Biting Cold

☆ Biting Cold ☆ Chloe Neill ☆ Biting Cold ☆ Chloe Neill - Biting Cold, Biting Cold Turned into a vampire against her will twenty eight year old Merit found her way into the dark circle of Chicago s vampire underground where she learned there was to supernaturals than met the eye a

  • Title: Biting Cold
  • Author: Chloe Neill
  • ISBN: 9780451237019
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Trade Paperback

☆ Biting Cold ☆ Chloe Neill, Biting Cold, Chloe Neill, Biting Cold Turned into a vampire against her will twenty eight year old Merit found her way into the dark circle of Chicago s vampire underground where she learned there was to supernaturals than met the eye and supernaturals than the public ever imagined And not all the secrets she learned were for sharing among humans or inhumans Now Merit is on the hunt charging acroTurned into a vampire ag

Biting Cold

☆ Biting Cold ☆ Chloe Neill ☆ Biting Cold ☆ Chloe Neill - Biting Cold, Biting Cold Turned into a vampire against her will twenty eight year old Merit found her way into the dark circle of Chicago s vampire underground where she learned there was to supernaturals than met the eye a Biting Cold

  • ☆ Biting Cold ☆ Chloe Neill
    117Chloe Neill
Biting Cold

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  1. My spoiler free, general train of thought while reading Biting Cold Oooh, sexy times commence Damn, that s horribleI hate MalloryYay, they re finally getting it on Wait, what Please no love triangles Oh, phew, false alert.EXCUSE ME, YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE, ETHAN I mma DNF itNever mind, go, Merit Wow, this is so interestingMaybe I ll finish it after allUgh, how predictableBut wait, that was awesome Best ending ever The slightly longer version The main problem I had for about 60% of the book, [...]

  2. If you have a preferred god, Sentinel, I suggest you start praying And soon Pray that Neill will put this series out of its misery ASAP, that is.First impressionsThis is the last chance I m giving Chicagoland Vampires Screw this up and I m out Hell, I m actually expecting a screw up, but maybe it s for the best I don t really feel like continuing this series any All of this because of how things evolved between Merit, Ethan and Mallory Well, when you put it that way it s almost everyone in the b [...]

  3. Okay, since this was already the sixth book I decided to keep my review short and simple Do not read this review if you haven t read the other books If you do you ll be hopelessly spoiled lol Don t say I didn t warn you PWhat I liked That Merit is so self confident and kick ass lol Jeff s cheekiness That boy is my personal superhero I love the nerds And that moment when Merit drove in the car Priceless view spoiler Just say in play as my backup I nearly swerved the car off the road I m sorry you [...]

  4. Ethan leaned in, his lips at my ear Irresistible force, he said Immovable object Choose the one you want to be, and do it You are a vampire of great power, Merit Prove it to us, to the city of Chicago, to the Houses Prove it now Expected something a bit different, but still enjoyed what I got immensely

  5. 2.5 STARSBut I m rating it with 2 because I m just so sick of being disappointed by this seriesWHY AM I SO ANNOYED First, because the book was so damn SLOW 80% of the book was about nothing at all Pages and pages of what NOTHING just nothing important or at least not predictable I guess I was really hopping for a master piece, I just think I we deserved it after the HUGE FIASCO of the previous 2 books And while I just know we deserved a lot than what we got, the first 80% of the book has a feel [...]

  6. 3 1 2 Stars Enjoyable enough, but I almost had to jump in the book and smack Ethan upside the head Jeez this is getting old For the most part, we got a pretty good story, as the Mallory debacle resolves itself, she has a way to go though Thank God for Gabriel and the shifters, I love their brand of justice and they breathed some life into this series Overall, I was invested in the plot, and for the most part, it was original and exciting However, I would think that the Merit and Ethan reunion wo [...]

  7. Ethan and Gabriel love Re read 03.02.2018Not a bad re read I mean, compare to my re read of the previous books in the series, this one was better than all of them expect book one Ethan and Merit is finally getting closer, and Merit is just getting stronger I adore them together I love Ethan s possessiveness and I adore his love for Merit Let s continue the re read then Sad though, that this one used to be one of my favorite books You are mine, Merit I smiled and put a hand on his face, running m [...]

