thriller Even the ending seems too far fetched implausible.

  11. Some time ago, i entered a multistore in my area I was just browsing books, when this book caught my eye I took it in my hands to take a look at it When i saw writers name, a had a feeling that i know this name John Grisham John Grisham I know him for sure , i thought It felt like, i ve heard of him, before Of course It s the write of Pelican Brief , the book that, the 1993 homonymous film, was based on As i start to read it, it felt like i was the main protagonist and i was commiserated with hi [...]

  12. The first, somewhat sluggish half is immersed in Italian lessons before gaining traction in the exciting second half 8 of 10 stars

  13. Once again another excellent and thrilling novel in John Grisham s collection Unlike his usual writing, The Broker veers slightly away from the law and attorneys, and drags readers into a sea of political mayhem This is a great book, really fast paced and a quick but worthwhile read.

  14. Originally posted at lasrmystery 2012 He might have pled guilty, but that doesn t mean he was.Okay, so why would an innocent man plead guilty if he wasn t That s what The Broker is about There are a very few auto buy authors for me John Grisham is one of those authors Once I sit down to read one of his books, I m there for the long haul I never know what will happen next and can t wait to find out how it happens.Joel Backman did a lot of bad things He brokered deals, moved money, oh and he had t [...]

  15. This is probably my favourite of Grisham s books, despite a smattering of sentimental cliches that make me desire to inspect the brains of some fairly central characters with a fire poker The worst one She Have I offended you He You could smile She nodded slightly and her eyes were instantly moist She looked away, through the window, and said, I have so little to smile about This type of thing, along with the rhythm wretched of most of his prose convinces me that Grisham ought to be a screenwri [...]

  16. I read every book Grisham writes but seldom read one twice The Broker is by far my favorite, thanks to the Italian setting Yes, I know it s becoming cliche to set books in Italy but I am shamelessly in love with that country and believe you can t have too much of a good thing in this case Caution do not read while hungry and especially not while in need of coffee with no way of getting any I considered counting how often the main character drank espresso or some other delectable Italian coffee d [...]

  17. Put yourself in a new country, state, city and do not know a soul, the language, where you are Now try to keep out of sight from those watching you.weee ride is on and the writer keeps the words flowing so the pages keep turning What a good book all the way through I could not help but cheer Joel Marco on.

  18. Waiter, waiter Bring some tortellini and ricotta, will you, I m doing research for my new book Ok, I read the negative reviews below Many readers are disappointed and say this is a slow book that Grisham wrote just to have an excuse to spend leisurly time in Italy, and that he spends far too much time describing details of Italian towns and Italian language that are totally irrelevant to the plot.I adore Grisham, but it s all true after the first few chapters, that I found gripping and intrigu [...]

  19. he broke the rules now he has to pay in his final hours in the white house the president grants joel a pardon but why he is a notorious power broker who has been in prison for 6 years for security after a deal went sour and one of his contacts was murderedbut this pardon was organised by the cia who want joel out of the way, permanently, but not before they learn his secrets and this will be made clear by whoever moves into to kill him joel is now marco living in italy and trying to blend in whi [...]

  20. I definitely must be spouting off too often and too much about the undercurrents and underbellies of political world This is the second time since the first of the year that a friend has passed along a Grisham book to me Early on I read quite a few of Mr Grisham s novels, but I grew weary and frankly just bored This one had a little strength to it I didn t hate it, nor did I love it or even really like it I can read the newspapers these days and get action and espionage and dirty politics But [...]

  21. I m toying with the idea of only commenting on books on other people s entries, but although this is a departure from typical GR practice, it might end up just adding lots of complexity to the site but it does prevent people from reading straight book reviews if they re located on some other person s account and, it involves losing data control over that review to another person decisions, decisions since a chunk of time has passed since departure from Club H, I guess feelings have calmed down e [...]

  22. I m relatively new to Grisham s work, but even I could tell that this book was not up to his standards The story follows Joel Backman, a high powered broker who gets himself into a lot of trouble and is sent to a federal prison to be kept in solitary confinement What that trouble is exactly we don t find out until about halfway through the book When we are first introduced to Backman, he is described in such terms that make you glad he got caught Surely, he is the bad guy in the book, right As e [...]

  23. Everyone who s ever read any Grisham knows that he has the world s most convenient plots Things that wouldn t occur under any other circumstances happen in his books To make the suspension of disbelief even harder for me, I ve worked in the U S legal field for 40 years, in both civil and criminal litigation Thus, I know how it really works I d actually given up reading his books when during The Runaway Jury I said to myself four times Like that would ever happen But I have a very good friend who [...]

  24. I grabbed some John Grisham off the shelf for a bit of fiction, knowing I can usually count on him for a bit of solid storytelling This work, however, was unusually well bad.Perhaps this is because the brilliant author failed to follow the good advice to write what you know unlike his Southern law sagas, The Broker takes place largely in Italy, telling a story of high level political powerbrokers rather than Grisham s usual attorneys The plot simply broke down.More accurately, perhaps, it was si [...]

  25. Este livro foge um pouco ao estilo mais marcado de Grisham O tema n o versa completamente sobre o mundo dos tribunais, mas sim sobre a vida atribulada de um advogado que tenta vender um segredo industrial de um grupo de jovens paquistaneses A vida de Backman, conhecido como o corretor , vira um inferno e passa pela sua deten o num estabelecimento prisional, durante seis anos Ap s um indulto presidencial deslocado para It lia mas a sua cabe a encontra se a pr mio sendo perseguido por agentes secr [...]

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