Concise Theology

[PDF] Concise Theology | by Õ J.I. Packer [PDF] Concise Theology | by Õ J.I. Packer - Concise Theology, Concise Theology Theology matters At last it can be understood easily thanks to this layman s language approach to biblical belief Authored by J I Packer one of the premier theologians of Christianity this summary

  • Title: Concise Theology
  • Author: J.I. Packer
  • ISBN: 9780842339605
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Concise Theology | by Õ J.I. Packer, Concise Theology, J.I. Packer, Concise Theology Theology matters At last it can be understood easily thanks to this layman s language approach to biblical belief Authored by J I Packer one of the premier theologians of Christianity this summary of Christian teaching covers nearly major Christian beliefs from a Reformed perspective Brief easy to understand chapters offer precise descriptions without sacrifTheology matter

Concise Theology

[PDF] Concise Theology | by Õ J.I. Packer [PDF] Concise Theology | by Õ J.I. Packer - Concise Theology, Concise Theology Theology matters At last it can be understood easily thanks to this layman s language approach to biblical belief Authored by J I Packer one of the premier theologians of Christianity this summary Concise Theology

  • [PDF] Concise Theology | by Õ J.I. Packer
    221J.I. Packer
Concise Theology

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  1. This is the most concise book on systematic theology I ve seen that is legitimate So, I suppose it is aptly named It is succinct, chock full of Scriptural references, and still thorough Great intro book for anyone wanting a survey of orthodox Christianity.

  2. I probably would not have picked this up if some other men I know had not given it five stars One of the best basic introductions to theology I have read Almost every subject of consequence in the Christian faith is covered in short, solid chapters A great reference work for the average Christian to read through and then have on the shelf for future use.

  3. Words cannot fully express how helped I was by this book key word fully.J I Packer thoroughly explains historic Christian beliefs from a Reformed position His process is similar to the Westminster Confession which he often quotes , using Scripture references to support each conclusion fortunately, Packer takes time explaining and discussing each theological concept, making it easier to understand.Although easy to understand, it is important and I highly suggest that readers take their time when [...]

  4. True to its title this is a very concise book on theology, but full of scriptural references for further study It covers almost every topic conceivable in the area of theology which can be used as a jumping board for in depth study If you enjoyed Knowing God you are probably going to enjoy this book.

  5. Full of short chapters for easy quick reads on all the different areas of Christianity It s definitely a book I ll go back to again and again when I have research or questions on a particular topic of my faith.

  6. We know that we have been born again, but what exactly happened This book gives a thorough answer to that question Also, there are so many people claiming to be Christians, but in all reality, they are not they have not been born again That is one reason why this book was written to clearly examine the doctrine of regernation being born again This is a must read for the false doctrines that are circulating in our culture.

  7. When people at church ask for an introductory book to the Christian faith, this is the first book I recommend It is spectacular in its simplicity and in its fidelity to Scripture Packer covers just about everything you could think of too when it comes to the Christian faith It is also typical Packer, the 20th 21st century Puritan deeply spiritual and devotional He also dropped a bomb statement regarding the importance of church membership that forced me to think through said importance The New T [...]

  8. This is a must have as well as a must read and should have a prominent place in every Christian home It is a reliable guide to the doctrines of the Christian faith, presented in an easily accessible, precise and useful format Loaded with Scripture references and covering each major doctrine with brevity and clarity, it serves as both a good intro to each doctrine as well as a great little quick reference for where to do further study on each area from the Scriptures It may be read with much prof [...]

  9. This is a really helpful little book Nothing is addressed in any depth, which at times may be frustrating to some, but to be frustrated at this is to miss the point of the book Snap shots, sound bites, well crafted sentences with depth and nuance behind them all in one small, accessible book Packer has done the work elsewhere to draw the conclusions he draws here But, if you want to know the what of protestant an dreformational theology and not necessarily the why then this is a great little gem [...]

