The Far Side

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  • Title: The Far Side
  • Author: Gary Larson
  • ISBN: 9780836212006
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback

The Far Side Best Download || [Gary Larson], The Far Side, Gary Larson, The Far Side FarWorks Inc All Rights Reserved The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks Inc

The Far Side

The Far Side Best Download || [Gary Larson] The Far Side Best Download || [Gary Larson] - The Far Side, The Far Side FarWorks Inc All Rights Reserved The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks Inc The Far Side

  • The Far Side Best Download || [Gary Larson]
    491Gary Larson
The Far Side

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  1. It is always difficult to review a comic strip, and I think a one panel strip with no set characters is even difficult to discuss as opposed to a regular strip, but I ll give it a try To begin with, if you don t know what The Far Side is, then your life is going to improve a bit from having experienced it, unless you have absolutely no sense of humor at all, in which case you probably won t like it Gary Larson has an unusual mind and puts a different twist on the common and uncommon alike Each [...]

  2. The scene An abode A closed door A man we cannot see except for his legs protruding from behind a couch lies lifeless, probably dead, on the floor A talking parrot perched in a cage next to the door, squawks, Knock knock Hello, is anybody in there Knock knock This is the twisted genius of Larson I read this, the first of The Far Side collections from 1982, in one sitting at Half Price Books tonight, along with his second collection from 1983, Beyond the Far Side If I d been able to take notes I [...]

  3. The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes hold up amazingly well Came across my old Far Side books and am going through them, CH next up, after grades are in.

  4. 1984 Jan 012012 July 21After the long slog through the ghost stories, I wanted something quick and zippy and fun So I snagged a whole slew of Far Side books at the library, confident that not only would I read them, so would the kids And so it came to pass Veronica and I reading books side by side and sharing selected cartoons with one another And Tash ran off with another volume at bedtime Even at his worst Larson amuses me no end.Library copy.

  5. Things just aren t funny like the farside Supposed to be a parody, and it does make me laugh but I see some valid truths in these pages as well reminds me of the adages it s important to learn to laugh at yourself, don take life too seriously

  6. The first in a series of The Far Side booksanted not every cartoon is excellent but so many are that I think this book deserves 5 stars I love Larson s drawing style and brilliant and hilarious observations so neatly captured in one sentence or two.

  7. This is a terrible book A lone page or even a long paragraph of the MacQuarie dictionary has literal content Now the drawings however, are superb artistry But we follow a code here, read not illustrations.

  8. I fell in love with this daily comic the first time I read it I remember grabbing the paper, flipping to the funny papers, and looking for my two favorite comic strips The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes Either one of these could always brings a chuckle to my lips I love the wackiness of this strip Back in my old college days, I used to cut out these comic strips and tape them to the outside of my notebooks so I had something funny to read if the lecture turned out to be really boring This comic [...]

  9. I pretty much read this book from beginning to end in one sitting I ve been reading The Far Side since I was a child I remember sitting at the dining room table for breakfast, eating a bowl of cereal, and reading The Far Side My family kept a stack of them on a bookshelf, along with the Calvin and Hobbes books Good memories I still, to this day, laugh at all the innuendos and jokes Being an adult gives me an advantage with The Far Side Some of the panels I just couldn t understand as a child Ove [...]

  10. As always, Gary Larson delivers The Far Side is funny, provocative, and insightful, like all of Larson s books Unfortunately, as with most comics strips, it s either all or nothing, love it or hate it If you like Larson, then you are guaranteed to love this book If you don t care for Larsonwhy are you here

  11. Maybe because it was made back in early eighties Or perhaps because I m not an American Sometimes it took me minutes before I really got it Especially about the man in the witness stand, involving a banjo, kitchen and Dinah I wouldn t get it if I didn t know the song And there were times when I failed to get it Have to admit some did make me chuckle.

  12. I am very glad I finally got around to reading Gary Larson s The Far Side comics It s very clear to see why they have been so popular for so long Larson s use of a single panel is ingenious, as he manages to juxtapose a movement from past to future in a single image On top of that it s all very funny, of course Recommended.

  13. I remember being introduced to the Far Side by a very good friend after a heavy session of serious alcoholI know that it s nothing to be proud of but it felt good at the time , yet I have often wondered if my state of alcohol induced giggles was entirely down to the Far SideANSWER IT WAS.The books are still outstandingly funny.

  14. I had forgotten how much fun these cartoons were to read Revisiting them now, as an adult, I can appreciate the sometimes subtle political elements on a deeper level I also wonder how these would be read and appreciated by younger people I think my nephews are going to get copies of some of these classics soon.

  15. Various of Gary Larson s gag cartoons from the early days of the Far Side s run It s not as good as later material but definitely a potent read the weird, outlandish humor is there A good starting point for getting into the crazy universe of the Far Side.

  16. I love Far Side cartoons I sat down and read this one cover to cover because I was thinking on working on my students visual literacy by using cartoons, but I never got around to it Still, reading cartoons is always fun and I m planning on reading my other two Far Side books sometimes soon.

  17. When I was growing up I would of course read the comics and I loved the far side for its weird humor I bought this book for my dad and at some point permanently borrowed it The comics still amuse me, maybe even so now that I get of the older humor.

  18. A collection of comics by Gary Larson, most from the comic papers Very off the wall humor, usually involving nature in some way or people doing stupid thingsMy husband loves this guy, so he got the whole set I ll be laughing my way through them.

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