The House of Hades

È The House of Hades ↠ Rick Riordan È The House of Hades ↠ Rick Riordan - The House of Hades, The House of Hades At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena Annabeth and Percy tumble into a pit leading straight to the Underworld The other five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy s instructions t

  • Title: The House of Hades
  • Author: Rick Riordan
  • ISBN: 9781423146728
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover

È The House of Hades ↠ Rick Riordan, The House of Hades, Rick Riordan, The House of Hades At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena Annabeth and Percy tumble into a pit leading straight to the Underworld The other five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy s instructions to find the mortal side of the Doors of Death If they can fight their way through the Gaea s forces and Percy and Annabeth can survive the House of Hades then the Seven wilAt the c

The House of Hades

È The House of Hades ↠ Rick Riordan È The House of Hades ↠ Rick Riordan - The House of Hades, The House of Hades At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena Annabeth and Percy tumble into a pit leading straight to the Underworld The other five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy s instructions t The House of Hades

  • È The House of Hades ↠ Rick Riordan
    210Rick Riordan
The House of Hades

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  1. The House of Hades More like House of Heartbreakor House of Character development every pagePlot has a GIANT plot twist and the usual fights with reborn evils.But the characters were undoubtly the best part of this bookLeo view spoiler and Calypso I see it I ship itindefatigably hide spoiler Jason and Piper relationship development nada.If I gave a shit, you d be the first ones I d give it toPiper is a total BAMF Charmspeak check Swordfighting check Jason comes into his own, becoming autonomous [...]

  2. But above all, I just want this book to come out or at least have any spoilers I mean, I m dying here That last book left me in a jumble of emotions and feels and thoughts But I realized something worse Since the House of Hades is the second to last book in the series, I predict there will be a big cliffhanger You think this is bad Just wait till we read this book Yes, I acknowledge the fact that we have to wait to read this book for practically a year.But on a different and much happier note Th [...]

  3. House of Hades Review Pre HoH release review near the bottom somwhere EDIT May, 2014So a confirmed Nico point of view for BoO interestingContains House of Hades spoilers Ummm so House of Hades was kind of epic I m just trying to figure out where to start here how about IT WAS TOO FREAKING SHORT So, it was almost 600 pages And it was awesome, but I can t help feel that it still could have been longer As many Tartarus chapters as there were, they were all short And Piper only got one section of ch [...]

  4. Okay, my full review at last My format of reviewing is just like i did in the previous book My heart flutters when i m reading this one because its the fourth book and i will have to wait for the final book D I am so excited what will happen to this series.Leo He is so useful in this book Hes so awesome I ship him to Calypso by the way but i don t have faith much in this two, since Calypso is in her world.Piper Im glad she is moving to help her friends Her fight with ice gods are awesome althoug [...]

  5. I ve finished House of Hades First of, let me tell you that the dedication page is CRAZY It s like Rick derives pleasure from seeing us in pain view spoiler hide spoiler I mean seriously Do you have to rub it in Argggh Sigh But let s face it We still love Rick Riordan no matter how troll he is.Anyway, on to the book.Rick stepped up his game in the House of Hades It wasn t all action, wherein there is one explosive thing then the scene shifts to another one In the HOH, there are quiet moments whe [...]

  6. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsSo the air was acid The water was misery The ground was broken glass Everything here was designed to hurt and kill.I have never been a fan of including gifs in my reviews however The House of Hades, calls for some exception Not only have I been dying for a year to read this, but also because right now, I m a mess of emotions and words I mean, I was already crying when my mum snagged a copy for me while I was at school the second the bookstore opened And then I ab [...]

  7. FINAL REVIEW HOLY HOUSE OF HADES MY EMOTIONS THE FEELS I CAN T That book was freaking amazing The year wait was SO WORTH IT Behold the actual dedicated page To my wonderful readers Sorry about that last cliff hanger Well, no not really HAHAHAHA But seriously, I love you guys After reading that dedication page, I just died a little from the awesomeness that is Rick Riordan You are officially my favorite author, the author who not only is able to transform a wonderful world of mythology into a gri [...]

