Grown Men

Grown Men Best Read || [Damon Suede] Grown Men Best Read || [Damon Suede] - Grown Men, Grown Men Every future has dirty roots Marooned in the galactic backwaters of the HardCell company colonist Runt struggles to eke out an existence on a newly terraformed tropical planetoid Since his clone wife

  • Title: Grown Men
  • Author: Damon Suede
  • ISBN: 9781937551100
  • Page: 120
  • Format: ebook

Grown Men Best Read || [Damon Suede], Grown Men, Damon Suede, Grown Men Every future has dirty roots Marooned in the galactic backwaters of the HardCell company colonist Runt struggles to eke out an existence on a newly terraformed tropical planetoid Since his clone wife died on entry he s been doing the work of two on his failing protein farm Overworked and undersized Runt s dwindling hope of earning corporate citizenship has turned to fEvery future has

Grown Men

Grown Men Best Read || [Damon Suede] Grown Men Best Read || [Damon Suede] - Grown Men, Grown Men Every future has dirty roots Marooned in the galactic backwaters of the HardCell company colonist Runt struggles to eke out an existence on a newly terraformed tropical planetoid Since his clone wife Grown Men

  • Grown Men Best Read || [Damon Suede]
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Grown Men

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  1. This first part of this book started off with a seriously good foot, the world was intriguing, the imagery was awesome, it was moving fast I wanted that big thing that was going to happen, to happen NOW NOW NOW It didAnd then not much else happened for like a third of the book.Runt lives in some sort of far off island, he is working the land that he will eventually partly own One day he received a provisions box and inside he gets not only a ton of stuff for his daily life He also gets an enormo [...]

  2. 3.5 StarsDefinitely original Wholly interesting with an intriguing setup.Runt is barely getting by He s contracted with big corporate to farm a planet for future colonization With seven years of service he hopes to succeed in order to become a shareholder However, Runt is down on his luck, profitability slowly slipping through his fingers as he s forever falling behind, trying to do a multitude of tasks meant for two.Fortuitously, supplies finally land, and instead of a new wife, he gets the hul [...]

  3. Pioneer life in space.Runt has been slotted to terraform a section of a planet located on the edges of everywhere He s been alone for awhile due to a landing issue and managed to keep it together He s a bit gruff and unrefined, but likable enough Still, life is rough and lonely.That all changes with the next drop shipment Runt gets than he bargained for, and now he s got a mystery Loved the way Runt and Ox were able to communicate, the organic growth of their friendship, and the honestly, loved [...]

  4. I read the short Seedy Business first, which centers around something which happened to Ox one of the protagonist before we meet him in this book, even if he is just mentioned,and I still don t know if I was happy for having read it or not, so I can t give you any meaningful advice On one hand it helped me understand a little bit of Ox s mystery, but on the other hand I would have enjoyed to discover Ox s secrets little by little like Runt does.I also agree with other reviewers which felt that t [...]

  5. 4.5 stars I only started reading romance a few years ago and prior to that I read mostly scifi fantasy So it s great to find a scifi romance for Science Fiction fans DS does a great job with the terra forming and with the futuristic lingo and artifacts weapons he has created His science is very plausible in this HardCell verse.The author has created two memorable characters in Runt and Ox Runt s loneliness and Ox s simple pleasure in the ocean and open spaces are just a couple of the endearing a [...]

  6. Runnan Runt is a terraformer sharecropper indentured servant corporate slave to a galactic mega corporation that transforms uninhabitable planets into new frontiers In exchange for his 7 year commitment, Runt will spend his life hammering out an existence while assisting the newly formed planet into growth At his side, his cloned matey she didn t make it to the planet alive, and the corporation has left him alone to struggle.When Runt s supply shipment lands unexpectedly, he is surprised to find [...]

  7. Well, Damon Suede is now on my must read list Grown Men was exquisitely descriptive I was totally drawn into the world Suede has created it felt both highly inventive and plausible, and that doesn t always come together in works like this The world building seemed effortless.What really got me on board, though, was the use of language I love when authors create their own lexicon to support a work and you kinda need to take that liberty when you are created alternative worlds, right Suede has int [...]

