Albrek's Tomb

Î Albrek's Tomb ☆ M.L. Forman Î Albrek's Tomb ☆ M.L. Forman - Albrek's Tomb, Albrek s Tomb Two thousand years ago the dwarf Albrek went looking for new mines in the land of Thraxon in the hopes of becoming rich and vanished Now the dwarves must find Albrek s magical Ring of Searching befor

  • Title: Albrek's Tomb
  • Author: M.L. Forman
  • ISBN: 9781609089184
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Audio CD

Î Albrek's Tomb ☆ M.L. Forman, Albrek's Tomb, M.L. Forman, Albrek s Tomb Two thousand years ago the dwarf Albrek went looking for new mines in the land of Thraxon in the hopes of becoming rich and vanished Now the dwarves must find Albrek s magical Ring of Searching before their mines run dry a possibility which threatens the livelihood of the entire dwarf realm Alexander Taylor joins a familiar company of adventurers on a quest to discoveTwo thousand y

Albrek's Tomb

Î Albrek's Tomb ☆ M.L. Forman Î Albrek's Tomb ☆ M.L. Forman - Albrek's Tomb, Albrek s Tomb Two thousand years ago the dwarf Albrek went looking for new mines in the land of Thraxon in the hopes of becoming rich and vanished Now the dwarves must find Albrek s magical Ring of Searching befor Albrek's Tomb

  • Î Albrek's Tomb ☆ M.L. Forman
    319M.L. Forman
Albrek's Tomb

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  1. This is the third in this series and I am enjoying them greatlyeven though it is blatantly about a young man who s stumbled into being the overall, great beyond words, probably prophesied and always awesome wizard of most young gamers dreamsp he does it all and he does it not only well but with style These books feel very much like participating in a table top RPG ala DD and they re fun This one is not really any less so but i think I may have overdosed on them a bit, LOL.Still the Adventure to [...]

  2. Alex has a lot of new choices to make in this book, choices about adventures to go on, and most importantly where he will make his home He knows that he is welcome to stay with his step father Mr Roberts for as long as he would like, but he also knows that he would like to stay with his friends, maybe in the land of Alusia He knows that the choices will need to be made, but first things first, is he ready for a new adventure His friend and mentor Whalen has recommended him for a new adventure as [...]

  3. Maybe a 4, maybe a 5, but with only 15 reviewers and severe public undervaluation, I ve taken liberty I love this series The author writes interesting stories, has memorable characters, and a well thought out cast of secondary characters which really bring value to the books What s , like Harry Potter, you can see Alex s the main character world slowly expanding as he learns he is an ever increasingly important piece in the puzzle Unlike some other middle reader juvenile fiction writers Rick Ri [...]

  4. Albreks Tomb this is one of the greatest books every written the an Adventure is called to the distant land of Thraxon and as Alex a young but powerful wizard joins this group he has no idea of the dangers that face him.This adventure begins in Telous where they then ride to Thraxon looking for the Ring of Searching the object of the quest they run into Hellerash giant wolves that are vicious and destroy the mighty Alex and his friends find that these are not normal Hellerash but are dead and we [...]

  5. I had a great time reading this book I took a chunk out of my weekend in order to finish the book While reading you see Alex s powers become greater and his magic enhancing his fellow adventurers While reading finding out that Alex is both man and dragon completely blew my mind, but reading this book was a joy and I would love to read it again You are what you do, Whalen said you are what people think you are and importantly, What you think you are If you think of yourself as a great hero, you [...]

  6. 2.5 stars I really like the setting and situations the characters get into, but why do they even need a party Freaking Wesley Crusher, I mean, Alex Taylor, pretty much can take care of every problem, and does, and is even schooling the hundreds of years old elf who travels with them If I was a 14 year old boy, I d think Alex was pretty cool, but this super Mary Stu of a wizard just gets tiresome He has no faults, there is nothing he can t do or conquer, everyone has heard of him, he can do every [...]

  7. Read this because it was close at hand, not because I enjoyed the series enough to continue The main character can do no wrong and is apparently invincible That gets annoying The other characters don t do or matter much, which makes the we re the best of friends ending ring false I m sure fans of the series will still enjoy it though Its a wholesome adventure book for the young YA crowd.

  8. Quick and enjoyable as the others, but the main character is a Mary Sue if I ever saw one Completely Overpowered compared to the other characters

  9. Love this series Very fun and imaginative Only downside is that the author releases them too far apart

  10. There were some things about this book that I loved, especially things that made this different from the cookie cutterness you see with the plots of many other books This felt a little like real life with magic rather than just some plot to put the main character in and pain and and try fail cycles.And yet I think this book could have benefited from a little structure The side quests were often important and difficult and interesting than the main quest and I almost lost sight of where [...]

  11. 3rd book in the series this series just keeps getting better and better The first book seemed too close to the Hobbit and not a very original story The second was a great expansion on the universe and made me much keener I really really enjoyed this 3rd book a fun, adventurous, page turning, fantastical and fantastic tale for all middle school YA readers Great story, nice twists Alex is still occasionally a bit unbelievably able to solve the problem at the last minute but I love where the author [...]

