Faith of the Fallen

Unlimited Faith of the Fallen - by Terry Goodkind Unlimited Faith of the Fallen - by Terry Goodkind - Faith of the Fallen, Faith of the Fallen There is an alternate cover edition here As his beloved Kahlan lies close to death Richard Rahl who distrusts prophecy than anyone is confronted by a compelling vision one that bears a terrible pri

  • Title: Faith of the Fallen
  • Author: Terry Goodkind
  • ISBN: 9780812576399
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Ebook

Unlimited Faith of the Fallen - by Terry Goodkind, Faith of the Fallen, Terry Goodkind, Faith of the Fallen There is an alternate cover edition here As his beloved Kahlan lies close to death Richard Rahl who distrusts prophecy than anyone is confronted by a compelling vision one that bears a terrible price It would mean taking Kahlan away to safety while abandoning his people to a grim fate As savage hordes stand poised to invade their homeland Richard and Kahlan s dThere is an a

Faith of the Fallen

Unlimited Faith of the Fallen - by Terry Goodkind Unlimited Faith of the Fallen - by Terry Goodkind - Faith of the Fallen, Faith of the Fallen There is an alternate cover edition here As his beloved Kahlan lies close to death Richard Rahl who distrusts prophecy than anyone is confronted by a compelling vision one that bears a terrible pri Faith of the Fallen

  • Unlimited Faith of the Fallen - by Terry Goodkind
    383Terry Goodkind
Faith of the Fallen

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  1. This book has become an unusual point of discussion between me and my literary fantasy friends It all started years ago when this kid from fencing and I were discussing what fantasy books we read I was a Goodkind fan, but I admitted that, partway through this book, I just couldn t do it any Something in me just stopped responding, and I never managed to finish it.He creased his brow and frowned and said the same thing had happened to him He d been following the series and at this book, it was ju [...]

  2. Faith of the FallenSword of Truth book 6By Terry GoodkindA Retroview by Eric AllenDue to my scathing reviews of Terry Goodkind s recent work, I have recieved quite a few people saying that if you claim to be so much of a Goodkind fan, then why don t you review one of his good books So here, for all of you who asked for it, is my review of my most favorite Goodkind book of them all.There s one thing that many complainers have in common when speaking of Goodkind s works They don t like how much h [...]

  3. Alrighty, then I just finished it I will be on to something else in my library for a while Tired of Goodkind rehashing who characters are and their past relationships for pages If one s been reading in sequence, we arlready know who they are There is two points that crossed the line of tedium 1 Goodkind dives in headfirst into exploration ofsocialism vs capitalism and totalitarianism vs deomocracy with two of the characters for what seems like an eterinty While I embrace this exploration with Vi [...]

  4. Faith of the Fallen is a wonderful example of explaining Marxism in terms anyone can understand It should be mandatory reading for all US History and English classes It takes you on a progressive journey of one individual, Nicci, and how she became the way she was, believing what she believed, and eventually realizing the truth in all of what she had done It also takes you on a journey into seeing exactly how something so small as doing something for the good of all people turns into the majorit [...]

  5. Oh god Bad fantasy novel is bad besides the poorly executed and tedious allegory of his socialism v capitalism setup, the endless rehashing of previous happenings and relationships yes, exposition is good, but repeating the same explanation 4 times in one book is boring and patience trying , and nearly dime store bodice ripper aspect of everything being the swooning best or evil worst, this is a mediocre effort at best.Oh, and I nearly put out my own eyes at the point where his rip off of The Fo [...]

  6. Recently I finished a fantasy novel entitled Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind This is book six in a series of books entitled The Sword of Truth , a classic fantasy series with magic and swords and wizards and such One of the main characters in The Sword of Truth books is a young man named Richard Richard s character is fundamentally defined by two components, in my view the angry young man , and his belief in the nobility of the human spirit Richard can be very angry and defiant when he is [...]

  7. This review refers to the SOT series through book 9.Terry Goodkind s first book Wizard s First Rule was great Except for the actual First Rule People are Stupid , which wasupid The story had so many unique and fascinating characters especially the secondary ones I was in love with Richard I wanted to be a Mord Sith The next couple of books of The Sword of Truth were pretty good, too.ThenI don t know what happened just TOTALLY lost it The writing style became incredibly annoying and Richard was g [...]

