The Black Book

Free Read The Black Book - by Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely Free Read The Black Book - by Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely - The Black Book, The Black Book A New Translation and Afterword by Maureen FreelyGalip is a lawyer living in Istanbul His wife the detective novel loving Ruya has disappeared Could she have left him for her ex husband or Cel l a

  • Title: The Black Book
  • Author: Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely
  • ISBN: 9781400078653
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read The Black Book - by Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely, The Black Book, Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely, The Black Book A New Translation and Afterword by Maureen FreelyGalip is a lawyer living in Istanbul His wife the detective novel loving Ruya has disappeared Could she have left him for her ex husband or Cel l a popular newspaper columnist But Cel l too seems to have vanished As Galip investigates he finds himself assuming the enviable Cel l s identity wearing his clothes ansA New Translat

The Black Book

Free Read The Black Book - by Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely Free Read The Black Book - by Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely - The Black Book, The Black Book A New Translation and Afterword by Maureen FreelyGalip is a lawyer living in Istanbul His wife the detective novel loving Ruya has disappeared Could she have left him for her ex husband or Cel l a The Black Book

  • Free Read The Black Book - by Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely
    455Orhan Pamuk Maureen Freely
The Black Book

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  1. The big issue from Orhan Pamuk s , a Nobel Prize winning writer, novel is identitywho are we The setting Istanbul, Turkey, the largest city in the nation, straddling the bright blue waters of the narrow , and rather shallow , but still even today quite ucial Bosphorus Strait, on both the continents ofAsia and Europe This is the ultimate problem for its divided people, do we become westernized or remain with traditional, old customs They go see ancient Hollywood films, some 20 years old, at the m [...]

  2. this is a rare example of a reread for me I don t reread books very often, not because I don t want to, blahblahblah My experience of reading this one was a good example of a certain kind of reader s disease The kind where even though you are trying to focus your attention on the story, the language, etc your eyes start to water and you kind of glaze over in your mind, turning pages and sort of dimly registering the story It s not reading ,per se, but it s not skimming either It s not bullshitti [...]

  3. Biraz konu al m.Orhan Pamuk ser venim yedi y l nce, do du um evin balkonunda ailemin k t phanesinden ekip ald m Yeni Hayat ile ba lad Eski bordo kapakl bir kitapt , ilk c mlesini bizzat ya ayaca m d nmemi tim hi , ya ad m.Daha derinlere inmeden belirtmek istiyorum ki, bu platformu ve buradaki insanlar seviyorum Yorumlara, inceleme yaz lar na nem veriyorum Buran n edebiyat ile dolu olmas n istiyorum Yazarlar kendi hayatlar ndan, edebi ki ilikleri d nda yapt klar yorumlardan ayr tutman n zor oldu [...]

  4. A post modern masterpiece in the vein of the best of Calvino or Borges, The Black Book is the novel in which Pamuk was able to force his literary star and create a work of art luminosity blazed forth and heralded a new star of Turkish literature Kemal had poetry, but Pamuk has something even important originality.The dominant themes in the novel are ones which often recur in Pamuk s novels identity, Westernisation and Istanbul, combined with a sense of playfulness and erudition Let s start with [...]

  5. yetenek denen eyden daha ok g vendi im inat l k ve sabr ma demi orhan pamuk kara kitap n bende b rakt en b y k iz, tam da bu oldu bu kitab lmeden nce okumu olmak ne b y k mutluluk.

  6. A man s search for his wife and her journalist ex husband becomes intertwined with the latter s bizarre articles columns turning this book into a bewildering hall of mirrors of Dostoevsky styled feverish monologues, storytelling sessions like a Dinesen or Potocki tale, and Borgesian labyrinths of history and literature and fake detective tale Each chapter is its own unit a short story, mock essay, or monologue This book is exasperating, annoying, thrilling, and provocative at different points an [...]

