When I Was a Child I Read Books

[PDF] When I Was a Child I Read Books | by ☆ Marilynne Robinson [PDF] When I Was a Child I Read Books | by ☆ Marilynne Robinson - When I Was a Child I Read Books, When I Was a Child I Read Books Since the publication of Marilynne Robinson s novel Housekeeping a stunning debut that was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize she has built a sterling reputation not only as a writer of sharp sub

  • Title: When I Was a Child I Read Books
  • Author: Marilynne Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780374298784
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] When I Was a Child I Read Books | by ☆ Marilynne Robinson, When I Was a Child I Read Books, Marilynne Robinson, When I Was a Child I Read Books Since the publication of Marilynne Robinson s novel Housekeeping a stunning debut that was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize she has built a sterling reputation not only as a writer of sharp subtly moving prose but also as a rigorous thinker and incisive essayist Her compelling and demanding collection The Death of Adam in which she reflected on her Presbyter

When I Was a Child I Read Books

[PDF] When I Was a Child I Read Books | by ☆ Marilynne Robinson [PDF] When I Was a Child I Read Books | by ☆ Marilynne Robinson - When I Was a Child I Read Books, When I Was a Child I Read Books Since the publication of Marilynne Robinson s novel Housekeeping a stunning debut that was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize she has built a sterling reputation not only as a writer of sharp sub When I Was a Child I Read Books

  • [PDF] When I Was a Child I Read Books | by ☆ Marilynne Robinson
    212Marilynne Robinson
When I Was a Child I Read Books

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  1. I don t mean to be overdramatic, but each book I read by Marilynne Robinson gives me slightly hope that we are not doomed This book, like much of her work, is ultimately about taking human experience that is, the history of ourselves and our institutions of culture, religion, politics, education, and so on seriously when we consider what and who we are.

  2. I ll go ahead and say it Marilynne Robinson is too smart for me I can be a lazy reader, seeking the quick answer, the easy answer This is not a book for lazy readers It is not a book for simple readers.Robinson is thoughtful and compassionate and deep She sees past the first obvious answer and the second obvious answer and offers explanations that are unexpected and which embrace all we bring to a book She is spiritual without being dogmatic and she is kind without leaving truth behind.A book I [...]

  3. I want to read this because apparently it s going to contain lines like these Say that we are a puff of warm breath in a very cold universe By this kind of reckoning we are either immeasurably insignificant, or we are incalculably precious and interesting I tend toward the second view Scarcity is said to create value, after all Sold

  4. As you can probably tell from the number of times I posted interesting thoughts from these essays, I loved this collection I read Christopher Hitchens s God is Not Great How Religion Poisons Everything and was disappointed, not because of what he was arguing, but by the lack of research he presented with his argument He seemed to want to say, I m Christopher Hitchens and here s what I think and that was that Marilynne Robinson is polar opposite from Hitchens, not only in beliefs, but in her pres [...]

  5. First a caveat my rating is based on the 8 of the 10 essays that I understood The first Freedom of Thought I found the most challenging and will have to read it again in order to figure out what the point is The last Cosmology did not hang together for me I think I got the point that science has not replaced God in understanding human nature but would have to read it again to follow the argument The other 8 essays I found very interesting and thought they provided much food for thought I found t [...]

  6. Sometimes I dislike a book and can t imagine anyone else liking it This is not such a book You might like it, but I didn t I like essays, and her topics mostly religion, intellectual history, American society culture are important and interesting She teaches at U Iowa writers workshop, and I m open to the possibility that I m missing something about her writing, but whatever i didn t care for it Trying to analyze a little deeply why not s a typical excerpt, re John Shelby Spong s why Christiani [...]

  7. I would say, for the moment, that community, at least community larger than the immediate family, consists very largely of imaginative love for people we do not know or whom we know very slightly This thesis may be influenced by the fact that I have spent literal years of my life lovingly absorbed in the thoughts and perceptions of who knows it better than I people who do not exist And, just as writers are engrossed in the making of them, readers are profoundly moved and also influenced by the n [...]

  8. A GR friend of mine, Kristen, wrote a review of this book that led me to read it I m about halfway through now and my attitude toward it in terms of stars has ranged from 2 to 5, settling for the moment at 4.As I mentioned in a comment under Kristen s review, I find Robinson s writing a bit dense I consider this my fault, pretty much a consequence of my vocabulary and literary background being less robust than Robinson s The obvious solution to this problem is for me to read the book with dictio [...]

