Twice Upon a Time

Ñ Twice Upon a Time ✓ JamesRiley Ñ Twice Upon a Time ✓ JamesRiley - Twice Upon a Time, Twice Upon a Time Jack and May are back for another adventure in the world of fairy tales with a twist This time they re on the hunt to learn May s true identity after the surprising reveal in Half Upon A Time about M

  • Title: Twice Upon a Time
  • Author: JamesRiley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Ñ Twice Upon a Time ✓ JamesRiley, Twice Upon a Time, JamesRiley, Twice Upon a Time Jack and May are back for another adventure in the world of fairy tales with a twist This time they re on the hunt to learn May s true identity after the surprising reveal in Half Upon A Time about May s grandmother s real intentions Searching for answers brings Jack and May to the world of the Sea King landing them right in the center of a battle between mermaids and tJack and

Twice Upon a Time

Ñ Twice Upon a Time ✓ JamesRiley Ñ Twice Upon a Time ✓ JamesRiley - Twice Upon a Time, Twice Upon a Time Jack and May are back for another adventure in the world of fairy tales with a twist This time they re on the hunt to learn May s true identity after the surprising reveal in Half Upon A Time about M Twice Upon a Time

  • Ñ Twice Upon a Time ✓ JamesRiley
Twice Upon a Time

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  1. WHAT Just Just WHAT Initial reaction after finishing this book Did Jack just And did Phillip And is May And Lian is I NEED THE LAST BOOK NOW You have to be kidding me I I I just, II am going crazy right now fAUKD,v.kfhbvkb.kvl.s James Riley just totally leaves the reader to wonder what s going to happen next view spoiler Will May end up with Jack Will Phillip end up with Penelope or will he die Will Jack and his SISTER Still trying to process that , be able to overthrow the Wicked Queen And what [...]

  2. Should I be embarassed that I read books like this for fun even though I m technically an adult Probably, but since this is the internet I m not that worried Everyone who knows me in real life on this site already knows I m a huge dork who can t seem to grow up properly.So, I as I mentioned above if you like Rick Riordan s stuff I really think you should give this a try He kind of has that silly satire that I love If you are the kind of reader that can t take slow paced stories, than this is def [...]

  3. A cute second installment of this trilogy I m not sure how much I enjoyed it, though The first 3 4 I was pretty meh about it, but then it started becoming rather intriguing there at the end Let s see what the final book has in store.

  4. Whoops I may have forgotten to put this down as currently reading while I was actually currently reading it sigh What can I say Life It gets hectic ANYWAYS I loved this book and I felt like it was a good middle to the other two books in the series I wouldn t really recommend reading this as a stand alone nor either of the other books in this series for that matter basically, once you ve started this series, you HAVE to read the whole thing But that s not necessarily a bad thing I could gush on a [...]

  5. What happens when you mix the stories of Peter Pan The Little Mermaid You end up with this entertaining novel by James Riley This time around Jack, May Phillip start off in the realm of the Fairy Homelands in their continued quest to determine who May really is Their adventures take them to the land of Never here we encounter Pan Captain Bluebeard From there we go under the sea to the realm of mermaids mermen in order to find the Sea Witch who can help break the spell in the Fairy Homelands can [...]

  6. 3.5 stars.There was a typo on page 154 of this edition Like we re best friends We just have this instant bond There s no period between friends and We.My, my, Bluebeard Do we have ourselves a pirate Hannibal on our hands Ah, I love when me plans come together so easily Methinks so view spoiler WAH May would have been Cinderella, pending her abduction by the Wicked Queen Jack is Jack from Jack and Jill And Lian is Jill WELL PLAYED, SIR.Jack is becoming an Eye, so that s exciting hide spoiler This [...]

