The Greater Trumps

Õ The Greater Trumps î Charles Williams Õ The Greater Trumps î Charles Williams - The Greater Trumps, The Greater Trumps Charles Williams had a genius for choosing strange and exciting themes for his novels and making them believable and profoundly suggestive of spiritual truths The Tarot pack the ancestor of all playi

  • Title: The Greater Trumps
  • Author: Charles Williams
  • ISBN: 9781573831116
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback

Õ The Greater Trumps î Charles Williams, The Greater Trumps, Charles Williams, The Greater Trumps Charles Williams had a genius for choosing strange and exciting themes for his novels and making them believable and profoundly suggestive of spiritual truths The Tarot pack the ancestor of all playing cards is first mentioned in history in the origin of the deck is not known Tradition has it that the gypsies brought the Tarot from Egypt and that the cards were uCharles W

The Greater Trumps

Õ The Greater Trumps î Charles Williams Õ The Greater Trumps î Charles Williams - The Greater Trumps, The Greater Trumps Charles Williams had a genius for choosing strange and exciting themes for his novels and making them believable and profoundly suggestive of spiritual truths The Tarot pack the ancestor of all playi The Greater Trumps

  • Õ The Greater Trumps î Charles Williams
    466Charles Williams
The Greater Trumps

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  1. The Greater Trumps is a powerfully conceived work brilliantly constructed on the basis of the ancient Tarot Card Deck Williams studied the works of A.C Waite and his novel is apparently using the images created for the Rider Deck designed by Patricia Coleman Smith under the direction of Waite The images of this deck were a perfect focus for the imagination of Charles Williams who was able to transfigure their already powerful iconic meanings into transcendental images of profound spirituality To [...]

  2. It s hard to describe Charles Williams high Anglican fantasy religious novels of manners without sounding like a character in a Charles Williams novel I pick them up, find myself falling into another world, finish it, recommend it to someone else and then I look at the book again, and find it unreadable and the experience I had undiscoverable sometimes I can t even find the words I remember so well Imagine a novelist engineered by grafting CS Lewis onto Henry Green rootstock with a crossing from [...]

  3. This and the following books by Charles Williams are not like any other books I have ever read They bent my mind out of shape and sort of gave it a new shape, if that makes any sense.They are very well written and very good mystical stories with real meaning.

  4. I really wanted to like this one, but it just doesn t work as a story And, stylistically, it was a little too self conscious I imagine Williams at his writing desk looking over his shoulder at the works of Virginia Woolf on the shelf As for his theology, a bit too fuzzy, a bit too romantic for my taste and, regrettably, marked with that smug self satisfaction typified in the theological writings of his fellow Inkling C.S Lewis.

  5. Summary An legacy of a singular pack of tarot cards that correspond to images of the Greater Trumps arranged in a dance on a platform of gold in the retreat of a gypsy master drives his grandson to risk love and life to uncover the powers of the cards.Charles Williams is known as one of the members of the Inklings who wrote supernatural fantasy thrillers Lesser known was his interest in the occult arts, particularly through the influence of A E Waite and his Fellowship of the Rosy Cross This wor [...]

  6. A couple of weeks ago my Dad and I went to John K King Rare and Used Books in downtown Detroit a remarkable place, I highly recommend it for the express purpose of seeking out the novels of Charles Williams For those familiar with the name, he is mostly remembered as The Third Inkling The Inklings were an informal early to mid twentieth century Oxford literary group that famously included C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, Charles Williams, and Owen Barfield, amongst others I recently read a stellar book [...]

  7. Williams could have done so much than he did with the raw material of the novel s premises, but I enjoyed it nonetheless The original Tarot deck is rediscovered by a Gypsy family who are guardians of its companion set of magical figures Supernatural mischief ensues when they attempt to steal it and wield their combined powers CW s Romantic Theology heavily informs the plot.What I enjoyed most about this novel in comparison to the previous four, is that it is the least overtly Christian If not f [...]

  8. Williams is the least known of the Inklings, the group of writers who met weekly in a pub in Oxford The others are C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, and Dorothy Sayers Like Lewis, he was a devout Christian, and all his novels, adult fantasies, are written to teach something His background is complex, though He was active in several esoteric groups for years before committing to Christianity and I find the influence those teachings as dominant as the Christian themes in his books.The Greater Trumps is ab [...]

  9. I don t have the vocabulary or the depth of intellect to analyze the attraction I feel for the novels of Charles Williams I ve each one at least four times, and I nurture the hope that if I keep reading them, eventually I will understand them Part of the problem is that his writing is deeply imbue with Christian theology, and yet he was a friend of the occult as well, a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn His understanding of Tarot is as deep as that of Christianity In this book he merges the [...]

  10. This was assigned reading in one of my college courses, presented, in the words of my professor, as a graphic example of how not to write a book My professor was right This is NOT how a book should be written I resented the time I had to spend reading this dreck.

  11. I think I enjoyed this book the least of Williams s novels I ve read so far The supernatural aspect was ok Tarot cards But most of the action took place in one locale, and that didn t really succeed The characters were mostly unlikable, which is not my preference I found myself skimming to the end for plot because I stopped caring about the esoteric descriptions.I really liked the character of Sibyl and what Williams did with her, but it wasn t enough to redeem the rest of the book.Worth reading [...]

