í Loaded ´ Christos Tsiolkas í Loaded ´ Christos Tsiolkas - Loaded, Loaded Families can detonate Some families are torn apart forever by one small act one solitary mistake In my family it was a series of small explosions consistent passionate pathetic Cruel words crude t

  • Title: Loaded
  • Author: Christos Tsiolkas
  • ISBN: 9780099757719
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

í Loaded ´ Christos Tsiolkas, Loaded, Christos Tsiolkas, Loaded Families can detonate Some families are torn apart forever by one small act one solitary mistake In my family it was a series of small explosions consistent passionate pathetic Cruel words crude threats We spurred each other on till we reached a crescendo of pain and we retired exhaused to our rooms in tears or in fury Ari is nineteen unemployed and a poofterFamilies can detonate Some


í Loaded ´ Christos Tsiolkas í Loaded ´ Christos Tsiolkas - Loaded, Loaded Families can detonate Some families are torn apart forever by one small act one solitary mistake In my family it was a series of small explosions consistent passionate pathetic Cruel words crude t Loaded

  • í Loaded ´ Christos Tsiolkas
    477Christos Tsiolkas

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  1. Ari feels very much alone in the world, a Greek immigrant, unemployed and struggling with his sexuality That is to say he has a same sex attraction but his friends and family would never approve of that In Christos Tsiolkas normally overlooked Loaded we follow Ari through his struggles as an outsider in this autobiographical novel.Christos Tsiolkas is a critically acclaimed author with books like Barracuda and my personal favourite The Slap It is a shame that his debut novel Loaded just doesn t [...]

  2. I read it in just two sittings last week, on the way to Perth and then back again I read The Slap a few years ago and it s a novel I still think about, and had been meaning to read of his work, and my friends had raved about Loaded.It is sharp and intense It s about a 19 year old boy Ari who likes to have sex and take a lot of drugs, and it takes place over one night The novel moves seamlessly through the various places he goes out to, to the various people he meets It feels a little like a dru [...]

  3. Hmmm Here s the thing I ve never been a fan of this style of writing, of this kind of content, of boys who just want to get high and fuck someone Which is essentially all this book is about.Yes, there is some of the coming of age stuff Ari is nineteen and still not confident in his sexuality, fluxing between admitting that he s gay and fighting it It s a classic case of being in the closet And there s a bit of character development by the end, but not enough to leave me feeling like Ari s come a [...]

  4. Loaded was the debut novel of Christos Tsiolkas It is an ambitious novel Novella It s quite short that touches on being the child of immigrants, sexuality, family, and connecting with other people It reminded me Catcher in the Rye with the caveat that it has been a long time since I last read Catcher Like Holden Caulfield, Ari has failed out of school Holden was kicked out , doesn t have a job, and has no plans to get one He is pissed off at the world and thinks most people are cowards who have [...]

  5. Astounding, shocking, engaging and totally wonderful Tsiolkas thrusts us into a drug fuelled, sex driven 24 hours Ari is driven by shame, completely self absorbed and can t reconcile who he is and who he should be Don t read this if you have any issues about graphic descriptions of gay sex or self gratification.Despite not having any connection with this lifestyle or world, I thought this was incredibly crafted, heart wrenching, in your face , grungy and thoroughly worthwhile.There s than one u [...]

  6. When I was in second year uni in 1997, our copywriting lecturer Jackie insisted we all read this book She said it would blow our minds It was her own paperback copy that we circulated among ourselves, passing it on to the next person after we were done with it I don t remember us discussing it much, but I really looked up to Jackie and respected her judgment.I remember thinking that this was simultaneously a world I knew and inhabited, and one that was strange and alien The geography was familia [...]

  7. I don t know why I love nihilistic fiction It s the same thing every time, broken pretty people do lots of drugs and have meaningless empty sex for two hundred odd pages Yet for some reason, I always go back for .

  8. This has a 3.35 rating because people either love it or loathe it, which evens out to average It s not average I read this book when it came out 20 years ago It could have been yesterday I couldn t say that about many books.

  9. Wow, ovo je bila surova i na trenutke okantna vo nja Loaded daje uvid u klupsku, queer scenu, nabijenu drogom i seksom Devetnaestogodi nji protagonist Ari koji kod itatelja budi paletu osje aja za sebe ka e I like music I like film I m going to have sex, listen to music and watch film for the rest of my life I am here, living my life I m not going to fall in love I m not going to change a thing, no one will remember me when I m dead My epitaph he slept, he ate, he fucked, he pissed, he shat He r [...]

