Where You Are

Free Download Where You Are - by Tammara Webber Free Download Where You Are - by Tammara Webber - Where You Are, Where You Are Graham Douglas doesn t do romantic relationships but he was knocked for a loop when he met Emma Pierce on the set of his last film As they grew closer he did everything in his power to keep from fal

  • Title: Where You Are
  • Author: Tammara Webber
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  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Where You Are - by Tammara Webber, Where You Are, Tammara Webber, Where You Are Graham Douglas doesn t do romantic relationships but he was knocked for a loop when he met Emma Pierce on the set of his last film As they grew closer he did everything in his power to keep from falling for a girl being pursued by superstar Reid Alexander Now home in New York his life is once again under control until Emma appears and shows him how not over her he isGraham Dougla

Where You Are

Free Download Where You Are - by Tammara Webber Free Download Where You Are - by Tammara Webber - Where You Are, Where You Are Graham Douglas doesn t do romantic relationships but he was knocked for a loop when he met Emma Pierce on the set of his last film As they grew closer he did everything in his power to keep from fal Where You Are

  • Free Download Where You Are - by Tammara Webber
    480Tammara Webber
Where You Are

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  1. I fell in love with Graham in Between the Lines He was hard not to love I even liked the bad boy image of Reid even though he was so not right for Emma She wasn t the one to make the bad boy come to heel Where You Are wraps up the story between the Emma, Graham, Reid and Brooke From the sneak peek you get of the next one in this series it looks like Reid is going to meet his match There is emotional drama that has you ready to pull Brooke s blond hair out of her head and cry out in frustration f [...]

  2. School Pride has wrapped up, nothing left for the cast to do but some promotional events and interviews, and of course, the premiere So Emma Pierce, soon to be star, has been back home, trying her hardest to live that normal life that seems so appealing and yet elusive At the urging of her bff Emily, she s even dating a regular boy, albeit somewhat unenthusiastically, and trying to put the emotional uproar of the past few months behind her And then she meets Graham Douglas again This sequel to B [...]

  3. Even better than between the lines I love emma and graham Brooke made me so mad in this book what a bitch I can t wait to read book 3 from Reids POV.

  4. I ll begin by stating that I enjoyed this book than the first one If you haven t read book one than you might not want to read this review.The story picks up right where book one left off Instead of two POVs like in the first one this book has four POVs intertwined throughout it I personally hate love triangles and this book takes it one step by creating a love square Emma and Graham have a chance meeting in NYC after their filming was done They decide to rekindle their relationship In the mea [...]

  5. EXCELLENT Loved it Managing to write first person POV is not always easy From 2 different POV s harder still, but Tammara Webber managed quite nicely in Between the Lines In this book we have 4 different POV s and she pulled it off again very impressive It might seem that it would be hard to keep track, but the story transitioned smoothly from one person to the next.This time around we have Reid, Emma, Graham, and Brooke s point of views This is a book about manipulation, on the part of Reid and [...]

  6. Funny, romantic, and teen celebrity drama and I loved it Warning This is going to be spoilery if you haven t read the first book in this series Between the Lines.Directly continuing on from the last book, the story begins with Emma in New York checking out colleges, where she just happens to run into Graham, and the two of them FINALLY open up to each other about their feelings I love these two together, and in this book we finally get Graham s POV, so there s all kinds of swoon and excitement [...]


  8. Audiobook Review I continue to be amazed with how much I love Tammara Webber s writing style From Easy to this Between the Lines series, she s continued to impress me.For no particular reason I decided to start Between the Lines in audio format After loving it so much, Tammara offered to send me audio copies of the next two books, and I was beyond excited My blogging was put on hold for a few months earlier this year due to illness, so once I got back into audiobooks I jumped on this one I had f [...]

  9. Well, I waited for this to come out ally waited for it And alas, I was a little bit disappointed after reading it Don t get me wrong, I truly loved the first book really really loved it And I was really happy knowing that a second book would be out with Graham and Emma s story at last So, here are the reasons why I didn t find it phenomenal as the first one 1 There were a lot of POVs going on, Graham Emma Reid Brooke But I guess the author has to do it since the story revolves around the four Bu [...]

  10. Excellent writing I loved this book and love the way that Graham is such a sweet heart When he loves he loves with all of himself Emma did herself right by not sleeping with anyone till she was in love I m so glad that Reid didn t end up,with Emma in this book because once he got her I m sure he wouldn t be interested any He would feel like he won the conquest.What I am glad is that Reid is actually a good guy who actually cares for Emma in this book.You can almost see how he changes It s like E [...]

  11. I pretty much read this story straight through without putting it down I fell in love with Emma, Graham and Reid in the previous book all for different reasons Emma is so adorable and sweet I want to put her in my pocket Reid is just a yummy bad boy and Graham well I ve got to say he is the reason I couldn t put this book down, he was such a refreshing change to the usual male character and he had me sigh As for Brooke, I get it, she may not have had it easy but what a bitch sorry lol , so many [...]

  12. I finished Between the Lines and then immediately pick this up.I needed to know what happened between Emma and Graham And somethings I definitely didn t see coming.Reid definitely read deemed himself in this book Especially in the end Brooke on the other hand was definitely a super B in this book Kind of unfortunate because I thought she was coming around in the last book But it definitely made it interesting I m now on the third book in the series and still loving it PS you had to love Emma s [...]

