High-Rise Best Read || [J.G. Ballard] High-Rise Best Read || [J.G. Ballard] - High-Rise, High Rise When a class war erupts inside a luxurious apartment block modern elevators become violent battlegrounds and cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on enemy floors In this visionary tale

  • Title: High-Rise
  • Author: J.G. Ballard
  • ISBN: 9780871404022
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

High-Rise Best Read || [J.G. Ballard], High-Rise, J.G. Ballard, High Rise When a class war erupts inside a luxurious apartment block modern elevators become violent battlegrounds and cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on enemy floors In this visionary tale human society slips into violent reverse as once peaceful residents driven by primal urges re create a world ruled by the laws of the jungle


High-Rise Best Read || [J.G. Ballard] High-Rise Best Read || [J.G. Ballard] - High-Rise, High Rise When a class war erupts inside a luxurious apartment block modern elevators become violent battlegrounds and cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on enemy floors In this visionary tale High-Rise High Rise novel High Rise is a novel by British writer J G Ballard The story describes the disintegration of a luxury high rise building as its affluent residents gradually descend into violent chaos As with Ballard s previous novels Crash and Concrete Island , High Rise inquires into the ways in which modern social and technological landscapes could alter the human psyche in provocative high rise building architecture Britannica high rise building, multistory building tall enough to require the use of a system of mechanical vertical transportation such as elevators The skyscraper is a very tall high rise building The first high rise buildings were constructed in the United States in the s They arose in urban areas Extra High Rise Just Jeans Amaze Extra High Rise Full Length Skinny Jean colour Added To Bag Second Skin X Hi Skinny Ankle New In Added To Bag Compare Add to compare Added JOIN JUST JEANS Join today to receive % off for the next month be the first to receive VIP offers and must have denim trends One Clinton Brooklyn Heights One Clinton is a rare collection of modern homes inspired by the historic and graceful surroundings of Brooklyn Heights With its grand proportions, hand crafted limestone faade and meticulously designed interiors, One Clinton is an iconic addition to one of the city s most beloved neighborhoods. High rise syndrome High rise syndrome is a veterinary term for injuries sustained by a cat falling from a building, typically higher than two stories m ft Injuries sustained by cats falling Common injuries sustained in cats after a fall include Broken bones, most likely the jawbone as the cat s chin hits the ground a broken jawbone and shattered teeth are the classic signs of a cat having High rise building construction SlideShare High rise building construction BY DIGVIJAY RAMTEKE PRASHANT DEVDA HIGH RISE BUILDING CONSTRUCTION NEED OF HIGH RISE BUILDING High rise buildings are becoming prominent these days due to following reasons scarcity of land increasing demand for business and residential space economic growth technological advancement innovations in structural systems Houston High Rise Condos For Sale High Rise Condos in Houston has high rise condos currently for sale around town ranging in price from , to ,, We specialize in high rise condos in Houston and can help you buy, sell or lease. Jerusalem s tallest high rise approved Globes Jerusalem s tallest high rise approved Shikun Binui to agree heavy fine if bribery charge dropped Shikun Binui to agree heavy fine if bribery charge dropped Nov, Globes correspondent The floor Marom Tower will be part of the City Gateway project at the Western entrance to the city The Jerusalem Local Planning and Building Committee has approved the floor Marom Tower Outrigger Structural System for High Rise Building All High rise buildings are subjected to large lateral deformation either due to wind or seismic loads The core structure of a high rise building is subjected to cantilever deformation, as shown in Figure , while the frame structures surrounding the core are subjected to portal type deformation This causes high drift and overturning effects on the structure The incorporation of outriggers innovations in high rise building design Building High rise Construction May , The anti high rise Seattle s The Net by NBBJ In this exclusive video interview for HorizonTV, Ryan Mullenix, Design Partner with NBBJ, talks with BD C s John Caulfield about a new building in Seattle called The Net that promotes wellness and connectivity.

  • High-Rise Best Read || [J.G. Ballard]
    414J.G. Ballard

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  1. A low crime rate doctor, she told him amiably, is a sure sign of social deprivation Anthony Royal built the Titanic of skyscrapers A state of the art, megalithic structure suitable for 2,000 tenants It is a self contained environment with everything a tenant would need such as shopping or exercise or even schools for their kids The people the building attracts are white collar, well educated, professionals The apartments sell out quickly and as everyone start to settle into their new lives glitc [...]

  2. WELCOME TO BALLARD APARTMENTS Luxury Living To Die For Our extra ordinary apartment complex is a full service microcosm and so offers all the comforting amenities and thrilling excitements of the modern world in one lavish locale Imagine never having to step foot outside again Whether your interests include swimming, shopping, the education of youngsters, simply lounging about without a care or even outr amusements such as rape, murder, incest, cannibalism, and the creating of small bands of li [...]

