The Swimmer

ð The Swimmer ↠ John Cheever ð The Swimmer ↠ John Cheever - The Swimmer, The Swimmer Neddy Merrill decides to swim home from a friend s pool party traveling from fashionable swimming pool to swimming pool on a perfect mid summer s day But as night falls and the season changes Neddy

  • Title: The Swimmer
  • Author: John Cheever
  • ISBN: 9780517125878
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover

ð The Swimmer ↠ John Cheever, The Swimmer, John Cheever, The Swimmer Neddy Merrill decides to swim home from a friend s pool party traveling from fashionable swimming pool to swimming pool on a perfect mid summer s day But as night falls and the season changes Neddy sinks from optimistic bliss to utter despair

The Swimmer

ð The Swimmer ↠ John Cheever ð The Swimmer ↠ John Cheever - The Swimmer, The Swimmer Neddy Merrill decides to swim home from a friend s pool party traveling from fashionable swimming pool to swimming pool on a perfect mid summer s day But as night falls and the season changes Neddy The Swimmer

  • ð The Swimmer ↠ John Cheever
    352John Cheever
The Swimmer

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  1. Book Review3 of 5 stars to The Swimmer, a short story written in 1964 by John Cheever Why on Earth would a man want to swim from one end of a county to the other There would have to be something wrong with him to even want to accomplish something like that Yet, Neddy Merrill, a character in John Cheever s short story The Swimmer , wanted to do it, which obviously shows that there was something wrong with him Neddy planned on jumping from pool to pool as though he was really swimming in the Lucin [...]

  2. Amazing short story The Swimmer is less than 10 pages, but it is incredibly powerful The description of Neddy s attempt to swim home after a bout of heavy drinking was beautifully surreal Highly recommended.Favorite Quotes He was not a practical joker nor was he a fool but he was determinedly original and had a vague and modest idea of himself as a legendary figure Was his memory failing or had he so disciplined it in the repression of unpleasant facts that he had damaged his sense of the truth

  3. This is a very short but definitely worthwhile story with a lot imagination than meets the eye at first I initially thought there was nothing special about it but once you ve read it, you ll never forget it.

  4. The Swimmer is probably John Cheever s most famous short story The Swimmer is a short story that has been written by John Cheever Mr Cheever was an American novelist and short story writer, sometimes called the Chekhov of the suburbs or the Ovid of Ossining Instead of driving home or even walking home, Neddy Merrill decides to swim home from a friend s pool party, travelling from fashionable swimming pool to swimming pool on a perfect mid summer s day Why does he do so Because making his way hom [...]

  5. I agree with the central message of this short story, I just found its delivery boring Yes, perpetual suburbia and unfulfilling wealth and meaningless pleasantries can take a toll on one s health John Cheever portrays the dullness of Neddy Merrill s life as he swims throughout the story But, by doing so with no change of pace, Cheever makes his own story dull, delivering a solid piece of symbolism and a lackluster work of writing Another story that satisfies the mind but fails to reach the heart [...]

  6. A twisted little tale of heartache.Powerful, as all good short stories should be, this is a wonderful ride from the halcyon days of endless summer through autumn and winter I can taste the gin and tonic on my lips, so perfect a summer drink that fades from glory in the crispness of chillier days.In many ways this reminded me of The Great Gatsby.

  7. John Cheever is an unarguable master of short stories and an incomparable singer of suburbs The Swimmer is probably his best, my favourable and one of the best ever.In order to write a review I reread it today for the fourth time.It all began one fine summer day It was one of those midsummer Sundays when everyone sits around saying, I drank too much last night You might have heard it whispered by the parishioners leaving church, heard it from the lips of the priest himself, struggling with his c [...]

  8. NO SPOILERS The Swimmer is one big symbol from start to finish, but that s not happy news for analytical readers Cheever was aiming for mystique and great depth, but the story isn t compelling enough to inspire much analysis and discussion, and protagonist Neddy a man, who, on a whim, decides to swim across the county rather than walk or drive the four miles home from a friend s pool party is a one dimensional bore The story could sustain interest if it were obvious from the start that there s s [...]

