Chasing Magic

✓ Chasing Magic Ë Stacia Kane ✓ Chasing Magic Ë Stacia Kane - Chasing Magic, Chasing Magic A DEADLY HIGH Magic wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush But when someone with money to burn

  • Title: Chasing Magic
  • Author: Stacia Kane
  • ISBN: 9780345527523
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Ebook

✓ Chasing Magic Ë Stacia Kane, Chasing Magic, Stacia Kane, Chasing Magic A DEADLY HIGH Magic wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside s drug supply Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls and taking the innocentA DEADLY HIGH M

Chasing Magic

✓ Chasing Magic Ë Stacia Kane ✓ Chasing Magic Ë Stacia Kane - Chasing Magic, Chasing Magic A DEADLY HIGH Magic wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush But when someone with money to burn Chasing Magic

  • ✓ Chasing Magic Ë Stacia Kane
    410Stacia Kane
Chasing Magic

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  1. Chasing Magic, the 5th book in Stacia Kane s highly addicting Downside Ghost series is officially my favorite, I want to have babies with it, book for 2012 Chasing Magic is the only book this year that brought me close to tears because it was an, uber intense read No other book has done this There s a scene toward the end where the protagonist, Chess, and her lover Terrible are going into battle and may not survive We see the true depth of feelings these two have for one another and one simple s [...]

  2. It s no secret that the only reason I continued reading this series, instead of dropping it after Unholy Ghosts like I d initially planned, is because of what a superb human being Stacia Kane is.After Chasing Magic though, I am DONE Done with Chess, her drama llama ways, and her majorly screwed up life I highly doubt I ll be continuing Downside Ghosts after this one because frankly, I m beginning to hate Chess To sum it up, Chess s self pity party never ends I understand she s been through a lot [...]

  3. Aww I do love a man who s willing to hold your hair for you while you throw up all over the place They re so hard to find these daysYes, that s right My Terrible love continues I honestly don t know what it is about this scarred, ugly beast of a man who talks like he s dumb, but the guy has something He s fucking adorable How is it that he can call Chess Chessiebomb and get away with it Chessiebomb You d think I would need someone to hold my hair for me after that one It just shows how well Kane [...]

  4. I know I m not the only one who starts to get that feeling of dread as a series I love gets longer and longer There s a part of me that s always just waiting for the installment that jumps the shark It s not like it hasn t happened before And the first four books in this series have all been so good The stakes are even higher Well, never fear As your advanced warning system, I m here to happily wave the olly olly oxen free flag and assure you that this one is everything that we ve come to expect [...]

  5. I love writing the number 5 Not 4.5 or 4.7 it is a 5 I sooo loved this book and only had 2 problems with it 1 I am now at an impasse on my favorite book of all time with this being tied with City of Ghosts.2 I have no Downside books waiting in the wings to save me from a slump I m really not even sure about how to go about a review for this book If you are reading Chasing Magic you already get what it is going to be about I loved that for most of the book there is not that triangle going on and [...]

  6. ARC review, contains no spoilers but assumes familiarity with the series itself.Chasing Magic is the fifth book in Stacia Kane s Downside Ghosts series, and is easily one of my favorites so far The war in Downside between Bump and Lex is very real now, after Slowbag s demise in the previous book, Sacrificial Magic Chess is caught in the middle, still having ties with Lex for her seemingly never ending drug use, and her newfound friendship with his sister Blue, yet on the down low developing a re [...]

  7. The absolute suckiest thing about finishing this book There is NO release date for Downside 6 NONE I know, Alan Rickman It sucks.What did I love most about this book TerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerrib [...]

  8. Oh, make me feel so very happy when I sigh and say your name Ms Kane, how do you take huge, scary, ugly mob enforcer and make him swoon worthy In real life, I would definitely run across the street and walk in the opposite direction if Terrible was around When I read Chasing Magic, I found myself clutching my ereader to my chest and sighing.Chasing Magic has Chess once again fighting her inner demons If you recall from previous books, our heroine is a pill popping, drug addicted mes [...]

