Tears of a Tiger

[PDF] Tears of a Tiger | by ñ Sharon M. Draper [PDF] Tears of a Tiger | by ñ Sharon M. Draper - Tears of a Tiger, Tears of a Tiger After a car accident kills Robert Andy s best friend and teammate on the Hazelwood High Tigers Andy doesn t know if he can go on He s consumed with guilt for driving the night of the accident after

  • Title: Tears of a Tiger
  • Author: Sharon M. Draper
  • ISBN: 9780689806988
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Tears of a Tiger | by ñ Sharon M. Draper, Tears of a Tiger, Sharon M. Draper, Tears of a Tiger After a car accident kills Robert Andy s best friend and teammate on the Hazelwood High Tigers Andy doesn t know if he can go on He s consumed with guilt for driving the night of the accident after a long evening of drinking and partying With perceptiveness and compassion Sharon M Draper portrays an African American teenager who feels driven to consider suicide in thAfter a car

Tears of a Tiger

[PDF] Tears of a Tiger | by ñ Sharon M. Draper [PDF] Tears of a Tiger | by ñ Sharon M. Draper - Tears of a Tiger, Tears of a Tiger After a car accident kills Robert Andy s best friend and teammate on the Hazelwood High Tigers Andy doesn t know if he can go on He s consumed with guilt for driving the night of the accident after Tears of a Tiger

  • [PDF] Tears of a Tiger | by ñ Sharon M. Draper
    265Sharon M. Draper
Tears of a Tiger

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  1. Tears of a Tiger is one of my favorite books It s about a boy who blames himself for the death of his best friend after a basketball game From the very beginning it had me hooked The book had me in tears within the first couple of pages This continued through out the book, like an emotional roller coaster I Loved the plot of the story because it was realistic and their was no story book ending The author did an amazing job of writting the story and planning out the plot, the plot was amazing The [...]

  2. Another YA novel for class This concerns Andy, who is trying to overcome depression in the aftermath of a terrible car accident that claimed the life of his best friend Andy was driving drunk, and while he escaped unscathed, his best friend was trapped in the wreckage and burned to death.I m not hugely enthusiastic about this novel It s definitely a problem novel, designed to teach kids something, in this case both about drunk driving and depression It is told almost entirely in dialog, which ma [...]

  3. I read this in preparation for a reading workshop with my remedial students It seems like something that would interest them we shall see They are already intrigued by the cover and the fact that basketball is involved in some way I m curious to see whether they will share my opinion, which is that I feel like the author is trying too hard to sound like a street kid.I don t think she necessarily got any slang incorrect it s just that it didn t ring true for me It didn t feel authentic My experie [...]

  4. This story really is told in a cool way because it incorporates all different genres It begins with a newspaper article saying that a high school student was killed while his friend was driving drunk the night before Then the author uses conversations, letters, journals, homework assignments to talk about how the driver Andy how his friends either cope and heal or drown in grief I really enjoyed Tears of a Tiger and thought it gave a good perspective of what life is like for teens after such a h [...]

  5. This book was about a boy named Andy, trying to live through life normally the way when his best friend was still alive His best friend died in Andy s car while it was burning up in to flames Things might of been better for Andy if he didn t see his best friends death, but now he has to forget about the past, and live his present while it lasts for a while.

  6. To start off, this book was mandated by my middle school I didn t pick this book off of a shelf, and I wasn t sold by another reviewer raving about a story you ll never forget either I read it because I had to I read it with low hopes to be fair It seemed so short, so clean cut, for something that was intended to be raw Much like some of my other book reviews, we have mixed emotions on my part To start off with everything, I must say that this book deals with drunk driving, resulting depression, [...]

  7. This book really sparked my attention as soon as I read the back I honestly enjoyed this book because SPOILER ALERT this is the first book with suicide and it is a very overwhelming book Something really interesting about this book is that it gives different aspects on the main characters What I mean by that is, you will see different characters s letters and reports This shows their emotions and how they feel about different situations that happens Another thing that s very interesting about Te [...]

