A Song of Ice and Fire

[PDF] A Song of Ice and Fire | by ✓ George R.R. Martin [PDF] A Song of Ice and Fire | by ✓ George R.R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire, A Song of Ice and Fire For the first time all five novels in the epic fantasy series that inspired HBO s Game of Thrones are together in one boxed set An immersive entertainment experience unlike any other A Song of Ice a

  • Title: A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Author: George R.R. Martin
  • ISBN: 9781780484259
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] A Song of Ice and Fire | by ✓ George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire For the first time all five novels in the epic fantasy series that inspired HBO s Game of Thrones are together in one boxed set An immersive entertainment experience unlike any other A Song of Ice and Fire has earned George R R Martin dubbed the American Tolkien by Time magazine international acclaim and millions of loyal readers Now here is the entire monumeFor the first

A Song of Ice and Fire

[PDF] A Song of Ice and Fire | by ✓ George R.R. Martin [PDF] A Song of Ice and Fire | by ✓ George R.R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire, A Song of Ice and Fire For the first time all five novels in the epic fantasy series that inspired HBO s Game of Thrones are together in one boxed set An immersive entertainment experience unlike any other A Song of Ice a A Song of Ice and Fire

  • [PDF] A Song of Ice and Fire | by ✓ George R.R. Martin
    207George R.R. Martin
A Song of Ice and Fire

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  1. Right up front no spoilers, here or bite sized impressions This morning, I laid down the last volume of George R.R Martin s great opus, A Song of Fire and Ice After reading the first volume, ushered in for me at least through the graces of HBO s series, A Game of Thrones, I decided to read the series in hardbound version probably to add some help for my tired, old eyes, as newsprint covered with small point sized type is not something I can easily settle into And settle in, I did My wife remarke [...]

  2. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum In the game of thrones, even the humblest pieces can have wills of their own When I first heard about theSong of Ice and Fire series I assumed it was for supernerds who reside in their mother s basements and only dare to venture into the daylight in order to L.A.R.P on the weekends my apologies to all basement dwelling L.A.R.P.E.R.S for the previous comment When rumors of the books becoming a series on HBO started, I decided to give it a shot and read A Ga [...]

  3. It s never master prose, but the first three of these novels eh, particularly the first two are just so thorough and imaginative that I devoured them, and book threed, slowly, book fourd then sort of skipped through book five with the despondent sense that Martin may never finish this series Honestly, all I want is for Arya to become the Number One Badass Ever and I will be happy Be warned when you start this series You ll get invested in the handful of characters you start with, but they ll sl [...]

  4. I m going to start my review of this 5000 page, still in progress monster by saying something that will probably piss off a lot of fantasy fans High fantasy, as a literary genre, badly needs to be reconstituted For over 50 years now people who write in this vein have been held in the thrall of writers like Tolkein and C S Lewis, writers who for all their imaginative prowess, were far too obsessed with cheap religious parables Aslan Jesus, etc and linguistic dicking around made up languages to re [...]

  5. Great story cycles usually come in threes The Lord of the Rings, Griffin and Sabine, The Hunger Games I wish George R R Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire series, had confined himself to a trilogy, too Okay, maybe five books, at the most Instead, I m afraid this series which started out so well is going to turn into one of those interminable, overly ambitious epics that collapse into a big, sprawling mess before finally limping to a conclusion Remember the Earth s Children series by Je [...]

  6. Like most I know, I discovered this series when the HBO television adaption aired on Sky in 2011 and was instantly gripped Since then I have read all of the books back to back and wow they are AMAZING I am NOT a typical fantasy fan in fact the idea of goblins and wizards going off on some good vs evil quest of grand proportions does NOTHING for me But this is no typical fantasy novel The story spans several view points from across the fictional lands of Westeros and beyond It is a story where no [...]

