Julie's Wolf Pack

[PDF] Julie's Wolf Pack | by ↠ Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor [PDF] Julie's Wolf Pack | by ↠ Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor - Julie's Wolf Pack, Julie s Wolf Pack From the author of the Newbery Medal winning Julie of the Wolves and its sequel Julie comes a third exciting adventure about the wolf pack that saved the life of a young girl when she was lost on th

  • Title: Julie's Wolf Pack
  • Author: Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor
  • ISBN: 9780064407212
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Julie's Wolf Pack | by ↠ Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor, Julie's Wolf Pack, Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor, Julie s Wolf Pack From the author of the Newbery Medal winning Julie of the Wolves and its sequel Julie comes a third exciting adventure about the wolf pack that saved the life of a young girl when she was lost on the tundra Julie has returned to her family but her wolf pack has a story all its own Fearless but inexperienced Kapu is now the new leader of the pack He must protect his wFrom the a

Julie's Wolf Pack

[PDF] Julie's Wolf Pack | by ↠ Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor [PDF] Julie's Wolf Pack | by ↠ Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor - Julie's Wolf Pack, Julie s Wolf Pack From the author of the Newbery Medal winning Julie of the Wolves and its sequel Julie comes a third exciting adventure about the wolf pack that saved the life of a young girl when she was lost on th Julie's Wolf Pack

  • [PDF] Julie's Wolf Pack | by ↠ Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor
    288Jean Craighead George Wendell Minor
Julie's Wolf Pack

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  1. I loved getting the story from the wolf s perspective Very excellent strategy, and much satisfying, I have to say, than the second book in the series Of course, that might just be because I love the wolves the best Excellent messages about the balance of an ecosystem, and how humans and wolves can live together in peace.

  2. Lovely It was a little jarring, at first, to jump into the next book without Julie s perspective, and it could also be difficult to keep up with all the generations of wolves and their names On the other hand, it was a beautiful peek into wolf life and culture, and though it peeved me a great deal when Julie kept the wolf pups too long and they turned too dependent on humans, I appreciated the point that was being made.

  3. I m not sure what reminded me this book, but I m not sure how I forgot it I read this book years ago, and I m just guessing on the time I absolutely adored this book I am very tempted to read it again I had no clue that it was part of a series So it is definitely a stand alone type book, regardless of its series status I do believe I m going to add the other books in the series to my to read list.What is very unique about this book is that it follows the wolves, not the humans But it s not the t [...]

  4. This book is awesome I love how u can almost understand how wolves live in the wild and how amazing it is

  5. I love it and how it based on animals and how they live and life for them and it is so interesting I read it for my book report it was good

  6. Not as good as Julie of the Wolves but then, what is but much better than Julie It follows the exploits of the wolves in the years after Julie leaves them, and the caribou come back It s very interesting if for no other reason than the the POV is almost the collective consciousness of the entire wolf pack and their exploits following Miyax s departure Time moves quickly and fluidly for them they think abstractly, but smells, tastes, and touch factoring into their thinking process They think li [...]

  7. This book is simply AMAZING I suggest it to all fans of dog like animals The best part is that it s from the wolf s view and I am a huge fan of wolves myself and I really got to read about a wolf s life from it s perspective There s lots of effort and detail put into this book in my opinion and I m sure that many Warriors fans would love this as well

  8. 2.5 I am in the worst reading slump And I m also super picky and grouchy about it Send help The book fine It wasn t BAD, but it wasn t really something I liked a whole lot I just want to read Six of Crows again

  9. When I first found this in elementary school, I read it 16 times back to back It s safe to say that it s a masterpiece.

  10. At last, I ve finished re reading this trilogy from my childhood The last installment is, somewhat predictably, not as good as the first two books It wavers between being a narrative and an informative text and fails to blend the two aspects together with the same ease that the first two did As a result, the final installment of the Julie trilogy is simply not as engaging as the first two the first book, Julie of the Wolves, being the best of the series by far.In some ways the information presen [...]

  11. This is a nice ending to the Julie saga Even though I am sick of the wolves, I cannot overstate the love my young reader had for this series This book is focused on the wolves Julie just puts in a couple of brief appearances and wolf society A good nature book that teaches about the tundra, Inuits, and wolves.

  12. Well, to be honest, I absolutely loved the book Julie s Wolf Pack, written by Jean Craighead George It s an amazing novel, that captures the story of a pack of wolves, they endure the hardships of rabies, starvation, deaths, new members, and leadership The book revolves around the lives of the wolves, Kapu, Aaka, Silver, and Zing Kapu becomes the alpha male, after his father Amaroq is killed by Kapugen an Eskimo hunter, when the great leader of the pack had died, the entire family was going craz [...]