  8. Review originally posted on my blog A Book Obsession Note If you did not read Drink Deep, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT read this review or you will be horribly spoiled The universe should have given Merit at least a small break for a happy reunion after certain someone s miraculous return But that just isn t in the cards as her somewhat former best friend s turn to the dark side stands in the way Mallory is determined to steal a something that would unleash all evil unto the world, and Merit has the [...]

  9. There might be some spoilers here I ll try not to give too much away if I can After missing Ethan Sullivan, Cadogan House s master vampire in Drink Deep, I let out a happy sigh when he was brought back from life or ashes He s back and he s just as cool, calm and controlling And still as gorgeous Merit has come to terms with being a vampire and taking control of her new life I liked seeing that.She s strong, loyal and not afraid to take risks.e trusts herself Ethan Merit go on a trip to look for [...]

  10. So surprise, surprise but I actually liked this one.I also found a perfect song to fit Ethan.The song says absolutely everything that I thought about Ethan, practically word to word.And though I liked this one better I think I can safely drop the series here and not have any regrets The end in this one gave me enough closure that I can easily move on to books that I d much rather read.To summarize my time so far reading this series, I must say it wasn t ridiculously disappointing but at the same [...]

  11. 2.5 to 3 stars Dearest Inquisitive Reader If you haven t yet read the previous book in the series, Drink Deep, I bid thee SHOO Go on now, nothing to see here Clear off Sincerely, The Flooze___________________________________Noooowww, to those of you who are left Drink Deep wasn t stellar I found it rife with pacing issues I despaired at Merit s choice of companions I failed to be impressed at her investigatory skills I thought the wrap up was, well, a tad boring In my review, I made the claim th [...]

  12. By far my favorite in the series to date It has a mix of everything that has made me fall in love with Ethan and Merit and their world, thus far Action Peril Romance Angst Humor ETHAN ETHAN ETHAN ETH eerrrrrMy keyboard must have stopped working for a secondmAnyway.I loved this I have fifty million quotes highlighted Yes, LITERALLY fifty million, shut up but this is a non review And I think the fact that I am STILL reading this series and it has kept my attention this long speaks for itself I get [...]

  13. Merit has to contend with her best friend Mallory in this story Contrary to most others, I ve never been a Mallory fan and predicted the path she s chosen Their showdown was interesting but I was disappointed in the outcome One of the most compelling aspects of this story involved the former mayor, Seth Tate A mythological element was introduced, which made things much interesting Unfortunately, one of the tiring devices of this series involves Ethan finding, yet again, one reason to distance [...]

  14. SO much better than the last book A lot of Ethan and Merit time in this one which is what we needed It was frustrating waiting for the reunion that I wanted between them I don t want to share what happens but I still think Mallory got off too easy for what she did We only saw Jonah for a second in this one and I wanted of him Hopefully in the next book It will be interesting to see where the Cadogan vampires go from here

  15. Ethan was back again tall, blond, fanged, and handsomeYay I get to bring back an Eric True Blood gif So, I admit that I almost skipped all of book 5, following the advice of almost everyone who read it I skimmed it I got it I agreed I m not a big fan of those filler books in series Everything that the person goes through means basically nothing because the horrible thing that happened to cause it gets erased I m glad he s back, though Just maybe, don t kill people off in books if you don t plan [...]

  16. The fun is gone, just drama 6 is just an okay read, average, nothing outstanding IMO Lots of story with a bit of Ethan Merit s romance and thank you CN for keeping Ethan alive and well in this one The situation with Mallory is sorted or less, Catcher is hurt and disappointed by her actions to say the least and who knows where that will leave their relationship Jonah drops in for a small part and my favorite shifters Gabriel and Jeff are featured Tate is the main attraction and he s got quite t [...]

  17. 4.5 stars Wow How does Chloe Neill continue to top herself SO good, and I m so excited for the next book Review to come.

