[PDF] Julie | by Ø Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor [PDF] Julie | by Ø Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor - Julie, Julie Julie s decision to return home to her people is not an easy one But after many months in the wilderness living in harmony with the wolves that saved her life she knows the time has come Julie is no

  • Title: Julie
  • Author: Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor
  • ISBN: 9780064405737
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Julie | by Ø Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor, Julie, Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor, Julie Julie s decision to return home to her people is not an easy one But after many months in the wilderness living in harmony with the wolves that saved her life she knows the time has come Julie is not prepared however for all the changes that she finds Her father has forsaken many of the old Eskimo traditions He has given up his sled dogs for a snowmobile and now loJulie s decision to re


[PDF] Julie | by Ø Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor [PDF] Julie | by Ø Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor - Julie, Julie Julie s decision to return home to her people is not an easy one But after many months in the wilderness living in harmony with the wolves that saved her life she knows the time has come Julie is no Julie

  • [PDF] Julie | by Ø Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor
    387Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor

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  1. While I do enjoy this second part of the trilogy for its peek into Eskimo life and how differently they see things from us gussaks, not to mention the kind of adorable visit with the wolves, there are two things that bug me Peter, for one A romance is almost never necessary, and in this case, I found it especially egregious And the second, the progression with the wolves In the first book, everything took time, patience, and a lot of watching and studying In this one, things resolved themselves [...]

  2. A very interesting follow up to the series that starts with a Young Eskimo girl running away from an arranged marriage and being rescued by wolves Here Miyax Julie rejoins her father and learns the new ways he and others have adopted, while trying to balance this new learning with what she knows to be true The author seems familiar with Alaska which comes through in the writing, and the love for wolves makes it an enjoyable story I recommend it.

  3. Julie 2 I liked this book because ther as some action Also Julie has to survive in the arctic Julie meets some wolves and has to try to learn how to speak to them She also has to make them bring her some food Then she has to decide to stay or go back home Hannah Steiner

  4. Not as good as the first one.The story focuses on Julie s life with her human family after she left the wolves I know her Innuit name is Miyax, but since she chose her Julie identity when she left he wolves, that s what I m calling her Since her father is established to have done something awful that broke Miyax s spirit in the last book, it s infuriating that Julie instantly forgives him, and doesn t give him any grief for killing someone so precious to her Worse, her dad suspects a wolf he kil [...]

  5. Reading this book again, I felt some of the wonder and excitement of my childhood rearing its head Though not written with the vivid attention to detail as its predecessor, it still conjured images of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness and the cozy feelings of a tight knit community where everyone supports one another My longing for these things manifested in my childhood as a yearning to essentially be Julie of the Wolves, as I mentioned in my review of the first book I was drawn in my a romantic [...]

  6. 3.5 stars This book was really good, although not as good as the first In the first one I felt a lot of things and when I was reading this I really felt little to no emotions But it was still good My favorite part was probably her interactions with the wolves and the way that her father realized that he was wrong This series book has taught me some about the Eskimo culture, which I am grateful for BUT THE ONE THING I HATED WAS PETER UGH HE IS AN UNNECESSARY LOVE INTEREST AND IF HE WAS NOT IN TH [...]

  7. This book says that it s a sequel worthy of its first book but I think it s not because it just goes on an on about Julie and barely mentioned the wolf s and is about her new life with a part modern world so if you like following Julie without the wolves and modern and old ways mixed this book is for you

  8. Julie carries on the story from the first in this series Julie learns about her step mother, cooperation, education, and family She finds ways to save people in danger and her endangered wolf pack now that she no longer lives with them Most importantly, she discovers who she is becoming and the things she wants in life.

  9. I very much enjoyed the first in the series Julie of the Wolves , and now again the second one Julie.Am looking forward to the last in the series Julie s Wolf Pack.The author Jean Craighead George, does her research and it shows.The illustrations by John Schoenherr are truly amazing.

  10. I liked the sequel to Julie of the Wolves, it was enjoyable to read about the Eskimo life, and about Julie and her bravery.

  11. Not the same intensity as the original, but a very good sequel Very interesting look at Eskimo life and traditions.

  12. Reading young adult books is good This is an interesting series and having visited Alaska twice the lifestyle of the Eskimo is very interesting to read about.

  13. The book begins with Julie returning home after living on the tundra with a wolf pack in book 1 She has to navigate reintegrating into her family, and her community But she also still has ties to her wolves, and must head back out on the tundra to lead them away from the village where they are in danger of being hunted.I really enjoyed this book I loved the exotic locale the gentle immersion in another culture I guess I did find the characters a bit 2 dimensional Maybe that s not exactly true I [...]

