Keep Holding On

↠ Keep Holding On ¿ Susane Colasanti ↠ Keep Holding On ¿ Susane Colasanti - Keep Holding On, Keep Holding On A romantic and empowering book about bullying Noelle s life is all about survival Even her best friend doesn t know how much she gets bullied or the ways her mom neglects her Noelle s kept so much ab

  • Title: Keep Holding On
  • Author: Susane Colasanti
  • ISBN: 9780670012251
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Keep Holding On ¿ Susane Colasanti, Keep Holding On, Susane Colasanti, Keep Holding On A romantic and empowering book about bullying Noelle s life is all about survival Even her best friend doesn t know how much she gets bullied or the ways her mom neglects her Noelle s kept so much about her life a secret for so long that when her longtime crush Julian Porter starts paying attention to her she s terrified Surely it s safer to stay hidden than to risk tA romantic a

Keep Holding On

↠ Keep Holding On ¿ Susane Colasanti ↠ Keep Holding On ¿ Susane Colasanti - Keep Holding On, Keep Holding On A romantic and empowering book about bullying Noelle s life is all about survival Even her best friend doesn t know how much she gets bullied or the ways her mom neglects her Noelle s kept so much ab Keep Holding On

  • ↠ Keep Holding On ¿ Susane Colasanti
    394Susane Colasanti
Keep Holding On

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  1. If I d stopped believing that my life would eventually get better, I don t think I would have survived high school If you can survive high school, you can survive practically anything It probably sounds too much but for someone like Noelle, neglected by her own mom and bullied by half of the popular kids in school, high school life is indeed a test of faith and patience For her to keep holding on despite everything takes much courage, hope and strength of will In case you haven t noticed, there [...]

  2. School was the most difficult time in my life I didn t have it as bad as Noelle I have a great family who gave me everything I needed, but my school life was terrible I was picked on and laughed at for being little I had a hard time approaching people to make friends I was even bullied by a teacher who made it a point to humiliate me I was too young to realize this back then, but I will never forgive her This all made me lash out and act in ways that made myself unapproachable Being from a very [...]

  3. This may be the most rage inducing book I ve ever read EVER I ve only said this once before, but if I could give this book no stars, I would.Keep Holding On is about Noelle, a girl who is bullied at school for being poor It s clear that Ms Colasanti has experienced bullying and I m sorry that she has It s also equally clear that she has no idea what it s like to be truly poor, and as someone who grew up poor, and who works as a librarian in a town where there are teens in the same situation Noel [...]

  4. THIS REVIEW ON B S BOOK BLOG A digital copy of this book was provided by the publisher and NetGalley for review I read the first of Susane Colasanti s book, When It Happens, in 2008, and I loved that book That was the first one and I ve never read any of her books after that, but When It Happens gave me the impression that she must be quite a good writer Although later on when I tried to re read the book in 2010, I got so annoyed I just gave up, and I couldn t recall why I loved it in the first [...]

  5. This book broke my heart,not only because of the sympathy I felt for Noelle Wexler,the main character here,but because I got frustrated by the fact that this is supposed to be about surviving the bullying at school,and in addition,being bullied at homeHow infuriating,right I did cry plenty of times here but then,it took so long for Noelle to realize that she herself,can stop the bullying view spoiler She may even have stopped Ali,her classmate for committing suicide hide spoiler Yes,this book is [...]

  6. Full Review Wow this is not what I expected at all I thought this would be some sad book about a girl who gets bullied and finds a guy and they fall in love and all that shit Well lets say it is about that but not in that kind of way I described it Instead its a really depressing, heartbreaking,beautiful book about a girl who is bullied and has to stay strong and Keep Holding On and in a way she meets a really nice guy who cares about her I am in still school and from what I remember I have neve [...]

  7. Quick Reaction This book was so real that it plagued me like the bubonic A drastic comparison Not really.Honestly, I ve been through what Noelle s been through I still am, sometimes But I m like Simon I don t give a darn I really don t care what others think of me And that s what I love about this book Noelle s character transformation is so believable and complete that I can t point out a single flaw in it.This is the book to read if you hated high school This is the book to read if you loved [...]

