Explosive Eighteen

Unlimited Explosive Eighteen - by Janet Evanovich Unlimited Explosive Eighteen - by Janet Evanovich - Explosive Eighteen, Explosive Eighteen Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum s life is set to blow sky high when international murder hits dangerously close to home in this dynamite novel by Janet Evanovich Before Stephanie can even step foot off

  • Title: Explosive Eighteen
  • Author: Janet Evanovich
  • ISBN: 9780345527714
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Explosive Eighteen - by Janet Evanovich, Explosive Eighteen, Janet Evanovich, Explosive Eighteen Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum s life is set to blow sky high when international murder hits dangerously close to home in this dynamite novel by Janet Evanovich Before Stephanie can even step foot off Flight from Hawaii to Newark she s knee deep in trouble Her dream vacation turned into a nightmare she s flying back to New Jersey solo and someone who sounds like SaBounty h

Explosive Eighteen

Unlimited Explosive Eighteen - by Janet Evanovich Unlimited Explosive Eighteen - by Janet Evanovich - Explosive Eighteen, Explosive Eighteen Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum s life is set to blow sky high when international murder hits dangerously close to home in this dynamite novel by Janet Evanovich Before Stephanie can even step foot off Explosive Eighteen

  • Unlimited Explosive Eighteen - by Janet Evanovich
    296Janet Evanovich
Explosive Eighteen

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  1. Okay, I admit it I m a Stephanie Plum sucker I read Smokin 17, and until the last chapter of the book, SWORE that I d no longer be running out to get the hardcover edition of another Stephanie Plum book as soon as it was released, Instead,I d be looking for the paperback at one of the used bookstores I frequentI love Janet Evanovich s writing style, her dialogue is hilarious, the characters are great, and reading the latest installment is like going home to visit with old friends well, old frien [...]

  2. If you like my review, go like it on would you Maybe JE s publishers will see it So, here I am again I swore I wouldn t read another Evanovich Plum Novel after my last review of 17, I swore tooth and nail to my husband, my mom, and my blog readers that I wouldn t read it SoI went to the library I really just had to know if it was as bad as the previous one After being teased that she might make a decision in 18, I let my small curiosity overshadow my intellect.Remember back in the day of the ear [...]

  3. I like Stephanie Plum, I really do, but this series has failed to make any forward progress for at least ten books now It s the same story over and over and over again It s getting kind of pathetic that Stephanie can t pick a man And we know that Lula s fat, and wears tacky clothes, and eats than most circus animals We don t need constant reminders Please, please, please add something fresh to this series to keep the reader interested

  4. After 18 books in this series, I can t always give out a 4 just because I laugh so hard I nearly pee myself Evanovich has to work harder and harder to keep the high mark stars but in all honesty, this was a hysterical edition in the series.I read it about 5 years ago but still have vivid memories of many character escapades And when it s a trip to Hawaii partly , who wouldn t love it I m going back to add small review and thoughts on any book I never actually wrote up a review for And this is on [...]

  5. Here s the thing I love Janet I love the Stephanie world, I really do.However after 18 books a lot of things are starting to get very old Let s start with Lula s eating habits It s getting really annoying, book after book, listening to her bitch and moan about what she eats, what she doesn t eat etc etc Either stick the girl on a complete diet or shut up about her eating habits I really don t care that she s about to get sick after eating 10 cream filled donuts She s a pig and it s getting disgu [...]

  6. EDIT Still frustrated Still love Lula and Grandma Mazur Problem is, I love both Morelli and Ranger I used to lean toward Morelli, but lately he seems sort of apathetic towards any relationship with Stephanie It s Ranger that tries to help her out and take care of her, and he seems genuinely worried that she ll get hurt Morelli just complains that she gives him heartburn This one was still definitely worth reading, though if your looking for closure, it still ain t happening I just want some res [...]

  7. I liken this series to an original document that you print out all new, and fresh, and perfect And then the copy get s copied, and that copy gets copied and so on until you end up with a faded, scarred, crooked, ghost of that perfect original It s old and it s tired and as much as you used to love it, it s time to let it go and start a new, original, document When I first discovered this series a few years ago, I absolutely loved it I m talking fan girl, crazed, running to the bookstore on my wa [...]

