The Midwife of Venice

Free Download The Midwife of Venice - by Roberta Rich Free Download The Midwife of Venice - by Roberta Rich - The Midwife of Venice, The Midwife of Venice Hannah Levi is renowned throughout Venice for her gift at coaxing reluctant babies from their mothers a gift aided by the secret birthing spoons she designed But when a count implores her to attend to

  • Title: The Midwife of Venice
  • Author: Roberta Rich
  • ISBN: 9781451657470
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Midwife of Venice - by Roberta Rich, The Midwife of Venice, Roberta Rich, The Midwife of Venice Hannah Levi is renowned throughout Venice for her gift at coaxing reluctant babies from their mothers a gift aided by the secret birthing spoons she designed But when a count implores her to attend to his wife who has been laboring for days to give birth to their firstborn son Hannah is torn A Papal edict forbids Jews from rendering medical treatment to ChristiansHannah Lev

The Midwife of Venice

Free Download The Midwife of Venice - by Roberta Rich Free Download The Midwife of Venice - by Roberta Rich - The Midwife of Venice, The Midwife of Venice Hannah Levi is renowned throughout Venice for her gift at coaxing reluctant babies from their mothers a gift aided by the secret birthing spoons she designed But when a count implores her to attend to The Midwife of Venice

  • Free Download The Midwife of Venice - by Roberta Rich
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The Midwife of Venice

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  1. Welcome to another edition of Megan s Damning With Faint Praise This book is fine It is readable, it didn t piss me off, I enjoyed it while I was reading it These are things I almost always say about books I liked but inspired me to no passion, one way or another And it s true in this case as well.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smor [...]

  2. With The Midwife of Venice, Roberta Rich has joined the hordes By hordes, I mean authors producing historical fiction about parts of the world that are legendary, which is to say mostly imaginary to them Strangely, most are about 16th century Italy, one region or another Also, they tend to feature resourceful female protagonists whose pluck and daring gets them through the most unlikely adventures There is usually some form of prejudice a helper in the form of another social outsider a randy dwa [...]

  3. 16 stolje e 2 paralelne pri e pri a jevrejke Hane koja radi kao babica u Veneciji i njenog mu a Isaka zarobljenog na Malti, pri a o tome ta prolaze jedno bez drugog, pa sve do ponovnog susreta Jako dobro, a posebno mi se dopalo to to je radnja jednim dijelom smje tena u Italiji i to ba u 16 stolje u prava kombinacija za sve obo avatelje renesansne Italije ocjena 4 jer mi je u sli noj tematici Marina Fioratto bolja, ali i za ovu ide preporuka

  4. Let me just say that I wish this novel was longer Three hundred pages are not enough for this amazingness.Hannah is a Jewess, a midwife, and a wife living in the 16th century Venice Her husband was captured and sold into slavery on Malta When he realized that nobody is going to save him, he is trying to find his own ways to survive, escape and get back to Venice.In the meantime, a wealthy and powerful Count is asking Hannah s help to deliver his wife s baby and save him, since it is his last hop [...]

  5. The Midwife of Venice by debut novelist Roberta Rich is full of great historical facts and truly does reveal the seamy and seedy side of 16th Century Venice I was so delighted to find a new Historical novel that moves quickly and is so accurate in its portrayal of the times without trying to recapture history, but rather crafting a fresh story with new and thoroughly interesting characterizations I was also very intrigued to learn of the enslavement of Jewish people in Italy because it is so his [...]

  6. This was a quick read and I liked some of the historical perspectives of life in 1500 Venice However as other reviewers indicated, everything was a bit too black and white with herculean actions that became unbelievable for 1500 Venice.

  7. Odd that you should choose to be a midwife, having never experienced birth yourself In other circumstances the words would have stung She thought, Do not physicians provide medicaments for illnesses they have never suffered But Hannah held her tongue Two in her care were suspended between life and death She had important matters to worry about.I want to start with a caveat I don t tend to read historical fiction, and if I did, I wouldn t be looking for historical fiction built around domestic d [...]

  8. Book that starts so faceless and little bit boring , it turns to a unbelievable and amazing story Through the adversity of a Jewish midwife, we are a silent witness of one dark side of Venice history from one side, and one great love love for a husband, for a child, for one simple life, from the other side.

  9. I received The Midwife of Venice as a First Reads giveaway copy.The Midwife of Venice opens with a difficult and potentially very dangerous situation Hannah, a Jewish midwife in Renaissance Venice, is approached by a Christian count to attend his wife, who has already been in labour for over two days If she complies at all, she risks arrest for breaking the law against Jewish doctors and midwives attending Christian patients, although the law is sometimes ignored If she complies and the mother o [...]

  10. The Good Stuff Fast paced and intriguing, which surprised me Likeable realistic characters that you cheer for that they will be able to overcome the obstacles and reunite Storyline switches between Issac and Hannah s POV which keeps you intrigued as many of the chapters end with an almost cliffhanger like ending and than it switches to the other character Didn t want to put the book downSome beautiful touching moments that made me tear up Author has a gift for making you see the landscape and fe [...]

  11. Frankly, I only read this book because I was interested in the sequel Now I m nervous about the sequel.This book follows Hannah, a Jewish midwife in Venice, as she tries to rescue her husband from slavery in Malta Unfortunately, the book managed to be stressful and unpleasant without ever being suspenseful This is in large part due to the complete lack of nuanced characters Hannah and Isaac are good and pure and smart Everyone else is eeeeeevil No motives, no character, just evil And the plot ta [...]

  12. A fast paced page turner of a historical novel about the triumph of love over adversity and pestilence.Descriptions of 16th century Venice come alive, with stains, smells, garbage, sewage, excrement and blood the underbelly of the city and its Jewish ghetto evocatively drawn, although bombastic analogies such as sheep piss resembling walking into the arsehole of a camel did not compute for me.The heroine, Hannah, a midwife living in the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, is determined to re unite with her [...]