  13. I think I liked this one even better than the first Loved Graham And Emma too Brooke infuriated me but made an excellent villain and I was pleasantly surprised with Reid which was nice Looking forward to the next one

  14. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFFriday night 10 30 pmMy game plan for tonight Read a few chapters from Where You Are by Tammara Webber and then go to sleep My definition of a few chapters is a number less than five.Saturday morning 2 30 am I haven t been to sleep yet My revised game plan I am going to quickly jot down my main thoughts on Where You Are, and then I am going to hit the sack.Hello 2 30 am I am in serious need of sleep, but this nove [...]

  15. See, I have this problem I realized that I ve been walking around these last two days just pissed at the world Do I have things in my life to be pissed off at, sure who doesn t But this pissed off has regularly been directed at this book The question begs, am I pissed off in general and I m placing blame on the book, OR is this book causing me to be pissed off en masse I honestly think it s the latter I base my belief off the fact that I m not an angry person, usually I am regularly accused of b [...]

  16. Book opens up to Graham s POV Um, yes please Do you know how refreshing it was to open the book to find my guy Graham So very refreshing And to get a little deeper into that head of his was even so Oh how I love this guy With this book we get so much of him and it is why it is so far my favorite of the series I was definitely not happy to see Reid make a reappearance or Brooke for that matter Lord help me those two are made for each other and need to leave Emma and Graham alone Every single ti [...]

  17. Let me just start by saying, I adore Tammara Webber s writing I love how she can go from something completely heartbreaking and angst filled with Easy, and then turn around and give us sweet and happy and fluff The Between the Lines series is just that, pure fluff and I love it In the first book we are introduced to the main players Reid, Emma, Graham, and Brooke All four come together while filming a movie Reid is Hollywoods It boy, Emma is the newcomer, Graham is the indie actor, and Brooke is [...]

  18. I m still recovering over the happy end I liked this book than the first one Tammara Webber managed to create a realistic as much as I d love to deny there aren t persons like Brooke or similar situations world I hate and despise Brooke All her plotting was unbereable and just bad Pure evil from my POV That girl s got some serious issues I get it, I trully do she had to endure some hard stuff herself, but that doesn t excuse her selfish way of stealing someone else s happiness Graham was beyond [...]

  19. Even better than book 1 Some books get a high rating for the story the story was okay but it s not going to be winning any literary awards, heh Some books get a high rating for an emotion that it evoked in me This story did me in because of one character Graham He just made it to my list of favorite book guys of all time He is the anti alpha and admits it fully Don t get me wrong I love me a good alpha, but after realizing some months ago that YA fiction was being overrun with drop dead perfect [...]

  20. LOVED this book even than the firstexcept I will say that the story line was stressful, to say the least But the struggles that the main characters faced didn t seemed forced I don t enjoy angst for the sake of angst It has to be justified The love story that we get out of this one is soooo incredibly good The main characters are 2 of the most likeable characters I ve read For all of the drama going on around them, they still try to openly communicate with each other and not play silly games an [...]

  21. I m on the minority on this I m sure but I enjoyed book 1 This book was a continuation of a series couldn t stand alone I guess I didn t like that I felt this book didn t have its own endinggardless if its a series.

  22. told me once that loving someone means you want what s best for them And I m what s best for him First of all, this review wouldn t be possible if not for Fiktshun and her amazing and secret ways of surprising and making me cry myself to sleep she tends to like to do that Thank you Rachel I m forever in debt, as you already know, and will continue thanking you till my last breath.Now THANK YOU After reading this book one cannot say LOVE doesn t exist Our favorite characters come back with a boom [...]

  23. 2.5 starsI wanted to like this book But I didn t think it was much better than okay, and that gave me the sad As I said in my BTL review, I do like Tammara Webber s writing style she has a way of describing emotions, especially love, that makes me all mushy Some authors just have that descriptive prowess that makes my little heart go pitter pat, and Webber is one of them.But as with BTL, I just couldn t click with the main characters I figured Emma would be interesting than in Between the Lines [...]

  24. Every bit as great as the first book, and then some A few months ago I went on vacation Before I left I purchased a few kindle books to read along my journey One of the books I purchased was Between the Lines by Tammara Webber I was just looking for a fun, fast, and easy going read nothing spectacular But, what I got was one of my favorite books and thankfully, the start to an incredible series Read my review of Between the Lines.Thanks to the wonderful author, I am continuing my journey with th [...]

  25. This second book follows the newly created romance between Graham a character so lovable you can t help but adore through the entire book, and Emma whom we ve met and probably liked a lot in the first book.It starts with Emma and Graham in New York, and it s all new to them, and they re trying to get comfortable around each other, which is immensely cute And I loved his sudden decision to introduce her to his sister, which showed how willing he was to make this work And it s amazing how cool she [...]

  26. Emma, Graham, Reed and Brooke are all back again The cast of School Pride continues on as the movie premiere approaches and things get a little bit sticky And once again we have an innocent girl, a responsible boy vs two really screwed up kids with entirely too much money and celebrity.This is essentially the story of the romance between Emma and Graham In the first book, we met Emma Pierce is a young ingenue She gets a big break to star in a movie opposite Reed Alexander, the current hunk of th [...]

  27. While this review is spoiler free for WHERE YOU ARE, there may be spoilers if you haven t read book one, BETWEEN THE LINES When I read BETWEEN THE LINES, I thought Tammara Webber had written a great book And she did But I could take all my feelings about BETWEEN THE LINES and compound that by 40 bajillion Squared To the nth power And I hate math The reason I love WHERE YOU ARE with such obsession is Graham Douglas I have never, ever, EVER loved a boy as much as I love Graham Sorry to all my fict [...]

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