  7. I m torn on this I d like to do 3.5 stars On one hand, Martin really does have an amazing ability to tell stories His writing is often very prose like and reads very easily He s excellent with details and creating characters that are very believable and easy to get attached to His characters are very human some good, some bad, all flawed but very well developed and with motivations He also tends to kill off many, many characters that by traditional storytelling standards you d never actually kil [...]

  8. I ve been contemplating my response to this series it s complicated On the one hand, since receiving the 1st of the series, I ve read all 5 published books On the other hand, I am continually disappointed in the books.I have not yet seen the vision behind this series although each POV chapter can hook you, I don t believe the author has a clear vision of where he wants his characters to be There are some truly horrible characters in this series folks I have absolutely no connection to folks I ab [...]

  9. From a distance the Game of Thrones Song of Ice and Fire series looked hypermarketed, blockbusterish, clich d No Real quality Well, the books are blockbusterish in some ways the pseudo medieval setting, padded out with extended descriptions of secondary people, events and situations But the series has attracted readers far beyond fans of this genre, due to the rich characterisations, plot, and imaginative depth, garnished here and there by passages of very good writing It is further enhanced by [...]

  10. The five stars are for the series I enjoyed it thoroughly It s a rich world that you get transported to, detailed enough to lose yourself in completely as you immerse yourself in these five thousand pages of fantastic imagination G.R.R Martin s Song of Ice and Fire contains everything a reader craves in a story Easy to read despite a complex plot structure , rich language, vivid poetical descriptions of beautiful alien landscapes, kick ass characters you instantly relate with, grim violence and [...]

  11. I hopefully won t spoil anything for anyone that even bothers to read these reviews, I m just writing for my own satisfaction and to get my own thoughts of these books out of my head really.I admit I was drawn into these because of the tv series however despite that I ve grown fonder of the books, you can t really put the tv series and books into the same category The books are so in depth to almost, and I say ALMOST, rival Tolkein note the R R in both Tolkein and Martin, coincidence the politic [...]

  12. There were so many things wrong with this series The prose was sub par,and there were too many characters to remember, let alone care about The scenes in the slave cities felt tedious and unnecessary.It seemed like GRRM dangled us with no true purpose, cutting us off from an interesting storyline and then forcing us to slog through a dull one One of my greatest gripes were the cliffhangers I like to see my characters react to a powerful event I want to hear what they re saying and thinking I wan [...]

  13. I didn t give these a poor rating because of the genre I ve always liked fantasy novels And these are certainly engrossing I read them straight through But with each twist, turn, and cliffhanger, it seems unlikely that this will wrap up in a satisfying way In fact, it seems like he s just making it up as he goes along And that s hard to stomach after putting in this much time.

  14. I m not sure what to say in this review, but here goes.This series is excellent if you like Extremely slow moving plots So many characters you can t tell most of them apart Watching people you like die Waiting for the people you hate to die Seemingly endless and, for the most part, pointless sex scenes, references to genitalia, incest, and so forthLike a lot of people, I got sucked into these books after the HBO started up I figured, Hey, why not find out what happens so I won t be caught off gu [...]

  15. 5 ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS on GoT, now that I have finished A Dance with Dragons.10 I finally forded the Trident, crossed the Dothraki Sea, braved the Brazen Beasts, sang The Rains of Castamere, and made it safely home to write this review beside the hearth fire, although chances are that in my coffee is an exotic poison 9 Reading a series like this or LoTR makes me think that we must be created in the image of a creative God If one human can create a world so rich and diverse with nothing but his mi [...]

  16. SoI m a little late to the Game of Thrones party We don t have a TV so I was unaware that this was a hit TV series based on a 7 book series Now that I ve read it, I can see why.It took a while to get accustomed to the POV switching with each chapter, but after a while this blended in and stopped being jarring.What I like the most about this series is the characters I love the spit fire Arya and her dutiful yet somehow willful mother Caitlyn Jon Snow has so many layers I could read about him for [...]

