The Seer of Shadows

↠ The Seer of Shadows É Avi ↠ The Seer of Shadows É Avi - The Seer of Shadows, The Seer of Shadows Newbery Medalist Avi weaves one of his most suspenseful and scary tales about a ghost who has to be seen to be believed and must be kept from carrying out a horrifying revenge The time is The pla

  • Title: The Seer of Shadows
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9780060000158
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ The Seer of Shadows É Avi, The Seer of Shadows, Avi, The Seer of Shadows Newbery Medalist Avi weaves one of his most suspenseful and scary tales about a ghost who has to be seen to be believed and must be kept from carrying out a horrifying revenge The time is The place is New York City Horace Carpetine has been raised to believe in science and rationality So as apprentice to Enoch Middleditch a society photographer he thinks of his tNewbery

The Seer of Shadows

↠ The Seer of Shadows É Avi ↠ The Seer of Shadows É Avi - The Seer of Shadows, The Seer of Shadows Newbery Medalist Avi weaves one of his most suspenseful and scary tales about a ghost who has to be seen to be believed and must be kept from carrying out a horrifying revenge The time is The pla The Seer of Shadows

  • ↠ The Seer of Shadows É Avi
The Seer of Shadows

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  1. 3.5, really Parts of it were really interesting if you like photography, anyway, which I do and parts were really creepy, but parts were also kind of annoying Like ending all the early chapters with those super obnoxious, But I never guessed what would happen next lines, or the ending that created a new story without an ending Characterization could have been deeper, the ghosts belief in them could have been delved into a little and the climax could have been less rushed, but I thought the sett [...]

  2. In nineteenth century New York, 14 year old Horace has been raised to think scientifically and logically So what is he to do when he is apprenticed to a photogapher who fakes spiritual pictures of his clients deceased loved ones and real ghosts start to appear in the photographs that Horace takes This was a quick, informative ghost story meant for 8 12 year olds Although it is filled with historical facts, the story is mysterious and thrilling enough to hold their attention The vocabulary is som [...]

  3. 2.5This book starts off slowly, as we spend a bit of time being introduced to Horace a boy raised by parents who believe in logic and reason, and who is apprenticing to the photographer, Middleditch and a good deal time learning about the technical specifics of making a photograph in 1872.Since this is a middle grade book, I ll say that while some children might be interested in the technical details, several will probably gloss over it a bit than I did, since I, at least, had a passing intere [...]

  4. I loved the book it was really good.Its about a girl named elenora she dies from getting abandon from the vonmashes they didnt feed her and stuff and they were only watching her and taking care of her because elenora was rich and all they wanted was her money they didnt care if she was sick or anything.And elenora attends to show up i every picture that the peopple have taken and it turns out that elenora wants to get a seeking revenge on the vonmashes.I recomend this book to anyone its a really [...]

  5. this is the best book I ve read so far it was great This book had good detail also it had happy and scary parts I would recomend this book to people who are ok with being freaked out before I forget DONT READ UNDER THE COVERS IN THE DARK

  6. Avi The author s name is Avi No last name, just Avi If you re going to go by just one name and Avi, at that , then you better be writing some pretty amazing shit And I mean mind altering, life changing, grand unification of the laws of physics, proof of God, type amazing So you can imagine my excitement when I picked up this young readers novel, Seer of Shadows, by Avi To my disappointment, this book did not help me unlock the esoteric mysteries of the universe, nor did it enlighten me to an ele [...]

  7. A masterfully written novel I found myself paying particular attention to Avi s chapter endings He uses them to propel the reader into the next chapter, raising questions or suspense with nearly every one His plotting is also excellent For a while, I thought the ending would be too predictable And it did end in roughly the way I predicted, but Avi threw in a surprising twist Also, the final chapter, which is sort of an epilogue, adds another satisfying dimension to the ending I d highly recommen [...]

  8. I ve heard really good things about Avi and the premise of the book was intriguing so I decided to give it a try The writing was competent if lack luster and the plot plodded along The descriptions are okay, the dialogue decent but the characters have no depth and there just ins t much to this book It s easily forgettable and not something I d pick up again I also disagree with the ending as the two characters that get together are highly unlikely given the prevailing prejudices of the times The [...]

  9. The year is 1872 and Horace Carpetine is the appretice of a photographer Horace was raised to belive in science and reason, NOT ghosts and superstitions like that But, when a whelthy lady orders a picture of her to be put at her daughters grave, Horace s empolyer decides to sell her then just a picture a picture with her daparted daughters ghost Then when Horace takes the picture of Elenora s portrait, Elenora starts to come back to life And sometimes when ghosts come back they can be bent on d [...]