  9. Un racconto degno della sua fama.In una pigra domenica d estate un uomo in piscina a casa di amici e a un certo punto gli viene un idea percorrere la manciata di chilometri che lo separano da casa sua nuotando in tutte le piscine che si trovano lungo il percorso.Quello che all inizio sembra il resoconto di una stramberia poco alla volta diventa qualcos altro, il tempo si dilata e il realismo cede il passo al surrealismo Come accade nei sogni, in particolare in quelli che alla fine diventano incu [...]

  10. Cheever wrote and published the Swimmer when alcohol had started to take over his life, which led to the destruction of many personal and professional relationships He was barely functioning, was suicidal, made drunken scenes in public Eventually, he checked himself into rehab and stayed sober through AA I really enjoyed this short story and the eloquence and humor with which Cheever described the characters At the beginning I, of course, trusted neddy, the narrator with his description of his n [...]

  11. A superb story in the abstract or surreal world A man swims home from a friend s pool party, by hopping into suburban pools and doing laps on the way home His superficial surface identity of happiness is gradually washed away Fabulous.

  12. A pretty good little short audio I have heard of Cheever before, but never thought to read listen any of his stuff until I ran across this one on sale Glad I picked it up The premise was very good and the story was well executed.Ned is not running away from his problems He s swimming In and out of the water, over hedges, thru cocktail parties, across the freeway and into the approaching storm He just wants to get back to his family One swimming pool at a time.3.5 Stars I would be interested to r [...]

  13. Ever since I read Roger Deakin s Waterlog I wanted to read the swimmer as Deakin mentions it as a great inspiration for his Waterlog Waterlog is sublime, what I missed in Cheever s the swimmer This is not to say that I find the swimmer one of Cheevers better stories Cheever has the New York high society and them of the surrounding areas often as subject This is also here the case It s rather a discripture of swimming trough their pools than swimming in nature s rivers that is the subject here As [...]

  14. Stile LiberoGli altri due racconti sono belli, anche se sono sicura che sia necessario immergersi pi a lungo fra le parole di John Cheever per riuscire a indovinarne il mood e a ottenere soddisfazione piena dalla sua cifra stilistica.Ma Il nuotatore.Non so come si possa descrivere in Letteratura, n come sia stato girato nel 1968 il film con Burt Lancaster, ma quello che rende questo racconto un gioiello, al di l della nitidezza con cui rappresenta lo spaccato borghese che racconta che quello del [...]

  15. There are short stories and there are very short stories, a story that only seems to last a matter of a few minutes How can a story really be covered in next to no time , well, in short story master John Cheever s hands it s possible, a chilling view of one man in suburbia Pure gold in under 20 pages.

  16. Life is a damned, long swimming route set and invented by yourself in order to give yourself a purpose, a destiny, an ambition, a sense of pride, and or a thousand other reasonable desires embodying achievement Depending on what you ve expected out of your fancy little invention called your life you re affected by your experience And here s the nasty little huge truth about it no matter what you ve expected from it, you re doomed to be disappointed, and worse, ridiculed, mocked, betrayed by othe [...]

  17. This had some great imagery and quotes Otherwise, the story was pretty bland, unfortunately Read for class.

  18. Was his memory failing or had he so disciplined it in the repression of unpleasant facts that he had damaged his sense of the truth

  19. okay this was I guess To be contemporary It s not my type of book to read well it s actually not a book It s one of the many stories inside one giant book.It is a very peculiar way to tell a story It s about a man who loves swimming and only remembers the goodness that happened in his life You never know what is exactly going on or the point of the plot until you get to the very end And then you have to go back and read everything all over again to get the reason why that end happened And that s [...]

  20. I had to read this short story for a college class I am taking Blew me away It depicts a man who basically lives his life like a dream, he uses swimming as his escape to uphold the dream he lived in, but is eventually awakened by reality I absolutely love this story because it is so real and a reflection of how many people live their lives today.

  21. I did a paper on this story in college It was my first journey away from the concrete sequential world of my childhood and into the world of the abstract Blew my mind wide open I was never fit for decent society thereafter.