  10. Quite good, but don t expect long explanations on many biblical issues, esp predestination and election, probably the most debated topic besides the Holy Spirit.Packer is clearly a Calvinist at heart, and the concise nature of this theology book prevents clarity when it comes to deeper subject, though for the most part is extremely well written, dripped with fundamental biblical foundation, as opposed to majority of liberal theology nowadays which preaches a completely different Jesus to the one [...]

  11. This is an issue in Christian theology This is the orthodox conservative reformed evangelical view on this subject Here are a million proof texts from scripture to back everything I say about it.Packer is fairly dry here, and this book is not meant to be read cover to cover so much as referred to if one is ever anxious about drifting into heresy Although I do broadly agree with him on most issues described, I was rather concerned that he started out with scripture rather than with God, and I ten [...]

  12. I was gripped by this book Not sure why precisely I don t always find theology gripping Packer was repeatedly able to condense massive, complex concepts into only a paragraph or two and yet leave me feeling satisfied I enjoyed the comprehensive scope my first foray into a systematic theology cover to cover Most encouraging was how practical I found this book to be it was spilling into my everyday life all the time, which has to be theology at it s best.

  13. This is a good concise overview of Theology It is especially handy to read through a couple of chapters in one s devotional time to strengthen ones understanding of theological concepts The book is based from a Reformed perspective, so readers will want to keep that in mind While it is not an in depth enough book to use as a primary textbook in Theology classes, some excerpts from it would make for some helpful supplemental reading for students.

  14. This book is great at what it does Packer provides easily digestible bites of doctrine for the curious believer I will likely use this text as a go to study book for small group discipleship The way it is laid out, it is best gone through slowly so there can be plenty of discussion and explanation of each chapter Reading in large swaths can muddy the short chapters together.

  15. Concise and ReadablePacker does a great job of summarizing reformed theological ideas and presenting them in a way that the average person can find understandable and digestible I highly recommend to anyone who would understand theology fully without needing to get a degree.

  16. This is a great and brief overview of a lot of theological topics The book is 267 pages long but each chapter is only two to four pages in length It basically reads like an easy to read and very approachable systematic theology You do not have to be a seminary student to read this book This is sound theology for anyone at a college level or higher to read.

  17. This is a pocket sized systematic theology Each topic is covered in 2 4 pages, with extensive scriptural references for further study By the very nature of the book, it reads like an encyclopedia that a proper book, and is therefore not a particularly exciting read, even though the topics should be.

  18. This is a book, just like many of the other books on theology, I go back to regularly He takes a deep look at God revealed as Creator, Redeemer, Lord of Grace, and Lord of Destiny When I was writing Redeeming Childbirth, I quoted and re read his section of God as Redeemer and was so encouraged but also utilized his words to encourage other women through quotations.

  19. A great book on reformed theology that is exactly what the title implies concise theology It is divided into 94 short, clear chapters and contains plenty of Bible references to help with study Great for quick reference.

  20. The name of the book says it all Primary theological topics of the Christian faith concisely described in a few pages each, including many Biblical references Great reference book for getting at the basics.

  21. The various articles are all exceptionally brief 2 3 pages , so this isn t a place for in depth reading on the various doctrines of the Bible But it is a good source for quick summaries and biblical references on the topics addressed.

  22. Excellent, splendidly readable and informative tour through the system of Christian doctrine Useful as Evangelical and Reformed theology in daily devotional form Great gift for a very young theologian Highly recommended

  23. It is good to have this as a referenceif you ever are wondering why you believe what you beliveis is VERY helpful I keep it on my nightstand and open it up often Certainly not a page turnerbut definitely solid truth.

  24. Another winner by Packer He has a knack for explaining the finer and difficult points of orthodox protestant theology in a very accessible manner This book lives in my bathroom where it gets read pretty much on a daily basis

  25. When it comes to a very brief overview of basic Christian theology this one is hard to beat It should appeal to a broad group of readers.

  26. I absolutely LOVED this book It provides such an easy to read, yet comprehensive account of solid Christian theology I can t recommend this book enough

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