  8. Keep holding on tells the story of Noelle whose had a tough life Once she had the stable family lifestyle a big house in a nice neighbourhood, she could invite her friends over when she wanted, a mother and a boyfriend who loved her, friends who wanted to know her and her mother was happy But suddenly things spiralled out of control, due to unexpected circumstances, her and her mother were forced into a dingy apartment with hardly any money, and just had to live off what they could scrape by The [...]

  9. This is a difficult review for me to write, probably on a few levels because I don t think there is a person who isn t touched by the subject of bullying and how damaging it can be to anyone subjected to it, whether they re young or older I have to applaud Susane Colasanti for reaching out to kids teens who are bullied or abused, and writing a book that focuses on the life of a teen who feels that her world s crashing down on her.Unfortunately, I wish I could say that this was a better book to e [...]

  10. 2.5 stars.I ve been bullied before It got to the point where I ve been suicidal and dreaded going to school The bullying I went through in middle school is a big reason why I suffer from social anxiety to this day, and the anxiety was so bad, it got to the point where I tried my best to remain invisible in high school, and why a lot of days I was literally afraid to go to school because I was paranoid that people would put gum in my hair or steal things from my locker or laugh at my hair and my [...]

  11. This book is not an easy read nor a light read, but it is a fast read Maybe it was fast because I could not put it down I started it one a Tuesday and finished it very early Wednesday morning I needed to know what would happen and I felt completely invested in the characters The audience targeted for this book is definitely young adult and the subject matter is mature young adult But I think it still can appeal to adults, it appealed to me This book rocketed me right back to my high school years [...]

  12. Very cute,but very expected Not saying that expected is bad, though The book is all about standing up for yourself and dealing with your insecurities and accepting you for who you are, weird and all.I think it s a great book for tweens The writing is easy and fast paced Although I have some complains because this book might as well be called a series of unfortunate events because that was all it was, a range of situations in which a teen girl was bullied and the correspondent expected reactions [...]

  13. I had higher hopes for Keep Holding On then what the book delivered I was hoping for something along the lines of Saving Francesca, Life Without Friends, Fat Kid Rules the World or Feeling Sorry for Celia All of these books deal with tough life stuff without meandering into after school special territory Celia cooked herself dinner which Noelle desperately could have learned to do for herself I grew up in a whatever you want to fix childhood I was also nicknamed laundry girl by my mom because t [...]

  14. Read of my reviews at Nick s Book BlogTackling a subject such as bullying is like walking on hot coal Such books need to be able to evoke strong emotions in the reader and at the same time spread an important message I finished reading this book yesterday and my feelings for this book are still very conflicted.Noelle is a poor girl going to a school with rich kids She is bullied on a daily basis by students at school and no one really knows the extent to which the bullying goes to Things are no [...]

  15. Hace semanas en una clase mi profesor de Televisi n hablaba sobre el bullying, sobre la muerte del chico chileno Daniel, y yo habl sobre el efecto de las palabras de nosotros en una persona Nunca sabes como una persona va a recibir un comentario, quiz no sea su tu intenci n causar sufrimiento pero puede pasar Soy de las que piensa que somos responsables de lo que decimos pero no de lo que las personas interpreten Comencemos a ser mucho m s responsables con lo que decimos, con lo que escribimos, [...]

  16. This read so much like an after school special The last chapter made me cringe a bit, even, since none of the words felt like the things Noelle would say Noelle is a poor girl in a small town going to a rich school Her mom is terrible, she has no friends except Sherae, sometimes , and she s bullied at school because of all of these things The problem is, though, this story is all tell and no show I never felt anything for Noelle because she never gave me much to feel for Her situation sucked, bu [...]

  17. I have to say I had seen some great reviews of this and was really looking forward to a gritty read.But unfortunately that is not what I got.Noelle the main character was not likeable at all She is, in my opinion, shallow The things that she worries about like the fact that her hair isn t straight enough or her clothes aren t the nicest are pretty normal everyday teen problems Or at least they were for me.Yes she has a crap mother Yes she is poor and yes the kids in school are mean to her But it [...]

  18. REVIEW ORIGINALLY POSTED hobbitsies wordpress 2012 Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti was an unbelievably heartbreaking and moving book I was not bullied back in high school, and I didn t really know anyone who was, so Keep Holding On was also definitely an eye opener for me.Through out the entirety of Keep Holding On, I just could not believe what was happening People are truly this terrible to other people in high school It was shocking and upsetting Keep Holding On is definitely a book that [...]

