Unlimited Perfection - by R.L. Mathewson Unlimited Perfection - by R.L. Mathewson - Perfection, Perfection Zoe is used to taking care of herself and has long ago accepted that if anything bad was going to happen it was going to happen to her So when she loses her job over something most bosses would proba

  • Title: Perfection
  • Author: R.L. Mathewson
  • ISBN: 9780983212553
  • Page: 340
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Perfection - by R.L. Mathewson, Perfection, R.L. Mathewson, Perfection Zoe is used to taking care of herself and has long ago accepted that if anything bad was going to happen it was going to happen to her So when she loses her job over something most bosses would probably be happy with and her life starts going down hill from there she doesn t expect it to get any better She certainly didn t expect any help from the loud jerk next door bZoe is used to t


Unlimited Perfection - by R.L. Mathewson Unlimited Perfection - by R.L. Mathewson - Perfection, Perfection Zoe is used to taking care of herself and has long ago accepted that if anything bad was going to happen it was going to happen to her So when she loses her job over something most bosses would proba Perfection

  • Unlimited Perfection - by R.L. Mathewson
    340R.L. Mathewson

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  1. Oh, I loved it Another really funny, over the top, steamy HOT Neighbor From Hell romance IMHO, this was just as good if not a wee bit better than Playing for Keeps Trevor wants the PERFECT WIFE So Trevor is a typical Bradford male, a guy who is completely full of himself and darn right clueless about women, but who is also considerate when he tries , loyal and sexy as hell He could eat you out of house and home, but he is also a hard worker and a devoted family guy who will be there for you in a [...]

  2. Meet Trevor, he s a jerk He s looking for a dream woman he can flaunt around town and rub in other men s faces Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, dream woman must also be a gourmet cook, come from a large family, and basically be willing to be Trevor s love puppet Meet Zoe, Trevor s slightly over weight and plain looking neighbor Zoe is not having a good day She just lost her job after exposing that one of the owner s wives was stealing money, her car s window broke, her obnoxious neighbor too [...]

  3. Full review now posted5 damned near perfect stars Does no one care that she just manhandled me Trevor demanded, facing the men who should be properly outraged on his behalf.Jason snorted As long as brings me food, she can bitch slap you and call you spanky Trevor narrowed his eyes on the men who dared laugh at his pain.Betraying bastards.Perfection is the second book in R.L Mathewson s Neighbor From Hell series and again, one helluva funny read Like the first book, this one has laugh out loud di [...]

  4. Perfection is a funny book, with tonnes of good natured banter and sly flippant humor but as Bill Maher recently discovered, great comedy is a trifecta of timing, content, and delivery.I think we know that even a great comic can and has been derailed by the content of their act This book, for me, was let down by Trevor, what with the constant derision of Zoe s looks, hair, weight, clothes etc Yes, he eventually sees the error of his ways but by which time I had lost all interest.Oftentimes, I fo [...]

  5. I really needed a pick me up and this book was just perfect for that The funny dialogue, the unusual characters and the fact that there was no instalust or instalove made it all better DNot to mention the weird relationship with food that all the Bradford men share was definitely a treat POhhhI almost forgotloved the fact that the main female character was a woman with curves and not the most beautiful thing he s ever seen It made this crazy unbelievable story just a little real DBut when Trevo [...]

  6. Kissing my kindleMuahSmackSmoochPeck, peck, peckI love this fluffy little story When you get past the slightly corny beginning, it becomesWonderfulQuirkyLightheartedLaugh out loud funnyBetter review when I get to an actual computer

  7. Don t you just lurve it when a non conventional heroine who was not tall, slender and willowy bagged the hot Hero And in this case the short and plump girl totally brought the wicked stud to his knees Trevor was not as bad as his cousin Jason, but a Bradford is still a Bradford, known for their love for all that is food And Trevor s antics were equally juvenile in this book too Love for another Bradford in the future books.

  8. October 2013 Reread This book once again rocked my world WARNING Do not read this in public areasople think you are crazy when you laugh hysterically for seemingly no reason.olesThis has got to be the best 72p I have EVER spent and has now sparked off a teeny tiny obsession with buying every book that R.L Mathewson has ever published Zoe has had the worst day of her life Ever Attacked by the bosses wife, unfairly fired from her soul destroying job, her car window breaking and then the final stra [...]