  14. Note There will be spoilers for those who have yet to read the first book in the series, Julie of the Wolves Please read it first and check out my review here Julie was published twenty years after Julie of the Wolves I was lucky enough to read them back to back as a kid, and I suggest new readers of the series do the same Julie starts where Julie of the Wolves ends and brings extra closure to Julie s story Julie of the Wolves emphasizes the changing cultures of Alaska, from the native to that o [...]

  15. Julie of the wolves written by Jean George was published in 1972 by the Harper and Row Inc The book has 155 pages all together This book is a mix of sadness and adventure What I really enjoyed about this book was the fact that the story line really explained what the background of the story was It was mixed between Julie s present situation Amaroq, the Wolf , then a flashback, and finally back to the present Kapugen the Hunter The main character of this book is Julie She is an Eskimo girl that h [...]

  16. It is hard for Julie to return to her father s home She can t forgive him for killing Amaroq, and she can t accept his gussak white wife, Ellen, nor his modern ways Nonetheless, Julie decides that she must stay To show good faith she begins helping at home and with the village industry of raising uminak, or musk oxen Knowing that Kapugen will kill any wolf that tries to kill his oxen, Julie mentally wills Kapu and his pack to leave this part of their territory For a time, it seems that Kapu has [...]

  17. The Julie series is captivating The first book has an attempted rape which unfortunately likely makes it inappropriate to read with elementary students Otherwise, I d love to share the whole series with my elementary students Maybe it would be possible to skip that part of the story Or, maybe I can just read this sequel, as it refers enough back to the first story.I ve tagged the book for mindfulness because the way that Julie lives is so in tune with nature and the environment around her I m re [...]

  18. Julie Miyax is an Inupiat Eskimo who has recently found her father after some months of being lost on the tundra, where she was nutured by wolves in the Newbery award winning _Julie of the Wolves_ To her surprise her father has married a white schoolteacher, Ellen Her father has shot Amaroq, the wolf leader of the pack that protected her in essence her surrogate father in order to protect the musk oxen who create his living When the pack comes close again, she rejoins them in order to tempt them [...]

  19. I finally made it to my public library to pick up this book yesterday afternoon, and I finished it this morning This is one sequel that does not disappoint I loved that the narrative begins the day the previous book ends, even though the book was written 22 years after Julie of the Wolves I appreciated Julie s reconciliation of traditional Eskimo ways with ones of Arctic people finding a sustainable place in the modern world It was fun to learn a bit about the great musk ox, creator of precious [...]

  20. I enjoyed reading this follow up story to Julie of the Wolves Julie starts out where the previous book left off Julie must learn to reconcile the traditional Eskimo ways she learned from her father with the changes wrought by the encroaching white culture Additionally, changes in the environment such as the failure of the caribou to return to Julie s part of the country require the Eskimos to figure out ways to sustain themselves in ways that may not be in accordance with their traditions On a [...]

  21. Julie picks up right where Julie of the Wolves left off Now that Julie has decided to move back in with her father she is realizing that he isn t the same man she remembers This book centers on Julie trying to make a place for herself in a human world that she was out of for some time Slowly things are starting to come together for Julie, but first she needs to be able to forgive her father for the loss of her friend I found myself liking Julie even in the sequel She really is a strong main cha [...]

  22. This sequel of Julie of the Wolves have still that magical spark that makes you want to read further, but sadly for me, the concept of the story isn t cleared really well Julie Miyax is really independent though her father, Kapugen doesn t have the thing that makes you like the book even further Though, the missing presence of Amaroq saddens me and Kapu living on his own without Silver makes me wonder why does that happen I would recommend this book to an animal lover, an adventure lover, any ki [...]

  23. This book was probaly one of the best books I have ever read It is the second book of a 3 book trilogy I can not wait to read the thrid book but, sadly our libray does not have it Julie is a young eskimo girl who makes friends with a pack of wolves she learns the way that a pup acts and pretends to be one After a long journey she finds her dad and finds out that she know has a stepmom, who she does not like at first but begins to warm up to her Her stepmom has a little baby boy named Amorog the [...]

  24. As a continuation of Julie of the Wolves, I felt like this book was a good companion It didn t out do the first book and it didn t follow the same story line It was of like an addendum of life in a different village done a different way and how to readjust to adapt It was a cute read which concentrated on Julie helping protect the wolves when the caribou weren t present and the wolves came dangerously close to the village and slaughtered livestock Julie set out to help and along the way we were [...]

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