  9. I m writing this review at the end of April but will not post on GR until the beginning of June, a little closer to the official release date I do this mainly so I can purvey the appropriate amount of ass kissery to Stacia Kane that she so richly deserves I would hate to think that any delay in putting thoughts to paper would dilute my complete and utter adulation for her Okay, now that I ve successfully reached uber fan creepy fangurl status, let s talk Chasing Magic If it isn t obvious yet, St [...]

  10. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.It s so hard to put into words just how incredible this book, and indeed, this whole series is, at least not without rehashing the entire story for you or including spoilers The entire atmosphere of the Downside Ghosts series, with not only the entire Church ghosts churchwitch setup but also of the realities of life in Downside for all its good and all its evil just draws you into their world and refuses to let you go, [...]

  11. Originally posted at Addicted2Heroineslooking up at the sky, pale and starless above the city s glow Chess looked up at it, too, at that blank stretch of cloudy gray covering the world like a sheet pulled over its head The thought of it made pain and loneliness twist in her chest Pain because she wasn t part of that sky, would never be a part of it, because it looked like a home she could never enter She d never know what it was like to be so peaceful.Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC Chasing Magi [...]

  12. 3.5 starsBecause what matters is that we bond with those we love, and stay with them and live in Truth Families and TruthDownside World 501 by MimiYou know what I think we can skip this part now There are still things that surprise me and are unclear to me when it comes to magic and the world, but I m dealing with it Frankly, with the rules changing every book, and magic expanding, there s little point What is important to keep track of is ChessTerrible of course.ChessTerribleI don t think I ll [...]

  13. FYI, there s a blurb for this book on A DEADLY HIGHMagic wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside s drug supply, Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls and taking the innocent with them, as the magic infused speed compels them to kill in the most gruesome ways possib [...]

  14. Oh My God.Without question, this is now my favorite book in the series A title that was previously held by City of Ghosts This book starts with Chess finishing up a Debunking assignment It is the only real church work you see her doing Fine by me That just means Chess Terrible Which is really what we all want at this point, now that they are FINALLY together, and secure in their relationship And they are so damn cute Shit You so fuckin pretty, Chessie True thing So ain t even can breathe someti [...]

  15. 4.5I love being in Downside, which is quite honestly a very odd thing to say It s such a dark, lonely, hopeless place But my goodness, what a world Every time I read another in this series, I m just blown away Something about these characters is so endearing, even with all of their faults In Chasing Magic, Chess and Terrible are once again tested in their relationship Let me tell you, there are some nail biting moments in which I wasn t quite sure if Chess was going to make the right decisions I [...]

  16. 5 PERFECTION I m sorry I can t write a proper review This will mainly be me gushing and professing my undying love for this book, okay Argh How do I even begin to list what I loved Okay Let s start with this My fears towards the end of Sacrificial Magic were validated here Lex has taken over Slobag s position, and he has major plans plans that included recruiting Terrible Terrible s loyalty to Bump and his obvious hatred for Lex makes it an easy decision, but his refusal meant that he s now high [...]

  17. 3.5 StarsHhhhmmmmmThis is my least favorite of the Downside books so far, and it s because of Chess, not the writing or plot I still love the way Kane writes and the world she has created, but I got really sick of Chess this time well maybe sick isn t the right word like wrung out.Of course there was a plethora of trouble occurring in Downside, and of course Chess was expected to solve any magical issues, and of course they somehow affect her legitimate working life Does Chess come through for D [...]

  18. It has been some time since I ve read book number 4 but once I ve read the first paragraph of this, the last published book in the series, I was right back home in Downside and quite happy to be so, thank you very much.Unfortunately, Chess is still so troubled With her I am as always confused Chess world view self view is it realistic unfortunately yes some people do spend a life time not seeing, blindly blundering along Is it frustrating extremely so like when you have a friend or family member [...]