  3. As I was walking along the aisles of the bookstore, I suddenly heard a little raspy voice, coming from one of the shelves Psst, four eyes Over here Huh It was J.G Ballard s novel, High Rise , talking to me Don t you look like a jolly chap All happy and stuff Not a worry in the world And so decent Why are you so goddamn decent all the time Huh Are you supposed to be talking I do whatever I damn well please Tell me, you look like the kind of goody two shoes who actually LIKES people So, you have f [...]

  4. Posted at Heradas ReviewA disturbing enthralling allegory class struggle, self deception, and the animalistic brutality concealed just below the surface of human civilization I knew of Ballard from the new wave SF of the late 60s early 70s, particularly Harlan Ellison s Dangerous Visions compilations, wherein he s described by Ellison in his story introduction as one of the few mainstream lit crossovers coming from the world of speculative fiction He is an eloquently gifted writer, straightforwa [...]

  5. Later, as he sat on his balcony eating the dog, Dr Robert Laing reflected on the unusual events that had taken place within this huge apartment building during the previous three months This is one instance where I m painfully aware of the inadequacy of a star rating system for books To give Ballard s High Rise three stars does very little to capture its strengths, but importantly, its ultimate failure as a novel I m going to try and do that in my review here, but just in case my rambling goes [...]

  6. The high rise was a huge machine designed to serve, not the collective body of tenants, but the individual resident in isolation JG Ballard, High RiseI love Ballard He both attracts and repels me at the same time No That isn t quite it He freaks the hell out of me His stories and novels are so damn sharp and prescient High Rise was written in 1975 43 years ago , right after Crash 1973 and Concrete Island 1974 , but he seems to GET the psychology of Twitter and Facebook He gets Trump He GETS Trum [...]

  7. Storie di ordinaria folliaChi non ha mai assistito a litigi tra condomini per l uso delle parti comuni, per il gioco a pallone dei bambini in giardino O alle lamentele tra vicini per la televisione troppo alta o per le feste dei ragazzi O a discussioni per parcheggi e posti auto, per l immondizia o la manutenzione degli ascensori Cose normali dovute alla forzata convivenza di tante teste e tante famiglie negli stessi palazzi Basta un po di buon senso che di solito non c , tanta pazienza ce ne vu [...]

  8. 7 10 High Riseis not an easy novel to fit into a specific genre It s not exacly science fiction because the time frame is contemporary England cca 1975 Yet the novel does try to use a scientific approach to the study of human behaviour psychology So, I guess you can call it soft SF You can also call it a dystopian novel, a horror novel or a thriller, but for me the best description is as an adult, x rated version of Lord of the Flies Now the new order had emerged, in which all life within the hi [...]

  9. Having read all of his short stories some time ago, I ve finally decided to check out his full length novels His short stories are famous for being vivid and imaginative, not to mention incredibly prophetic, but let me say that this book is like nothing I ve read before perhaps Saramago emulates in Blindness the mass hysteria of a people left to fend for themselves or who prefer it that way in a similar way it has some traces of Lord of the Flies and Margaret Atwood definitely owes him for her o [...]

  10. Oh J.G Ballard I just don t think we are meant to be friends.Other than Crash, High Rise is the only other thing that I have ever been interested in reading by Ballard I saw the film adaptation with Tom Hiddleston, which I enjoyed although felt it was a little style over substance , so when I saw that the audiobook was narrated by Hiddleston himself, I decided to try Ballard again in a slightly different form.Hiddleston is a great narrator, and even employs different accents in his reading which [...]

  11. I haven t read much Ballard so I don t feel like I ve read this book by him before Apparently, this is a kind of common theme with him Affluent people turning savage in the modern world Any book that promises rich people acting all Lord of the Flies on one another is going to catch my interest And this one caught my attention and was pretty successful at holding it The book takes place in a 1960 s 70 s version of a state of the art high rise apartment complex It s an almost totally self containe [...]

  12. High Rise Lord of the Flies in an urban luxury high riseOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureMOVIE UPDATE I finally got around to watching the 2015 film version of High Rise, directly by Ben Wheatley and starring Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Siena Miller, Luke Evans, and Elizabeth Moss How to assess Well, it is a valiant attempt to replicate Ballard s bizarre and surrealistic story of social elites battling the lower classes in a fancy new high rise and willfully descending into barbarism and [...]

  13. A new social type was being created by the apartment building, a cool, unemotional personality impervious to the psychological pressures of high rise life, with minimal needs for privacy, who thrived like an advanced species of machine in the neutral atmosphere.High Rise is both bleak and prescient, there s no doubt in that What Ballard didn t anticipate was how one could make such distinctions, incorporate such new traits and attitudes, how such evolution could be made portable with an Apple Wa [...]

  14. A forty storey high rise apartment building stands surrounded only by it s tenants parking spaces and then, other soon to be completed forty storey high rise apartment buildings.All is well, initially, as the building fills up with tenants who only need to leave to go to work the building itself has gyms, swimming pools, supermarkets, hairdressers, restaurants and other shops and services Soon after the last apartment is occupied, however, things take a strange turn Services such as elevators, g [...]