  12. Love this series, and Albrek s Tomb is one of my favorite of the series I loved all the surprises, and I loved the growth that Alex experiences over the course of the book It s well written, the character development is great, and it s a lot of fun There s no profanity and no intimacy, but there is some violence as Alex fights off a few scary characters It s great for middle graders and YA readers You may read my full review on my book blog the readathon.

  13. Alex realizes a lot about himself and starts to delve into his family history He serves on a quest to find a ring and a lost people only to find a lost crown also The group has a seer, elf, dwarves, human, and wizard Alex meets a dragon A necromancer is on the loose It is developing into of a series and less of random adventures The stories are being tied closely together and it is even fun Character development is also developing well.

  14. to be honest this one was not the greatest one I had read the reason I say this is because it took way to long just to get to the action and it really did not have much action that is the reason why I did not like it.

  15. A wonderful addition to the series I loved how it delved into the history of Alex s family but, left room for , it didn t give any major info but, it left hints of a darker part of it I hope M.L Forman goes into detail about it in the later books.

  16. I have marked this 4 stars as the books are about 3.5 but the full series is shaping up to be 4 stars

  17. Okay for the school library It drags a bit at the end Alex is practically perfect in every way and it is a bit annoying.

  18. September 26, 2016By Christopher Roberts ADVENTURERS WANTED ALBREKS TOMB Alex is a youg wizard who is influences by his step fathers love of adventure to leave the really world to go on a fantasy adventure of his own While on his adventure Alex makes friends with an elf Arccon who provides him with wisdom, understanding and support Alex is given the challenge to recover a ring that will help King Thorgood find ancient that are filled with treasure and priceless jewels In order to recover the rin [...]

  19. The third installment in the Adventurer s Wanted series is another solid entry Fans of the series won t be disappointed Alex comes fully into his wizarding powers and discovers that there s even in store for him It seems he won t just be one of the youngest, greatest wizards ever No there s much Although all is not revealed, much is hinted at The story takes Alex on another adventurer s quest to find the searching ring for the King of Thraxon, lost since the disappearance of Albrek centuries e [...]

  20. An adventurer, Wizard, Human But is there to him that only the most Ancient of creatures could know What could Alex possibly be that not even Whalen or the Oracle of the White tower could see That question can only be answered by reading M L Forman s Adventurers Wanted Albrek s Tomb I read this book after taking a massive interest in the series, my excitement growing with each book I finish As odd as it may seem this series seems to get better as you get farther in, the characters you meet alon [...]

  21. Ok.So there are tons of reasons this series should be recommended to any of my friends This is an interesting series I am sad there aren t books released yet But if anyone has ever played D%D or ADD they know the whole feeling of these books Adventurers Bags of holding that double as homes, or storage of different types Trust me, I imagine very soon, our young wizard will develop a few things for his magic bag of holding I already worry about the continuity of the series, one thing that Alex d [...]

  22. Its a pretty good book its about this kid named Alex who lost his father and figured out that he has magical powers Alex is a wizard who goes on a quest with his friends and try s to get a ring for a king who thinks that the ring is in a mine The ring is told to be magical and will give the person who wears it the power to find the best mines in the world.

  23. This book has everything about it to love, except Alex As a primary character Alex advances far too rapidly from self doubting whiner to all powerful Master Taylor His arbitrary dominance is somewhat explained away but it is still there and one feels it is out of character The underlying story is great Some of the tertiary characters could have used development The party that sets out on adventure includes two characters who may as well not be part of the story for all the value they add All in [...]

  24. The books just get better and better I couldn t stop reading, so much was happening, I loved when he found the smittys they were amazing

  25. In this book Alex is asked by his master to go on a quest, because his master cannot go on the quest Alex has just accepted his staff that officially makes him a wizard Alex then meets all of the quest group The group consists of Thrang, an old dwarf friend, Thain, another dwarf friend, Barnabus, a new human, Kat, a seer that specializes in finding objects and Arconn, an elf that is very, very old Last but not least is Nellus who is an adventurer met on Alex s last adventure The group needs to f [...]

  26. Alex is eager to head off on a new adventure with old friends and new This time, the quest is for a ring which can help the dwarves find new mines something essential to securing their future livelihood, and something that would take far too long without a tool like the ring to assist But as Alex gets deeper into the quest, signs of a bigger conspiracy lurk, and it may no longer be enough to simply complete the adventure as planned .Once again, this story surpasses its prequels Although much of [...]

  27. Welcome to the third installment of The Adventurers Wanted series, Albrek s Tomb by ML Forman It is a YA fantasy novel published by Deseret Book.The Story It s time for another adventure, and this time Alex is equipped with his staff, marking him a true wizard He teams up with some old and new friends, including Kat a Seer, Arconn an elf, and Thrang the dwarf and current adventure leader Together they go on a quest to find Albrek s Tomb, and the ring of seeking that it contains.Their journeys ta [...]

  28. A wonderful third book for this series I am in love with the magic system and the world, as well as many of the characters I was very happy to see Arconn return, although I felt that his and Alex s friendship wasn t written about as wonderfully as it was the first time.There were two fairly negative aspects of the book that I was a little disappointed about First, Thraine apparently took than a year to go on his first adventure, since Alex had already been on one adventure since Thraine found o [...]

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