  8. Fans of author Damon Suede s wild and luscious creativity are in for another wonderful experience with this novella The world building is excellent, the real life setting accurate within the science fiction one I live in a tropical island, have bathed in a soupy warm ocean, sat on the cool sand at night and gazed at the starry sky, enjoyed falling asleep to the lullaby of the warm breeze rustling the palm trees and the ocean waves washing onto the shore in the inexorable rhythm of the tides Yes, [...]

  9. After reading Hot Head, I was excited to read of Damon Suede I read Seedy Business , the free short that serves as a sort of prequel to Grown Men, and I really enjoyed it, even though most of it was gross on purpose I mean, SPERM PIRATES The sense of humor and the language play were absolutely fantastic, and the cyberpunk type world it took place in was fascinating Have you ever seen that section of Ice Pirates where the heroes get strapped to an assembly line and animated dentures attempt to c [...]

  10. Really really good sci fi m m story between a highly unlikely duo I absolutely loved Ox and his gentle giant ways Runt, who is the narrator of the story, also grew on me and was endearing in his insecurities and doubt over the motives of his oversized partner Although Ox is mute, his actions are so sweet and loving, and I just wanted to give him a huge bear hug because he was so adorable He just goes to show that you really don t need words to show your love actions speak clearly enough The worl [...]

  11. Suede has set himself an impressive challenge here a two person story, with no side characters or even a single back story character, in which one cannot speak at all It s a very risky move and it repeatedly pushes the story in unexpected directions The pacing, focus, plot development, relationship are all off in the good sense of not the usual If you re a fan of undemanding reading as I am, it forces you to let go of your usual reliance on generic cues and conventions and just follow this story [...]

  12. Re Read Jan 2012I will now rate this 4.5 Stars after rereading the story I enjoyed it even then the first time and I didnt think that possible While I stand by my original review I can now state that this is a story that you can keep reading over again and finding to love This book is hard to review.In some ways I really love it but in other ways I thought it didnt live up to full potential I loved the world building, at first it was a little slow and confusing but it soon developed into a fas [...]

  13. The newest addition to the HardCell world really took me by surprise I think I expected something gritty and slightly twisted see Seedy Business Instead, Grown Men is a tender, moving love story about two very different men who slowly learn to depend on one another, become friends, and eventually realize that their true home is with each other One of the aspects of the novella that I truly enjoyed is how well Runt develops over the course of the narrative Runt initially comes off as very self ab [...]

  14. This book starts out with Runt living on a planet in Andromeda He was originally sent there to make the planet habitable and but has been basically stranded He is sent some provisions every so often and has been awaiting his wife that was supposed to be sent to him When he receives his latest shipment there is a man that lands on the planet, Ox.The story basically follows their relationship together and how they go from being wary co inhabitants to friends to lovers There wasn t any sort of acti [...]

  15. This review was originally posted on my blog Joyfully JayRunt has been alone on a deserted island for over a year, sent there by the HardCell conglomerate to terraform a remote planet If he successfully completes his seven years of servitude, Runt will one day own a piece of the farm and become a HardCell shareholder, a hard won victory in a difficult world Runt was supposed to have a partner, a clone wife who would help him work the farm and start a family However, the clone wife was destroyed [...]

  16. Before I read this book I read the freebie short Seedy Business which is a prequel to this story I m glad I did because it gave me a lot of much needed information about the character of Ox If I hadn t read Seedy Business then I think I would have found this story a whole lot frustrating than I did.Grown Men is a futuristic sci fi story set on a far away planet It tells of Runt who s a farmer pioneer on the planet having been placed there by the intergalactic company HardCell His job is to make [...]

  17. Upon finishing this novel, is someone is wondering like me why it was so short, well you can console yourself with that first transmission in the title, meaning that I think the author has in storage for these grown men of his.Runt is already wondering if he did the right choice when he signed for being a colonist on Andromeda there is nothing resembling home in this land and the promised cloned wife didn t survive the landing So Runt is not only hungry of food he is also starving from isolatio [...]

  18. Terrafarmer Runt is working off a seven year contract on a newly formed planet Alone and desperate, he is eagerly awaiting a long over due cargo package When the crate finally arrives, Runt is beyond thankful at the amount of provisions inside Where he had hoped to find his new clone wife the previous Mrs Runt disintegrated enroute he is astonished to find a rather overly large male, staring up at him.What got me was the first smile the new arrival offered Runt Not a sinister, yeah its game on b [...]