  12. ExcellentGreat read Very mysterious and the writing creates a unique mood Williams is a master craftsman It s hard to believe thiswas written so long ago,

  13. Very fine The wonder and power of simple, unaffected love The earlier of Williams works are celestial conflict revolving around antagonist, protagonist, and and one solitary human being in the middle with extraordinary choices forced upon her The Greater Trumps contains all that, but the resolution is of a different sort but, to me, quite satisfying The entire book is, as expected, surreal.

  14. I wanted to like this so much than I did, though I seem to be defending it against the two star rating that s probably accurate Today, Williams is remembered, if at all, as one of the lesser known Inklings, after Tolkein and Lewis, his spiritual themes distinguished by a rather mystical bent This is the first of his works I ve read and the one that piqued my interest most of all, its title referring to the major arcana of a very unusual deck of tarot cards One unexpected side effect of reading [...]

  15. How come I keep coming back to the novels of Charles Williams As one of the lesser known of the infamous inklings that included J.R.R Tolkein and C.S Lewis, his wrings have not captured the imagination of nearly so many as have these I do not return because of the ease of reading Williams I often get bogged down in his awkward descriptions and meandering writing style But I can think of three reasons 1 His mastery of mystical theology and his prioritization of inner transformation over outer per [...]

  16. I did enjoy this book despite it s very real flaws I have to admit that I have a grunging admiration for Williams I have long searched for this book since I was first introduced and then mesmerizied by All Hallows Eve way back in college Since then, piece by piece my love for his work was built not just by his strange novels, but by his theology What is there not to admire Williams went his own way and created his own theology, even recreating the word theology in a way This book is about order [...]

  17. Charles Williams is a weirdo But he s still the shizzy Upon an ancient golden table, golden figurines perpetually move by some magnetism of the Earth to the Great Dance that is, the rhythm of all things that happen in this world The table and figurines are half of a set The other half is the original Tarrot cards Together, it is believed, they have the power to explain eachother s mysteries, and maybe even manipulate time, space, and the elements By some great coincidence or movement of the Danc [...]

  18. Charles Williams to me, in his own words If it was Love that the old womanwas praising now, the shrill voice didn t quite sound like it But itmight be with the sweet irony of Perfection, one could never tell Itwas never what you expected, but always and always incredibly .That sovereign estate, the inalienable heritage of man, had been in her, asin all, falsely mortgaged to the intruding control of her own greedydesires Even when the true law was discovered, when she knew that shehad the right a [...]

  19. I ve always admired Williams work, and while this one had never been at the top of the list for me, I was curious to see what I thought now Certainly no one else has ever written quite like him either in terms of style or ideas, which is part of his appeal.This time around I concluded that the first half of the book was the most successful that is to say, before the supernatural aspect becomes dominant Since Williams could quite brilliantly convey mystical and supernatural states and ideas, it i [...]

  20. Whether we understand every line of a Williams novel or not, we feel something deep inside us quicken as Williams tells the tale i Williams is one of those rare authors one longs to know and query in person about important things ix Some by cards and some by hands, he said, and some by the stars 10 She enjoyed everything and he, he enjoyed nothing 39 She looked down at the hands that lay in her lap Hands, she said Can they do it They can do anything, he said They have power 53 I think you re a l [...]

  21. A very strange Fantasy novel with cryptic religious elements The plot involves the attempts by a few characters to get control of the original set of tarot cards from which all other decks are copied With the original deck the user cannot manipulate the future rather than just foretell it, also each suit bestows a degree of control over one of the classical elements earth, air, fire, and water The description sounds like the plot of a classic quest fantasy, but in execution it is like an Edward [...]

  22. Charles Williams, like all the Inklings, was weird as hell He worked at an academic publishing house, which he regarded as a kind of knightly devoir, and conducted or less courtly love affairs with a little bdsm glitter sprinkled over them, while taking part in an Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn y church thing His novels are surprisingly entertaining, suspenseful, and well written how Clive Lewis must have hated him for that, after the disaster that was the Perelandra books The Greater Trumps [...]

  23. Definitely one of the strangest novels I can recall reading It centers on a mysterious set of golden figures which moves across a golden table, and a set of Tarot cards which matches the figures and holds the key to understanding the movement dance of the figures The dance represents the activity of all things in the universe The golden figures are held by an old gypsy but the cards are owned by the father of the gypsy s grandson s lover.Suffice it to say that things get completely out of contro [...]

  24. A DRAGGING DANCE I was ever so excited My love, Tarot, was about to meet my other love, reading novels, and dance together to the sounds of life going byBut it was a boring dance the musician did not perform well The sentences towards the end of the book seemed to repeat each other over and over and the ending was quite unsatisfactory though a predictable and wished for one I dragged myself to the end of the book, to the end of the snow fall just to make sure I was not missing something oh no, I [...]

  25. Like all of Charles Williams s books, something supernatural invades the natural world In this case, view spoiler a deck of Tarot cards the originals , which are brought near a tray of golden figures which move in accordance with the Great Dance Proximity unleashes great power.Also part of the Dance are people, some of whom wish to learn how to harness that power for better or worse, and others which move in the Dance adoring Love God Those who want to harness the power come out worse for wear t [...]

  26. This is an unusual novel by a lesser known Inkling who was also an Anglican Kabbalist An obsessed father son team uses tarot archetypes to unleash elemental forces which are eventually tamed by a Christian mystic Think Lewis Carroll, C.S Lewis, and Dan Brown colluding to produce a churning avalanche of imagery, punctuated by what is probably sound spiritual advice It would make good anime As a novel, it was sort of B grade, a flimsy vehicle for what the author had to say, but it s better than a [...]

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