Embrace the Night

[PDF] Embrace the Night | by Ð Karen Chance [PDF] Embrace the Night | by Ð Karen Chance - Embrace the Night, Embrace the Night Recently named the world s chief clairvoyant Cassandra Palmer still has a thorn in her side As long as Cassie and a certain master vampire the sizzling hot Mircea are magically bound to each other h

  • Title: Embrace the Night
  • Author: Karen Chance
  • ISBN: 9780451461995
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Embrace the Night | by Ð Karen Chance, Embrace the Night, Karen Chance, Embrace the Night Recently named the world s chief clairvoyant Cassandra Palmer still has a thorn in her side As long as Cassie and a certain master vampire the sizzling hot Mircea are magically bound to each other her life will never be her ownThe spell that binds them can only be broken with an incantation found in the Codex Merlini an ancient grimoire The Codex s location hasRecently named t

Embrace the Night

[PDF] Embrace the Night | by Ð Karen Chance [PDF] Embrace the Night | by Ð Karen Chance - Embrace the Night, Embrace the Night Recently named the world s chief clairvoyant Cassandra Palmer still has a thorn in her side As long as Cassie and a certain master vampire the sizzling hot Mircea are magically bound to each other h Embrace the Night

  • [PDF] Embrace the Night | by Ð Karen Chance
    252Karen Chance
Embrace the Night

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  1. Here s an ouroboros for all you Karen Chance fans.I m too lazy to summarize the book or even really share in depth thoughts right now, so I ll say this I m blowing through this series book after book and the reason why it s so highly entertaining is the huge amount of vivid personality each character has Clear favorite and perfect example Pritkin A shock of pale hair, which as usual was making taunting gestures in the face of gravity, a square jaw, a slightly overlarge nose and furious green eye [...]

  2. We have a problem Pritkin snorted Only one That would be a change The StoryThe plot revolves around Cassie s efforts to break the geis without fulfilling the bond with Mircea First Cassie is the one who doesn t want to consummate it, later Mircea, but their reasons are the same The counterspell is said to be found in the Codex Merlini, the book disappeared centuries ago So Cassie runs through time, space and ley lines to have it Making the quest complicated and dangerous, everyone wants that bo [...]

  3. All right This one annoyed me enough to earn a review After reading enough urban fantasy, a reader learns to give leeway to the first book in a series Embrace the Night was the third, and after a promising start in the catacombs of Paris, the narrative rapidly dwindles to sideshows and comedy acts until around chapter 13 Yup, you read right I don t mind humor in a UF novel, but if I want to read chick lit, I ll read chick lit Or perhaps rightly it would be the Lives and Times of a Casino Manage [...]

  4. 4,5 stars Cassie s adventures according to Billy the ghost Every time you get involved with the vamps, it s a bad thing Billy held up three translucent fingers Tomas Oh, Billy, he s just a sweet street kid who needs a home A sweet street kid who happened to be a master vampire in disguise, who betrayed you and almost got you killed A finger went down Mircea Oh, Billy, I ve known him forever, he s nothing to worry about Until he placed that damn geis on you and maneuvered you into the Pythia thin [...]

  5. Listened to the audioease excuse spelling errors SoCassie is after the Codex Merlini with Pritkin in order to find the spell to break her bond with the sexy master vampire Mircea While there is still no resolution to this strange love triangle thing these three have going on, there are definitely sexy times than in the previous two books My issue with these books is that although I understand what the plot is, the whole book still feels directionless I know Cass is trying to break the geis with [...]

  6. Cassie is becoming less inept and seemingly apt at using her powers the whole is she or isn t she the Pythia is gone, thankfully The rival Pythia adept storyline was annoying to me Anyway This one is all about finding the Codex Merlini because the geis put on Cassie by Mircea and then doubled accidentally by Cassie is now a spell out of control that s driving both parties mad The Codex has the counterspell and Cassie has to go romping around back in time to find it Happily to me, she takes Mirc [...]

  7. 4.5 starsI am really enjoying this series Karen Chance starts out every book by tossing you onto a roller coaster somewhere in the middle of the ride There s no sitting down, waiting for the safety bar to be lowered, and then slowly being taken to the top of the first peak You re tossed in right in the midst of the action She then lets you ride it through several peaks, valleys, twists and turns, flipping you upside down, then sideways, then right side up again, and then abruptly tosses you out [...]