  10. A night out in Melbourne for a 19yo gay Greek Australian, the book is pretty much about getting high and having anonymous sex With the author also being a gay Greek Australian i can t help but think it s somewhat autobiographical.

  11. I had to study this book in my first year of university in an Australian Literature course then in between first and second year i moved cities and, of course, universities At my second uni i had to study this book again, in an experimental fiction course the content being the experiment One thing i found interesting are the two different readings of the text i experienced the first uni focused on the exorbitant amounts of homosexual sex and illicit drug use largely painting it as a book written [...]

  12. I was researching for literary works set in Melbourne for an assignment when I stumbled across some of Tsiolkas works Loaded painted a very different image of Melbourne from the one I know today Ari is a second generation Greek Australian Instead of following through the path his parents hoped for him getting a good education, a new job and settling down with a nice girl he wanted something different For the next 24 hours, we follow Ari as he went on with his life Be warned that the amount of se [...]

  13. As much as this book made me uncomfortable with the explicit sex scenes, the random sex, the hardcore drug use, the use of swear words, I will say that it was a good book Very angsty and very angry I felt that Ari was so mad at the world, at his upbringing, at his home that the only way he could survive was by having sex with strangers men and women using drugs and drinking excessively to escape the normalcy of his Greek Australian life The style of writing was different and took me a while to r [...]

  14. While Tsiolkas is nowadays known for The Slap , this, his debut novel, adds further evidence to his stature as a leading writer of contemporary Australian fiction The Slap is a very ambitious and sprawling Australian novel almost our own Bonfire of the Vanities By contrast Loaded is focused and concise, adhering to the age old advice of write what you know In 1995 Tsiolkas was a Greek Poofter growing up in Melbourne and that s exactly what we get here In comfortable surroundings the cutting obs [...]

  15. Tsiolkas really nails Melbourne in a way that I m not sure any other author can really do Loaded is great it depicts Melbourne and the aimless, pointless existence that everyone leads despite their racial, cultural or sexual diversity Ari is a bit like a gay Holden Caulfield, philosophically musing throughout the book about pointlessness, blandness, the daily monotony of life that leads to nothing, and why sex, drugs and unemployment make a reasonable alternative.

  16. Having already read a fair bit of Tsolkias, this book didn t shock me at all in terms of all the gay sex and drug use However it was an enjoyable read, like his other works His use of language is always excellent and he is able to depict despair in his characters The main character has no idea of his identity, but he knows he doesnt want to work 9 5 and living in the suburbs ironic since Tsolkias himself grew up in an affluent eastern suburb This book is certainly anti establishment.

  17. Short, sharp and nihilistic The book flicks between the suburbs of Melbourne, seething with the energy of first generation migrants trying to escape the conservative constraints of their own community If you re familiar with the likes of Sydney Road or High Street, there s much to identify with here.

  18. This was very well written and engaging However, I think there was room for further exploration and development of the main character, Ari I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and was disappointed when it came to an abrupt end Am looking forward to reading of Tsiolkas work.

  19. Grunge nihilism and Australian suburbia This one takes a lot out of you, and hits especially close to home with it s narrators disjointed search for identity.

  20. Raw, visceral difficult to get through I know nothing about the Greek community in Australia but the way Tsiolkas writes it s hard to forget There is so much anger and pain, communities simultaneously crashing into one another and ripping each other apart I think this novel is not just about multiculturalism or sexuality I think it addresses directly or indirectly the giant gaps between generations and their expectations Ari is not a sympathetic protagonist but you cant not care for him througho [...]

  21. I read this book in one day It is easy to read because the story is well constructed throughout the situations faced by the main character I loved how the city of Melbourne wasn t only a place where the story was set but a character itself It is a great first work from Christos Tsiolkas, it shows the first stages of the brilliance that he later showed us in novels like The Slap or Barracuda

  22. Very well written Not usually my style of book confronting and very explicit but still thought provoking and worthwhile.

  23. Tsiolkas s first novel takes no prisoners, plays for keeps, holds nothing back the clich s just keep coming back Strangely, for a novel brimming with drug use and explicit anonymous sex scenes gay sex scenes too, it has to be mentioned , this reminded me of a Murakami novel It s got something to do with the protagonist, Ari His alienation is violent than a Murakami protagonist, but he has that same insightful detachment, a way of seeing the world that sets him apart He s surrounded by people bu [...]

  24. I found this to be an interesting read but not a terribly enjoyable read I think it was meant to be a coming of age story but there wasn t enough character development for me to get into it, I found it to be about gay sex, music and drug use I didn t really see the point of the book nor am I a fan of the writing style.

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