  8. Post reading Long sigh Review to come.Edit I m changing my mind about Frank s percentage.I give him a 75% chance of survival.But Lyza, you say, isn t Frank the most likely to die His life depends on a stick It was explicitly stated in SoN that he would die holding the stick in his hand, and it would be sooner rather then later That implies that the stick is going to burn at some point in the series, right Exactly, my friends Exactly.Rick Riordan has drawn so much attention to this stick that he [...]

  9. You cannot control your parentage, but you can choose your legacy As always, Rick Riordan doesn t disappoint Action, fun, action, gods and monsters, legends and heroes, love, revenge and friendship That is basically The House of Hades.All in all this was great Sometimes I got a bit weary, the page count is quite big in this one But then with such a big cast of characters, it s no surprise It s actually really quite impressive how Riordan manages to give everybody a fair share of the spotlight N [...]

  10. Now I can relax I don t wanna say it but it s true Regardless of so much tension here, I can relax now cause my favourite ship of all time is safe Safe from the Hell I mean it Hell This book was as amazing as I expected it to be I liked how things were carried out Doors of Death One end in the mortal world, another in Tartarus I thought they were kind of black hole ish type But no They were elevators This fact was amazing that they were held by chains in both places And they had to cut them to f [...]

  11. SPOILER ALERTS DO NOT read unless you have read the House of Hades at least once Amazing is an understatement.Even the Lightning Thief is not that great compared to this.On a scale of 1 5 stars, it deserves a 20.When a reader writes a Fan fiction, he she writes what they want to happen in the book They may not think so, but they do I mean, who would get a chance to change the future and change it for the worse This book was like a Fan fiction Everything I wanted to happenhappened Percabeth POV s [...]

  12. Part of my Huge Review Binge 2k15 aka trying to catch up on reviews I haven t done in the past two years Date read December 16th, 2013Date reviewed July 16th, 2015 WARNING Probably contains spoilers for the Percy Jackson the Olympians series and the other Heroes of Olympus books And for this book Sorry, not sorry So it s been a super long time since I read this Additionally, since then I ve also read the 5th book in the series, and the two kind of get mixed up in my head But I will try not to ge [...]

  13. I just want to bring to attention that this was uncle rick s dedication for this book To my wonderful readers Sorry about that last cliff hanger Well, no, not really HAHAHAHA But, seriously, I love you guys.Does anyone doubt this man s evilness now Okay but seriously this book was everything and percabeth is the reason im still breathing after everything uncle rick put us through I don t forgive youIm down to one book until I finish this series and im gonna cry bc I VE BECOME SO ATTACHED TO THE [...]

  14. Epic and wonderful just like all Rick s books Just posted my full review bootalk youtu lQvEcfsmCP4

  15. Oh my gosh WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Rick Riordan you are a cruel man Why must we wait a whole year you no longer have to write the Kane Chronicles grrrrrrrrr view spoiler First off, TMOA is an awesome book I think its the best one yet it s a lot darker than the other books but that added to the awesomeness It is a whole lot longer yay than the other books RR keeps making them longer so hopefully THOH will be like 698 pages.Percy and Annabeth get back together Finally TLH and TSON were tor [...]

  16. Final rating 6 5 starsLove is no game It is no flowery softness It is hard work a quest that never ends It demands everything from you especially the truth Only then does it yield rewards This book is H.E.A.R.T.B.R.E.A.K.I.N.G Like STOMP ON MY HEART IT WILL BE LESS PAINFUL THAN BREAKING MY HEART INTO PIECES I didn t except Rick Riordan to raise his level of angsty situations to a whole different level But he did it And i loved it oh my god i am a M ORY After that nasty cliffhanger where our two [...]

  17. WARNING Don t read if haven t read Mark Of Athena yet You ve been warned DOk, thoughts EDIT December 21st.Ok, I ve been thinking about point of views latelyThink The Lost Hero started with Jason as the narrator That makes sense I mean, he s the lost hero, obviously The Son of Neptune started with Percy Duh, he s the son of Poseidon Neptune That makes sense.The Mark of Athena started with Annabeth Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, and the quest and all, blah blah blahSo, it ll only make sense [...]

  18. I am literally crying right now WHY RICK WHY Just finished reading MoA for the 3rd time in as many days, and I can officially say I am sobbing with both joy and sadness The book was amazing, and beautiful But now it s time to start psyching myself out about the House of Hades, or HoH Predictions as of October 4, 2012 1 Percy and Annabeth will live, but they will come out worse for wear I m not sure what will happen to them, but Nico s description of Tartarus really scared me While Percy is admit [...]