  7. Just as fun as Half Upon a Time Told back and forth between Jack s POV and May s, Twice Upon a Time is full of chaos and things going wrong who says that fairy tales end happily ever after I liked seeing the twists on various fairy tales and myths and how they are intertwined, and appreciated seeing May and Jack and others grow as characters in many ways, this is a coming of age story, and a story about identity I liked how self aware the characters were about the craziness of what was going on, [...]

  8. If you like twisted fairy tales, you will like this book It s probably upper elementary level, though both I and my high schooler enjoyed it as well If you don t mind fairy tale style magic, there is nothing objectionable in it except for the fact that the story doesn t end in the first book Nor in the second, and the third isn t out yet We can t wait for the third Be sure to read the author blurb on the inside back cover It s as funny as the book is If you haven t read the first book, do that f [...]

  9. I found Twice Upon a Time to be a thrilling adventure book to read Twice Upon a Time is an amazing book filled with mystery and it was enjoyable to read This is a second book in a serie of three books After a princess, May, learned a big secret about her grandmother, which was revealed in the first book, Half Upon a Time She and the other main character, Jack go through the adventure of a lifetime This book is filled with twists in the world of fairy tales I would recommend this book to my class [...]

  10. OMG This plot twist at the end was epic O This book is so much better than the first one It made me laugh and almost cry towards the end Jack s love for May is so cute and I really hope for them to end up together even if it goes against fateI can t wait to read the third and last book so saaaaad of this trilogy I need answers to my questions

  11. This one was great the first one was better but this still is good but I would have to say that the last 30,40 pages or so is the BEST part The ending left me in total dismay I would totally recommend this one, you will be glued to the pages

  12. Twice Upon a TimeThis book starts back at Jacks grandpa s place and he is refusing to go on another mission But they want him to go so he somehow gets roped into the next mission with May and Philip Now they have to save the Fairy Homelands But how to get there They find a Piper who can help them get there but when the comeback they find themselves in a weird world They find a pirate but will he help them And will they be able to save the Fairy Homelands in time Jack and May to of the main chara [...]

  13. May, Phillip, and Jack are searching for May s true identity in a world filled with fairy tale characters They reach the Fairy Homelands to discover it is captured in a sleeping curse with a fleet of dragons three days away from destroying it.Now the three must find the missing fairy queen before the Wicked Queen and her minions can stop them This fun, adventure is filled with pirates, merman, goblins, and many fairy tale characters.If you loved the first book, Half Upon A Time, you will love th [...]

  14. Please don t end like this You have got to be kidding me Agh I HATE stupid cliffhangers I mean, great book and all, but ending like this Seriously Great, Jack becomes a Eye and works with the Wicked Queen His sibling is Jill from Jack and Jill, who is Lian May is Cinderella Phillip s sister is Sleeping Beauty Phillip might as well be May s true love.I NEED THE THIRD BOOK.

  15. Twice Upon a Time is twice as good as the first book with lots of action, adventure, romance, plot twists, magic, and your favorite fairy tale characters The ending was super surprising and was an interesting twist I recommend this book to fairy tale lovers and fantasy lovers ages 9 13.

  16. First reaction after finishing ASDFGHJJVBHUFJHNFADIFKJDFKK What just HAPPENED Jack is jack from Jack and Jill Lian is actually JILL Lian is good WHAAAT Need book THREE Although I did find some grammatical errors the book was still overall AMAZING

  17. Jack joined the eyes Jack joined the eyes Jack joined the eyes And Lian is Jill, and Jack is her SISTERS

  18. It explained abit of their backgrounds but I am not keen on their fighting scene It slows down the book progression and keep us away from getting to the good part plot explanation.

  19. The sarcasm really won me over in this one I wish I had read them in order oh the shame but they were still a lot of fun to read, even without the suspense that linear reading would have caused.

  20. Good book sometimes I got a little confused but in the end I understood the storyline I am so excited for book three

  21. I really like this series, but May is irritating, and Jack is treated like crap I want to see how this fairy tale ends

  22. I bought all three books around the same time, because I couldn t stand waiting to find out what happened next.

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