Time Untime

↠ Time Untime ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon ↠ Time Untime ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon - Time Untime, Time Untime THE MAYANS AREN T THE ONLY ONES WITH A PROPHECYLong before recorded history there was a Keetoowah warrior so feared that everyone trembled before his wrath Only a brutal betrayal by the one clos

  • Title: Time Untime
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9780312546618
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Time Untime ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon, Time Untime, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Time Untime THE MAYANS AREN T THE ONLY ONES WITH A PROPHECYLong before recorded history there was a Keetoowah warrior so feared that everyone trembled before his wrath Only a brutal betrayal by the one closest to him could defeat him But not even death was the end of a man so strong The Time Untime approachesKateri Avani has been plagued her entire life with dreams she dTHE MAYANS AREN T THE

Time Untime

↠ Time Untime ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon ↠ Time Untime ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon - Time Untime, Time Untime THE MAYANS AREN T THE ONLY ONES WITH A PROPHECYLong before recorded history there was a Keetoowah warrior so feared that everyone trembled before his wrath Only a brutal betrayal by the one clos Time Untime

  • ↠ Time Untime ☆ Sherrilyn Kenyon
    272Sherrilyn Kenyon
Time Untime

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  1. Renegade Ren Waya Dark Hunter and Kateri Avani Human with the end of world linked to her This book is connected with two books Night Embrace Dark Hunter 2 where we met Kateri s cousin, Sunshine Runningwolf Retribution Dark Hunter 19 where we met Ren as the best friend of Sundown.The most interesting part of the story is that it combines Mayan myths and Greek myths Ren is the son of the Keetoowah chief Coatl and Sterope, one of the Pleiades and he was raised by the demoness Ravenna Thus he also d [...]

  2. OK, well just so you know, I m a HUGE Sherrilyn Kenyon fan, and I ve read all of the books in this series thus far And all I can say is I really wanted to love this book but I didn t I can say that I did like parts of it There was some really funny banter between the characters She did bring back a few of my favorites in this book but for only short periods of time I thought the main character, Kateri was a bit weak Not in spirit but in development I found her frequent visions of the past and fu [...]

  3. The only good parts of this book were when Ash and Talon were around Other than that, it was as bad as Sundance s book a weird mixture of Native American, Mayan, and Greek mythology that didn t come together well Also, the two main characters were not interesting or charming at all.As I said, Ash s scenes were entertaining enough He had his hair all buzzed off and it is funny how the Dark Hunters responded to it.Cabeza He did a double take on Ash s short black hair as a sick feeling went through [...]

  4. 3.4 Another interesting addition to the series Not one of the best but it was a quick read and had bits i wouldn t have wanted to miss.

  5. Excerpt from Time Untime December 10, 2012Kateri Avani jerked in her sleep as her dreams tormented her No longer a woman full grown, she was again a little girl sitting in her grandmother s house, playing with the dolls her grandmother had made for her and her cousin Sunshine from the corn that grew in the garden out back Barely twelve, Kateri brushed her small hand over the black cornsilk hair of the male doll.Her grandmother sat beside her, at the old fashioned red kitchen table, shelling peas [...]

  6. I miss New Orleans If you re new on the Dark hunter series don t pick thispick Seize the Night or Dance with the devil hah not that I m bragging the two books This book is not about the Greek culture, not the Romans, Egyptian or even the Atlantean which I love, its the Author s Culture, the Cherokee tsalagi and add some Mayan culture in it since December 21, 2012 plays a significant date I think it gave the book justice of talking about the Chekoree and Mayans for almost half the book since its [...]

  7. I think that even for die hard fans of this series, this book is going to be hard to digest After initial 100 or so excruciating, dense pages about the Mayan background of the heroine, most of the book almost until the end was filled with heroine s flashbacks of the dreams she had about hero s past Seriously, something said by the hero would trigger heroine s flashback and 1 or 2 pages later the dialog continued Besides the many pages retelling the past through flashbacks, it had very disappoint [...]