  9. R.L Mathewson is quite a find I m never quite as grateful for GoodReads as when I love a book, I wouldn t have picked up if not for my friends.Trevor cousin of Jason, hero of the first book is a typical Bradford, meaning he has an unhealthy obsession with food.But unlike his cousin, he s not as confident Things were never that easy for him, especially not school As a matter of fact, since he is dyslexic school was a nightmare of epic proportions Since he never got to shine, he decided to marry a [...]

  10. A delightful, crazy romp with another food obsessed, bossy, obnoxious Bradford This book had me laughing out loud at all Trevor s crazy antics What a scrumptious nut job Zoe needs someone to be her champion and Trevor is just the man for the job She s his tenant and they ve never spoken, but he still manages to annoy the HELL out of her The first time they have a face to face encounter he insults her, over food of course, and regrets what he says the minute it comes out of his mouth So, he tries [...]

  11. 3 3.5 stars In this case, the 3 3.5 star rating means that I enjoyed the book I was suffering from a book hungover and I was looking for a cute, light and funny book and this was exactly what I needed.Some scenes made me LOL so hard, especially because of Bradfords obsession with food LMAO The Bradford appetite was a disability, damn it and should be treated as such.I couldn t rate it higher because view spoiler Trevor was a jerk at the beginning I wanted to slap him, but then, fortunately, he r [...]

  12. Perfection is the second book in A Neighbor from Hell series showcasing Jason s cousin Trevor I disliked Trevor immensely He s boorish, selfish and when it comes to the heroine, Zoe, he treats her poorly Poor Zoe is a former foster child who has no family and ends up losing her job for doing the right thing She lives in the same building with Trevor, who s the landlord It s only him and her who live there He s a horrible neighbor, both greedy and selfish, only thinking of his own needs, and afte [...]

  13. 5 perfectly imperfect Stars.Changed my rating.I m just going to bump it up to 5 stars since I keep rereading it, and it gets better a better every time I don t see a reason why it shouldn t get 5 stars This book was fucking perfect Everything i look in a romance Both characters are wonderfully flawed, i just adore their imperfections I actually didn t care for rest of the books in the series Many, many 1 or 2 star reviews are coming, I m afraid 4.5 Stars She also wasn t the type of woman who mad [...]

  14. 5 stars This book has hearts and flowers written all over it Zoe is jobless and alone Her landlord, Trevor, helps get her a job A start of a great frienship turns into friends with benefits.I really liked Zoe I thought she was a strong heroine considering her background Trevor s character was over the top and hilarious but such a sweetie You re a Bradford We always fuck upIt was predictable butentertaining A fabulous light and funny book that left me with a fat grin.

  15. Another hilarious installment by R L Mathewson Just like the first book in this series, this book is full of crazy antics, delusional males, obsessive behaviour towards food and all that other good stuff wink, wink It did take me a while to warm up to Trevor whereas I had an immediate love for Jason from book 1 however, he turned out to be as equally crazy, delusional and flat out lovable as Jason was Zoe was another great character who held her own against Trevor and the Bradfords I loved this [...]

  16. Uploaded with ImageShackI love this series not only because of the hilarious dialogue, cute banters, chessy romance, but also for all the foodgasm goodness involved Quite addictive and with Bradford obsessions of food, its not to hard to imagine Uploaded with ImageShack BRADFORD S APPETITE Uploaded with ImageShackTrevor, cousin of Jason, from book 1 have also this huge love for food And with his busy schedule she offered his tenant, Zoe, help to get a job in his uncle construction company and an [...]

  17. I love food I love eating I m not on a diet I don t even count my calorie and carb intake just for the hell of it And I simply don t care if I gain or lose weight with all the food I stuff in my mouth But that doesn t mean I should worship a man who doesn t give a shit about those too Especially if that man is gluttonous, er, fixated about eating I simply don t find it adorable.You see this book have marked me as the hero food obsessed, the heroine a big dull dud I skimmed some parts because I c [...]