  10. It is definitely safe to say that I am a HUGE fan of Avi s novels This is the fourth book I ve read by him and I am so glad I did despite not being a fan of the ending on this later This story was engaging, had amazing characters, a fantastic setup, and all around awesome atmosphere I am definitely glad I decided to pick this up when I went to the library the other day.Avi s writing style is amazing, especially in this book Everything is so nicely detailed and goes along in a nice pace It s wri [...]

  11. Summary It s October 1872, New York City Horace Carpetine believes in science and rationality He s apprenticed to Enoch Middleditch, a photographer, he thinks of his trade as a scientific art But when wealthy Mrs Frederick Von Macht orders a photographic portrait, strange things begin to happen Horace s first real photographs reveal the image of the Von Machts dead daughter, Eleanora He continues to see Eleanora, both in images and in life, and she slowly gets closer and closer to the real world [...]

  12. This is the first book I ve read by this newbery award winning author.Part ghost story, part mystery blended with the historical back drop of New York City in 1872, I liked this book This was the time of the Astors and the Van der bilts who built opulent mansions on Fifth Avenue.Told from the perspective of Horace Carpetine, an appretice to a sketchy photographer, the reader is transported to the NYC of long ago.When a wealthy woman commissions Horace s boss to photograph that can be placed on t [...]

  13. I ve wanted to read this book for a few years now, and I hate that I was not overly impressed with it Story wise I found it creepy and interesting But it didn t have my attention at all times Parts just seemed to drag on as it would lead into other good bits I don t think its unfair for me to want to be engrossed through out And no it has nothing to do with the particular age group to which this book was written for Because I can honestly say that if I read this back when I originally took inter [...]

  14. I LOVED Avi as a young adult reader and several of his stories are vivid sparkers of my early passion for reading I found this newer Avi story in a Little Free Library and thought that I would give it a shot The suspense and story didn t disappoint at all Immediately I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a ghost to pop out of the story and out from under my bed for a bit The story shines through with simple but well draw characters that invite me to invest in the plight of humans and ghosts a [...]

  15. I love photography and old photographic processes I find the Victorian practice of spirit photographs and the experimentation with the photographic process to be fascinating I really enjoyed this book was creepy, interesting, and a creative concept I wish it were a little longer, perhaps building on life in NY in the late 1800s There is so much being touched upon spiritualism the religion practice of studying ghosts and the afterlife , racial issues Pegg and talk of the abolitionists socioecono [...]

  16. The Seer of Shadows tells the story of the first time Horace Carpetine a photographers apprentice gets to take a picture Horace s story starts in a very believable historical setting working as an apprentice for a photographer in need of some work When a job finds a way to them the photographer devises a plan to take advantage of a wealthy family wanting a picture to commemorate the passing of their daughter Horace s employer sends Horace on a secret mission to photograph a picture of the recent [...]

  17. At first, I was very intrigued by the description of this book Kind of an interesting view of the whole spirit photograph dealio Unfortunately, this book let me down a lot The characters were very flat and one dimensional The plot moved way too quickly, and the chapter endings seemed cliched I think maybe if the book had either been longer, with character and plot development, or shorter, as just a short ghost story, it would have been much enjoyableTHOUGH, I do have to keep in mind, this book [...]

  18. A great and fun read At first I was having a hard time with the relationships but as the boy and girl became closer I felt the book got deeper and better There were also times in the beginning where it seemed DaVinci Code esque and that turned me off The formula felt forced and didn t flow well But eventually I thought this book caught on and then didn t stop brining the intense ghostly surprises In the end I could have lived without a happy ending White boys and black girls don t run off into t [...]

  19. A ghost story that is a little scary than I would have expected A boy apprentice finds that he can capture ghosts in his photographs and finds one particularly angry ghost girl who is out for revenge With the help of the servant girl in the family she seeks revenge on, the boy tries to stop what could be murder.

  20. Wow That was just great I m not actually much of an Avi fan, but I do love a good ghost story once in a while This book definitely creates shivers up ye olde spine Two thumbs way way up over here.

  21. Superstition, suspense and a whole lot of creepiness just what my scary story readers love I m glad I ll have a new recommendation for them for the upcoming school year.

  22. It was a very instering book i like it very much i would recomed it to people who like adventures and suspences.

  23. The Seer of Shadows was a very good book the boy tries to get the ghost back into the picture And Peg, the servent, knows that the Von Macht s neglected her and she died.

  24. My niece recommended this book, by one of her favorite authors Avi, its very very good, creepy and kept me on the edge of my seat I really liked it.

  25. I loved this book it is really good and people would love it and i recommned this book to every one that likes mystery books.

  26. Seems like a good book to read the week before Halloween.erious story that includes the ghost of a young girl.

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