Hilarity Ensues

[PDF] Hilarity Ensues | by Ê Tucker Max [PDF] Hilarity Ensues | by Ê Tucker Max - Hilarity Ensues, Hilarity Ensues The New York Times bestselling author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Assholes Finish First delivers a new collection of thirty % true % exclusive stories of comically perverse excess Ano

  • Title: Hilarity Ensues
  • Author: Tucker Max
  • ISBN: 9781451669039
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Hilarity Ensues | by Ê Tucker Max, Hilarity Ensues, Tucker Max, Hilarity Ensues The New York Times bestselling author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Assholes Finish First delivers a new collection of thirty % true % exclusive stories of comically perverse excess Another installment in Tucker Max s series of stories about his drunken debauchery and ridiculous antics What began as a simple sentence on an obscure website The New York Times be

Hilarity Ensues

[PDF] Hilarity Ensues | by Ê Tucker Max [PDF] Hilarity Ensues | by Ê Tucker Max - Hilarity Ensues, Hilarity Ensues The New York Times bestselling author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Assholes Finish First delivers a new collection of thirty % true % exclusive stories of comically perverse excess Ano Hilarity Ensues

  • [PDF] Hilarity Ensues | by Ê Tucker Max
    197Tucker Max
Hilarity Ensues

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  1. Either you love Tucker Max or you hate him I loved his first book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell I recommended it to everyone I knew with a sense of humor His second installment, Assholes Finish First, wasn t as good I still read it, I still laughed at it, I still enjoyed it overall That book seemed like he was bragging, even cockier than in his first book, and it was tiresome As for book number three, the tamer title gives the right impression Tucker is all grown up His writing has really evo [...]

  2. The book was funny and I did laugh a lot, especially reading the first half But the book it s not an easy read, that s why I put it on my not for the weak hearted shelf There is a lot of insults towards pretty much everyone If you can t take a joke and will take it to heart, you might think the world is an awful place to live in, because there are people like Tucker Max roaming it freely, and then you will need some therapy The dude is every father s and mother s worse nightmare Or at least was [...]

  3. The title of the book is a bit misleading Hilarity Ensues eh I admit, I had a few really solid laughs Mostly at the way Tucker Max phrases things The stories aren t nearly as encapsulating as they were in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, but the updated story about Miss Vermont is worth the price on the back cover though.Let s be honest How this douchecanoe continues to get laid is one of the great mysteries of our time I subscribe to some of his tactics that doesn t mean I employ them preying on [...]

  4. The fact that this guy is on the NY Times bestsellers list is appalling He literally writes about nothing In this book he has run out of all the good stories like some of the ones in his first book and manages to scrape together a book of non events and retellings of stories that have already been published He also attempts to have some deep thoughts in this book, which is something he should not ever do.

  5. I honestly got the impression from this book that he struggled while writing it, and I think he acknowledges that to some degree Many of these stories are from several years ago and I got the distinct impression that he s not the same person any Case in point during one story he mentions how he would raise a daughter He also seemed slightly surprised to not be married or engaged yet at the end I know there s a lot I should hate about this book author genre, and I ll admit there are quite a few t [...]

  6. Me So what did you do with all the money, Tucker Tucker Well, I bought some speakers for my range rover, a bunch of kombucha, and started psychoanalysis.Me Cool, cool Anything else Tucker I also got a bunch of Chick Fil A on a Sunday when I was hungover.Me BULLSHIT YOU DID.Tucker I m serious When you are Tucker Max, Chick Fil A will sell you chicken sandwiches on a Sunday.Me Damn, that must be the best part about being Tucker Max.Tucker Definitely I mean, except for all the times I get to explai [...]

  7. Seriously disappointed Maybe I ve matured, maybe his last set of stories just aren t as funny I remember reading IHTSBIH and seriously laughing throughout To the point where I was wondering what my co workers were thinking as I shook on the smoking area bench This one was a maybe 3 or 4 time laughing out loud book.

  8. Oddly enough, I think the third book of this Tucker Max trilogy is my favorite While the first book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell has my all time favorite story which is him running through a Best Western Hotel lobby, crapping himself and was my introduction to the Tucker Max phenomenon, this one had self awareness than ever, and a poignant ending Surprisingly SlingBlade was funnier than ever in these stories In fact, this is the first of Tucker s books where I felt like I got to know his supp [...]

  9. Not much different than I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell and Assholes Finish First , so you can refer to those reviews as well to get an understanding of this book Tucker pretty much continues to write hilarious stories of him and his friends drunken debauchery and the stupid whores that he bangs The book is mostly short stories except for the Dangerous Catch story I enjoyed this one since I watch the show but Emily felt that it was too long and since she doesn t watch the show didn t enjoy it as [...]

  10. I know there are varied opinions of Tucker Max, but as a librarian with varied interests in literature, I have to say he s worth it You experience the evolution of Max as a writer and a man in Hilarity Ensues Like other reviewers have mentioned, he gets back to some of the comedic instances involving his friends I have to say, the Hate stories absolutely had me in stitches He s funny, clever, and honest just do yourself a favor and read it.

  11. Basically what I expected from Tucker Max, no , no less Some of the stories were really funny, while others just kind of made me shake my head and groan It must have been a fun time collecting all these stories, but at the same time I m not surprised at Max s epilogue and essentially his retirement from his 20 s.The one thing I wasn t really a fan of was his over the top arrogance in his stories The other two opened with some kind of preface about who he is and what he does, this one just kind o [...]

