Emerald City

☆ Emerald City ☆ Jennifer Egan ☆ Emerald City ☆ Jennifer Egan - Emerald City, Emerald City The theme of longing in all its forms for change for redemption for travel outside the bounds of daily life to realms where anything seems possible unites this master story collection In the extraor

  • Title: Emerald City
  • Author: Jennifer Egan
  • ISBN: 9780312151188
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Emerald City ☆ Jennifer Egan, Emerald City, Jennifer Egan, Emerald City The theme of longing in all its forms for change for redemption for travel outside the bounds of daily life to realms where anything seems possible unites this master story collection In the extraordinary Why China a man drags his family to the Xi an province in a desperate attempt to reclaim his lost integrity only to find himself remote and mysterious than tThe theme of longing i

Emerald City

☆ Emerald City ☆ Jennifer Egan ☆ Emerald City ☆ Jennifer Egan - Emerald City, Emerald City The theme of longing in all its forms for change for redemption for travel outside the bounds of daily life to realms where anything seems possible unites this master story collection In the extraor Emerald City

  • ☆ Emerald City ☆ Jennifer Egan
    460Jennifer Egan
Emerald City

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  1. I officially have to reread A Visit From The Goon Squad Finished reading Look At Me not that long ago and it was an all time favorite Emerald City shocked me in its caliber, style, and restraint Short stories are difficult Egan writes equally amazing novels and short stories That is something to be commended.Each of these stories, like her other novels, shine in their characters Characterization is the secret to a great short story character depth and effective sentences Egan has a real talent w [...]

  2. I picked this book up purely because I was attracted to the cover and nothing Finishing it has made me feel like I have been on the most exhausting journey of my life around a collection of vibrant and powerful places Each story is set in a different country regarding a different relationship within a different group of people and it s really fascinating Each story took me out of myself, pushed me further than I expected and entertained me to boot This is a author to watch.

  3. Beautifully written, sophisticated stories usually featuring Americans abroad China, Spain, Mexico etc About half are from an adolescent s viewpoint as they come to realise their parents or often than not step parents are not the flawless characters they once thought, or how they try to fit in with idealised friends The other half are from the step parents PoV, as their marriages break or they move on to new relationships or perspectives All are rich or rich ish and privileged, offering glimpse [...]

  4. With every book I read of Jennifer Egan s, I become a bigger and bigger fan The one flaw that plagued some of her novels was clumsy plotting, but the short story form fits her style well and these masterful stories are beautifully rendered Her keen eye for the glow of moments and how they resonate in our lives is at the center of each of these tales, and Egan draws much wisdom from the lives she observes here Most poignantly, Egan hones in on economics in a way that most fiction writers shy away [...]

  5. It s a nice surprise when going to a bookstore to purchase a specific book and they don t have it and you end up grabbing a nearby book instead and it turns out to be terrific Although with Egan it is a pretty safe bet that you re going to get quality product, it was still great to experience a book of well crafted short stories Why China , the opening story of the collection, was my favorite I don t want to spoil the plot, but suffice to say that it hit all of the right notes in creating memora [...]

  6. I had high hopes for this because even though I found A Visit From the Goon Squad to be uneven, I liked how it was basically at its heart a series of vignettes and anyone who could write a decent book around that concept should be able to write the heck out of some short stories, right But this is just going nowhere, I m three stories in I ve found nothing all that interesting, and since I currently have 61 items checked out on my card all of which are books except for season one of Orphan Black [...]

  7. I only write a few reviews on , but Jennifer Egan always inspires a few words from me These stories are phenomenal They have a specific point of view, while at the same time being generous and thoughtful about characters who may not share that point of view meaning, they star a lot of upper middle class women or girls who are experiencing existential terror in struggling marriages and distance making travel experiences, but you don t need to be an upper middle class woman or girl to empathize Be [...]

  8. At first I was quite taken by Jennifer Egan, but as I read on I discovered her stories all relied on the same contrived devices, bordering no, relying on the formulaic These are parlor tricks, not authentic portraits of the human condition In addition, story after story concerned only wealthy, privileged characters, with larger moral issues themes altogether absent Ultimately these stories aren t about anything hollow, device laden vignettes that get worse as you go rather than better.

  9. I ve read three novels by Egan, beginning with her debut Look at Me, and most recently, A Visit from the Good Squad, which I absolutely loved This short story collection underwhelmed me a bit, as many of the stories felt like treading water, revisiting the same themes and the same characters over and over again It earns three stars thanks to a few of the stories which thematically and stylistically seem like precursors to Goon Squad, so they won me over It s a slim volume at 146 pages and if you [...]

