Itsy Bitsy

[PDF] Itsy Bitsy | by ✓ John Ajvide Lindqvist [PDF] Itsy Bitsy | by ✓ John Ajvide Lindqvist - Itsy Bitsy , Itsy Bitsy Destined to become a modern classic the short story Itsy Bitsy is guaranteed to make you think twice before you take a picture of someone in a bikini In this creepy shocker horror author superstar J

  • Title: Itsy Bitsy
  • Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Itsy Bitsy | by ✓ John Ajvide Lindqvist, Itsy Bitsy , John Ajvide Lindqvist, Itsy Bitsy Destined to become a modern classic the short story Itsy Bitsy is guaranteed to make you think twice before you take a picture of someone in a bikini In this creepy shocker horror author superstar John Ajvide Lindqvist LET THE RIGHT ONE IN HANDLING THE UNDEAD gives new meaning to punishing the paparazzi

Itsy Bitsy

[PDF] Itsy Bitsy | by ✓ John Ajvide Lindqvist [PDF] Itsy Bitsy | by ✓ John Ajvide Lindqvist - Itsy Bitsy , Itsy Bitsy Destined to become a modern classic the short story Itsy Bitsy is guaranteed to make you think twice before you take a picture of someone in a bikini In this creepy shocker horror author superstar J Itsy Bitsy

  • [PDF] Itsy Bitsy | by ✓ John Ajvide Lindqvist
    350John Ajvide Lindqvist
Itsy Bitsy

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  1. this is just a tiny short story, but it is freeeeee and, sure, it is all boastful and LOOK AT ME I AM 65 PAGES LONG but know that fifty of those 65 pages are just samples from two of his other, full length books but a free story is nothing to sniff at and even though Little Star was one of the first things i ever bought when i got my NOOK and still haven t read, i did read this so, BOOM it s a nasty little comeuppance story about bad things that happen to a paparazzo, who is not entirely an unsy [...]

  2. Meh I understood what was happening to an extent, but didn t understand why and how That detracted from my enjoyment of the story Very supernatural other worldly with little explanation And I felt absolutely horrible for the MC This was a freebie on the Kindle, with excerpts from two of the author s other books included They seemed kind of interesting, but when I looked up the books to see of what they were about, I lost interest The zombie one could have been interesting, but they weren t the [...]

  3. I am a huge fan of John Ajvide Lindqvist and was very excited when I saw this little gem available for free on I m not sure how long they were doing that promotion, so I m sorry for anyone that missed it What a suprise Sure, the title made me think spider and I thought how cool a story about a spider would be, but I was mistaken.but that wasn t a bad thing This story is one of those masterpieces that makes you wonderwhat s going on Is it real Is the guy, Frank, losing his mind And that is such a [...]

  4. Lindqvist s writing is spot on just like in Let the Right One In I think my problem with this short story was simply that, my problem This was a mind blowing little tale, but it falls flat because Lindqvist answers no questions I m find with being left wondering, but this little tale leaves you not even wondering because you are given not information None It s presented in a straight narrative, but is ultimately not.

  5. 2.5 StarsIt was okay What I thought would happen, and what actually happened in the end were two totally different things I think my imagination was a better story.

  6. I m 50 50 with Lindqvist I loved Let The Right One In but couldn t finish Handling The Undead When I downloaded Itsy Bitsy, I thought it was another novel but instead it is a rather brief short story Perhaps Lindqvist should note that shorter is sometimes better for Itsy Bitsy is a taut and somewhat surreal horror tale that entertains and disturbs It revived my faith in Lundqvist as a writer that can move you in bizarre ways It is too short to give away anything except it involves a struggling p [...]

  7. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes I really enjoyed the Swedish movie Let the right one in, based on a book by this author, so when I came across this free ebook on , I thought it would be a great way to get to know his writing.The actual story is only about ten pages long the rest is promotion of his other works and the story wasn t that good I admit I was curious to find out what was happening at first but the ending was really weird and I didn t feel like there was a single question [...]

  8. A surreptitious photo shoot should have been worth a cool million to the sleazy paparazzi photographer perched in the branches of a tree A glimpse of an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini may prove to be his undoing.

  9. A very short story that is in no way less creepier because of its length Lindqvist is an amazing writer and for sure the translators have their credit too so in my second book from this author I can already see that no matter what he writes, it will be greatly done This plot is so unexpected I was not ready for the turn of events and it scared me a lot Loved it.

  10. This short story was a fun and creepy read with an unexpected ending The author quickly pulls you in and keeps you turning the pages until the end The Voluptuous Book Diva BeatTheBackList

  11. I am a big Lindqvist fan I enjoyed Let The Right One In and stood up for Handling The Undead and Harbor is one of my favorite horror novels period So I started looking around for this story, found it for free on Kindle and grabbed it.What pushes Lindqvist horror above the pulp genre stuff is his attention to characters He allows them time to breathe and develop and become very complicated people In many ways, his treatment of the main characters in Harbor reminded me of The Haunting of Hill Hous [...]

  12. Real quick short story, seemed a bit disjointed and never had me hooked like I wanted to be It did its marketing job, though, and dragged me next into the preview for a new Lindqvist book coming out, but that one didn t really do it for me either, so I guess for now I m going to be content with loving Let the Right One In and not exploring the rest of his output.