  8. I enjoyed this book just like I have enjoyed all the others I find them entertaining and laugh out loud funny.It doesn t seem to bother me, as it does others, that the character Stephanie Plum is sleeping with than one man at a time She s young, not in a permanent relationship and FICTIONAL.

  9. Hi My name is Carol and I m a bookoholic.I ve been reading ever since I can remember, but seems to be contributing to my disease I can t control myself I m always adding books to my to read list, which is so long that if I stopped adding books today, I d still have three years of books on it Then there is the library, where a drive by is part of my routine It s on the way home from work, so it is really unavoidable If I only make a quick stop to pick up a monthly read, that isn t a problem, is i [...]

  10. I was beginning to not like ,myself so much The honest confusion of loving two men was giving way to something that felt a little like unhealthy self indulgence.Not liking herself too much Well, Stephanie, join the club According to the reviews, nobody is liking you too much any And, the triangle thing has gone on way too long At this point, they are basically a menage.Me I m kind of apathetic towards her at this stage I still like the books, but they aren t magical or anything More like an old [...]

  11. I can always count on this series to lighten my mood put a smile on my face and laugh out loud multiple times I love this rag tag group of friends and family, they never let me down Guaranteed to have a good time just when I need one.

  12. You know what, I was actually real hopeful that there would be some development in this book For the whole series Stephanie and Lula have bungled along.For a moment I thought there would be some sort of character development Especially over the whole Hawaii ordeal I was flipping pages like mad to find out what happened It was kind of a let down.We do have some introspection by Stephanie, but she said she s not the introspection type She remarked abut how she knows it s not good of her to be with [...]

  13. Stephanie Plum is back with capers read the book you ll get it aplenty each of them hilarious and scandalous than the next, in Janet Evanovich s latest, Explosive Eighteen I give it four stars just because it made me laugh out loud and shout oh no and ewwwww several times Evanovich, though not known for her literary merits, is certainly a master entertainer All of my friends are back Lula who was in rare form for 18 , Morelli and Ranger they took a backseat here, as Stephanie was off men for th [...]

  14. Heavy Sigh Just okayis needs to be over soon, it s gone on way too long Pick Joe already Stephanie, although after all you ve put him through I don t know why he still wants you A few laughs, but a lot of the same old same old, and unless Janet Evanovich comes up with a new plot line, this series will be dying a slow, painful death I will see it through to the end, mostly to see what happens to Joe than any other character, and hopefully I won t be bored to tears in the process.

  15. Well, that was incredibly disappointing I get that when reading this kind of series it is going to be repetitive It s a comfort thing formula is good because you know what you re going to get Yet after 22 books 18 novels, 4 novellas , you expect some character development But it was just the same old thing Like many others, I want Stephanie to just choose a guy already or just accept that she is a two guy girl The latter is unlikely because of the underlying prudishness of her character, but the [...]

  16. EMPTY EIGHTEENThis book is a lot like opening a can of soda and finding it flat All the stuff is there to make it a good story but there is no spark or fizzle between the characters that we used to get in the earlier books 1 12 Yeah all of the Ranger fans have wanted Steph to hook up with Ranger again but this time it was just sex between them and none of the fun affectionate, chemistry that used to exist between them I am a huge Ranger fan and would love to see them end up together but in this [...]

  17. I m stuck between a 3 and a 4 star rating.On one hand, all my old complaints still stand firm She has got to start putting time into this series They all just seem so rushed and like she s not TRYING any.But I have to say that I have been waiting for view spoiler Morelli and Ranger to finally come to blows hide spoiler That makes me want to bump it up Plus I laughed a bit in this one then in the last two oh and man, those are two hot men I swooned a bit.All in all, I ll say its a bit better th [...]

  18. Would have liked to hear about the whole Hawaii thing, would ve been even better for it to be a main story Ranger vs Morelli show down, maaan I d love to see that But, alas, it was still fun.