  13. Loved this novel I was able to completely fall for Hannah and sympathize with her as she follows her conscience and delivers a Christian baby, even though she is forbidden as a Jew to do so She feels such a calling to use the talent she is blessed with and help relieve suffering if she is able In trying to save the wife of a Christian count and his unborn baby, she knows that she is putting herself in danger, but she puts aside her misgivings and helps in the birth She knows that if she is succe [...]

  14. Chose this book to read on a long plane trip because it was short and I needed something light to divert me in that it succeeded I had higher hopes for the book an interesting setting and a strong protagonist However, I found the writing rushed, the plot twists strained some to implausibility , and the characters insufficiently developed I read the ebook version and was totally surprised when it ended I thought I had another 30 40 pages to go I felt the book needed a few pages to deliver a sati [...]

  15. Just a really dreadful book, full of cliches and inconsistent characters The narrative structure did not work at all The alternating viewpoints between Hannah and Isaac were annoying since each one ended breathlessly with a dramatic cliffhanger will she get the spoons back Will Isaac convert to Christianity Truly, some of the worst drivel I ve read in a LONG time It only adds to my despair that she is writing a sequel

  16. It s Days of Our Lives with an Italian accent completely implausible I kept thinking the evil Stefano was going to jump into the story and kidnap Bo or Hope If I wasn t reading this for my book group, I m not sure I would have pushed myself to finish it The plot was interesting enough, but real character development and emotional resonance were lacking An example I don t want to give anything away, but it doesn t hurt to mention here that the heroine in the story is a midwife who happens to be i [...]

  17. I received The Midwife of Venice as a free giveaway from The book I received was an uncorrected proof and will be on sale Feb 2011 I don t think I ve included any spoilers but reader beware and I apologize if I ve ruined something for you I enjoy a good historical fiction, although Italy and the 1600s are not what I would normally pick up Oh, and I LOVE a happy ending I thoroughly liked this book, it was easy to read with only a few sentences in Italian which I found easy to translate This story [...]

  18. I read this book because Elle Fowler has read it Granted that Elle Fowler enjoys reading YA, I should not have set my hopes too high for this one I truly enjoy reading historical fiction as I like history I love how historical fiction authors take the time to use what they ve found in their research for that era and weave into a story This book did not do it for me It was a really really light read If you re looking for something to kill the time with a book that wouldn t make you laugh hysteric [...]

  19. Hannah ha Levi, a midwife in the Jewish ghetto, is known throughout Venice for her skill in midwifery When a Christian count appears at Hannah s door imploring her to attend his labouring wife who is near death, Hannah s compassion is tested Not only is it illegal for Jews to render medical treatment to Christians, it s also punishable by torture and death But Hannah cannot turn down the money With such a handsome sum, she can save her own husband, Isaac, who was captured at sea and taken to Mal [...]

  20. This is one of the best historical novels I have read I contains something for everyone within its pages It held my attention and kept me reading I thought I wouldn t like it because it was historical with religious themesd it was a a first novel by Ms Rich But I enjoyed it a lot I learned a lot from it about Being a Jew as well as a Christian during time in history I also learned so much about being a midwife that I was not aware of before.This novel has enough suspense to keep readers turning [...]

  21. The bones of a good story are here, but as it is, this book was not a satisfying read One dimensional characters who did not develop at all, lack of thematic elements to bind the two separate storylines together, and a plot that lurched predictably from event to event to a weirdly anticlimactic climax and ending The writing, however, was engaging, and I think this author has a good voice She just needs to spend a lot time developing a decent story.

  22. The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich is the story of Hannah and Isaac Levi, a Jewish couple living in Venice Hannah is a midwife and Isaac a trader A Christian nobleman, asks Hannah to help his wife who has been in labour for two days Hannah helps the Christian woman, against the counsel of her Rabbi who reminds her that for a Jew to render medical assistance to a Christian is against the law As the story opens, Isaac has been captured in Malta and is enduring much suffering as a slave but hopi [...]

  23. Historical novels are rare, and well written historicals even rarer Most surprising, this novel is Canadian North of the border, we try harder, like Avis.Sixteenth century Venice during the plague Hannah Levi is a Jewish midwife with a husband captured by the predatory Knights of St John in far off Malta Foremost on her mind is how to pay his ransom Then a miracle happens, promising both danger and salvation She is asked to attend a difficult delivery for a wealthy Christian family Success may r [...]

  24. This is a book about choices Hannah is a midwife, a Jewish midwife living in the Ghetto in Venice and she is known to be able to help woman have babies that would usually die She has created a device that she calls her birthing spoons to help ease a baby into the world but that others would see at a tool of the devil She is a woman far ahead of her time.One night a man, a count no less comes pounding at the door to the Ghetto begging for the famous midwife to come help his wife She has been in l [...]

  25. Allow me to explain I liked this book but I did not love it It was fascinating from a historical point of view, Roberta Rich has done some painstaking research into her setting and the religious feuds and prejudices that existed at the time between the Jews and the Christians, especially in Venice The story follows Hannah, a Jewish midwife from the ghetto, often compared throughout the novel to a timid mouse, who breaks the law by delivering the child of a Christian couple so she can earn enough [...]

  26. The idea has promise but the book doesn t deliver The publisher presumptively adds discussion questions to the end of the book.The story is full of inconsistencies, time line problems and oh so convenient answers For example, a wealthy family breaks the law by hiring a jewish midwife If discovered, they could face prosecution Yet for some unexplained reason they invite the midwife to dinner a month later, breaking the law again and the well established social norms nobility do not socialize with [...]

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