  13. It s not bad I was a little let down by the length Looking at the percent completed bar on my Kindle I thought it was a nice novella length work, but it s a short story with sample chapters from Handling the Undead and Harbor tacked on It s a good story, but it definitely left me wanting .

  14. I think John Ajvide Lindqvist builds up the story good, unfortunately, I felt the ending was a bit of a belly flop That s it That s the explanation It s not even scary, just weird.Available on for free

  15. okay story, but it is litereally like 12 pages topse rest of it is all previews of other books, i was expecting a novella.

  16. First things first Itsy Bitsy is a short story, distributed in e format, comprised of 28 screen swipes Based on my limited experience with e books, two page swipes equals a page, so this is a 14 page short story masquerading as a book, because the industry hasn t come up with the idea of an e short story yet I note this because I don t want to make it a habit of recording short stories in my reading history if nothing else, I see that a number of folks hit their X number of books read this year [...]

  17. This is one WEIRD short story.Captivated since becoming interested in his English translated novel Let the Right One In , otherwise known as Let Me In over here in the states, I was glad to find a short story for free on the kindle iBooks app Clocking in around 65ish pages, I was kind of disappointed to realize that only about 12 pages were actual short story material, while the rest remained excerpts of his full length novels.Other than that, this is a difficult one to write down my thoughts Th [...]

  18. Itsy Bitsy is a pretty compact short story, but the file I got looked longer because it has preview chapters for Handling the Undead and Harbour, both of which I ve already read.The premise is that a paparazzi is waiting for a couple to appear at a private swimming pool so he can take a photo of their romantic rendezvous and make big bucks Only, the pictures he takes aren t what he expected.In some ways, it left me wanting of everything Lindqvist s work is normally full of great visual details, [...]

  19. This story is very short, approximately 10 pages long, and I find it a difficult one to review Lindquist is an accomplished writer, and his ability to make you continue to ponder what you ve read even after the story is finished is evidence of that I found this tale a bit unsettling in it s lack of explanation It is so amorphous as to leave you uncertain of exactly what s happened, why it happened, and what it means Was the end mention of the passage out to the sea a precursor to future story wh [...]

  20. Remember that show that was broadcast on FX a few years back called Dirt Yes you do It was about a tabloid newspaper run by Courtney Cox Sound familiar They used to show pointless scenes of her in bed with a vibrator every week that did absolutely nothing to advance the overall plot of the story being told No At the very least you watched when, after the ratings started to slip, Jennifer Aniston came on the show and made out with Courtney Cox A ha Now you remember Well, remember that Courtney Co [...]

  21. John Ajvide Lindqvist is one of the most innovative voices in contemporary fiction, and this uncanny short story proves that he can handle the short story as well as he does the novel A seemingly mundane activity a paparazzi trying to get a revealing picture of a famous couple slowly, but mercilessly, becomes a tale of madness and the invasion of the real world by creatures from the world of imagination and nightmares One of the most remarkable aspects of this short story is the way in which we [...]

  22. A very short story that uses its brevity to create a tightness that is sometimes missing from Lindqvist s novels Several of the reviews have complained that the story jumped around and was hard to follow I didn t find this to be the case, but I m also familiar with Lindqvist s style of writing One person I knew did not like the story until I told him about the song the title is taken from Suddenly things made sense to him then though I can t really see why knowing the song would help too much w [...]

  23. I have had this book on my kindle for a long while I enjoyed the short story Itsy Bitsy My kindle book had some extras included that were OK I thought the title of the story was funny since it was part of a title of an old 60 s pop tune and this story involved a bikini.The story has to do with a guy tying to take some photos of an actress in compromising postisions and the strange problems he ecounters while doing that It will only take a few minutes to read this story, but like I said, the kind [...]

  24. This isn t really a book s a short story But since it s on here, I ll go ahead and give it a quick review This is the same guy who wrote Let the Right One In, which I found to be a smart and interesting take on vampires I enjoy his style of writing, and he didn t disappoint here This is a short but creepy story, one that had me wondering what was going on I won t give it away, but it had enough tension to keep me interested, and enough creep factor to give me a chill It s nothing earth shatterin [...]

  25. This is a short, short story by Lindqvist only about 13 pages not 70ish like the description says The rest of the ebook contains previews and promotional materials for some of Lindqvist s novels The story itself was average, nothing special Certainly not destined to become a modern classic for any standard uses of those words Currently free on , it was worth the time spent reading it, but not something I d pay for.

  26. I d heard of Lindqvist s work because of Let the Right One In and when I saw this short story for free on Barnes and Noble I thought it would be a good opportunity to investigate his work.It was pretty good, overall a tiny bit predictable, but the telling of the story made up for that You could really dig into the sense of confusion that went along with being SURE he was right Might make you wonder next time what happened and what you remember doesn t add up.

  27. This short story by Sweden s top horror writer is a perfect example of the written stylings of John Ajvide Lindqvist solid, intriguing, suspenseful For those intrigued enough to read , please see Let The Right One In or Harbor lengthy examples of this author s intelligent spin on modern horror.

  28. Very tame ending for a supposed horror story that promised to be a shocker Even though this is short and available for free on , I think it s a bit of a waste and doesn t come anywhere close to the heady heights of Let the Right One In

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