  18. For now, with his emerald eyes licked on mine, where I was going didn t seem so scary.Biting Cold begins immediately after Deep Drink, with an action packed beginning with Ethan and Merritt on a road trip to Nebraska Yes Ethan is back Yay I ll admit I was a bit apprehensive going into Biting Cold after the events of Deep Drink because I was fearful as to who or what exactly we were getting back, when we discovered a once dead now alive Ethan Had he been a zombie I would have died Luckily, he s r [...]

  19. 2.5 stars spoilersMerit and Ethan head out of Chicago to find Mallory and the Maleficium an ancient book of magic a book that will allow Mallory to unleash evil into the world They also have to face a newly released Tate who wants the Maleficium for his own reasons Merit and Ethan get than what they bargained for though when Mallory locates the Maleficium and casts a dangerous spell Merit has become so boring, she s such a bland heroine that likes to lecture and judge, she acts like little miss [...]

  20. He marched to the center of the room, interrupting a cadre of half a dozen vampire who were sparring on the tatami mats that covered the floor Out, he bellowed, and no one stopped to ask for clarification Without a word, they gathered up their things and headed for the door Lock it, Ethan directed, and I closed and locked the door behind us, my heart thudding in anticipation.When I turned around again, he was pulling his half buttoned shirt over his head, and his shoes were gone His Cadogan meda [...]

  21. 4.5 stars.Chloe Neill sure knows how to breathe life back into a series I am relieved to say that Chicagoland Vampires is back on track and that Biting Cold is just as good as the first three books.The main plot continues from the previous book Ethan and Merit are leaving Chicago to hunt down the person who wants to steal a very powerful book, the Maleficium, and unleash the evil magic imprisoned within They are both personally invested and unsure whether they could, or even should, hurt this in [...]

  22. Love is a familiar Love is a devil.There is no evil angel but Love William Shakespeare Biting Cold takes right off after the events in Drink Deep Merit s best friend, Mallory, brought Ethan Sullivan, master of Cadogan House, back to life, intent on making him a familiar and releasing an ancient evil Fortunately the spell was interrupted, but Mallory has escaped and is determined to get back the Maleficium and finish what she started.Now Merit, together with Ethan has gone to stop Mallory and to [...]

  23. It is just ok for me.Nothing exciting, nothing interesting.A little boring.Very frustrating relationship.What I like is that forgiveness does not come easy for Mallory for what she did.The whole magic itch I still don t get it.She just changed over one book That is soweird.As for Tate Ok so we know who you are and why you are behaving so badly.That showdown and the redemption yawn Ethan.I will wait for you to screw up in the next book or what.I can t forgive you Seriously.Merit I like that you h [...]

  24. Buddy read with Anzu and Dee I am so sorry My bullshit meter isn t this high, it just isn t I don t know when the series went downhill for me but I have had enough.On this note hight challenged characters Really We resort to that Merit is stupid Ethan had a personality transplant the plot is uhm winded everything sucksPS 0.5 of the rating is for the cover.

  25. Biting Cold took me on one fun ride Chloe Neill totally thickens the plot We are introduced to new super naturals and there are some drastic changes happening I already can t wait for the next book Fans of this series are guaranteed an awesomesauce book.Full review to come closer to pub date.

  26. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI approached the 6th installment in Chloe Neill s Chicagoland Vampires series with much trepidation because she s done some pretty crazy things to her characters in the last couple of books and I wasn t exactly sure what to expect I m sad to say that my worries weren t entirely put to rest as she does fall back into some of her old, less desirable writing habits Granted, the story does bounce back towards the end and, House Rules does look promising but I m still not convi [...]

  27. I had a really hard time getting into this book As a big fan of Ethan and Merit, I had high hopes for the reunion brought on by the events of Drink Deep Granted, I wasn t overly excited by the prospect of the Mallory arc, but that turned out to be a moot issue anyway, since very little of the book is about her Let me back up.This book begins right where the last one left off, with Ethan and Merit in pursuit of Mallory and the dark book she covets There are a lot of longing looks and lingering em [...]

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