The Good Dog

[PDF] The Good Dog | by ✓ Avi [PDF] The Good Dog | by ✓ Avi - The Good Dog, The Good Dog When the Wild Calls McKinley a malamute is a good dog he s reliable and trustworthy Whether it s watching over the other dogs of Steamboat Springs Colorado or taking care of his human pup Jack M

  • Title: The Good Dog
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9780689871191
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Good Dog | by ✓ Avi, The Good Dog, Avi, The Good Dog When the Wild Calls McKinley a malamute is a good dog he s reliable and trustworthy Whether it s watching over the other dogs of Steamboat Springs Colorado or taking care of his human pup Jack McKinley never even thinks of letting anyone down until he meets Lupin Lupin is a she wolf and she s urging the dogs of Steamboat Springs to leave their domesticated liWhen the Wild Calls

The Good Dog

[PDF] The Good Dog | by ✓ Avi [PDF] The Good Dog | by ✓ Avi - The Good Dog, The Good Dog When the Wild Calls McKinley a malamute is a good dog he s reliable and trustworthy Whether it s watching over the other dogs of Steamboat Springs Colorado or taking care of his human pup Jack M The Good Dog

  • [PDF] The Good Dog | by ✓ Avi
The Good Dog

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  1. I Love This Book I remember reading this book when I was in forth grade, and not being able to put it down I would stay up and read it my room with a flash light It was just that good The story is just terrific A malamute named McKinley, find himself in between a rock and a hard place A wolf has come into his town and asks for dogs to join to her pack When I first read this part I was so excited and nervous to see what would happen I was at the age when I wanted a wolf for a pet and would beg my [...]

  2. I liked this book There was not a lot of action, but it had lovable characters a malamute, a golden retriever, a greyhound, a wolf, and a boy.

  3. This is book my daughter rented from her school library for me to read as she already read it It was a very cute book and I loved the symmetry of the dogs helping the female wolf This book shows you just how smart dogs are.

  4. Written from a dog s perspective, the main dog, a malamute, has to make a decision to join a wolf pack or stay with his humans and neighborhood dogs I m looking forward to sharing this one with my students


  6. I will preface this with my understanding that this book was not directed at a 22 year old reader.That being said, it was still a somewhat interesting book The language of course was simplistic, but the storyline was fairly engaging I found the strange love like tension between McKinley and Aspen to be a little unnecessary and unimportant to the plot However, I did really like seeing one author s understanding of how much people language dogs can grasp Seeing the story through McKinley s eyes ye [...]

  7. I thought it would be appropriate to post my son s book report for this book He was nine years old when he wrote it Ya, okay I helped edit itFirst I have a funny story about this book The main character in the book is a black and white malamute named McKinley We have a black and white husky named McKinley While my son, Justin, was reading this book, our Bad Dog McKinley decided to eat the book The Good Dog How is that for irony Justin gave the book 4 1 2 stars out of 5 Here is his review I finis [...]

  8. The Good Dog is like a modern version of Jack London s Call of the Wild McKinley the malamute is a family pet and leader of the Steamboat Springs dog pack When a wolf comes down from the Zirkel Wilderness seeking dogs to replenish her shrinking pack, McKinley must choose between joining her or staying behind with the ones he loves He must also help an abused greyhound escape from her owner.There are major differences between Call of the Wild and The Good Dog Jack London s writing is rich, descri [...]

  9. I bought this book during my two years in the USA back in 2004 2006.This has got to be one of my all time loves, I have read it than 4 times now and I still can t get enough of it Sure, it s a bit to easy to read and it doesn t really suite my age at all any Every time I open the book the text seems to get bigger.Anyhow, this book is amazing I love the way it s written, the way things are described and how every individual character has a interesting personality which gradually develops The des [...]

  10. This is a great, awesome book It is about a dog named McKinley who has an adventure while making a choice He has to decide whether to live with wolves or with humans What I like about this book is the names the dogs give human items For example, they call kids human pups and they call tvs light boxes What I learned from this book is true friendship is a major key in developing loyalty By this I mean that if you are in a friendship in which love, play, and protection are big parts, then you can c [...]

