Hopeless Magic

[PDF] Hopeless Magic | by Ò Rachel Higginson [PDF] Hopeless Magic | by Ò Rachel Higginson - Hopeless Magic, Hopeless Magic YOU VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MAGICAL MEET YOUR NEW OBSESSION TWILIGHT MEETS HARRY POTTER The Star Crossed Series has over reviews on After returning home from Romania and successfully sav

  • Title: Hopeless Magic
  • Author: Rachel Higginson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Hopeless Magic | by Ò Rachel Higginson, Hopeless Magic, Rachel Higginson, Hopeless Magic YOU VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MAGICAL MEET YOUR NEW OBSESSION TWILIGHT MEETS HARRY POTTER The Star Crossed Series has over reviews on After returning home from Romania and successfully saving her best friend Lilly Eden Matthews must now come to terms with her future as an Immortal She is in love with the CrownYOU VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MAGICAL MEET YOUR NEW OBSES

Hopeless Magic

[PDF] Hopeless Magic | by Ò Rachel Higginson [PDF] Hopeless Magic | by Ò Rachel Higginson - Hopeless Magic, Hopeless Magic YOU VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MAGICAL MEET YOUR NEW OBSESSION TWILIGHT MEETS HARRY POTTER The Star Crossed Series has over reviews on After returning home from Romania and successfully sav Hopeless Magic

  • [PDF] Hopeless Magic | by Ò Rachel Higginson
    169Rachel Higginson
Hopeless Magic

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  1. Oh NOOOO Oh, gosh Ok, yes Kiran sucks, but he thought he was doing the only thing he could He thought he had no choice I m torn about him But I am SOOOO in love with Jericho Started book 3 last night right after this at like 4am Things are definitely looking up bu I m still confused as to who she ll end up with

  2. This was an interesting instalment, and the ending really changed things Eden continued to be trouble in this book, and her power continued to grow to the point where she really didn t know what she was doing with it really.The storyline in this was about Eden having to go through a rite of passage that she had missed as she had been raised human, and also Eden fighting for Kiran s affections with his fianc throwing her weight around as usual It was the ending that was most surprising though, as [...]

  3. HOLY EFFING SHIT ON A STICK THAT ENDING.DAMN.Books just don t end like that I mean, I ve read books with crazy twists and all, but THIS My God I wanted to SCREAM.Of all things HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN The name of the series is Star Crossed for God s sake I justI can t evenI need to go start the next book

  4. Dear Fictional WomenPlease note Do not let guys make you feel bad for being a thinking, feeling human being.When he gets insecure, you pacify him sweetly and make him feel loved.When you get insecure, he makes you feel stupid and laughs at you.When he sees you with other guys, he throws a tantrum and breaks shit.When you see him with other girls, he expects you to deal with it It s all apart of the facade, babe, he tells you You re the one I really want DO NOT FALL FOR THIS LOAD OF HORSE EXCREME [...]

  5. I will not tire of telling everyone how awesome this book is The plot, the twists, the ending is very gripping I love the ending of book two and it makes my mouth water for the 3rd installment Characters have depth on this book and I m liking how the mysterious the story is and I can t predict what will happen next, thus making me want to know what happened all the And I really like the pace of this story, not laid back and not too forward either I will not be surprised if this series will be [...]

  6. I absolutely love this book I love Kiran even though he can be an immature, selfish ass but I also love Jericho Ugh Team Kiran No Team Jericho Screw it TEAM WHOEVER THE HELL WINS AND THE OTHER ONE HOPE YOU GET A GIRL THAT DESERVES YOU HONEY Because dammit they are both good and SEXY okay maybe Jericho is nicer and Kiran is hotter but they both have balanced redeeming and demeaning qualities view spoiler Further Many people were saying that Eden was being immature and selfish but come on Put your [...]

  7. I really enjoyed the Star Crossed series, though all four books desperately need an editor My deduction in scoring is primarily for the quality of the final product If an author wants us to buy books, the least she should do is get her work professionally edited I mean really, preface instead of pretense , to say nothing of the numerous misplaced words throughout the draft All that aside, the story was well told, the characters mostly believable, and the action well paced One major exception the [...]

  8. First thoughts Where do I start Compared to the first installment in this saga this one was much reachable deep The emotions in this book was outstanding, the writing was so precise that I actually empathized with Eden I could actually feel the emotions she was going through and boy were there a lot The point is, Hopeless Magic is a book like no other and be warned, compared to the first book this one is totally different but in the best possible way.Summary Lilly is finally back but things ar [...]