  19. October 11, 2013 I finally finished this wonderful book HAPPY Probably some people are tired of it, but I enjoy the fillers or the adventures they go through that distract their quest I guess they aren t really fillers but sometimes there were some that weren t really needed hahahaha Just like the other people, Nico s revelation was a huge thing for me Because I love Nico and his everything, I kept on fangirling a few hours ago in school because I was too excited Winner of Character Development [...]

  20. Buy this book on or buy this book on BookDepository with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIIPPINGI just finished reading this title Full review to come I FINISHED IT YAY FINALLY GET TO READ BLOOD OF OLYMPUS, WHICH I VE OWNED FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW WOWZERS.My rating system I do use half stars 5 I do not use the 5 star Not because a book might not be worthy, but because a book is never perfect.4 I loved it There weren t too many flaws, and I had no trouble getting through it A 4 star rating is the highest rating I [...]

  21. You know that feeling when you just finish a book and you want to open it and read it all over again, just to experience it over Times that by a billion and you might get a fraction of how I feel about House of Hades Going into this book I had a lot of expectations, and I was pretty much a mixture of anxiety, fear, and excitement I couldn t wait to start but I also didn t want to finish for fear of what might happen to the characters I loved so much Needless to say, all of my expectations were m [...]

  22. EDIT 12 10 13SO I finished this in one night.My brain feels deep fried.I do not trust myself to write a review in this condition.So my review shall come up after a second reading.BUT GUYS SERIOUSLY view spoiler NICO LIKES DUDESPERCY AND ANNABETH HAD LEGIT NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES THAT ACTUALLY SCARED THE WITS OUT OF MELEO IS IN LOVE WITH CALYPSO hide spoiler RICK THE PLOT TWISTER I SWEAR GOD EDIT 6 18 13READING THE SNEAK.Holy Hades THEORIES COMING RIGHT UP EDIT 5 31 13.WHAT COVER WHAT OW OUCH GODS [...]

  23. Finally a little deviation from Riordan s usual game plans I enjoyed book 4 than the first three ironically the Tartarus storyline felt like a breath of fresh air There was no quest or short deadline or prophecy dictating the plot sequence in The House of Hades.Besides, we had lots of bad jokes My weakness As for Jason Grace Khione s brown eyes gleamed Jason will grace my throne room chokes on drink While Leo s falling to his death At least nobody s around, Leo thought bitterly, or I d be a dem [...]

  24. Creo que de todos los libros de esta serie, este es el que mas me ha llegado al coraz n por el lado del amor entre los personajes Las aventuras, las batallas, la mitolog a, las risas, la tensi n y las lagrimas estuvieron presentes como en todos los libros de Rick Ya solo me falta un libro para terminar esta saga y tengo muchos sentimientos encontrados, no me quiero despedir de estos personajes, no me siento preparada para dejar de leer a Percy.Rese a Completa bastvilard 2015 0

  25. Tell the sun and stars hello for me My favorite in the series The House of Hades start after the end of MoA, you know it was a really happy ending sarcasm Percabeth is in the tartarus and the others are in the Argo ll flying to the House of Hades I really enjoy this book, we have the pov of all of the seven And I say it again I want a book narrated by Nico , the characters mature so much and I m really proud of them, especially Frank As in all of Uncle Rick s books I was laughing in every moment [...]

  26. The series is getting exciting one by one.Good to know about the roman sides of Cupid, Big Bob and Small Bob were entertaining and and the same time they got my sympathy.Percy and Annabeth s journey was interesting than anything else.I m liking Annabeth and .I can t wait to read Blood of Olympus.

  27. Hold on I m going to rant.OkayE LAST BOOK HAD THE WORST POSSIBLE ENDING THAT I COULD VE IMAGINED.So he made it a little better by having Nico say that Percy was powerful than Jason Go Nico because I have some problems with Jason here Once you ve been reading the other series by Percy s point of view, it s reeeeally hard to sympathize with Jason Geez Jason, you seem like a nice guy, but I ve had a crush on Percy since I was eight We all know the feeling Anyways, the ending made me stand up in th [...]

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