  8. I d LOVE to read an updated version of this book written pre cell phone era Kids may have trouble connecting Good writing style love the different formats in ea chapter Good message about how news to ask for help Good story just needs an update.

  9. I just read this new addition to the classroom coming of age book clubs It is a raw, honest look at the possible outcomes of what happens when adolescents make terrible decisions Many young adults say that they would never put themselves in a situation such as 17 year old Andrew Jackson, basketball prodigy and scholarship athlete As a community and society we know that sometimes this is not the case Sometimes young adults do succumb to peer pressure to drink alcohol when they are not ready Somet [...]

  10. This book is one of my favorites It s so emotional and just powerful I haven t read it in years but I could never forget it Will definitely be picking it up soon.

  11. A fast read Probably best for the 10 14 age group Touches on issues like driving under the influence, depression, suicide, etc

  12. When my class was told of the books that they were to pick from and read, Tears of a Tiger honestly was not my first choice The summary we had to read really didn t interest me, and it was far from the books I usually read however, a voice in my head just wouldn t let me leave until I choose this book Frankly, I m glad it didn t Going into this novel I was very weary for the fact being that I was always one for sad romance, but this book didn t fail to leave me in tears a few times Tears of a Ti [...]

  13. Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper was a fabulos book This multi genre book is a must read The characters we truly interesting Andy, Keshia, Rhonda, and Robby the main characters in my opinion Andy is the star basket ball player of Hazelwood High school, the captain Rhonda is the girlfriend of Tyrone and help Keshia out along the way Keshia is Andy s girlfriend and helps out Andy through the rough times and is very important to Andy Robby was on the basketball team along with his mates Andy, Tyro [...]

  14. In the novel Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M Draper, Andy and his friends talk about their plans for the night after their basketball game that they just played and won and so they went to making plans to drink beers and hang out and go to a party Later that night, the car they re driving crashes Andy and B.J and Tyrone somehow were able to get out of the car but Rob couldn t make it out of the car and later on died from an explosion Andy s license gets suspended and has to take Alcohol Rehabilitat [...]

  15. this is my second time reading the book tears of a tiger by Sharon Draper,i don t remember finishing it the first time around but i remembered getting into the story and that it was a touching book The book is about a group of basketball players in highschool who are all friends and one night after a game they decided to have few beers and drive around town after a big win that night andy jackson, the main character of the book was driving intoxicated and got into a bad wreck, killing one of his [...]

  16. This book is the sequal Sharon s Forged by Fire At the end of Forged by Fire, a car crash has taken place with the protagonist s friends because of intoxication One of their buddies ends up dying, Robert Washington, and the protagonist of Tears of a Tiger, Andrew Jackson blames himself for his best friend s death, especially since he was the one behind the weel.The story goes of Andrew s overwhelming guilt and his attempt to cope with the blame and depression As time goes by, everyone seems to p [...]

  17. The book Tears of a Tiger, by Sharon M.Draper is about student athletes from the Hazelwood High School Tigers basketball team who celebrate a big win by drinking while driving,that leads to the death of a teammate and also basketball team captain, Robert Washington The whole book is about Andy, the driver of the car, trying to move on with his life after the accident This book incorporates all different genres, first by starting off with a newspaper article saying a highschool student from Hazel [...]

  18. Sharon M Draper s Tears of a Tiger is a novel written about a teenager, Andy, who killed his best friend and teammate in a car accident because he was driving drunk Andy then goes on trying to live with the guilt of the accident and he even begins to contemplate suicide.This books connects to real life because it includes everyday problems that most young adults seem to have It talks about depression, suicide, and guilt It even leaves you emotional throughout the whole book I found myself at tim [...]

  19. In english class we had to pick a book that we wanted to read for 6 weeks and me being a huge sports fan I decided if I was going to be forced to read I was going to read something sports related so when I saw Tears Of A Tiger had a little to do with basketball I picked Tears Of A Tiger in a heart beat After reading it and getting in depth with the book I realized it was much than a basketball book.In the beginning of the book the author shifts our attention to four young african american boys [...]

