Shogun, Part 1

Shogun, Part 1 Best Read || [James Clavell] Shogun, Part 1 Best Read || [James Clavell] - Shogun, Part 1, Shogun Part This is James Clavell s tour de force an epic saga of one Pilot Major John Blackthorne and his integration into the struggles and strife of feudal Japan Both entertaining and incisive SHOGUN is a st

  • Title: Shogun, Part 1
  • Author: James Clavell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover

Shogun, Part 1 Best Read || [James Clavell], Shogun, Part 1, James Clavell, Shogun Part This is James Clavell s tour de force an epic saga of one Pilot Major John Blackthorne and his integration into the struggles and strife of feudal Japan Both entertaining and incisive SHOGUN is a stunningly dramatic re creation of a very different world Starting with his shipwreck on this most alien of shores the novel charts Blackthorne s rise from the status of reviThis is Jame

Shogun, Part 1

Shogun, Part 1 Best Read || [James Clavell] Shogun, Part 1 Best Read || [James Clavell] - Shogun, Part 1, Shogun Part This is James Clavell s tour de force an epic saga of one Pilot Major John Blackthorne and his integration into the struggles and strife of feudal Japan Both entertaining and incisive SHOGUN is a st Shogun, Part 1

  • Shogun, Part 1 Best Read || [James Clavell]
    495James Clavell
Shogun, Part 1

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  1. The Shogun novels were written by James Clavell who had been a prisoner of war in a Japanese prison camp Changi Singapore His experiences there led him to find out what kind of people the Japanese were and how they could be so cruel to their prisoners To some extent his books answer his question in a way that I thought would have surprised him the Code of Bushido has no place for prisoners but there was honour and duty and a code in the Japanese Army The book itself is excellent and builds the w [...]

  2. Shogun is a great read that provides insight into Japanese culture and politics but it isn t great literature.On a recent episode of This American Life, Stephanie Foo tells the story of a Japanese man, Nasubi, who endured 15 months of starvation, deprivation and isolation for a reality TV show He could have walked out, called his friends, gone home, got dressed and eaten meat but he stayed with it simply because he had verbally committed to do so The psychological impact was so severe that he lo [...]

  3. I remember when I was still in school there was a question which was occasionally being asked in our exams Who colonized Kenya A Britain B PortugalC Spain D FranceYes, the British colonized Kenya First they arrived like Missionaries Their aim, to spread the word of God They found our religion, if we had one, apathetic They wanted to shine the light into our dark hearts, clean us of our cultural filth.Salesmen will tell you that, all they need is to get a foot inside the door and they will sell y [...]

  4. I like a good adventure story, I also like a good solid novel with engaging characters and a unique narrative this novel is both The main character is John Blackthorne, an English pilot of a dutch ship who is shipwrecked and stranded in late sixteenth century Japan Blackthorne learns Japanese customs and language to survive Through his heroism he is made Samurai and becomes a valuable asset to lord Toranaga, a major overlord vying for domination of Japan As Blackthorne gains an understanding of [...]

  5. I thought I will never find something like Shantaram again but I somehow did find it in Shogun although both have their differences as well as similarities Another thing that I really liked in the book was that it gave a very good insight at what has actually been happening during the colonization, not only in Japan but all over the world.I was a bit bored in the beginning of the book but everything fell into place the moment Mariko came in the picture D The plot is complex and very political so [...]

  6. Audible had a sale a while ago, so I picked up Shogun to read because I remember just loving it when I was young Wow I have been thinking that editors have been getting worse as time goes by, but I m not sure there was an editor for this book There is lots that just doesn t make sense For instance, at one time the Anjisan is captured in the enemy s castle There is a fight, which the Angisan loses, and then all of a sudden he is walking out with a priest with no explanation of why he has been let [...]

  7. This was abandoned, not finished.I was initially thrilled and excited about this book The storm tossed seas, the salt of adventure, the sight of Japan after ten thousand miles of travel, the culture shock of a hyper advanced, death obsessed society Surely this will be a rollicking good time But it rollicked on and on and on, violence and death and the same episodic pattern of conflict and intrigue and boring politics 200 pages 400 pages 600 pages Nope The characters were static, or else contradi [...]

  8. There might be a story worth reading somewhere in here, but there was way too much unimportant and dull dialogue for me to continue I made it about 10% through and gave up I would have loved focus on progressing the story, though I did enjoy the parts about Japanese culture, but there was a serious lack of editing that killed my interest Based on the plot synopsis I read, I think I d enjoy a 300 400 page version instead of this 1000 page version.

  9. This book said a lot about late 20th century America than Imperial Japan at the dawn of the 17th century, but its plot was compelling enough and it gave me enough Richard CHamberlain flashbacks for me to finish.

  10. Really consuming book and original script, James Clavell is really gifted writer, I learned alot from the book about the traditions of Japan.

  11. Mentalitatea japonez m a l sat cu gura c scat i mi a pl cut c abia la sf r it se men ioneaz leg tura titlului cu toat ac iunea.

  12. This book is like a highly magnified version of an astoundingly beautiful haiku It is a fictionalized historical narrative that imbibes the very essence of poetry There is a lot of learn from this as well Lord Toranaga modeled from 16th century shogun Tokugawa leyasu is an encyclopedia of leadership, strategy and the art of living in a destined job Along with the many layers of narrative with falconry equated with leadership, nature with human emotion, fleeting existence of life with everlasting [...]

  13. Exceptional book I greatly enjoyed Clavell s depiction of the Samurai and the Japanese culture From my preliminary research it seems to be based on sound history The writing style of the book brings the ready into the atmosphere of 1600 century Japan along the journey of the primary protagonist Whether intentional or not this book also is a comment on the pervasive spread of religion by Western European nations and how closely conquest and trade were tied with these same religions If you enjoy h [...]

  14. I read this many years ago, but I remember it as a really, really good book I like historical novels, but only if they really describe the times in this case the time in Japanese history when the country was ruled by various warlords I learned a great deal about Japan before Admiral Perry dragged them out of their isolation and into the modern world It s a very well written and informative book Highly recommended for history novel buffs.

  15. I started on volume 2 accidentally and got a quarter of the way through before I realized it I went back and read volume 1 and it is making a bit sense now The details are incredible and I read that James Clavell had been a POW which makes sense on the intricate knowledge he has of the culture A stunning portrayal of how different cultures can be and what is normal to our culture can be absolutely crazy to another culture.

  16. There are books that change your way of thinking This book is one of those So save it for when you have the patience for a long book and tolerance for dramatic love affairs and larger than life characters, but it s worth reading, accurate than you might think, and surprisingly compelling Just expect to hold your nose through the first few hundred pages until the story really starts.

  17. My favourite of the Asian series by the late James Clavell The author knew Asia and Japan well and describes feudal Japan in wonderful detail The characters are absorbing and your almost sorry when the book ends I have read this than once and enjoy it every

  18. Read this book many, many years ago and thought it amazing A Kindle edition was too good to miss and so I ll be reading this classic again very soon

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