Ä Firelight ☆ Kristen Callihan Ä Firelight ☆ Kristen Callihan - Firelight, Firelight Once the flames are ignited Miranda Ellis is a woman tormented Plagued since birth by a strange and powerful gift she has spent her entire life struggling to control her exceptional abilities Yet one

  • Title: Firelight
  • Author: Kristen Callihan
  • ISBN: 9781455508594
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Ebook

Ä Firelight ☆ Kristen Callihan, Firelight, Kristen Callihan, Firelight Once the flames are ignited Miranda Ellis is a woman tormented Plagued since birth by a strange and powerful gift she has spent her entire life struggling to control her exceptional abilities Yet one innocent but irreversible mistake has left her family s fortune decimated and forced her to wed London s most nefarious nobleman They will burn for eternity LordOnce the flames are ignited


Ä Firelight ☆ Kristen Callihan Ä Firelight ☆ Kristen Callihan - Firelight, Firelight Once the flames are ignited Miranda Ellis is a woman tormented Plagued since birth by a strange and powerful gift she has spent her entire life struggling to control her exceptional abilities Yet one Firelight

  • Ä Firelight ☆ Kristen Callihan
    358Kristen Callihan

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  1. Well, well, well That was all sorts of awesome.Expectations They re everything I fully believe that they can make or break a reading experience This book might have a lot of paranormal elements, but make no mistake, this is not an urban fantasy set in the late 1800s, and nor is this is a steampunk seriously Who even shelved it that way This book is a historical romance Straight up With a shot of pyrokinetics, demons, and what I m pretty sure might be a werewolf thrown in for good measure It has [...]

  2. Unique, exciting, poignant, thrilling, sexy, funny, romantic these are the words I d use to describe Firelight, and yet, it s so much I can t really compare it to anything else I ve read and it can t be lumped into a single genre because in this first installment of the Darkest London series, author Kristen Callihan gives us the beauty of historical romance along with the dark, edginess of paranormal and the magic of fantasy All of these elements combined have made this one of the best series p [...]

  3. I found this to be a somewhat frustrating read I don t like being kept in the dark in regard to certain things for so much of the story only to have them all info dumped at 90% especially when those things are intrinsic to the storyline Also, the connection between Archer and Miranda was slow in coming and I wanted than I got when it finally came to fruition Don t get me wrong, the writing was great and the story line was okjust a little too convoluted for me You can definitely see Callihan s g [...]

  4. 4.5 stars Not what I expected, but a great read all the same I first heard of this debut book a few months ago and was instantly intrigued that it is a PNR series set in historical London 1880 s So when I noticed Netgalley had it I immediately requested it This book paints a vivid picture of a darker Gothic London, one plagued with cut throats and thieves, fathers who sell their daughters for a tidy sum, and cunning men willing to risk damnation of their very souls In this version of a beauty an [...]

  5. Lord Benjamin Archer is considered an aristocratic freak, his face covered by a mask to hide his deformity He has travelled the world searching for a cure When word comes from Egypt that there may be at last a solution, his assistant despatches the clue in a small box and sends it to England on Archer s fastest ship Before reaching England s shores the ship is raided by pirates working for Hector Ellis, the small box lost along with Archer s hope of a cure.With revenge on his mind, Archer determ [...]

  6. This book doesn t fit in one simple category It s historical with elements of the paranormal It s gothic, dark, dangerous and romantic It was completely enthralling and I absolutely could not put it down.It s been three years since the mysterious Lord Archer first met Miranda She captivated him with her fearlessness and fiery disposition Now he has made arrangements with her father to marry her Miranda doesn t realize that Archer is the same man she encountered that night in the alley all those [...]

  7. Despite rough beginnings, Firelight by Kristen Callihan ends as a fun debut.Callihan worried me when Firelight opened with one clich stumbling over another clich , smoking another clich The opening revealed some of Callihan s weaknesses, i.e a tendency to wax purple when attempting flowery scenery, a bit of exaggerated insta love, a beautiful but not heroine, and some self conscious references to English culture by English characters When I saw the girl in trousers, I groaned However, Firelight [...]

  8. This was great Paranormal wrapped in a historical setting, with a gothic feel to it A new combination for me, and I really liked it The beginning reminded me of A Rose in winter , it s very similar, both heroes wear masks and are rud to be vicious murderers In both novels they pretty much force the heroine to marry them, there was actually an identical scene where they eat at his house after the wedding, actually she eats and he doesn t because of his mask, it was like, identical And in both nov [...]