  8. These are so tedious More of the same Goodkind is clearly a total hack, incapable of setting up a meaningful moral quandary for his characters and not really interested in doing so What he wants is to set up a quandary for someone else, one that the main characters see through immediately But he s incapable of doing that, too The moralities he sets up are so ridiculously stretched that it s impossible to recognize any humanity in them He sets up straw men to knock down Let s focus in on his pers [...]

  9. I have SO MANY THOUGHTS.For most of the time reading this book, I was pretty sure I was going to give it three stars I haven t given a Sword of Truth book three stars since the first one, which I read way back in 2009 Knowing how the series turns out from there, I think that may have been an optimistic rating, and if I read it again now, I might round it down to two stars Then somewhere around the middle I was like, nah, two stars Then I changed my mind again at the end If I don t rate this thre [...]

  10. 3.0 stars Probably my favorite book in the series apart from Wizard s First Rule Some think Goodkind got too preachy in this book and I can see that, but I found myself enjoying his passion for the material Richard s ordeal physical, emotional and spiritual at the hands of the Order and his ultimate triumph was handled well and I think this book contained the best writing though still not great of the entire series.

  11. I m even going to waste my time on this because of how much I hate this book, the bad writing, and Terry Himself.Many years ago, I read Atlas Shrugged, and was reminded of Aynd s writing style in this book.The first few books were ok, but even by the previous book, I noticed that the preachyness was getting a bit much.Kahlan gets hurt, then, in FOTF, she mends with no use of magic Richard is taken to the Emperial order to teach him the goodness of the order We re shown no, we re bashed over the [...]

  12. My husband and I have both been addicted to the Sword of Truth series since my brother introduced it to us We re down to the last couple of books FYI don t bother with the tv series based on the books.This particular book makes you question the widely followed philosophy of always caring for your neighbor This shows the dark side of putting others before yourself, essentially saying that their lives are important than your own It would certainly be best if you read the books before this in the [...]

  13. As a fan of the Sword of Truth Series from the beginning, I was very disappointed in Faith of the Fallen I read the series because I have developed an attachment to characters Richard, Kahlan, Zedd and Cara I am also a fan of the fantasy genre in general From Tolkien to Robert E Howard.While I enjoy Goodkind s writing style and feel he is a great fantasy storyteller, this novel is not a great example To preface my take on the book, I must point out that Terry Goodkind is a follower of the late A [...]

  14. In my opinion, this is Goodkind s greatest work Richard is drug along on an adventure to the heart of the Order to help Nicci find the answer to the questions stuck in the back of her mind since she was taken away so long ago The writing is beautiful and descriptive, the characters are compelling and the plot is amazing, driving the characters on to bring out their inner personalities This book takes place near the middle end of the series and sets up what is hopefully the downfall of the order [...]

  15. Dr Zhivago, set in the Old World, Oppa Goodkind style.Dr Richard Rahl Zhivago is separated from his beloved, Kahlana Konfessorskaya, and he travels into the depths of the evil Khanate of the Old World, ruled by Emperor Jagang There, he spends time sculpting in marble Artist galore And he tells us a storyMUNISM BAD CAPITALISM GOOD.It takes about 700 pages for the story to be told Along the following lines for i 1 i700 i He misses Kahlana He wants to save the world from the bad guys, because they [...]

  16. There is merit in paying homage to a classic story in a modern novel, but when the homage is so blatant that it leaves nothing to the imagination, the reader is left with a wontonly masturbatory book This novel is such a blatant rework of atlas shrugged that its only purpose seems to be to amuse the author I ve read atlas shrugged I thought it pedantic and cumbersome This book is pedantic, cumbersome, and unoriginal Mr Goodkind should stick to writing books about magic, not John Galt Even if you [...]

  17. Terry Goodkind is a superb author, and in my opinion, his Sword of Truth series is the best I have ever read So good, in fact, that I have read the entire series three times in a row, back to back, non stop This series is not for children The series covers many aspects of the dark side of humanity, in great detail, as the heroes try to overcome the evils in the world Goodkind is not afraid to show his readers just what evil really is, that is, most often, people who perform acts of evil feel jus [...]

  18. Faith of the Fallen is by far the best book in the Sword of Truth series so far and one of the most entertaining books I ve read in a while There is a bit of everything here, action, a beautiful love story, redemption and all of it was in the right quantity This book picks up with Kahlan s recovery and Richard s disillusionment following the outcome of the people s vote in Anderith He has left his forces to live in Hartland while Kahlan heals and recovers her strength While they are in Hartland, [...]

