Paper Valentine

[PDF] Paper Valentine | by ↠ Brenna Yovanoff [PDF] Paper Valentine | by ↠ Brenna Yovanoff - Paper Valentine, Paper Valentine The city of Ludlow is gripped by the hottest July on record The asphalt is melting the birds are dying petty crime is on the rise and someone in Hannah Wagnor s peaceful suburban community is killi

  • Title: Paper Valentine
  • Author: Brenna Yovanoff
  • ISBN: 9781595145994
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Paper Valentine | by ↠ Brenna Yovanoff, Paper Valentine, Brenna Yovanoff, Paper Valentine The city of Ludlow is gripped by the hottest July on record The asphalt is melting the birds are dying petty crime is on the rise and someone in Hannah Wagnor s peaceful suburban community is killing girls For Hannah the summer is a complicated one Her best friend Lillian died six months ago and Hannah just wants her life to go back to normal But how can things beThe city of L

Paper Valentine

[PDF] Paper Valentine | by ↠ Brenna Yovanoff [PDF] Paper Valentine | by ↠ Brenna Yovanoff - Paper Valentine, Paper Valentine The city of Ludlow is gripped by the hottest July on record The asphalt is melting the birds are dying petty crime is on the rise and someone in Hannah Wagnor s peaceful suburban community is killi Paper Valentine

  • [PDF] Paper Valentine | by ↠ Brenna Yovanoff
    371Brenna Yovanoff
Paper Valentine

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  1. Aw, Brenna Fair confession she s my critique partner, so I saw this manuscript when it was just an infant But it s lovely and creepy and you ll like it, too Serial killers a little , ghosts a little , and love a little.

  2. It s no secret that I am an obsessive person I like my world in neat little drawers, where everything has its own place and its own name and there s no clutter, confusion, or a single unnecessary item Hi, my name is Maja and I m a control freak Can we still be friends Therefore, my huge love for Brenna Yovanoff s books is a bit of a surprise, even to me She s an author whose books can t be properly placed or categorized Not only is Paper Valentine cross genre, it combines so many different eleme [...]

  3. Being my first Yovanoff book, let s just say that I now consider myself a fan I was terribly impressed with the writing Brenna has a wonderful way with words that makes you feel all the creepy The story which could easily have been a clich d murder mystery, becomes a work of great atmosphere inside Paper Valentine There s murder, romance, ghosts, enlightening characters this is a good one, folks This book has a lot going for it, as stated above, it s not just a murder mystery, it has substance a [...]

  4. Buddyread with Melissa Same ol story we ve heard before not that way Premise sounds interesting sometimes with a pretty cover and everything ends up falling flat for the reader.I couldn t get invested in anything that was going on Part of it may be that I am too old for this type of book I could see my younger self loving this if I had found it in 6th or 7th grade perhaps Some YA I love and they don t feel YA know what I mean This one felt like it was written for the younger side of that equatio [...]

  5. A beautiful cover, a poetic blurb, but the book itself does not reach my expectations Brenna Yovanoff s previous works were enjoyable for me, but this book fell short.It was very disappointing None of the characters in the book appealed to me The murder plot was secondary and not gripping, despite supposedly being the center point of the book Finny was not all that appealing for an anti hero of sorts, Hannah is weird, weak, and dull as dishwater despite her penchant for dressing quirkily Her per [...]

  6. I absolutely loved this beautiful book, laced with myriad themes almost all of them below the surface, nothing was obvious or in your face which is what I really liked about it It was laid back and assured Oh and I adored the intelligent protagonist, Hanna wasn t anything, she was just trying to be herself I wish all the kids were reading books like this, instead of whatever is the latest fad or popular at the moment This despite being about ghosts and serial killers in quasi Gothicness had real [...]

  7. I really don t know what to think about this I know I say that fairly often but, well, it s still true Anyway For those expecting this to be a sort of tense supernatural thriller Just forget it Seriously The murders are, like, background for most of the book, and the resolution is so weird that it didn t leave me feeling remotely satisfied in any way I mean, the reveal was Da fuq And I don t mean one of those awesome reveals which catches you by surprise but then makes sense in hindsight No, I m [...]

  8. Hannah Wagnor is struggling to cope with the recent death of her best friend, Lillian, and the details surrounding it There is also the fact that Lillian s ghost now follows her everywhere While trying to overcome her guilt at not being able to help Lillian when she was alive, Hannah is also trying to understand how to go on with life without her In addition to Lillian s ghost which haunts her are several other ghosts that start appearing and they are all victims of a recent serial killer in her [...]