  9. Unpopular Opinion time Well, there actually appears to be a few of us who didn t like this, but the vast majority of my friends did, so it s probably just me Things were going great for than half the book and then I just started getting annoyed The mystery of who what Archer is was just infuriating and never ending I can handle some secrets and having to wait, but this went overboard, in my view.I was also tired of the slow burn romance I can handle a slow burn romance when it s done right see [...]

  10. Who is the Beauty, and who is the Beast Sometimes, it is not so easy to figure out.The writing was simply outstanding Hard cobble bruised her soles, her boot heels clicking loudly with every step Mud and muck splashed her shins, the smell of sewage clogging her nostrils Pain pinched her side, the boning in her bodice restricting her breath, but she could not falter Grunts and thuds of fighting sounded beyond the net corner She rounded the corner, her heels skidding on the wet stones.I loved the [...]

  11. So check this out One day I was just browsing through netGalley As you know, most of the books there are cheesy, weird or sucky Usually I go through the Sci Fi Fantasy category because from time to time it gets some cool stuff Anyway, so I m going through this, and I see a wonderful fiery cover And I say what the hell, request the b tch So yeah, my main reason for reading this is the damn cover Congrats cover artist You managed to trick me It could have been worse At least I enjoyed the book Yes [...]

  12. On April 27, 2014, Sarah and I decided to buddy read Firelight This is the real text conversation edited for clarity that chronicled our painful journey.Sunday, April 27Sarah S I m on pg 30 It s okay, but I m not wow d you Rachel R In the same boat I had to stop and put my ereader on the charger and wasn t that torn up about it LOLS Haha I got sleepy and put it on the nightstand so same thing, in essence DS I just get easily peeved when the characters don t grab me And these don t The hero s ins [...]

  13. 4.5 StarsThis book is compelling, poignant, edge of my seat thrilling, gritty, extremely romantic I can go on and on The poetic style to the writing and feel of the book had me enthralled right from the beginning of the book to the last page.I fell instantly in love with Miranda and Archer Benjamin Miranda is this sassy firecracker literally who is fiercely independent Despite this, there is this soft vulnerability and sweetness about her that just drew me in And Archer, oh Archer who could not [...]

  14. Huge 5 stars Wow This book is superbly written, with jaw dropping plots, that will have you turning the pages to get answers It s evocative, romantic and the sexual tension is off the charts, guaranteed to leave you breathless and weak at the knees.Here s a little teaser Archer s finger grazed hers I feel you As if you were connected to me by an invisible string He touched his chest I feel you here In my heart She couldn t think past the mad pounding of her blood She swallowed painfully I feel y [...]

  15. Thanks so very much to my dearest friend, Anzu, for lending me her ARC Because you re so sweet, and I m so generous, you may have Barrons all to yourself next weekend.Have you ever read a book and felt as if it was written solely for you, keeping everything you love and want when it comes to novels in mind I hadn t either, not before Firelight Firstly, allow me to gush about the exceptionally well written historical aspect of this book The entire book is filled with precise details and the sort [...]

  16. Curse you, Firelight I begged for a reprieve, you granted no quarter But the time has come This battle of titans has reached a breaking point Crank up the AC DC slip into your peril sensitive sunglasses, because IT S ON.That s right Consider the gauntlet thrown Content warning spoilers, swearing, gifs When I oh so innocently suggested a buddy read to GR pal Rachel, we had no clue what we d agreed to finish While the plethora of glowing reviews made me somewhat wary the googly eyed fangirling ove [...]

  17. Me ha encantado esa mezcla de historia de amor, temas sobrenaturales y misterio Me ha enganchado desde el primer momento, tanto por los personajes principales ya que ninguno de los dos son los tipicos y habituales de la novela romantica historica como por la historia en siMe ha gustado mucho sentir los sentimientos de los dos personajes el amor , los celos, la soledad cada uno por sus circunstancias personales y el tema de tension sexual no resuelta ,ufffff, ha sido muy muy creibleSi os gustan l [...]

  18. review posted at Demon Lover s Books MoreSpoiler FreeThis book has compelling writing, although right off the bat you are bombarded with clich s That may not bother some readers, but if it is a pet peeve of yours, then I promise that by the third chapter, the author really hits her stride, and the clich s are gone.I have had a few of my friends telling me to read this one for weeks, since our tastes are similar, I downloaded from netgalley and was completely underwhelmed by the blurb If it hadn [...]