  11. Overall I thought the book was pretty good It talks about a dog named Mckinley who is the main character and is faced with the decision to either stay home wth his owners or join a wolf that just came to town that wants to start a pack and live in the wild McKinley chooses to stay home with his owner because of the loyalty and frienship they had that was unbreakable I also like how the dogs called kids human pups and a TV a light box I thought that was pretty funny.

  12. The good dog is about McKinley the dog who is reliable and trustworthy to his human family and is also is the leader of the dogs of Steamboat springs but then everything changes when the wolf lupin comes to get dogs to join her pack that is slowly diminishing because of hunters should he go or not I love this book because this book is a beautiful story about dogs that are as smart as humans.I learned that you have to have a license to own a dog in some places.

  13. Good dog storyOne of the unique things about this book wAs the story being told from the dogs viewpoint Most of the time I liked it, but sometimes it seemed forced It made you think about pets and their lack of freedom They are protected and cared for, but very limited in what they can do.

  14. The Good DogThis book is a great read Throughout the book, tough choices must be made and Mckinley must do what is best for his new friend, as well as all the dogs of Steamboat Springs The Good Dog is a book about a dog named Mckinley He is head dog, and he leads the dogs of Steamboat Springs One day, Mckinley hears talk about a wolf from his human pup, Jack Many dogs also are talking about how Duchesses, an abused dog ran away again So, when Jack takes Mckinley out the find Duchesses, Mckinley [...]

  15. I read the Good Dog because I was trying a new book which it was a great book.The author used good descriptive words in the book to tell the story better The author also put a lot of feelings in the book like who the animal felt in the book and tolled us that the animal felt different The author put in a lot of characters in the book so he could use them a lot in the book Here is a little summary of the best parts view spoiler The bad character was Redburn he was trying to help the humans by fol [...]

  16. Well, I read this book a few years ago And, I read it twice after that again a few years ago, and now The dog s perspective was an interesting view, neat to think of what really goes on in our pet s mind.My younger self loved this book because, partly, it horrified me so much Even the small amount of violence and action The Good Dog contained was enough to alarm me, and subsequently keep me amused till page 243 The book stuck with me My view has changed a little What seemed like vivid action a f [...]

  17. Reviewed by Daisy, Age 9 The Good Dog, by Avi, tells of an emotional journey for her main character, McKinley This journey gives the reader joy, anger, fear, and love In his journey, McKinley is brave, helpful, and kind, and he helps the wolf, Lupin I loved this book, and you should read it, too.This book really brings joy to me, and I hope it does to you, too But, just a warning I found very little imagery in this book, so if you want imagery then don t read it Still, this amazing book gets fiv [...]

  18. I thought that this book was very inspiring and passionate There was love, companionship, and a little bit of figuring out the identity of McKinley, the main character The aspect of love is how much he likes to take care of the family that owns him The companionship was with the little boy, Jack, and how much they are a like The figuring out of McKinley s identity is when he learns some of his pack members might run off with a wolf.

  19. Really quick read for me personally about 5 hours , but still an incredible book Aspen reminds me so much of my Jenna that I can t help but wonder how much my two dogs know, and my cat for that matter The characters are so real and it seems like the author really did their homework on dog body language to me.

  20. Avi is such a good writer Read this on the plane from CO to MA Written from a unique perspective Some great life lessons and, if you are a dog lover, it is all the better If only we could understand dogs and they understand us than they already do.

  21. This book is about a dog named McKinley who lives in Steamboat Springs Colorado McKinely never thinks of letting anyone down until he meets a she wolf named Lupin Lupin tries to get the dogs of steamboat springs leave their domestic lives and live with her in the wild I suggest you read this book if you like books about animals.

  22. I would recommend this story to my friends so much This has to be my favorite book ever I would recommend it because of the characters, events, and plot Here are just some examples of these reasons The first reason I would recommend this book has to be the characters I love th characters in this story because they are each unique in their own way Whether it s their physical traits or personality, the characters are all unique A really distinct example of this is when the main character, an Alask [...]

  23. This book is all around AMAZING I remember getting this book someone gave it to me and I was like, no way, this book looks boring And I just glanced at the first page I was already hooked by the second page I think this book deserves a 5 star rating Amazing book

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