  19. She was still who she was, after all A junkie, a liar, someone who didn t know how to have a relationship, someone who really didn t deserve whatever happiness she managed to find Someone terrified she d do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, terrified that she was going to fuck this up like she did everything else.Chasing Magic is the fifth installment and thankfully not the last in the dark, gritty series Downside Ghosts I say this every time so I ll just say it again, this is my most favori [...]

  20. 4.5 stars Posted on Under the CoversStacia Kane has done really well for herself with this year s release Both SACRIFICIAL MAGIC and now CHASING MAGIC have made it to my favorites of 2012 list What s so interesting about this series is that it continues to follow a drug addicted Churchwitch named Chess Putnam and her thug boyfriend, Terrible As this is the fifth book in the series, I had a lot of expectations Some of these where met while others weren t.In CHASING MAGIC, Chess doesn t have a Chu [...]

  21. It s no secret that I am a big fan of this series I love the world building I love the originality I LOVE the hero And this was a good book It wasn t my favorite in the series, though, and I ll get to why in just a minute.The story begins as Sacrificial Magic did with Chess and Terrible happy and in love As someone who has seen what they ve gone through to get to this point, it s so satisfying Chess knows the treasure that she has in him she acknowledges that he s her everything And while she st [...]

  22. This review has been posted on my Happy Indulgence Blog Check it out for reviews Chasing Magic signifies the end of my monthly buddy read on Downside Ghosts, which makes me sort of sad at least until the next book comes out While Chess s world is definitely dark, gritty and an emotional investment, I ll kind of miss revisiting the world of Downside every month This series just keeps on getting better and better while the world building, slang language and Chess s drug dependency takes a while g [...]

  23. Chessiebomb is ready to blow Her insecurities, her past, her job, her secrets and her addictions all endanger her future This girl has so much baggage it s a wonder she gets up and goes through life s functions each day.Oh but she does, she has her little reality killers she takes in increasingly larger amounts She now has a new fear one greater than she has ever known, the threat of her heart being lost This above all the other dark shadows following her drives her deeper into darkness She dive [...]

  24. Rating 4.5 Stars Gosh, I have no words to express my love for this one It is, by far, my favorite installment of this series and Terrible I can t even think straight just envisioning all the Chess and Terrible moments this book hadt to mention higher stakes, zombies, and a lot positive character growth on Chess s part Stacia Kane somehow manages to write such unique and different characters one a drug addict and one a killer and still make them realistic, relatable, and sit in your heart Love, [...]

  25. Oh , I didn t think I was so fond of Lex until I thought may be he wasn t gonna be in the books any Please let him be in the coming books , I can t imagine them without Lex And also please a book or a short about him

  26. SpoilersDownside is as dangerous as ever Lex and Bump are at war, people are being killed and there s a new player in town dealing drugs tainted with black magic It s up to Chess and Terrible to investigate the tainted drugs that s causing it s users to go crazy There s a lot of good stuff in Chasing Magic but I didn t like it quite as much as Sacrificial Magic which I absolutely adored Thankfully, Terrible and Chess haven t turned into the one of those boring book couples like Cat Bones, Mercy [...]

  27. Whoa, what a rush I feel as if I ve just come back from Downside These books suck you right into a dirty, gritty world, like you re experiencing it all yourself, and it s absolutely incredible Book 5 in the Downside Ghosts series, Chasing Magic moves at a great pace, with the action revolving around tainted drugs and an army of ghost infused junkie zombies Yeah really Awesome Chess is not working a case for the church, so the whole book focuses on her and Terrible working together to figure out [...]

  28. 4.5 stars Chess and Terrible are thrust back into the middle of things when people start acting like zombies and killing each other They finally narrow things down to something being mixed into the drugs On top of that, Lex is being a jerkhe tries to get Terrible to work for him and when he doesn t, he hires someone as big as Terrible to kill him Things aren t going so great with Elder Griffin either after he realizes there s a bond between Chess and Terrible This book was a bit different in tha [...]

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