  22. Ho preso questo racconto praticamente ad occhi chiusi, in offerta a novantanove centesimi, senza sapere del contenuto, della lunghezza, attirato irrimediabilmente dalla copertina e dal titolo Non ho neanche letto la trama, potevo trovarmi davanti alla biografia di Ian Thorpe o ad un saggio sul nuoto Ma facendo cos tante vasche ogni settimana, non potevo non esserne catturato, da subito.Quando l ho aperto sull ereader, ed ho visto che era un racconto di venticinque pagine ne sono rimasto sorpreso [...]

  23. In reading over the reviews of Cheever s The Swimmer and hearing students initial responses, I am reminded of how little we read as a country and how poorly we understand our body of literature So many creative writing programs and bloggers attest to our desire to write and tell our unique story If you want to write, you must read.Cheever s short narrative offers a satirical view of suburban, bourgeois living and its hollowness Timely then Relevant today It is a cheeky story in how it deceives i [...]

  24. Mentre leggevo questo racconto mi sono tornate in mente le immagini del film Un uomo a nudo che vidi quando ero ragazza e che mi angosci parecchio A met circa, quando mi tornata memoria di Burt Lancaster che percorreva a staffetta tutte le piscine della contea, ho perso un po di interesse e non ho ritrovato la stessa situazione emotiva che mi aveva dato vederlo in bianco e nero in TV certi passaggi sono un po affrettati soprattutto per la poca cura dello sconcerto del protagonista che non riesce [...]

  25. The Swimmer is now one of my favourite short stories alongside A Perfect Day for Bananafish by J.D Salinger and Why Don t You Dance by Raymond Carver I absolutely cherished reading his novel Bullet Park, which was surprising because suburban Weltschmerz wasn t something I thought I d want to spend a lot of time with Clearly, that premise was flawed considering that I spent days reading Raymond Carver a month later The Swimmer is deceptively simple, and has left me feeling oddly woebegone I shall [...]

  26. Wow this was certainly not what I expected If someone had told me that in only a few short pages so much could occur I would have been sceptical but Cheever s short story is brilliant and heartbreaking Ned decides to swim home from a friend s party through the pools of friends and acquaintances in the county but this will be the swim of his life And nothing is what it seems and much has changed for Ned Thank you to my GR friend A Dawes for the recommendation I m glad I read this.

  27. I saw the movie based on this when I was a teenager and remember loving it s peculiar atmosphere, though I couldn t remember the story This short story retains that bright sunshine spookiness and certainly rewards being tracked down The writing is powerful, controlled and evocative The imagery is builds in emotional power and the story is moving, thought provoking and wistful.

  28. Summer ReadingWhile reading this fairly short story of Neddy, I was initially confused by his actions to try to swim back home through all the swimming pools in his county It was Neddy s energetic and young attitude that made him commit to this task, but his drinking and continuous action made Neddy lose track of time and what was going on around him This was an interesting read about how sense of time and what goes on around a person can be blocked by an action or a motive I really recommend th [...]

  29. Amerika n n ehov u diyorlar Cheever a biraz iddial buldum bu yarg y ama tek derlemeyle karar vermek de anlams z y z c deki yk ler 29 bunal m sonras aileleri yans t yor at ma ve ba l l , sadakat ve pheyi, ya muru ve kasveti, tren vagonlar n ve kadehlerce cini baz yk leri di erlerinden ok daha etkili zellikle y z c katmanl yap s yla yarat c yazarl k derslerinde mutlaka okutulmas gereken bir yk tomris uyar n evirisine ise diyecek s z yok amerikan yk s seven ve insan n i y z yle kar la maktan zevk a [...]

  30. I m still conflicted on my feelings towards this, because I m not sure if I dislike Cheever s writing or if it s just the character who frustrates me For the sake of argument, I think it is just the character, because I did enjoy how this short story was organized But, I m not sure how effectively Cheever is getting his message the point of the short story across, as after my first read my response was What just happened After looking into it and reading others commentaries on it, some of the t [...]

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