  19. Originally posted at coffeeandwizards.wordpressFaith of the Fallen is the sixth book in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind It would probably be considered part of the High Fantasy genre, which was my favourite genre until about high school I enjoyed the first book of this series very much, largely because it contained an entire story, which I wasn t used to in High Fantasy The second book was slightly disappointing in comparison and by book three I was struggling to continue on There we [...]

  20. Goodkind at his Ayn Rand ian worst If you weren t getting it from the already copious hints that Goodkind has been dropping the whole series, he ll make his black white morality abundantly clear This is the book where I finally dropped the series, though I should have about three books earlier when it became clear where it was going.

  21. Unfortunately, Goodkind s Sword of Truth series takes a serious nosedive in this book, and it never recovers Goodkind gives up on writing a novel and instead writes a bunch of preachy Objectivist propaganda against political straw men that a child could see through.Basically, this book can be summed up as Richard Rahl teaches commies about capitalism The plot deviates seriously from the previous books in that it doesn t really focus on Richard and Co trying to solve the magical problem of the we [...]

  22. Another victory for one of our best fantasy authors, Faith of the Fallen is bathed in both sentiment and excitement, and I mean both terms in their most positive light Terry Goodkind never fails to weave a good tail, and the way he built this story around the beauty and power of art and sculpture is just further proof that he wields tools and weapons of the writing trade than many of us even knew existed If you, like me, yearn for Richard and Kahlan to continue growing while meeting challenges [...]

  23. I think this is one of my favorites because it shows the power of art and I m an artist Of course Richard uses magic to pull it off it s just not that apparent but come on, he has NEVER carved out of marble before and was able to do a beautiful piece.r taught.d I know it takes many years to be a good marble sculpter but of course he pulls it off I love how this series reveals another depth to the main characters Khalan shows herself a badass warrior, Richard has a talent for carving, I can see w [...]

  24. The Atlas Shrugged of high fantasy well serves its escapist raison d tre It is a fun, distracting page turner written in Goodkind s usual flowing style offering just enough carrots to keep you going Some may frown at the obvious Randian politics, but the good vs evil in the individual vs the state motif is not to be missed May Richard and Kahlan live on I eagerly await the stories of their son to come and the final defeat of the Imperial Order But please, Terry, provide a map of the old world On [...]

  25. A Two Bald Mages Review This novel I found strange there were certain things I liked and things I hated but overall it all seemed a waste of my eyes reading it The perfect Richard has to help Nicci who treats him like a cunt for most of the story only to try make him fall in love with her , Also we have Richard make a massive statue only for some one to say it s to good break it up and that starts a revolution not the best book but I still I finished it 4 10

  26. Other than the first book this might have been my favorite in the series There was no downtime, no boring antidotes about a plot line that didn t matter This author does tend to get preachy and go a bit on in the war scenes and independence for all rants, but by now I m used to them and they were few in this book Loved how we got equal doses of Kahlan and Richard.

  27. After reading some of the hyperbole and absurd complaints about Goodkind and his writing style, I felt I had to stand up for him and this amazing fantasy series, The Sword of Truth The worst kind of criticism, though, came from Keely, the first reviewer listed, because she admits to reading only the beginning of the novel before she then proceeds to crap all over the book and the author because of his political philosophical ideology.The Objectivist philosophy that Goodkind weaves into his plot [...]

  28. Perhaps the best book in the series so far Once again, Goodkind deprives Richard of the Sword of Truth so that he can take him on a philosophical journey that avoids bloodshed and uber powerful moments of rage In fact, Richard is rather laid back in this entire book This is justified by what he experienced in the last book and his disillusionment with his own methods of trying to beat the Imperial Order.Faith of the Fallen takes a sharp left turn no pun intended at communism and doesn t look bac [...]

  29. In this book the main character, Richard Rahl, gets taken hostage by a very unlikely sorceress named Nicci She puts Richard in a very tricky situation by holding his wife hostage and forcing him to go with her into the heart of the Imperial Order the enemy of new world Altur Rang Her goal was to try and get Richard to see that their beliefs were the correct ways to life a life Richard experienced pain suffering and has to live life under the harsh conditions of the Order Richard eventually start [...]

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