  9. This book is a fantastic follow up to Reckless Magic I thought I would explode at the end There is truth to the saying There s a thin line between love and hate The love story builds so well in this book and as a reader I was swept up in the emotions I enjoyed how characters appeared and you get background on ones that were in the first book, such as Jericho The way the male characters express themselves is beautiful They love and protect the ones they care deeply for Eden is still behind as u [...]

  10. Eden has not had a good couple of months While it is great she got Lilly out of prison, barging into a court room where the king is present is not something one would call under the radar Eden must also decide which is important carrying on her parent s wishes, and joining the resistance or be with Kiran, who also happens to be betrothed to someone else Now, the king knows that something about Eden isn t normal, or at least not normal in the realms of immortals Somehow, she keeps fighting off t [...]

  11. DEEP BREATH Firstly, Eden is a badass, even if it took great loss and sacrifice for her to own it The last 30% or so of this book was absolutely wonderful and engaging I experienced so many emotions Honestly, if I wasn t so hooked I would take a day or two to recover from the rollercoaster, Lol It is absolutely awesome when a book can do that to you and rare

  12. HOLY SHIT.I made so many notes while reading this book that I don t possibly have the time to turn them into a coherent review I m just going to tidy them up drop them right here.ON WHY I HATE KIRANThere is no way I could watch Kiran Seraphina all over each other day in, day out be okay with stolen moments with him I mean he s so not worth this effort Have some pride Eden.Why doesn t she confront Kiran after what Jericho tells her I question how convincing he really needs to be with Seraphina I [...]

  13. Book 30 of 2017 is Hopeless Magic from the Star Crossed series the by Rachel Higginson.I read the first book from this series a month ago and enjoyed it enough to want to read the second book.After finishing this arduous read with a whining teenage girl and her band of merry teenage men chasing her along with the once you have sex you are bonded for life message, I was glad it ended There will be no reading from this conservative non subtle instruction on how young women cause trouble by speaki [...]

  14. Loved this one even than book one I was so torn between rooting for Eden and Kiran versus Eden and Jericho, but by the end of this book was just absolutely heart broken at everything that had taken place My heart ached near the end when Kiran left Eden with Sebastian and things started to unravel, my heart broke when Eden was with Amory near the end, and it was completely destroyed when Eden and Avalon were talking in their heads making life altering decisions Oh the tears I cannot wait to cont [...]

  15. Holy mother fucking hell that was freakin INTENSE Like habanero peppers mixed with tabasco sauce intense Just wha why how who what What the hell did I just read Oh my god I seriously can t believe the book ended how it did HOW COULD KIRAN DO THAT I never really liked Kiran because he s been an asshole to Eden since the first book, but I really wanted to believe the best of him and give him the benefit of the doubt despite having a bastard of a father and being a bit or a lot of a prick himself B [...]

  16. Okay so there were a couple things that annoyed me about this book Cons I disliked Eden so very much in this book It s okay to make mistakes, but when you make mistakes as big as the ones she made, it makes you wonder First off, I don t like that she s dating Kiran It s really selfish She is putting her family and friends at risk just so she can have a few moments with her boyfriend There s no way I would sacrifice my family and friends for a few moments and I do mean few seeing as their a secre [...]

  17. The first one in this series was interesting just interesting enough to get you to the second one which blows the original story out of the water After reading Hopeless Magic, I realize Reckless Magic was of a vehicle to plod the reader through the world building and introduction of characters and relationships It was done painlessly enough, if not somewhat juvenile Smart move to make it a free purchase on I became a forgiving reader since it cost me nothing but free time and it allowed me to [...]

  18. Eden was a bit enlightened this time around although she was still being a love sick teenager All she could see was her and Kiran, nothing else, she was blinded by her love for him She couldn t open her eyes and see what s taking place around her, what s happening to her people She also didn t have any respect for herself when she was okay with sneaking around with Kiran when he was betrothed to another I had hoped she would tell him she couldn t see him any while he s still engaged to Seraphin [...]

  19. Let me first say that while reading tensions were high between Eden and I You just can t begin to phantom how many times I wanted to ring that fictitious characters neck while calling her a straight up whore How low must one self esteem be to go chasing a guy that is engaged to another woman Read no further if you want a mystery because my rant will be filled with spoilers Sorry Throughout the entire book I yelled at my kindle, Kieran is using you for your magic and you my dear are nothing than [...]