  9. While the summary insinuated of a murderer on a killing spree, Yovanoff didn t really satiate my appetite for the gore I have to admit though, that I was both relieved and disappointed that she opted not to write the scenes of the crime descriptively There were hints of blood, bruises and cuts but never anything that would cause vertigo over the disturbing killings But even if I m disappointed in that aspect of the book, I still think that Yovanoff wrote with such lyrical flourish that I couldn [...]

  10. Brenna Yovanoff is a terrific writer She has created a masterpiece with this book using the sort of talent which can rarely be seen The book revolves around Alice s Adventures in Wonderland but not really as a retelling It s like the theme to the story, an anchor to keep the reader from falling too deep into the rabbit hole It s new and thrilling and intense and creepy and beautiful and poetic and this book was perfect I loved everything about it In the beginning Hannah s description of their li [...]

  11. Originally published at Book Harbinger.It s been six months since the death of her best friend Lillian, and Hannah wants nothing for her life to go back to normal To be able to drop the fa ade that she is unaffected and untouchable But that is impossible to achieve because the ghost of Lillian lingers, appearing out of thin air to haunt her every move While pushing Hannah to investigate the mysterious murders of young girls linked only by a valentine, Lillian also forces Hannah to question her [...]

  12. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads 3.5 starsWhat would you think if I told you to read Paper Valentine without reading synopsis I bet you d think romance immediately That s what I thought, because of the pretty US cover and cute title, I went for it Now imagine my surprise when it showed up on my doorstep as the Australian cover with this paper love heart, decorated with blood I practically went all freakish as I always try to avoid ghost stories.Even though I seem to be reading all the ones bein [...]

  13. Like I told my friend Michelle, this book is like an episode of CSI in YA novel form Quite suspenseful and pretty creepy until all is revealed Full review to comeA originally posted at my book blog astormofwords 2013 02 04 pI m not entirely sure why, but I chose Paper Valentine for my first read of 2013 Maybe it s because over Christmas break, I had several murder mystery show marathons Appropriately enough, Paper Valentine played out like an episode of the mystery shows I m addicted to The murd [...]

  14. More reviews at Mrs ReaderPantsVIEW My review is going to seem to bash this story, and I do not want to do that I did enjoy reading Paper Valentine, and I did find some parts engrossing Hannah s depression and guilt over Lillian s death is real and believable However, I can t ignore some problems with characters and plot.My main issue with Paper Valentine is that it attempts to tackle so many issues at once The story bounces from Hannah s depression, the ghosts haunting her, her guilt over her f [...]

  15. A finished copy was provided by the publisher for review.Hannah is left reeling with the death of her best friend, Lillian from a long battle of anorexia Her life wasting away into nothing, until she got so sick and so malnourished, she died Not only is Hannah dealing with her acceptance of her death, there is also a murderer killing girls in her neighbourhood Hannah is determined to get to the bottom of the crimes, and that includes the help of her best friend s ghost.So I had trouble even star [...]

  16. Whatever they said, whatever they told you about yourself, it s not true Wow, what an amazing book It s about so many different things that it s hard to pin down.I do know what my favorite stuff was and although the mystery and thriller part was pretty cool, it was not my favorite part.I really liked Hannah Okay, maybe not at first because it takes a while to get to know her But she really is great.And Finn and Lillian they all start to really sell me on Hannah much than Angeline Jessica ever d [...]

  17. He kisses my temple again, only this time he leaves his mouth there Hannah, he whispers Just that Nothing else.And suddenly I understand why he keeps touching my cheek.It s never occurred to me that maybe the raw, stinging place wasn t what he wanted after all That scrubbing my face in the snow was just about the scrubbing not about the consequences It didn t leave a mark, I say, remembering how the spot was red and raw for weeks The snow It scraped my face, but I healed just fine Finny only hol [...]

  18. What a wild and crazy ride this story is Packed with death, a serial killer and of course love This was such a great book Loved the cover art for this also.

  19. Read as a Your Choice Book for the Quarterly Book Club 3rd Quarter Read Paranormal Mystery supernatural Okay so I gave this 4 stars primarily because in comparison to the last book I read, this one was so much better Once the story started flowing thankfully within the first 50 pages , I really started getting engaged, and it didn t take me long to finish this at all It does help that I had a to and back train ride to read The PlotThe city of Ludlow is gripped by the hottest July on record The a [...]