  9. Marilynne Robinson s first novel, Housekeeping , was published in 1980, and she has written two further novels Gilead , which won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize, and Home, which won the Orange Prize in 2009 Gilead and Home contain many positive values, so When I was a child I read books , a collection of essays, was met with anticipation and will likely arouse the interest of her readership.Robinson has the convinced written style of an essayist She comments on present day North American society and it [...]

  10. There s no doubt that Robinson is bright, and thoughtful And well read But sometimes I think when readers feel intimidated by an author s intellect, they say Great Amazing Insightful with the hope that others will not notice how deeply confused they are After all, if the reader is confused by something, and there are big words present in the text, that reader often feels deeply ashamed at not having got it and lays on the praise extra thick in hopes of not being asked to comment further I think [...]

  11. Marilynne Robinson has written three of the great novels of the last forty years Her first novel, Housekeeping, is on my Indispensables shelf with Jesus Son, Invisible Cities, Rayuela, At Swim Two Birds, et al So it gives me little pleasure to write about When I Was a Child I Read Books even less than it gave me to read it Starting with what is surely one of the worst titles in titular history.What else The tone ranges from arrogant to airless with rare glints of a grim sort of academicky sarcas [...]

  12. I have heard many a recommendation for Robinson s book Housekeeping , yet for one reason or another I never had an interest, have placed it low on my list of other books to read Lately all my interest is in poetry and non fiction fiction has held a place in my heart in times past, but it seemed as though I had moved past the unreal, didn t have time for it Although you know, reality and shit, what is it really Everything s a fiction in one sense, I get it Anyway when I found out about her collec [...]

  13. As I write this review, I am purposely not allowing myself to go back and look at all that I underlined There is no shortage of brilliant sentences to share, but it strikes me as important to consider what I have retained without the assistance of the text.So.Listen, the lovely thing about this book of essays is that it nails so many things in our culture so concisely and so intelligently that it will make like minded readers feel less alone in this world Although at times I felt that the phras [...]

  14. What an amazing, thoughtful, intelligent, direct writer I was so impressed with the thought put into her various essays arguments She has some strong opinions and backs them up with powerful well thought out verbal stands She is obviously well read and informed and is a compassionate person concerned about the current state of affairs of the human race I recommended this book to everyone, but take it slowly

  15. It s tempting to say that as an essayist, Marilynne Robinson is a great novelist Of course, no matter what the first clause of the sentence is Robinson would still be a great novelist Her 2004 novel, Gilead won the Pulitzer and the National Book Award and sold a whole lot of copies And I liked it, a lot 1980 s Housekeeping and 2008 s Home are also great works of fiction.Some of the essays in this collection are bring history, theology and insight together and allow the reader at least me to look [...]

  16. 3 1 2, really, but it ranks this low because it was one of the weaker of Robinson s outstanding books in my very subjective view Out of ten essays I loved 2 and liked 4 , the other 4 were either so so or uninteresting weave y It s a collection of pieces exploring contemporary politics, religion, and thought about human nature and our place in the cosmos, with some asides about her background, writing, and teaching She s definitely not satisfied with the status quo in today s politics, education, [...]

  17. Reviewed for Business Day WANTED Better known for her novels, among them award winners such as Housekeeping and Gilead, Marilynne Robinson tackles the universe, humanity and everything else besides in her newest and most earnest essay collection, When I Was a Child I Read Books While niche readers like the Archbishop of Canterbury have declared these pieces to be pure gold , they make for some truly laborious reading, that is, for those of us less aroused by phrases like Austerity as Ideology an [...]

  18. I Had been recommended this book I am an atheist but I do not like some of the anti theological polemic by people like Christopher Hitchens The friend who recommended the book said that I would find Marylynne Robinson s essays to be an expression of what a thoughtful Christian brought to the world I guess you would say a humanistic approach.I found the essays frustrating much of the time The style consists of complex sentences wherein I sometimes lost the thread of the argument The book would be [...]

  19. Every book by Marilynne Robinson is an education You get to learn, in depth, about one or subjects several in this book of essays and you get to learn about effective communication from one of the best prose writers of the past two centuries at least.You can go into this book thinking that humans are creatures of habit who live lives without meaning and purpose, and come out the other side appreciating that we are indeed made in the image of god, even if we don t fully agree that there is a go [...]