  13. Its been awhile since I ve read this series And for some reason, when going back, I decided to start with the 3rd book in the series This may have affected my view on everything, but I think that this is a decent story overall, just not as good as some of the others.Julie s Wolf Pack is just about that, a wolf pack that a young native woman named Julie had lived with for a time After the death of their original Alpha, Kapu has taken over as leader of the pack He is challenged at every turn thoug [...]

  14. I read this to find out what happened to Julie and her wolves Julie of the Wolves was the Newbery winner in 1973 author Jean Craighead George continued this story with Julie in 1994 and Julie s Wolf Pack in 1997.I enjoyed it, but not as much as the other two probably because Julie and her human family appear very little in this book What I responded to so strongly in the original book was the interaction between Julie and the wolves, and what the wolves teach Julie about herself and her values T [...]

  15. A really good book that i enjoyed than the others in the series.Kapu the wolf leader paused and sniffed the air a caribou herd was on avalik land Kapu and his packs land his pack consisted of raw bones a wolf fighting for the head of the pack silver,nutik, Uqaq,kapu aaka, zing amy storm call ,lichen ice blink kapu decided to chase a musk ox herd for the fun of the herd new would not get eaten so they did not make the defense circle Then kapu smelled something silver his mom was going to deliver [...]

  16. Grade AJulie s Wolf Pack is the third book in Jean Craighead George s series The book is filled with adventure, humor, treachery, and the values of family While the first two books, Julie of the Wolves and Julie, are told from the perspective of Julie herself, this book tells the continuation of the story from the point of view of the wolves themselves It takes place in the arctic tundras of Alaska, after Julie has decided to leave the pack and live with her human family, and tells about what ha [...]

  17. What ages would I recommend it too Eight and up Length Two evenings.Characters Memorable, several characters.Setting Real world, Alaskan tundra.Written approximately 1997.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind Ready to read .Any issues the author or a recent publisher should cover Approximate date for story.Short storyline a few years in the lives of a wolf pack.Notes for the reader A great story Written in the style of classics The narrator has no problem jumping from the mind of a [...]

  18. I remembered loving the first two in this series growing up and never knew there had been a third I read it this afternoon quick read and I wasn t that impressed I feel like I need to re read the others to say for sure, but I thought that the others had been told from Julie s perspective In this book, the story is much focused as the title would lead you to believe on the characters of the wolves The communication is exchanged via wolf talk and Julie s role becomes of an important minor chara [...]

  19. I loved Julie of the wolves I didn t know that there s a series of it I found this one in an old bookstore and was very happy with it I think the first book is much better than the third Here, it s all about the wolves world and point of view There are tragedy and I was reminded once again that we, humans, are the most disastrous being that screw the balance of nature I get a bit bored with the wolves activity of getting round the border and breeding Some minute fragments also turned me off, suc [...]

  20. I really liked this amazing book about an Inuit girl and her wolf pack Julie was rescued and raised for a time by a pack of wolves Now, years later, she keeps a careful watch over them from her house and often goes out to see them Julie is faced with the prospect of marriage and the pack faces many challenges life on the tundra is becoming hard with the caribou famine and the rising threat of rabies This story follows Julie s wolf pack through a few years and tells of wolf rivalry, pups, and rel [...]

  21. This was the third and final book in the Julie of the Wolves series, I gave it three stars.This book was really good, unlike the first two books in the series that focused a bit on Julie, this book focused mostly on the wolves What really impressed me was the way the author wrote an entire book on wolves but never had to humanize them They didn t talk at least in the human way but yet you understood their story and you understood their personality In my opinion that is an amazing accomplishment [...]

  22. This book was NOT what I was expecting To be honest, I didn t know what I was expecting but this surely wasn t it This book was , or less, a narrative explaining wolf packs and what happened to each one and how each one migrated, changed, died, or thrived It wasn t particularly thrilling and I was excited to be done with the book instead of being left wanting .

  23. Told from the points of view of the wolves this time, we follow a pack around Alaska s tundra over a couple of years A neighbouring pack is harbouring rabies, and Julie the Native girl is desperate to get her wolf friends inoculated but they run from helicopters We see the leadership challenges and dominance struggles, understand the no wolf zone which packs use to separate territories and the job of rearing pups The tale is filled with understanding of the natural way of life here in the half y [...]

  24. Six years of pack life is told from the wolves perspective The major players are the alpha male Kapu, his daughter Sweet Fur Amy, and Willow Pup The wolves begin to starve when the caribou fail to return Julie tends to two of their pups and keeps them alive Towards the middle of the story, Ice Blink, a lone female wolf, joins the pack She s infected with rabies and endangers the lives of the other wolves The pack is again threatened when scientists capture Kapu for scientific experimentation Rea [...]

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