  10. This blew me away Egan is a powerful yet delicate writer I can t say enough about how beautiful this book is READ IT And be moved by how fragile and damaged humans are but how sublime it can be as well Stories of the human experience captured so perfectly is something I love It connects us all and we can breathe easier.

  11. I enjoy this author so much She knows how to make you care about her characters in less than 10 pages

  12. This collection of short stories written by Jennifer Egan reads very well after reading her award winning novel Visit from the Goon Squad , as you can clearly see how certain motives and topics that were explored in the stories fed into the formation of the subsequently written novel The literary bouquet of characters and the topics is really striking I kept thinking how the author can write with equal authority about teenagers taking drugs and painting their graffiti marks on the walls of the c [...]

  13. Jennifer Egan s Emerald City is a wonderful collection of eleven short stories, each finely crafted The stories were set in culturally diverse places, some exotic e.g Lamu, Kenya or Bora Bora, Tahiti , yet the experience of being human and staying alive seemed strikingly similar everywhere The stories told of loneliness, homesickness, regret, and a quest for betterment or self identity Egan depicts the distinctiveness of the worlds inhabited by photographers, stylists, models, bankers, wives, in [...]

  14. After just reading the genre bending A Visit from the Goon Squad, I enjoyed Egan s first collection of short stories a little , if only for the classic structure of 11 short stories, first published elsewhere and collected post first novel under the third story s title, Emerald City.Favorites were Why China , Sacred Heart, told from the perspective of a ninth grade girl with a fierce crush that kind we all suffer from and feel every degree of torture while it lasts always unrequited One Piece, a [...]

  15. Meh This is the kind of collection people call promising In this case, promising is code word for frustrating or exceptional in unsustained bursts Egan does so much well that it s hard to understand why nearly every one of these stories is flawed Often, I just can t be brought to give a damn about the wicked rich people in exotic locations that seem to dominate this collection, but even when she s nailing it, there s a wobble somewhere an unnecessary eccentricity, a strained plot point, an over [...]

  16. I ve been a fan of Egan s writing for years now and I m glad I finally read some of her short stories My favorites in this collection by far were One Piece, Emerald City, and Letters to Josephine I m taking an authors short course on Egan and not only has it heightened my enjoyment of her fiction, it has allowed me to make connections to her other works I love how there s always something squirming beneath the surface of the beautiful images Egan gives us of yuppie families in China or new model [...]

  17. When I first heard of Jennifer Egan, I couldn t get past her dating history she used to date Steve Jobs I was reminded of this when reading the title story, which is about an aspiring model with all American looks who struggles to be taken seriously in a New York where all the models seem to have exotic looks and names like Anoushka and Brid For a first short story collection, the stories are masterful and assured The first story, Why China , about a disgraced bond trader who travels to China to [...]

  18. These are all pretty much classic style, note perfect short stories Lots of beautiful catharsis in upper middle class settings, usually involving a big reveal about some dark backstory, featuring a combination of an extra marital affair, money laundering, and international travel Set side by side, it all seemed a little cheaper, and none of it floored me quite like The General in the last Best Non Required Reading book All the stories were rather amazing in their own ways Baubles, really.

  19. If an angel put words to paper, she would write like Jenifer Egan This collection of short stories collected from twenty and years ago shows she should continue writing her short fiction She argues that her novel is also a collection of short fiction Each story is perfect in its own way Moreover, each is a complete work of art Most short stories just end or stop Hers move and finish Some of the stories presage her magnificent A Visit from the Goon Squad.

  20. I ve become a rabid Jennifer Egan fan this year and am reading my way backward through her catalog Emerald City is her short story collection, and like many short story collections there are stories that speak to me than others, although all of them have something to recommend The story that stands out the most is the title story, Emerald City I also enjoyed Why China and Letter to Josephine All the stories were worth the time to read them.

  21. 3,5 stars from me This is the kind of book that I wish I could write Beautiful story telling with flowing words, limbo plots and unfinished endings I love how Egan used some settings perfectly as the crucial part of the story The stories are gloomy and a bit depressing, just like other Egan s books But they are suitable with my mood most of the time, so all s well

  22. Jennifer Egan slays me again Amazing characters, brilliantly told One of the richest voices in contemporary literature, coupled with one of the best imaginations when it comes to the dramas of being human.

  23. It s a fun read, and I especially enjoyed seeing the birth of Egan s themes in Look At Me and Invisible Circus.

  24. 3.5 stars for this collection of short stories by one of my favorite authors If the stars were for literary chops of the author, I would award 5 stars for every one of the eleven stories in this collection Egan always dazzles me with her prose She evokes settings and characters so skillfully and I so admire her turn of phrase Nevertheless, I was rather underwhelmed by this collection of stories I hate to hold everything of Egan s up for comparison to A Visit from the Goon Squad but it cannot be [...]

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