  8. 3 Stars for as yet unmet potentialI think this book was nice, just that, nice.There was nothing amazing about it or the previous books It s been three books now and I keep seeing potential but it s not getting fulfilled I usually give a series two books to wow me but this one hasn t yet While the premise of this book is not generic, it still reads like it is The time travel thing could have been cool but its execution in this book is just confusing Like I said, it s been three books, you think b [...]

  9. Wow I think I have whiplash after this one This time travel thing has officially tipped the scales onto the side of too much for my brain In fact, a few things moved into the realm of too much for me in this book But I have to say, I liked it anyway.When the story begins, Cassie is training with Pritkin, trying to learn how to better protect herself from her growing pool of enemies But her number one priority is finding the Codex of Merlin, which may have a counterspell to the geis affecting her [...]

  10. I feel good about this I like that Cassie the narrator herself , voiced her confusion at the whole confusing time line thing Because man that s one thing I always have trouble following Ok, that being said, I m enjoying these books, although I believe that I actually liked the last one a little better, although there is Pritkin and I do like him I m glad they resolved the whole geis storyline because it was starting to get tedious You can only read about people trying to suppress their urges bu [...]

  11. A weeping angel shattered in a crack of gray dust, sending its wings flying off in two directions It took a second for me to realize I wasn t dead, and then I dove for the side of a nearby obelisk Cassandra PalmerMy favorite entry yet Sure I say that about each new addition to this series, but the thing is when I reread the series this title always makes me extra giddy Probably because this is the title that shows just how epic the time travel is Things from the first book flawlessly tie in My M [...]

  12. Come check out Under the Covers for my review Cassie is still in a bind The geis is driving Mircea mad, and if she doesn t find a way to get it removed soon then he will die but there is a spell that will remove the geis Only it is in a ancient text that has long been lost, possibly destroyed and also contains a spell that could potentially destroy the world But that isn t the only catastrophe that is on Cassie s rather long to do list she now is not only the enemy of the fae, the vampires and t [...]

  13. This is book 3 and I m still a bit stunned that I m finally reading a series in order The story starts out with Cassie and Pritkin getting into some dark cave action Don t get too excited, they re only dealing with some ghosts and mages while looking for the magical book that will release Cassie from her ties to Mircea, the very sexy Jean Claude like vampire A spell has been placed on them both but in the last book Cassie accidentally doubled Mircea s dose of it and it s making him deathly ill I [...]

  14. I really love this series I didn t think I would, hence the starting late part, but now I can t put it down I like KC s writing style and the way she constructed her world In this one Cassie is trying to find a very valuable book, the Codex Merlini, and has some shocks along the way We find a lot of info about Pritkin and why he is as he is I still like Mircea a lot btw On a different note you won t believe who he is An what I was Say again Didn t register well the first time Oh damn, I DID rea [...]

  15. Talk about a roller coaster ride The action never stops, and by the time the book is done, I felt tired and worn out.The book opens with Cassie on the search for the Codex Merlini which supposedly contains a spell that can undo the geis She is on a time crunch, and she needs the solution before Mircea goes mad with the suffering brought about by the incomplete binding Assisted and opposed depending on which time period he is from by the war mage, Pritkin, who also has his own agenda and his own [...]

  16. AGGHHH i didn t think this series could get any better, but it manages to it s been so long since i ve had characters that can enchant me even when i m dead tired coming fresh off finishing this, i feel like i can almost not bear to return this copy to the library it s soo fucking good, i just want to reread specific scenes over and over again the sexual tension in here is so well written i found myself holding my breath from time to time specific thoughts on specific characters pritkin FINALLY [...]

  17. The 3rd final book in the Cassie Palmer series from Karen Chance.Cassandra thought she d just been in the wrong place at the wrong timeturns out tho, that her being made Pythia was actually the culmination of some truly long range planning I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and was waiting anxiously for this one I enjoyed the book and must give kudos to the author for weaving a complex tale She did a great job of weaving together the threads that had been cast in the first two b [...]

  18. This could perhaps have been a decent series, given a little plot development and a better editor, but by book 3 things are getting worse and my patience is wearing thin.How long does Chance expect us to believe that a supposedly all powerful heroine who ought to be a ruler of the supernatural kingdom can do no better than be dragged around by those around her, learning nothing, and achieving little than the odd heated encounter with a male character.In this installment Cassie is trying to get [...]