  8. GrrrrrI had just spent a half an hour on a review and once again lost it I will write another one tomorrow frustrating Alright, one time with feeling This 17th installment of the Dark Hunter series was somewhat a disappointment to me Not because it was badly written but because there were so many legends and myths told during the course of the story that it just became confusing If I am being honest, in two weeks time alot of them I won t even remember There were so many facts being told, that [...]

  9. 400 plus pages of WTF are they talking aboutat pretty much sums up my review My mother always said that if I don t have anything nice to say, to say nothing at all I would love to follow her words today with this review, however, I can t sorry, Mom.What was the story about I have no idea Who is Katera s father I have no idea What is the moral of the story Who knows Truly from beginning to end, this book did not make sense to me There were far too few pages of the beloved Dark Hunters we all know [...]

  10. As many of you know I have practically been waiting on pins and needles for this book, It didn t seem like August was going to get here and then I bantered back and forth whether I should get it now or wait When I found out my favorite character in this universe was going to play a good part in this book Well you know I jumped and clicked buy I dove into this book almost immediately had to wait for my Kindle to charge But once I did I devoured this book in once setting I should slow down and enj [...]

  11. Wanna watch this review, instead of read it Yes Clicky McClick the link No Keep reading, you cool human, you youtube watch v e3eTeI think I just broke my fangirl, ya ll.Is it possible for a book to kick so much ass that one s butt is sore by proxy It better be, because apocalypses are fun Well, they are when it s in a book which takes the 2012 freak out that was like Y2K Mayan Edition, and frames it with a mixed bag of Let s Save Planet Earth plots.Time Untime follows the hero and heroine, Ren a [...]

  12. This book wasn t as bad as some others in this series but also not one of the best.One of my biggest complaints one I already had with Retribution is the fact that SK adds another pantheon mythology to the Dark Hunter world I think this is way too much It s great that she has Native American blood and wants to honor this but a stand alone trilogy would have been better in my opinion.Most of the book felt like ramblings about myths, visions, gods, names, places, flashbacks, names, places, flashb [...]

  13. Title Time Untime Dark Hunter Series , book 11.Author Sherrilyn KenyonPublished August, 2012Genre fiction, drama, paranormal, paranormal romance, adventure action, swearing, adult content.Read June 7 9, 2015Format ebook via Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook ereader.My rating 4.5 I LOVE THE DARK HUNTER SERIES starsSherrilyn Kenyon is the best Review coming soon Suffice it to say, yet another great installment in the breathtaking Dark Hunter series

  14. Todo muy epico y dramatico, al estilo de la saga Las apariciones de Aqueron son estelares y, como no podria ser de otra forma, muy esperadas y determinantes para la resolucion de la trama Aunque, en esta ocasion Nick tambien ha aportado su granito de arena.

  15. 3.5 4 stars Kateri grew up surrounded by Cherokee legends but she s a scientist and hardly believes any of those stories Ren grew up as a Keetoowah and made many of those legends He still mainly lives in that world hardly interacting with humans until the day he has to save Kateri Let s just cut to the chaseis book is confusing I ve read it and it s still hard for me to wrap my head around everything Obviously, if you ve read the series this far, you get the Dark Hunters and their beginnings And [...]

  16. This is why I keep reading this series This book was really good and the romance was so sweet and no dead wife to whine over Of course, Ren had a terribly sad childhood But at least it did not include relentless rape and abuse Sad that has become expected in this series.Kateri was pretty cool, especially for a rock nerd geologist.The biggest downfall of the book were the endless breakaways into thought in the middle of a scene I mean how in the world do you stop mix sex to have a vision about so [...]

  17. I ve been putting this book off for such a long time now, but I refused to read Styxx until I had read this one I haven t skipped a book so far in this series and I don t plan on doing so now I put this off because of this kind of storyline about all the Mayan stuff I just don t like any of it I don t understand the terminology, and I understand the storyline even less None of it makes any damn sense to me, so I get super bored really quickly.The flashbacks about Kateri s grandmother were a bit [...]