  17. I loved reading this series and really got into the books after watching the first season on TV cut to 8 months later and finally finished The series was great, and the 2nd half of each book full of twists and turns, happiness and anger I had moments of wanting to throw book three across the room when something very unfortunate happened but I restrained myself.My main reason for giving this series a good solid 3 stars is because of the heavy description and character development I had to endure [...]

  18. I could not put these books down Though 600 700 or many pages each they are absolutely great I highly recommend them to anyone who likes the time of kings and knights plus enjoys a fantasy twist Each book had a stunner moment and you wonder how the series can go on, yet it does does so wonderfully George RR Martin created a cast of characters that are compelling and he expands upon them in different books so the stories are told from, about, multiple angles and people Truly a masterpiece I wish [...]

  19. A great fantasy series that will take over your life The detail and extent to which Martin has gone to create this world will enthrall you on every possible level Be prepared to shed many tears for fictional characters and become obsessed with the world of Westeros.

  20. Actual Rating 3.5A world you can get easily lost in, a world you can easily relate to despite being so different from our current world order A lot of situations and characters are so relevant even in today s world I liked that everyone is a grey character without any rights and wrongs Well, that is how normal human beings are I really liked the personality and character development by Martin in these volumes The POA of all characters seemed fresh and intriguing Honestly speaking, I am amazed th [...]

  21. I hesitate to write a review for several reasons the series isn t finished it s a really complex book deserving a complex review that I m not ready to write and R Sutton said a lot of it already But I ll say a few things anyway.My number one criteria for loving rather than liking a book is how well it conveys a sense of place a quality for which contemporary tastes seem to have little patience A Song of Ice and Fire, like LOTR, delivers on place Plus fully fleshed out characters Hurray Several r [...]

  22. I wanted to save my review for the last book and review the entire series This is a series that should be read in order because it is really one continuous story I have fallen in love with George RR Martin through these stories, mainly because of my fascination with someone who isn t afraid to push the boundaries of storytelling Before Martin came along few, if any, authors would dare break the convention that says good guys eventually win, even if it is their sons who win An author would not da [...]

  23. One of the most epic, graphic and magnificent series of recent times I was completely pulled in by the depth and intricacy of the world George Martin has created The way the characters are interwoven through war, politics, intrigue and lust for power, life or love is spellbinding Once started I could not put any of the books down and I found myself constantly wanting to know The realism of the characters emotions made them easily accessible, despite the medieval time period and this approach gr [...]

  24. I read all 5 in a row Book one is fantastic, and is very well represented in the HBO series Book 2 is almost as good, maybe I was just a little frustrated with the peril of all the characters By book 3, I was used to the peril, and the writing kept me enthralled Book three is by far the best of the series so far, still waiting for 6 and 7 to be written Book 4 is a little difficult because you are introduced to many new characters, and become frustrated not reading about some of your favorites fr [...]

  25. I listened to the audiobooks, and I am not sure if I had ended up giving the series a whole 5 if I had had to read them I definitely loved all the books but they definitely have some slow parts especially the Daenerys parts later on got a bit boring actually if you ask me But this is were the audiobook factor comes in while such parts will make me slow down and get annoyed while actually reading it myself with audiobooks I just breeze through them, as the narrator doesn t slow down And then I te [...]

  26. This is my number 1 best series books that I have ever read Still I can t find the words to describe it other than BEST THING EVER Beautiful writing Amazing, complex story Very deep memorable characters it has everything Action, Drama, Romance, Magic, and a lot, lot Why have you not read it yet Well you should.But do not be intimidated by its monstrous size, trust me you wont feel its length And one VERY important word of advice while reading this is DO NOT google ANYthing about it, or read rev [...]

  27. I enjoyed the first book in this 5 book series, A GAME OF THRONES While I had trouble keeping the dozens of characters straight initially should have looked in the back of the book first , the descriptive writing kept me going The second book, A CLASH OF KINGS, kept my interest up enough to put the next one STORM OF SWORDS on reserve And with this one, the wheels fell off the wagon The plot and characters became uninteresting enough that I would pick up the book, read a few pages, become distrac [...]

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