  20. This book did not get off to a great start for me I was a bit bored and was wondering if maybe I should just stop listening and get back to it at another time Then the plot really starting picking up and I was hooked I ended up really enjoying this story Hannah s best friend died, slowly, right in front of everyone Lillian now haunts Hannah The worst pieces of her, the skeletal angry girl right before her slow death from self starvation Lillian is not the only young girl to die recently though a [...]

  21. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick Dirty A fantastic tale of death, life, and love and will haunt you in a romanticized way.Opening Sentence My sister Ariel, is sprawled upside down on the couch, pointing with the TV remote.The Review I love Brenna Yovanoff s writing She won me over when I read The Replacement I was instantly drawn to Paper Valentine by the cover The simple, but unique font is the perfect balance to the main art the girl If you look closely, this is the same font used fo [...]

  22. I am a member of a marvelous online book club known as YAckers Each month we pick a book and read it and then as a group, we tear it apart for better or worse Last month we picked Paper Valentine see our group discussion HERE and I was a bit excited to give Miz Yovanoff another try I adored The Replacement but ended up DNFing The Space Between So away I went I ll go ahead and tell you that I was immediately turned off by the story The main character is being haunted by the ghost of her best frie [...]

  23. This is my first book by Brenna Yovanoff, and I was not disappointed Paper Valentine started off extremely slow for me, but once the story took off, I could not put it down It had a little bit of everything in it, and I especially loved the ghost story aspect of it Hannah is just a normal teenage girl, who just happens to be able to see and talk to her best friend, Lillian, who died sixth months ago When a murderer begins targeting young women, Lillian convinces Hannah to dig deeper into what is [...]

  24. 4 stars I want to write a full review of this, because it was so good and interesting, and I think it wasn t what I was expecting, but in some ways it was better It was about loss and hope and how people change, and how you can hang on to a part of yourself while recognizing that some things have to change Its about expectations and what people see, and prejudice, and cruelty Its about anorexia, and how it takes over your life and affects the people around you Yovanoff deals with this difficult [...]

  25. This wasa lot stranger than I was expecting I really enjoyed it for the most part, the writing was lovely but I was let down by the romance, and I guess I wanted a wee bit detective work from the characters to solve the mystery rather than view spoiler the ghosts just basically telling them the answers hide spoiler The most important part of a book to me is the romance not sorry at all This romance started GREAT but kind of teetered out for me It bugged the hellllll out of me that view spoiler [...]

  26. I m too old to be reading YA literature The themes and characters are always a million miles away from anything that I find interesting and I always feel when I m done that I just wasted an afternoon with a pile of fluff This one had so much potential There were lots of symbolic messages that could have been explored in depth and detail, but the author always seemed to back off just as she was getting ready to make a point I thought the premise was fresh and had the capacity to cover a lot of te [...]

  27. This is my first Brenna Yovanoff book, but it certainly will not be my last I don t want to say too much about the story because I don t like giving away spoilers but I will say that I loved it The writing was fantastic, the story compelling and I had a hard time putting it down It had ghosts, murder, romance and was creepy but in a really fantastic way It s a murder mystery but doesn t read like you typical murder mystery I was really thankful for that Grab it, read it, loan your book to a frie [...]

  28. First off I need to say I really do not enjoy this five star rating It truly should be 1 to 10 stars Because we can only give up to five stars I have to say this book does not deserve a four but it most definitely doesn t deserve something as low as a three So I ll give it a four, but it s really 3.75ish.OK now I m really surprised I liked this book as much as I did It was all over bookstagram a long time ago so I purchased the book then completely forgot about it and also purchased the audioboo [...]

  29. My YA paranormal lit philosophy Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and angels may come and go, but ghosts never get old ba dum bum And serial killers When you think about it, serial killers and ghosts are a natural pairing Serial killers make ghosts Those ghosts need revenge, so they have to find some poor sensitive medium to push around and complete their business That person becomes an ad hoc detective in order to solve those murders It s a premise with endless permutations, and I never get [...]

  30. Wow This is my first Brenna Yovanoff book I will definitely be reading the rest of her books based on the strength of Paper Valentine The writing was excellent and I really loved the story and the main characters.Paper Valentine is a story about loss first and foremost The main character Hannah has recently lost her best friend Lillian, who essentially starved herself to death Hannah is not really coping with this all too well, though to the outside world she still puts up a happy front What doe [...]

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