  7. Available from KOBOBOOKSThe book, in a nutshell, traces the protagonist s search for his wife and, subsequently, also his cousin There is indeed a vague plot resembling a detective novel here, but that is hardly the point of the novel The real point of the novel is Turkey, as Galip s search for Ruya takes him around Istanbul meeting various people who he thinks might help him find her, and via this process the novel morphs into an examination of identity, both individual and national On one leve [...]

  8. I hope that Orhan Pamuk really enjoyed writing The Black Book, because I definitely did not enjoy reading it It is ostensibly the story of Celal, a columnist for a major Turkish daily who has disappeared or ran away, told through the eyes of the his friend and brother in law, Galip When Galip s pulp detective novel loving wife Celal s sister disappears as well, Galip turns into something of a detective himself, and the plot thickens And then, it slows to a tedious crawl.Whatever the story is her [...]

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  10. To what degree can we be ourselves To be or not to be oneself , considers Pamuk, is life s ultimate question A roller coaster which is alike in many aspects with a detective novel, this story is suffused with possible answers to the question above and explorations of how, only by telling stories, a man can really be himself Through hypotheses developed in stories with a prince embarking on quests of finding his real self in order to be able to guide his people if he would come next in line to th [...]

  11. Escrito por Orhan Pamuk, escritor e professor universit rio, foi condecorado com Pr mio Nobel da Literatura em 2006 Os jardins da mem ria, em ingl s The black Book, foi publicado em 1990, ap s o regresso do autor sua cidade natal, Istambul.O livro apresenta alguma complexidade, a estrutura lingu stica cuidada e eloquente, a estrutura narrativa n o linear o que obriga a um maior esfor o de compreens o e encadeamento das a es, por vezes senti me perdida no meio dos textos, tendo de reler e refleti [...]

  12. Masal, da lar a an, zorlu patikalardan ge en, tek g zl devlerle bo u an Galip in yk s Beyo lu uzak da lar, R ya n n olabilece i her yer ve ona giden yollar, zorlu patikalar, Galip in h z nle ve gizlice nefret etti i aile b y kleri tek g zl devler.Bir kurmacan n yan nda da ba ar l bir ders kitab Kara Kitap Edebiyat teorisine dair sayfalarca anlat lacak kuru bilginin kurmacaya d k lm hali Bana kal rsa ba ar s biraz da burdan sebep M mk n mertebe spoiler vermekten ka narak unu diyebilirim Kitap evv [...]

  13. I get it Not all authors write in the same style, the same proficiency, the same genre, nor the same level of whatever readers want in each of their books That is why there are novels that are successful than others within their work Perhaps, therefore, there should be no real sympathy for me here, but Orhan Pamuk s The Museum of Innocence was by far one of my all time favorites, a definite 5 Star Sadly, I have read the if guys works, increasingly desperately trying to find one that is even cl [...]

  14. Remember those Magic Eye pictures that were popular back in the 90 s If you stared at what looked like random dots or patterns in just the right way, forcing your eyes apart from their usual angled focus, a hidden 3 D image would suddenly pop into view Some of them were pretty cool If you were like me, though, it took a while to get it right I remember moving the picture back and forth, commanding my eyes not to cross as it got closer to my nose and trying to hold that same angle as I moved it b [...]

  15. This book should have been better It had a very good beginning but then really fell off The fault is most likely both Pamuk s and Freely s the translator The way Freely described the translation process in the Afterword which should have been the Foreword, unlike most Forewords, which give away the entire plot and should be Afterwords , it seems as if Turkish is incredibly hard to translate into English She also relates how beautiful Pamuk s prose is That beauty does not come through Instead, hi [...]

  16. Who you really are On the surface, this seems like a question already posed elsewhere with such banality and tedium that some would be happy to declare that they don t care about the question, let alone a possible answer However, you can t help but to think about your identity while riding the roller coaster that Pamuk manages to pull off in The Black Book Like all great minds, Pamuk knows very well that attempting to answer such a question is quite complicated, though he is committed to taking [...]