  19. After reading The Girl on the Train, I needed a fluffy YA contemporary to calm my nerves I m not going to lie, it was incredibly cheesy at times and a little unrealistic, but it was a fun read The ending wasn t the best, but I flew through this book Susane is always an author I turn to when I want a smile and I will continue to do that 3.

  20. From the Author When I was a teen, I would have been mortified to admit that I was being bullied at school My junior high and high school years were the worst time of my life Kids picked on me for being a science nerd They picked on me for not wearing the expensive sweaters and jeans everyone else had They picked on me for doing weird things like writing song lyrics on my sneakers this was back in the day before writing on your sneakers was cool I was embarrassed by all the ways I didn t fit in. [...]

  21. This book broke my heart in a hundred and sixty five different ways It s the first book I ve read that s shown the emotional and the physical effects of bullying and it really got to me Noelle is constantly bullied at her school Whether it s because of the outfit she wore that day or the sandwich she packed, there s always this punk ass kid, Warner, there to make her feel like crap She d much rather avoid lunchtime humiliation and I can attest that when you have no friends in your lunch period, [...]

  22. This book was a bit heavier than I was expecting I was prepared for a sad book that would tug at my heart, but this book was just downright depressing.I think in a way, Colasanti does a pretty good job of showing what some kids go through in school However, some of it was a bit too extreme I know some kids have a really difficult life at home and in school, but I kind of wished Colasanti had made it just a tad less because it would have been realistic Bullies have their targets, but it seemed l [...]

  23. ACTUAL RATING 3.5 STARS This novel shattered my heart and left me crestfallen This book follows Noelle who lives a horrible life and has to face numerous hardships This book resolves around bullying and first love Noelle felt humiliated and thought that she did not fit in with everyone else Being the daughter of a single mother was very difficult for Noelle as she couldn t afford most things that others could and had a mother that did not treat her well She was very much insecure about her self [...]

  24. Find my reviews on Blogger Reviews by Bookish Sarah Noelle has been the victim of bullying for awhile now When her stepfather passed away, Noelle and her mother had to move to a small apartment and cut down on the luxuries they d previously been used to Living in a wealthy area, this didn t go over so well for Noelle at school where fitting in is the key to being popular and liked Almost everyone is the same rich, spoiled, snobby, and dressed to the 9 s in their name brand clothing The few peopl [...]

  25. The core of KEEP HOLDING ON on is solid Noelle is being bullied because she eats and wears the wrong things because she s poor She needs an adult to get involved or to find a way to stand up herself to stop the bullies Reading about the bullying is pretty brutal and you can tell why Noelle is reluctant to trust people.Meanwhile, the only thing she really enjoys is making out with Matt and hanging with her best friend Sherae But Matt keeps her secret and Sherae has her own boy problems I feel lik [...]

  26. I have a bad habit And that bad habit is not talking about the books I read in between the YA and middle grade fantasy that I mention in reviews Oh, I ll do it now and then hey look, I reviewed a Sarah Dessen book once And I really like Brendan Halpin and Julie Halpern, now that I think about it But usually I don t write those reviews of contemporary YA And that means that you don t hear the Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti books that I gobble up as if they re cotton candy Or the Georgette Heye [...]

  27. Part of me wishes that I had this book when I was in high school, and part of me is glad that I didn t Keep Holding On is the story of Noelle, a girl who has a pretty horrible life When Noelle s stepfather died, her mother was forced to move out of his gigantic house and into a small apartment Being the only poor family in a town full of extremely wealthy families is rough, to say the least Noelle s mother spends all of the time she isn t working complaining about work and how hard it is to be a [...]

  28. 2.5There is a big part of me that doesn t even want to write this review, because I appreciate what Colasanti was going for, and I wish bullying was something that was addressed often in YA Not even necessarily as a central theme, but it would be great if it was touched on in some of these books that are nothing than romance It s a big issue with teenagers and we simply do not see it addressed often enough That said, I had many issues with Keep Holding On, some that kept me from enjoying it.Th [...]

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