  19. Edit Oh, and I forgot to say that it s not really based on but I ll say influenced by the tale East of the Sun West of the Moon in ways that become explicit as the story progresses When I started this book, which I picked up at random from the library without any advance knowledge, it seemed like it was going to be a fairly standard historical romance with a dollop of fantasy for color However, as it progressed Callihan skillfully dropped hints of a larger and complex plot and doled out bits o [...]

  20. Wow Captivating Compelling I could not put this book down.Firelight by Kristen Callihan was a pleasant surprise I m not usually a historical romance reader, but I was enthralled by the rich detail and the beautiful writing style Firelight combines historical romance with a touch of the paranormal and adds in just the right amount of mythological lore.In a way, Firelight reminded me of The Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast This is not a retelling of those tales instead the author crea [...]

  21. 3.5 stars I liked this one It has an intriguing premise, it s set in Victorian London which I love , and it s overall very well written I would like to have seen a bit of the supernatural elements as well as character development, however, and for some reason I was never really as drawn in by the romance or the sex as many of my fellow readers have been Still, I loved the part when we finally find out the fascinating thing under Lord Archer s mask if the story had concentrated on that, which h [...]

  22. Seeing as this is a rather well loved novel even among my GR friends , I m pretty sure that a lot of people won t agree with me, but I ll write this review in my usual brutally honest fashion nonetheless So if you re a super fan of Firelight and can t tolerate criticism of your favourite book, by all means skip this.If, however, you re open to a different perspective of the novel, which may even be food for thought later, I welcome you to read on.Before anything else, I d like to clarify my crit [...]

  23. Very entertaining read There were a few quibbles with the plot, but it was a fun, fast read I dug the attraction between the leads, and the paranormal aspect was unusual and not overwhelming Different from my usual fare, and I will be continuing with this series.

  24. Miranda Ellis life is not what she dreamed of Instead of going to balls, falling in love, she has to steal so that she could support herself and her father.She is so tired of it all, but when the opportunity comes to change it, she s not delighted You see, her way out includes marriage to a man most people are terrified of After all, no innocent man wanders around town masked.Marries him she does, but all the while she feels that there s something good about her husband, or so she tries to convi [...]

  25. Delectable MCs Yes.Strong heroine Yes.Mystery Yes.Well paced Yes.Miri and Archer entered a marriage with fractured trust for their own reasons, and it took a long while to see them invest full trusts in their relationship Finding out Archer s secret and figuring out exactly what he looked like have kept me turning pages despite the author s prolix style in some part of the story The world was loosely built in a disorganized fashion, but it didn t bother me much because both Archer and Miri were [...]

  26. First off, ignore the blurb This heroine isn t forced to do anything She s one of the most empowered heroines I ve ever read Second, this is a kick ass retelling of Beauty and the Beast without the imbalance of power issues So if that s your thing, then just get it No need to read on This book has splendid writing, a riveting story, beautifully drawn characters, a compelling premise, smoldering sexual tension, and an unforgettable ending Really, what do you need to know Go buy it, read it, and [...]

  27. I m totally loving this author After reading The Hook Up, I knew she was someone I needed to read of, and this first book in her Darkest London series was very cool and very different This is pnr UF, but not what you re probably thinking, it s refreshing getting a surprise in genres that are hard to supply something different and creative.Miranda Ellis has a secret ability that she desperately tries to hide The ability to start fires Not faring well in life due to an accident that left her fami [...]

  28. This was an interesting conceptranormal romance in an historical setting with a fairly complicated mystery Both Miranda Ellis and Benjamin Archer are enigmas and I enjoyed trying to figure out their individual stories, as well as the dynamics of their relationship I chose to read the prequel after reading this book and think I should have done so in the reverse The prequel explained so much that I found confusing in this story In any event, the ending was exceptionally exciting and resolved most [...]

  29. Firelight starts out strong, finishes strong and what comes between is every bit as good, it immediately captured me and never let go.The relationship between the dread Lord Archer who hides his visage behind a Carnival mask, and Miranda Ellis, who has her own dark secrets, unfolds against a back plot of a secret society that holds the key to the reason that Archer wears the mask and a killer who is savagely murdering its members I am not going to say too much about the story to avoid spoiling t [...]

  30. Posted onUnder the CoversDebut author Kristen Callihan makes quite a statement with her first book in the Darkest London series entitled FIRELIGHT A mixture of historical and paranormal romance, readers will be delighted by this dark, gritty world that blends fantasy elements in seamlessly.We are introduced to Miranda Ellis, a woman who possesses a rare gift The beginning of this book starts off well, enticing readers into a world that is both dark and intriguing Callihan s writing pulls you in, [...]

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