  17. Benim Ad m K rm z ile birlikte bu kitap g steriyor ki Orhan Pamuk gibi bir yazar yok Orhan Pamuk roman yap s , kurgusu, i tenlikli ve karma k anlat m yla iyi anlamda karma k e siz bir yazar Bunu Benim Ad m K rm z y okuyunca fark ettim ve imdi de bundan eminim Kitab okurken bilgi ve d nce zenginli i i inde kayboldum, ger ekten hem bir ok eyi bildi ini g steren bir kitap ve insan kimli ini, varolu u ok iyi irdeleyen, okuru her b l m n sonunda d nmeye, bir nevi felsefe yapmaya zorlayan bir kitap.Ba [...]

  18. Kurgu harikas Baz uzun olsun diye uzat lm c mleler d nda dili de gayet g zel, leziz i e ge en rg d nda, bu rg y olu turan olaylar n ve hikayelerin orijinalli i ve s yledikleri ya da i aret etti i gizemin ve ya bak a s na g re gizemsizli in bak n neler yap yorum b t ne olan etkisi yerli yerinde Hi bir ey bo una yaz lmam hissi verdi genel itibariyle.Modern klasik.

  19. Di er 9 u hangileridir bilmem ama kesinler T rk Edebiyat n n en iyi 10 eserinden biridir Bahsi ge en konu edebiyatsa e er

  20. Disappointing A comparison to Borges and an intriguing review from The New Yorker inspired the purchase Wish I hadn t There was a large portion that I would have cut as an editor Characters seem like cardboard cut outs used to explore pet themes All the themes were interesting, but there was too much repetition and too much going on I also felt that the narrative structure completely fell apart Maybe that was the goal with the dissolution of identity and confusion of narrator The problem, for me [...]

  21. When I had read The Black Book I wasn t disenchanted but I wasn t enchanted either I thought of the pit which used to be right next to the building, the bottomless pit that had inspired shivers of fear at night, not only in me but in all the pretty children, girls, and adults who lived on all the floors It seethed with bats, poisonous snakes, rats, and scorpions like a well in a tale of fantasy I had a feeling it was the very pit described in eyh Galip s Beauty and Love and mentioned in Rumi s M [...]

  22. simdiye kadar okudugum en iyi Turk romani olabilir Okuduktan sonra da kesinlikle Orhan Pamuk un normal bi insan olmadigina karar verdigim kitap.

  23. Ba ma bir i gelmeyecekse yer yer ok parlak k s mlar olmas na ra men tesir edemeyen, b t nle emeyen bir kitap Her ey ok ama hi bir ey b t nl kl de il Bu okluk, zenginlik de il, fazlal k gibi duruyor ne yaz k ki Sanki sa lm ve toplanmam Toplanmas gerekiyor mu Her anlat da gerekmiyor Ama ayn zamanda her kitap kurgu kitap olmak zorunda de il Pekala bu d nce ak lar n istedi i gibi kaleme al p romanla t rmadan b rakabilirdi de Ya da ba ka t rl bir kurgu yaratarak birbirine ba lanmas n bekledi imiz bir [...]

  24. While reading Orhan Pamuk s breakthrough novel, it is easy to feel as lost as the central character, a lawyer who discovers that the central mystery is not the whereabouts in enigmatic Istanbul of his missing wife, but rather that of identity itself His identity, that of a newspaper columnist given to revolutionary tales and historical asides, that of a mysterious caller, and in fact, of Istanbul itself and its relation to the culture and identity of the West are all called into question.The wri [...]

  25. I picked up this book at a library book sale in part for the picture of the Hagia Sophia on the cover, the blurbs tantalizing, splendid, delicious , and the promise of the exotic in Istanbul The copy I purchased was published before Pamuk won the Nobel Prize.This is an intricate and beautifully written book It is a detective story like Calvino s If On A Winter s Night a Traveller is a detective story Like that story it is a reflection on writing and identity, but set in Istanbul with hints of Ru [...]

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