  12. Not quite as good as the original book, but far funnier than book two Tucker Max gives us one final collection of hilarious drunken sexual escapades that is definitely worth the time Much like the first book, I often found myself laughing out loud in very public places at the ridiculousness, which turned several a head Not too many books can accomplish that Not with me, anyway You may not like him, you may find his content to be childish or inappropriate, but you have to at least give him credit [...]

  13. If I could give it 3 1 2 stars I would This is the third in the series and it shows Tucker Max seems to have run out of the sort of stories that made the first two books great This isn t really surprising and I kind of expected it That being said, this is still a very funny book My favorite part was hearing the whole back story on MissVermont, the woman who sued Max I d recommend this to anyone who read the first two books, but would recommend IHTSBIH before this any day of the week.

  14. Fifty pages on hanging out with the cast of Deadliest Catch, eh Pretty ironic way to jump the shark The Sexting chapters were a pretty funny new feature, and The Miss Vermont Story was interesting especially to find out she was a coach on an episode of MTV s Made that I ve seen , but other than those there are only so many different ways to brag about how awesome it was this time you got drunk and called a girl a fat ugly bitch again before it loses its charm.

  15. Tucker Max says himself that he s an asshole And he is.But somehow, as unpolitically correct as it ishe makes me laugh, or shake my head or mutter to myself about what a pig he is.His stories of his drunken debauchery are amusingrt of like a car wreck You don t want to be in one, but you can t look away either.This one was less shocking than They Serve Beer in Hell but still not for the faint hearted.

  16. You can definitely tell that he s running out of things to talk about in this book but it was still entertaining It s probably good that this is his last book of this genre I think that I liked the text messages the most and there were a few good lines that definitely made me laugh.

  17. An almost melancholy end to an era Less funny than his previous endeavors, but still worth a few hearty laughs, Hilarity Ensues calmly and rationally ends the way it should Tucker Max shows his growth and depth as a human being going through life Well written.

  18. So disgusting I couldn t even finish the preview Don t know what is pathetic his lifestyle or the women who go with him I think he s totally wrong on the title It should be Male Whore Major Fail author, Misogynist.

  19. I didn t really finish it Too hard to get through knowing what kind of a person the author is The escapades of this author gets less funny and annoying as you continue through the book.

  20. This one, contrary to The Leftovers, was not old It was probably the best book of the three, and although maybe it didn t have the most ridiculous stories, it had the most of Tucker s real self in it I think He lives his life in a selfishly admirable way everything he does is for his own enjoyment, and he has a shitton of fun He does stuff that I would never be able to do because of fear And his lifestyle obviously wasn t sustainable, nor was it healthy, but he knew those things in the end, and [...]

  21. Not as good as the first one, and it appears as though he s trying too hard now It s all about his schtick and being vile solely to have material for his book.

  22. BS that is somewhat entertaining I assume that a lot of stuff he claims never happened or was greatly exaggerated.

  23. If you have read any of Tucker Max s previous books, this is of the same.Max is a guy who makes no apologies about who he is, and lived up his youth to the fullest This book has some great stories including a trip to Alaska to be on The Deadliest Catch , and some of the hilarious sexting messages he received after his works made him famous If you liked the others, you will like this If not, skip it.

  24. Tucker Max returns with his third and final book in his fratire trilogy This chapterhouse finds Max illuminating sordid tales from his drinking sexing carousing ways As in his previous two books, what makes them amusing is the humor he brings to the table in spinning yarns that are, at least on the surface level, crass and base I found this book to be a far better read than his previous, Assholes Finish First, as the stories were crisper and his observations to the point There was less bloviat [...]

  25. Reading through Tucker Max s trilogy was a useful learning experience for me he certainly can tell a story, and he certainly polishes this I know I have gotten a lot of good advice from his website, whether it be on writing technique, taking the time to write, or even on good books to read.But unfortunately, clever writing only goes so far to cover the, for such a smart person, you sure took a long time to learn stuff I had figured out near the end of the first book Maybe he actually realize it, [...]

  26. Hilarity Ensues is the final book written by Tucker Max in his trilogy of debauchery This book or his other two are not for the light hearted Max finds himself in quite a few situations that often ends in him getting hammered, meeting a girl or two, in one specific instance , and having sex with them Max details his experiences with such an indifferent attitude that it s hard to ever feel sorry for him The books generally focuses on three parts leaving law school in the middle of the semester to [...]

  27. He should have stopped when he wrote the first book At least then, the readers were surprised enough to give the book than a couple of stars because they were still in shock over his debauchery and downright lack of respect for other humans They were in shock that someone could be such a huge JERK and be proud enough of his achievements that he wrote about them in a book I ll be honest, I m really embarrassed and disappointed in myself that I bought the book and lined his pockets with even a di [...]

  28. Okay, I have to be fairI think all the Tucker Max books received a four or five star rating from me He s such a complete ass, but he makes no qualms about this simple fact, and frankly most of the people in the situations in which he ends up sound like they deserve his abuse, and hey, why not enjoy the denigration via witty, merciless verbal beatdowns from none other than Tucker Max Heck, I sure enjoyed it This book is considered his swan song to his self created fratire genre, and I couldn t ag [...]

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