  20. I expected to read a sweet story of her life since the book says when I was a child but no These were essays that I tried to so hard to make sense out of It wasn t easy read On page 6, she says, for instance, that William Tyndale created one of the undoubted masterpieces of the English language when he provided much of the most beautiful language in what is called by us the King James Bible First, why isn t the style smoother why the in what is called by usblah blah Then she adds, Now we seem to [...]

  21. This book is exceptional Here are a few reasons why I recommended this book to a friend Reason 1 She writes beautifully, imaginatively, in an engaging way and most lucidly.Reason 2 This book is a compilation of essays on formative subjects such as community, imagination, politics, religion and tribalism, to name but a few She explores these concepts through the lens of English literature, morality and being For this reason, her writing is suffused with careful analysis of culture and it s a joy [...]

  22. It s weird, reading Robinson as a Calvinist Some of her defense of our tradition includes ideas I d reject, but I m glad to admit her broader arguments For instance, despite my stronger emphasis on the distinction between law and Gospel, it s a pleasure to feel so at home in her argument for Calvin s and Moses liberality I feel similarly about her humanism she s optimistic than I am I probably have that liberal or progressive tendency both words in quotes to give the past away, to make meagerne [...]

  23. Robinson now has three novels and four books of non fiction to her name she might end up as the E M Forster of the early twenty first century I consider that a great compliment Thankfully this book of essays is a step up from Absence of Mind, although not quite up to the quality of Death of Adam WIWACIRB, hereafter WIW, is a much easier read than DoA, but that s not necessarily a good thing much of the pleasure of her first book of essays came from the prose, which did a nice job reminding its r [...]

  24. I did not read this book I listened to Marilynne Robinson read it That distinction is important to me, because Robinson s voice, so gentle and yet unwavering, is a source of great comfort to me It is not just the timber of her voice, but the content of her words that I fine incredibly reassuring The experience of listening to her is one of wonder The title may dupe you into thinking that this is a memoir of sorts, sweetly looking back at Robinson s Idaho upbringing as she romantically read a lot [...]

  25. A long, mostly unorganized lecture that s intelligent and somewhat entertaining.I went into this book expecting it to be about books, or at least children and education But instead I got a hodgepodge of various musings on any topic under the sun She writes about American individualism, academia, slavery, the human spirit, the nature of the universe, mixes together history and theology, and critiques various people s ideas and their writings.Worth the read but wouldn t really recommend it About h [...]

  26. Stimulating, so stimulating, even when I did not agree And such prose.Marilynne Robinson calls herself I took careful note a Christian, a Calvinist, a biblicist, a Mainline Protestant, a liberal, and, of course, an American You put all those together if you can I can t But I enjoyed watching her try, especially when the Christian, Calvinist, and biblicist identities seemed to be winning You may now guess about my own identities.Here are the two quotations I valued enough to take down verbatim fr [...]

  27. Summary A collection of essays reflecting on the state of the nation and our culture, the values of literacy, liberality, and Christian generosity that have shaped us, and what the loss of these values to austerity, utility, and secularist atheism might mean for us.As a life long bibliophile, this book had me at the title I thought, you, too More than this, I ve delighted in Marilynne Robinson s fiction, having read Gilead, Home, and Lila reviewed here As an accomplished writer who combines theo [...]

  28. Update Reread in March, 2017 I love libraries I get a lot of books out of libraries But I ve learned that the best books to utilize libraries for are fiction and history If it is anything philosophical or theological, something I am going to want to read slowly and mark up with a pen, it needs a place on my bookshelf I read this book a few years ago and I loved it see review below Yet it did not stick I did not mark it up since it was a library book I walked away feeling like I had enjoyed a goo [...]

  29. I love essays and Marilynne Robinson s are some of the best Some of her essays are intensely personal and others deal with general issues such as faith, the relationship between science and religion, social justice, and the triumph of self interest in current American society Reading these essays is a welcome reminder of why it s important to occasionally turn off social media, opt out of watching the talking heads on television, and reach out to the people in the community around us.

  30. I love Marilynne Robinson Ever since I met Ruthie and Sylvie in Housekeeping, and the Rev Ames and Jack Boughton in both Gilead and Home and of course Glory in that latter an amazing character I ve been captured by her prose, by her meditations on what life is all about Her essays are just as powerful as her novels, from her book ostensibly about nuclear power in England, Mother Country it s really about politics and economics, or how a culture can use it s experts to dispropriate a huge populat [...]

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