  18. 3 starsIt s ben a year since I ve read a SK book and it feels like I never left It s all so very familiar, not that that s a bad thing I used to ADORE Sherrilyn Kenyon The widening specter of grand scheme storylines really made me feel diconnected to the story Not to mention the time paradoxes of Niock s series I don t know why, but this Native American mythology is not really my favorite, but there were things I liked 1 The familiar SK formula I like the tortured hero spunky heroine combo Not t [...]

  19. Huh I have no idea what happened in this book Seriously, I understood Metamorphosis and Animal Farm better than this book I gave the 2 stars only because I enjoyed the first 10 or 11 in the series and it hasn t sunk to Anita Blake awfulness, yet However, I need an outline or CliffNotes to follow the crazy mythology in this book Honestly, I skipped over most of it because it was confusing I also skimmed the excessive monologues made by the main characters I don t know something about truth, justi [...]

  20. This book surprised me by being interesting than Retribution, but it still fell flat and useless Besides Ren s and Kateri s moments and the things that happened between them, nothing new really happens in the DH world Nick gets the upper hand in a scene with Acheron and he pretty much had the chance to kill Acheron but didn t Honestly, it would ve been better if Acheron had died He is such a pussy to do ANYTHING that sometimes you wonder why he s even strong in the first place Acheron is this c [...]

  21. Last book, The Guardian, Miss Kenyon shifted her focus from Greek myth to Cherokee Now she continues that story here, when the prophecy mentioned last time comes to pass The calendars need to be reset to keep evil creatures locked away from Earth Kateri Avani is a geologist, a scientist, a rational person She doesn t believe in magic But suddenly she finds herself hunted by demons and caught up in magical events she has no control over Then she meets Ren, a man with a tortured past and heartbrea [...]

  22. 3.5 StarsTime Untime is sort of a companion piece to Retribution If you enjoyed that one, you ll probably like this one The thing is, Retribution was one of my least favorite books in the Dark Hunter series I think I have reached maximum capacity on large scale additional mythology in this already complicated universe I felt very disconnected to the Native American elements featured so heavily in that book and I knew that same thread would continue into this one.Some of the problems I had with R [...]

  23. Talon let out a long sigh All right Fine You asked for it Let s see you not freak when we tell you that you re the mother of Armageddon Time Untime is a mix between Greek Mythology and Native American forklore As a Native American myself I was excited to explore just how Sherrilyn Kenyon was planning to pull this off intertwining the two amongst each other I m ashamed to say that I often felt detached from the story and the world building was a bit overwhelming at times This book had major infor [...]

  24. This book was interesting to read not as great as other Dark Hunter books I feel maybe this book should be part of a spin off series because it really doesn t do much for the over arching story line Now I am a sucker for Native American folklore it was interesting to mix the pantheons in the story But it was a bit confusing view spoiler hide spoiler Now beware of spoilersWhat was the big secret we were to find out about Artemis I am a huge Artie fan and I expected something big or at least her [...]

  25. Part of me is somewhat surprised to see how many freaking books there are in this series, but again, this is Sherrilyn Kenyon we are talking about This woman doesn t sleep She writes And damn, she still writes good stories.While TIME UNTIME isn t exactly my favorite of the series, I still think readers should check it out The one thing that grips me with SK s writing is the fact that she writes with such ease It s never a chore to read one of her books and regardless of whether it s a newer Dark [...]

  26. This is Ren Waya story and I have to say the I read about how he was treated and abused by family and community I wanted to open up a can of whoop ass on all of them Thank the gods for Kateri, she isthe best thing to ever come into his life The story line is about resetting the time clock to prevent the end of days and ghe opening of the gates hell Ren And Kateri are key players in this reset Kateri journey of discovery will take her to meeting her father and believing in things she never belie [...]

  27. Ok first let me get something out of the way Truthfully I wasn t really looking forward to this book I was just turned of by it being another Los Vegas set story, I just love my New Orleans Dark Hunters soo much better But I have to hand it to Miss Kenyon, she wraps you up into the stroy so much you get sucked into it and you end up forgeting that you was thinking you was going to hate the story and then your like WOW But I was sooooo happy that most of my Favorite Characters made a happy and we [...]

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