  15. Alternative title THIS is why we can t have nice things Okay, having collected my thoughts, here are the points I think worth mentioning I loved the book Just fucking LOVED the book As in, I will read everything this author ever wrote loved the book My first impression was that this is Lord of the Flies for adults I enjoyed this a lot than I did Golding s book.From here on out, the whole thing is pretty much one big spoiler So if you haven t read the book, you ll need to go do that now I ll wai [...]

  16. Fascinating social commentary set in a new and luxurious high rise complex in London.Petty conflicts between the different floors escalate alarmingly quickly to extreme levels.We are following three main characters from each of the different classes floors who represent their peers grouped by job status Each character does have his own personality and is not a complete slave to his class stereotype the individual experiences are just as interesting as the the whole social picture.The violence th [...]

  17. I realize that this book was written in 1976 which can possibly explain some of the reasons why I take it to task With that said SPOILERS BELOW We open on the balcony of one Robert Laing, who is noshing on a partially eaten dog and thinking with wonder about the events of the past months which have brought him to his current situation.Not a bad way to begin a book I m down As the story unfolds, we are introduced to the High Rise an ultra modern luxury apartment building, 40 stories high, with a [...]

  18. High Rise is a horrific novel, published in 1975, about a building that begins to have a strange hold over its residents The high rise is a virtual vertical city, with the higher levels representing higher social class status The building has it s own school, restaurants, pools, grocery store The only reason for its residents to leave is to go to work The residents begin to throw louder and wilder parties and begin leaving the building less and less often to go to work Often if they do go, they [...]

  19. 4 and a half stars.If you took The Lord of the Flies and A Clockwork Orange and threw them together in a blender, you would get a book that would be a lot like High Rise creepy, over the top, disturbingly plausible in some ways, really infuriating in others Basically, you d get something weirdly fascinating, which will understandably not be everyone s cup of tea I suppose I like my tea dystopian and gross, because I loved it I m pretty sure that no one ever accused J.G Ballard of being subtle Hi [...]

  20. Good concept to explore social disintegration as facilitated by and contained within a high rise building The internal collapse of its occupants morality, and grip on reality, is skilfully mapped within the structure But I had issues with the book firstly, I was increasingly uncomfortable with the women in this text vulnerable wives open to sexual assault, passive victims, evil witch like figures, Freudian destructive mothers not a single woman written on an even level with the men , secondly, t [...]

  21. A dark mirror of the human psyche conjured with prose so crisp that every sentence on the page crackles like a downed power line spewing high voltage Ballard s mistrust of technology and humanity is so alluring that I couldn t help but find it all very logical that the occupants of a state of the art high rise would lose their shit in a serious way, form clans and wage war with other floors, and eventually go completely feral As far as I am concerned, in every human heart stands a forty story to [...]

  22. Yes, yes, it s just Lord of the Flies in an apartment building But the apartment building aspect is an important aspect, than enough to distinguish these two works from each other Let me see if I can explain why.I wish I d read this before moving into the house that I first moved into when I arrived in Boulder, because of how eerily accurate some of the events of the first half of the book are The house I moved into was a big old ramshackle ranch style house, with three bedrooms on the ground f [...]

  23. I need to think about this one Is it well written YES Might it be a story ahead of it s time, perhaps Is this science fiction Horror Literature I think it is all of them Did I like it I don t know Some things bothered me.I just deleted 50 sentences of rambling.Not ready to write this Six hours later I know what bother s me This is not about a general societal collapse Funny, that I can handle This is something insidious This is a group, a collective, who all deliberately choose to slowly one by [...]

  24. In a sense life in the high rise had begun to resemble the world outside there were the same ruthlessness and aggression concealed within a set of polite conventions Why me I see all these positive ratings and it makes me despondent to realise that, I probably read this book all wrong definitely a case of its not you but me I understand that the basic premise of the book was decay of any given society from within I vaguely recall reading in school about theories of decline of high civilizations [...]

  25. This is an excellent, disturbing and visionary novel which shows Ballard on absolute top form The residents of a tower block the High Rise of the title find that within the building s confines, society begins to crumble and their notion of humanity becomes and feral At the beginning this takes the form of petty disputes, but soon the residents of each floor form themselves into packs and battle for control of the lifts and stairwells, and even launch raids onto other levels Amazingly some resi [...]

  26. Read this with a few friends Interestingly, a fellow writer thought it was unspeakably awful, complaining about the poor characterization, unliterary language, and unrealistic plot Which reminds me of Tom McCarthy on JG Ballard I think the guy was a genius He was the only contemporary British writer that interested me or had any kind of influence on my work The thing about Ballard is that he s a great writer without being a good writer I mean he s not Nabokov or Updike He doesn t care about pros [...]

  27. These Flamingo Modern Classic reprints of Ballard books are an annoyance they are stuffed with extraneous extra material of a facile internetty nature Read this next If you liked this, read this next This book is also a film Wow Isn t that great Buy the film now Read this boring interview Of all the new modern classic editions I ve read, Ballard s book get the biggest advertising shunt Probably because Ballard was never anti capitalist as such he seemed to delight in the digitisation of culture [...]

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