The Candy Shop War

Û The Candy Shop War ✓ Brandon Mull Û The Candy Shop War ✓ Brandon Mull - The Candy Shop War, The Candy Shop War What if there were a place where you could get magical candy Moon rocks that made you feel weightless Jawbreakers that made you unbreakable Or candy that gave animals temporary human intelligence and

  • Title: The Candy Shop War
  • Author: Brandon Mull
  • ISBN: 9781590387832
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover

Û The Candy Shop War ✓ Brandon Mull, The Candy Shop War, Brandon Mull, The Candy Shop War What if there were a place where you could get magical candy Moon rocks that made you feel weightless Jawbreakers that made you unbreakable Or candy that gave animals temporary human intelligence and communication skills Imagine what your pet would say Four young friends Nate Summer Trevor and Pigeon are befriended by Belinda White the owner of a new candy shoWhat if there

The Candy Shop War

Û The Candy Shop War ✓ Brandon Mull Û The Candy Shop War ✓ Brandon Mull - The Candy Shop War, The Candy Shop War What if there were a place where you could get magical candy Moon rocks that made you feel weightless Jawbreakers that made you unbreakable Or candy that gave animals temporary human intelligence and The Candy Shop War

  • Û The Candy Shop War ✓ Brandon Mull
    121Brandon Mull
The Candy Shop War

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  1. I wanted to love this book from the very beginning I absolutely loved the colorful, glittery cover, and the premise seemed like such fun And I admit, I really liked the story However, one thing will keep me from being able to recommend this title to others the author s use of race It made me very uncomfortable From the start he unnecessarily describes non white characters by their race In an even worse example, when the main characters take a magic candy that is supposed to temporarily change th [...]

  2. I really, really enjoyed this I had my doubt while reading if I was going to continue to like the characters, but they are so well done I didn t expect the small things mentioned in the beginning to come back at the end and have an impact, so that was fantastic I m really curious to what will happen in the second book I feel like there is enough history and magic to continue this story for a while if he wanted, so I m excited to see which facet he decided to explore .

  3. SoI am pretty impressed with Brandon Mull I have read a lot of YA fiction recently since I try and read everything Jdog wants to read before he reads it I think Mull is easily the best recent writer Since Rowling I don t think anyone has WRITTEN a series as well as him There are other fun series like Percy Jackson, Ranger s Apprentice, Artemis Fowl, etc but they are not written as well This guy is actually a great writer I loved the Fablehaven series Candy Shop War is not quite as good This book [...]

  4. I really wanted to like this book I ve been looking forward to reading it for quite a while Unfortunately, there were too many parts that bugged me It got better through the second half, but not enough to make me forget the things I didn t like in the beginning Some of the things I liked the time traveling and how it was used to further the plot, the Brain Feed that allowed animals to talk, and the surprise use of candy at the end One of the things that bothered me was the unflattering descripti [...]

  5. Brandon Mull writes the BEST kids books I get a kick out of writing directed to younger writers, but Mull s books are among my favorite I m reading the Fablehaven series too, and those are awesome, but I think this was my favorite of his so far This book is so imaginative and fun I really couldn t put it down I highly recommend this book to anybody who likes adventure and fantasy.

  6. This was an interesting book I loved the premise kids eat magical candy that give them powers However, I didn t like the adult situations the kids were put in robbing a museum, digging up a grave, etc Also, all of the adult eat addicting white fudge and are basically drugged out the entire time I read this book with Lindsey and she absolutely loved it She and I were able to discuss the parts I was most uncomfortable with, so it led to a few good talks Overall, the book wasn t bad, but I m not su [...]

  7. This book is a lot of fun, it s exciting, it s not overly scary, and the ending is set up very nicely well in advance although I must say I didn t see it coming It s well written, and if the ethical dilemmas the kids find themselves in aren t very novel, well, at least they make a clear moral message Remember, kids, robbing graves is wrong So why only three stars Well, because even though the writing would normally cause me to give this book four stars, I yanked a star off for the race issues.Ye [...]

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two Fablehaven books with Emily, so we thought we d go for another book by Brandon Mull We read most of it driving back and forth visiting family, and it helped the hour commute go by quickly and enjoyably.I didn t gel as well with the characters Nate and Trevor seemed pretty much the same and Summer was flat as well Pidge had some roundness to him, but there wasn t much character development.The plot was a little slow at times most of the book lacked an ov [...]

  9. WOW Such a great book While being adventurous and exciting, it was also funny and witty This book is perfect for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who are looking for a good read I used this book for my summer reading and I definitely don t regret it 403 pages of great material worth reading If you re looking for a new book, this is one I would FOR SURE recommend Although I said it was a great book for middle schoolers, it is also a FABULOUS book for adults and teens The characters and everyone in the b [...]

  10. To start with this book was very slow paced and boring However, during the last two hundred pages of the book the action started happening and I really ended up enjoying it Yes, it is middle grade but, to me it seemed like it needed to be a young adult novel due to some events that happen The characters were amazing and I loved the friendship between all of them The world building was very interesting and some of the most amazing plot twists took place I will definitely be reading of Brandon Mu [...]

  11. Mikaylie, just finished this book and begged me to read it too It was nothing like I had expected, interesting, unexpected twists and turns and very creative imaginative A great read when you are looking for something fun to relax with, but not too deep The author does include a great list of questions at the end of the book for discussion I d recommend reading this with a child 2nd grade and on and talking about the different issues the kids face in the book.

  12. Every kid s dream the new candy shop in town is stocked with magical candy that can disguise you, make you float, make others do your bidding you name it The downside the owner wants you to earn it With a little treasure hunting Grave robbing You know, the usual Fun book with believable young and old characters, loads of action, and a totally inventive plot

  13. Brandon Mull is definately one of my favortie authors I really enjoy his style of writing, and his imagination Just like Fablehaven this book has it s share of twists I love that Mr Mull can make the danger feel so real.