  19. Ok It had been over a year since I read the second Cassie book and to be honset I was a little bit lost, but the last book had me lost anyway so its by the by, but saying that I enjoyed being lost with this book.I was as in the dark about the goings on with Cassie, Pritkin, Mircea and the search for the codex and to be honest it made the book enjoyable I literaly was going along for the ride with Cassie.There was considerable plot development here and some nice twists in the whole storyline tha [...]

  20. You could go down a paranormal cliche checklist.Heroine has unexpected powers Check Heroine is bound to hot, mysterious, powerful, vampire Check Despite relationship with vampire, heroine has an attraction to another male, a powerful stern mage Check Heroine holds the fate of the world in her hands Check Heroine makes unlikely alliance with dangerous foes Check Chance takes some pretty tired out paranormal cliches and make it fresh and new What I love about this series is the fast paced action T [...]

  21. A little confusing at times, as we work through the jigsaw puzzle pieces of a tale fraught with time travel, but awesome overall This installment was just as fast paced as the previous two, with lots of twists and turns to drive Cassie mad with frustration and feelings of helplessness After all, what would Cassie s life be without looming uncertainties But our girl is nothing if not determined, despite the fact that most everyone wants her snuffed out I like that Chance has wrapped up certain st [...]

  22. 5 starsNice to see Cassie, Mircea, and Pritkin again Glad they finally got the geis removed Can t wait to read Curse of the Dawn

  23. Cassie is back and determined to do what she must to get rid of that damn geis But to do that she has to find the codex that she promised she would return to the dark fae king So while fleeing for her life from the Circle and the vamps, she has to find this book that may as well just not exist for all anybody seems to know about it The grimoire of legend created by none other then Merlin himself Could things get complicated Why yes Yes they can Throw in some time travel, near death experiences [...]

  24. This one was superior to the first two That seems to be a trend with Urban Fantasy books There is still plenty of action and a lot of time travel, and even though I m not a fan of time travel, I ve finally realized the inevitable it s a major part of her power, and therefore the story, so it s not going anywhere.The second wrapped up with a minor cliffhanger development with the geas This book focuses full frontal force on that plot line It s a pretty major deal for the vampire Mircea and Cassan [...]

  25. 3 1 2 starsSo this one just wasn t as good for me as the first two At the very end, I was getting really angered because I thought that it would end in a cliffhanger It didn t but that means that it ended abruptly Not that it wasn t good, at points it was great but others it was just a little too tedious to get through the sections Some of the world, magic, building she just goes into too much detail, or during certain scenes, it is just overly described This started in the beginning of the book [...]

  26. Entertaining.I read the 4 first books of the series in a row Then, I reread them in a row again so I had them fresh to read the 5th one That means that I have them all scrambled in my mind right now which is why I can t review each of them separately This is a general opinion of the combination of the 5.This series have many elements that make it an entertaining and interesting read It has compelling plots, action, miseries to solve, enemies, romantic tension, magic, friendship, humor, a strong [...]

  27. This is the 3rd installment in Karen Chance s Cassandra Palmer series It follows Cassie as the newly anointed Pythia , also known as the world s most powerful clairvoyant, as she searches for a counter spell to a curse placed on her when she was a child I won t go any further into the plot in this book because without fully explaining the first two books, it would just be too confusing It suffices to say that there are a lot of people working against Cassie in one way or another and she has trou [...]

  28. WOOOOOW I don t know if this series can get any better,this was by far my favorite of the 3 I ve read.The whole book focuses in Cassie trying to find the spell bookcalled CODEX MERLINI you guess that right, it was written by Merlin himself because it contains the counterspell for the geis, a magical bond that s been placed on her by Mircea, and that was accidentaly double by her.Now it s a life or death situation, because they geis is driving Mircea mad,and the Consul the most powerful vampire h [...]

  29. I made the mistake of reading this book without checking if it had any other parts and only when I had purchased it and started reading it did I realize that this is the 3rd part in the series I still continued reading it since paper backs of this series are next to non existent here I think i should congratulate myself on understanding this book completely without having to read the previous parts Perhaps that s the issue I found with this book it was self explanatory enough tonotneed 6 parts l [...]

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