  20. Tears of a Tiger is about Andy, who went through a difficult time because of an incident Andy and his friends were partying after they won a basketball game To celebrate, they decided to drink alcohol A car accident occurs and Andy s best friend, Robert died while everyone else survived After his death, Andy was going through depression He blamed everything on himself He stopped talking to his friends and family and felt so guilty because he thought he caused Robert s death Friends try to help h [...]

  21. This book is about a boy named Andrew who has driven his friends partying while drunk and had crash all of the boys got out except for one.Robert, He got stuck and they all watched him die But Andrew took the pain the most he had felt a lot of depression, pain, and sadness He couldn t help live with all of this pain that held him down so had a choice to not feel it any He committed sucide with his fathers shotgun After this all of his friends felt even sad not just from one death but two they a [...]

  22. Alright, So this book is good, for what it is It tries to throw in everything that a traumatic high school story can have Therapy, Drunk Driving, Relationships, death, suicide, etc That being said, the quality of writing leaves something to be desired There are major inconsistencies with the quality It will feel very organic one page, and the next page will feel like one of those after school special clips students are forced to watch in health class The multi genre aspect of writing is really a [...]

  23. Andy Jackson and three other friends had just won an important basketball game at their local high school They planed to get together and go and party with friends They had started drinking, every body except for B.J who had never drunk in his life They heard cars honking, but just laughed and blew it off because of the alcohol All of a sudden, a wall is in front of them and before they know it, they slammed right into to it Three of the boys get out, but Robert Washington caption of the Hazelwo [...]

  24. This can be a very powerful book for the right reader I think if I had read this as a pre teen younger teen it would have done a lot for me I definitely liked the way Draper wrote the book, she wrote it using a series of essay assignments, poems, letters to friends, conversations between friends and the young characters and their parents, news articles, etc That s different than a lot of books today and I enjoyed the difference The most powerful part for me was the very end, Monty s letter to A [...]

  25. This book is about a kid who killed one of his friends and feels guilty about it He does a lot to try to help him self but he just can not hr tries talking to a friend going to a theropis and still he can not get over it then something happens with his girl friend and then he tries to get even help but he can t It is not working as well as he wanted it to be later on in this book he does something terribley wrong.This connects to me because i once had the same thing happen to me i felt really s [...]

  26. told from through letters, meeting minutes, homework assignments and conversations is the downward spiral of a teen who can t seem to handle what s happened to his friend after their car accident.I thought this book was very moving and so tragic.I thought, however, that it seemed very dated I have school age kids and I think about how the schools would react to drinking and driving and the death of a school mate as the consequences and I just can t help but think this would be handled So differe [...]

  27. I had a hard time getting into this book Although I didn t have any distractions, the novel still was hard for me to like I couldn t relate to the characters, the writing style wasn t my type, etc etc But what really got me was how incredibly racist this book was EVERY black character talked ghetto and uneducated, when one of the key parts of this book was about how black equality When Andy killed himself, I didn t feel any emotion at all as I just didn t feel anything for the Andy persona chara [...]

  28. I read this book with my freshmen for the first time this year We definitely didn t like it as much as, but the kids liked it enough to ask if there was another book that comes after it The book is about a depressed teenager who accidentally killed his friend The book was ok The characters are somewhat flat, the plot is predictable, and the author gave too many unnecessary details at times But the kids liked it, so I will probably read it again next year

  29. This wasn t bad It just wasn t as good as I thought it was going to be It just seemed really unrealistic to me Andy was the drunk driver that caused the death of the star basketblall player of the school If this was reality, there s no way everyone would have accepted what happened and try to help Andy get through it They would be angry with him, and that wasn t shown here at all I also feel like I ve read books about guilt and depression with better execution than this, so sadly I feel like I c [...]

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