  14. A library book Cute middle school kids story about fifth graders working with for against magicians, both good and bad, experiencing adventures fueled by magical candy I like Brandon Mull s writing style, will read of his novels.

  15. I am a big Brandon Mull fan I loved his Fablehaven series, am enjoying his five Kingdoms series, but wasn t a huge fan of his Beyonders series I was eager to finally read The Candy Shop Wars which I have had on my shelf for awhile The book ended up being a bit disappointing I had some trouble engaging in the story and the characters.I listened to this on audiobook and the audiobook was decent The narrator was fine and easy to listen to.Nate has just moved to a new town with his parents and is we [...]

  16. Pages 407Author Brandon MullThis book is intended to teenagers young adults The main issue of the story is get to know people before doing things for them This book is taken place mostly at the candy shop It wouldn t be the same if it was taken place at the candy shop The main character is Nate he was a new boy that had just moved in He meets 3 new friends Summer, Trevor and Pigeon And of course Mrs White the owner of the Candy shop Sweet Tooth Summary This book starts off with Nate moving into [...]

  17. Magical candy, evil magicians, bizarre creatures, talking animals, time travelling combine all of these elements together and you have a highly creative, imaginative and fun plot from the author who brought us the equally entertaining Fablehaven series although I think I enjoyed Fablehaven a little than this one.The book was not all fun and games, however It definitely had its darker side as well as it dealt with such serious issues as bullying, young kids carrying out illegal activities like s [...]

  18. Really great book I read this after completing the Fablehaven series While not as intense as Fablehaven, the action never got boring and the plot stayed interesting Brandon Mull is supposed to be working on a sequel once he finishes the Beyonders trilogy He says in the afterward to the last Fablehaven book that he didn t intend to write a sequel to The Candy Shop War, but he wasn t against it if a good idea for one popped in his head The Arcadeland Catastrophe possible title will hopefully be ou [...]

  19. Another 1 day read Great book This was another one I judged by the cover for a year before hearing it was actually good I should have known Brandon Mull wouldn t just do a kiddy hurt feelings book about elementary school.The writing and characters are not as deep as Fablehaven, but you have main characters in a larger setting than the first Fablehaven in what was apparently intended to be a stand alone book The story is magical and violent just like Fablehaven but it made me a little uncomfort [...]

  20. Nate, Summer, Pigeon, and Trevor all are just regular kids who visit an ice cream shop after school to get some penny candy for a snack But Mrs White has some candy that has the kids doing amazing things Like jumping really high and far, making you unbreakable or candy that gave animals the power of human intelligence and speech That you have to admit would be awesome, but is Mrs White hiding something and is their old friend Mr Stott, the ice cream man, helping them or using them This book has [...]

  21. On the back cover of this book is a line something like, Magical candy that gives kids superpowers Sweet That line does a great injustice to this book When I read that, I imagined a very dull, paint by numbers story in which some kids discover some magic candy, and just because there has to be some conflict, there s an evil wizard or something, and the kids use the magic candy to defeat him This book is a much interesting story than that You have all these different parties with their own agend [...]

  22. Really great Liked this much better than the Fablehaven series Even the 7 yo is really enjoying reading this one she was a little scared with the Fablehaven series and didn t finish Only thing boy those 10yro were pretty sophisticated I h ave a really smart, funny 10yro myself, but where I think he would act as amart as those kids, I still don t see him speaking that way Of course, who would want to read a book with real yro conversation.Moral of the story Don t take candy from strangers who say [...]

  23. Yet another exciting and creative book from Brandon Mull I tell you, this author is fantastic and this book is a lot of fun He has 4 children as the main characters who have adventures with magical candy from the magician owner of a candy shop The intrigue in the book is present even from the introduction, leaving the reader trying to guess for most of the book who is a good guy and who is a bad guy The finale is a spoiler time travel sequence reminiscent of Harry Potter 3, but dare I say it, do [...]

  24. I expected this book to be very similar to Bliss because it involved magical confections It was really funny and built suspense quite well when all these calamities happened The Candy Shop Wars is really a book about rivalries all due to magical candy Yet, it showed a few examples of good friendship and didn t really rely on family as much as Bliss had I m not comparing in a bad way Just examples But all in all, the Candy Shop Wars is a really good book and I m looking forward to the second one. [...]

  25. Still not exactly sure how I feel about this book Very interesting idea and plot Lots of unexpected twists and turns But I don t know how I feel about the main characters not really liking them all that well They make several choices I don t approve of thus making them poor role models for my kids Yeah, I could use that as a discussion topic, but I m still undecided.It was a good read though I d read it before handing it over to your kids though just to make sure you re okay with it.

  26. Brandon Mull knocks another one out of the park with Candy Shop War There s really not much to say here that hasn t already been said about Mull s other works, since he s one of the most consistently great writers working today His fertile imagination keeps giving us brilliant ideas about magic and its uses, his knack for fantastical action scenes is unparalleled, and he always keeps the protagonist and the reader guessing about whom they can trust This book was oodles of fun.

  27. I d just like to mention that Brandon Mull visited my elementary school when I was in 4th or 5th grade And he went to the same college as Brandon Sanderson It s like the Cosmere in real life.

  28. So if you ve ever wondered about magical candy and a fountain of youth and adult treasure hunters fighting, the book The Candy Shop War by Brandon mull is for you I don t know about you but i sure have wondered that Every book by Mull is incredible, but this has to be one of my favorites The book opens with Nate Sutter, a fifth grader, moving to a new place He doesn t have any friends for the first few days but when he confronts some bullies, he earns the respect and friendship of Pigeon, Summer [...]

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