  19. As you can tell from my rating, I found this book to be terribly disappointing.I love Ranger, and I hate how Evanovich turned him into nothing than a booty call for Steph, who is still too immature to deal with her feelings Even immature than she was in 17, or earlier books.I think Steph was stronger and smarter in OFTM than she has been portrayed in the last 5 books Twelve Sharp was the end of the series, as far as I am concerned It was the last time any of the characters came close to acting [...]

  20. Spoilers I really thought we d have some romantic resolution in this book But it s the same old formula she stumbles through things, gets herself into trouble, and doesn t decide anything about the men and leaves you hanging with thinking maybe in the next book Please Ms Evanovich have some character development growth I ll give the series one book to improve then I am done with it I d also love to see Stephanie get better at her job going to the firing range, taking a self defense class someth [...]

  21. Explosive Eighteen is a part of a brilliantly hilarious series featuring Stephanie Plum and her incredible sidekicks.I am unhappy with this book Explanation below Stephanie Plum is at it again Running from madmen, evading the FBI and police, outrunning mobsters and doing her best to keep Lula from shooting someone.Being a bounty hunter is positively entertaining in this series Whenever I need a good laugh, I close my eyes and reach towards my bookshelf that holds my Evanovich collection I never [...]

  22. SPOILER ALERT Well, what little there is to spoilOk, here goes I have been greatly disappointed by Janet Evanovich s work with Stephanie Plum s character since book 9 when Stephanie, Lula and Connie went to Las Vegas and Lula was on the meat diet That was some serious laugh out loud writing Since then the books have become extremely formulated, predictable, lacking character growth, and boring I nearly put Explosive Eighteen into this same grouping, but was saved by Stephanie coming very close t [...]

  23. I really couldn t get into this one At first, I really thought the author realized that the same old formula and indecision between the characters was becoming absurd and tiring, but obviously not The plot was slow and half way through the book I didn t care It took me less than six hours to read this book due to the enormous margins There was less humor in this book than in her previous novels than a bit disappointing Thank goodness the library buys these books do I don t have to

  24. Let me begin by saying, I love Stephanie Plum Love her I love Morelli, Ranger, Lula, Grandma Mazur, Connie, Vinnie, the Burg, and everything and everyone connected to Stephanie s weird, weird world No, I don t consider these books to be great literature, and yes, I do think they are formulaic in the extreme But the formula still works for me, becaused this is a BIG because makes me laugh out loud Every time I m always happy to buy the next book in the series, and Explosive Eighteen was no except [...]

  25. Stephanie Plum is a tramp.I was sitting on the porch in my rocking chair, whistling to myself as I read a steamy scene between Steph and Morelli moaning and praying to whoever was listening to drop a Morelli in my arms as well I flipped to the cover to admire the intricate swirls of the title Juicy eighty five And then it hit me.My hands were wrinkled and the reason for my moans wasn t the raunchy scene but my old knees I was dreaming About reading This book Even when I was ninety years old.Imag [...]

  26. 2.5 5.0I know, I know why do I keep torturing myself I have no answer save that after reading 18 Stephanie Plum books, I want so badly for something to happen relationship wise between her and either one of her guys that I delude myself into believing character growth is somehow still possible in the Evanovich world It has to be books 9 13 were rich with it So there are no explanations for the constant, recent disappointments.This book opens with Stephanie flying home from Hawaii after what prom [...]

  27. Okay So I ve been a Plum fan for over a year now, and I will admit, somewhere around number 12 13, my interest in these books did head downhill, but only just a little I knew, even after reading all the reviews, and the 1 star ratings, that I would read this book, because I love this series and unless a book is completely, unreadably BAD, I usually want to finish a series even though this one seems to be ever lasting.So why the 4 stars Because I LIKED this book It felt like coming home Yes, Step [...]

  28. I really think this series needs to reach an end The books are full of the same stuff different title I think she needs to pick a guy and wrap it up This book was better than the 15, 16 and 17, but it really hasn t been the same since 12 An author really needs to know when the money train is over and the fans deserve a resolution I keep holding out for it to get back to the magic at the beginning of the series In addition to all this, the ebook prices for these books are unreasonable Ok Time to [...]

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