  20. 3.5 Rating SPOILERS AHEAD I am glad I decided to move on to book 2 as I think it was actually a better book There weren t as many grammar writing issues as was the case in the first bookough definitely could use some editing to improve the read I didn t find myself bored on this one and was pretty well paced through the book and the story flowed well I do still find the romance piece a bit cheesy and muchs just way too overdone for my taste, but I felt of the connection this time around.n just [...]

  21. I finished my last review about Reckless Magic by saying With Eden s bad luck, barely in and out of trouble, she will lead the reader to other frenzied adventures in Fearless Magic I especially hope that the man of her life is really worth itLots of questions remain unanswered promise that I will devour with pleasure the next opus.This book is a great discovery and a stroke of heart Let s see the next one And that s exactly what happened A second volume thrilling and intriguing that I was not di [...]

  22. Please do not read if you have yet to read Reckless Magic There will possibly be spoilers for book one Eden and Kiran are back home and keeping their relationship secret from his parents and his fianc until he can show them that Eden is the one he wants Only her family and friends know the truth But each day gets harder and harder for the young couple and their forbidden love Especially when the Prince s cousin, Sebastian, shows up Kiran tries to make Eden see he is here for him Only Eden believ [...]

  23. I cannot believe I m done reading the second book and now I m dying to read Fearless Hopeless Magic was really different from Reckless Magic Although I love both books, I found Hopeless enticing and suspenseful It was fast paced and has a lot depth than Reckless Trust me, if you love the first one, you d love this even .This second book to the saga, introduced us to a lot of new characters We would get to know of the Resistance members and one member in particular would definitely give the ro [...]

  24. 3.7 Which is just a tiny stars than I gave the last one I really like this story, and I like the characters, and I like the writing style I don t like how often it portrays the 16year old girl drinking wine all the time as something acceptable I don t like the frequency of the lusty make out sessions We get it, you love kissing him Even though he sucks Guess what If you had kissed another better guy first you would have fallen in love with him instead It s that feeling that she loves, not the c [...]

  25. Well.I don t really know what to say least it was free Honestly I still don t love the series It is definitely not a 4 or 5 for me, and maybe not even a 3 All the way through 90% of this book I was just irritated with Eden, the main character All she does is pine after Kiran, whines when he is not around, and he really does not seem that great other than he s the prince I just don t get it d the decisions Eden kept making was KILLING me It is different in other books when the heroine was trying [...]

  26. So little time, so many plot holes 1 If Jericho has run away from home, why doesn t Lucan ask him immediately about it 2 What is so important about this necklace that Kiran gave her as a token of his love 3 Why is it that Avalon isn t immediately recognized as a Titan even though Eden is almost immediately pinpointed as a witch 4 Is it normal for Oracle births to skip a generation And if Eden is onewhat is Avalon 5 Are we going to just ignore that Lily and Talbott had a brief strange 6 Were we a [...]

  27. 3.5 The ending bumped it up for me This was interesting installment To be honest, about halfway through I got a little bored Instead of liking Eden , I ended up not liking her very much Her attitude just rubs me the wrong way I don t like Kiran, I m not sure if he is suppose to be our hero or not, but either way I just don t like him I never really saw what Eden sees in him, besides good looks and nice kisses They had no substance and never talked about anything serious Jericho is a bit likable [...]

  28. Never thought a sequel could outdo the original, I was wrong I can t get enough of Eden and her star crossed love with Kiran, Avalon and his passion for the Resistance, and Amory and his wisdom that unlocks all the mysteries from the first book, Reckless Magic Since the end of Reckless Magic, Kiran is still betrothed to Seraphina, BOOOO Him and Eden are left to meet in secret, causing the Resistance to put their trust in him as they feel he is trying to do all he can to make Eden his Queen and [...]

  29. THAT CANNOT BE THE ENDING That is exactly what I thought when I read this book It so funny to me that Rachel Higginson really knows what she s doing when she shapes a storyline I really didn t care much for Kiran AT ALL in the first book And then throughout this one I found a few redeeming qualities here and there and I was thinking Ok, if she can t end up with Jericho then I GUESS Kiran is okay Literally 2 pages later and I m sitting here thinking how much I hope Eden kills Kiran AHHHHH The emo [...]

  30. Oh hot dang Amazing The ending is so freaking good, I m just speechless right now.Maybe even better than the first one Wow And love triangles Totally guessed it I love Jericho, and honestly I thought Kiran would be the one in the end But in the beginning of this book, I just knew it wasn t happening Don t you love that feeling when you re right about something Mhmm, that s how I felt while reading this book.There s so many twists and turns here, and you won t believe what happens in this book If [...]

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