  19. Runt is a small and scrappy terraformer toiling away on a corporately owned island After seven years he ll own part of the place and be a stockholder When a shipment of provisions drops onto Runt s island there s a big surprise hiding inside Ox is a mysterious giant Runt is left to find out why he s been sent a mute behemoth of a man instead of a clone wife This book starts out strong Damon Suede writes some amazing imagery 3D movies and holovids, double suns in the sky, sweaty work in a muggy t [...]

  20. I ve always enjoyed sci fi and when there s a chance to read it in the m m world, I consider it an indulgent treat There s just not enough of it with a romance attached to it I had a few issues with this one in that I should have finished it rather quickly but found myself re reading passages to better understand what was being said When the writing is good without being overly clinical, it makes for a enjoyable read for me especially since I read for pleasure not insight Found myself editing f [...]

  21. It was cute, fun, and different as long as you are ok with extremely explicit erotic gay male sex.This is a short novel maybe a third of the length of a regular novel I believe sequels are coming The prequel is Seedy Business a free download from and the author s website It s not necessary to read both together, but it did provide a little back story I gave 4 stars to Seedy Business Runt is a short man alone on a planetoid, overseeing terraforming transformation He works for the galactic mega co [...]

  22. One of the things I love about sci fi is you can always expect the unexpected It s a grand stage for something new and different And that s what I liked most about this story.The world building is nicely done, and the characters grow on you quickly with Runt named for his small stature and Ox his enormous height and brawn And if you re curious about Ox, yes THAT too is enormous.The relationship builds slowly as Runt was expecting a wife to be provided not a giant man who is mute But as they work [...]

  23. I m kind of at a loss for words I d like to gush about how wonderful this story is, but I can t figure out where to start The world building is some of the most clever and dynamic I ve ever read, and how you can take a book with only two characters and have one of them mute, and make it work.les my mind But it did work Beautifully.It was interesting seeing the HardCell world from Runt s point of view In fact, I liked Runt and as the story progressed And Ox, the big lug, was really quite adorab [...]

  24. Wonderful slow, sexy ride and the world is so damn intriguing I usually skip descriptions, skimming for details to hang my mental picture on, but no way, not with this story Quite lyrical here Lovely Adored Ox and the easy glide of the building romance.Looking forward to in the HardCell universe

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  26. Due to my ignorance, I read Grown Men before reading Seedy Business Thankfully, it worked out for the best as I was forced to see Ox through Runt s eyes Not having any background info on Ox made me appreciate Runt s thoughts and questions regarding the gentle behemoth I really recommend reading Grown Men, before Seedy Business I think it really affects the feel of the series for the better.Now for the Review.Despite it s short length, Grown Men gives a surprisingly slow and drawn out feeling It [...]

  27. 3.5 stars Rounded up for.I really enjoyed Damon Suede s debut m m romance novel, Hot Head It wasn t my favorite m m novel, but it definitely stuck with me because Suede s writing style is so individual But as much as I liked Hot Head, it doesn t compare to the fantastic sci fi world building and unique, memorable characters in Suede s HardCell series The free short Seedy Business is delightfully f ed up fun, and Grown Men is even better.It takes a reasonable amount of skill to write a 100 page n [...]

  28. Excellent A novella with exceptional world building and some pretty steamy sex I loved that his men, though not exactly regular guys, are not sterile either, and neither is the sex No hairless yaoi men here, thank goodness Not that I expect yaoi boys from gay writers But I digress.This was solid world building he created a fascinating world I am very interested in reading about, and he did it without resorting to boring info dumps It was subtle and engrossing Also, while some have claimed it to [...]

  29. I bought this late last night and stayed up until my eyes were literally closing on me Then I woke up and finished it before work Amazing sci fi world I think the advertainers were the most fascinating thing to me for some reason I read the free story, Seedy Business right before, and while you don t need to read it, I think it definitely enhanced it My only issue was it was too short I wanted to see of Ox and Runt together and read how they manage to overcome obstacles like Ox s past Glad thi [...]

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