  18. Really funny , really cute but the only thing was view spoiler i didnt like how he treats her in the Beg or in some parts in the middle and then to just go from being a butt hole to then out of nowhere he really likes her throws me off hide spoiler

  19. This was shockingly a huge disappointment of something that could have been very good I adore friends to lovers books, adore it even when they start off as enemies however I hate it when the characters ruins what could ve been a good story Though not much happened in this book, it would still be interesting enough to enjoy if it weren t for the characters I didn t mind Zoe O Shea 29 so much, simply because she was a plain character ironic, really, considering that s how our male character found [...]

  20. Trevor Bradford has his ideal wife in mind and she is perfect from head to toe, in fact he has a list with the traits that they need to possess in order to maintain perfection His quiet little tenant in his townhouse has a few of those traits but she is hardly his type and she is a full figured woman and his plans to have a svelte wife who cooks like a goddess is important.Zoe has had it with her neighbor, he is loud, dirty, and inconsiderate After the day from hell where she promptly lost her [...]

  21. Rating 3.5This didn t work that well for me since I didn t love Trevor as much, he came across as shallow and for a long time I didn t like his treatment of Zoe, his tenant Yes, he gets her a job after she is fired and also employs her to clean up his place, what I didn t like was that in the beginning he had a lot of negative thoughts about the way she looked, yes she was overweight and even when he sees her starving herself and knows it is wrong, doesn t intervene since they are keeping it cas [...]

  22. Ljudi, ja obo avam ovaj Neighbor from Hell serijal Mada mislim da je prvi deo za nijansu bolji od ovog, ba me briga, jer su oba dela jako zabavna Bredfordovi i njihova opsednutost hranom je zaista urnebesno sme na D Would it have killed you to keep it a secret between us Trevor asked as they stepped in line It s a buffet Trevor They would have found out about it within a week, Zoe replied Yes, but that would have been a week that I could have enjoyed this place before those greedy bastards got u [...]

  23. one of the amazing books i ve come across this year LOLlove trevor sooo much because he adores zoe than homemade cupcakesd thats saying a LOT for a Bradford.

  24. 3 starsAnother great installment in the series A really fun book So, we re back with the Bradfords and their food obsession This time the dastardly neighbor is Trevor, Jason s cousin His little tenant is Zoe Zoe has had a bad day year life She s survived foster care, a shitty job and termination She is now jobless and pissed off And she will not let her neighbor still her food too She is an interesting character Really smart, but with a low, low self esteem, because she is overweight, she has a [...]

  25. Spoiler Free Review4.5 STARS our of 5Genre Contemporary Romance ComedyThe day from HELL Zoe is having the day from HELL After recovering a trail that extends back six years for embezzlement of funds at her job She finds herself on the receiving end of unemployment Huh Shouldn t her boss be grateful Well one would think so Oh, but wait that s nothing because her termination comes after she gets an ice latte thrown at her by the embezzler Once Zoe arrives home she notices that once again her neigh [...]

  26. Loved this one Just as good as the first Zoe and Trevor were great, emotional moments, hilarious moments it had it all Enjoyed their story and I loved how Jason, Haley and the other Bradfords were back Can t wait to read book number 3 in this series.

  27. Funny, hot read, that I couldn t put down It is my favorite so far between the two of the series and I am glad to see there will be third one This storyline clicked with me because it stirred up some good emotions My heart broke for Zoe with all the demeaning comments she heard about her looks and weight and that she accepted that she wasn t good enough for Trevor It sort of bummed me out that he didn t stick up for her even as her friend Trevor was easy to warm up to though and the verbal inte [...]

  28. Five Perfect Stars As long as she brings me food she can bitch slap you and call you spanky Jason Bradford I just had to include that quote simply because it made me laugh and it strongly describes how fixated the Bradford men are with food Its ridiculously hilarious Though Jason and Haley from the first novel, Playing For Keeps, makes several appearances in this story, this story involved another Bradford family member, Trevor and his shy and sweet tenant, Zoe Once again, I could not put down t [...]

  29. Would it have killed you to keep it a secret between us Trevor asked as they stepped in line It s a buffet Trevor They would have found out about it within a week, Zoe replied Yes, but that would have been a week that I could have enjoyed this place before those greedy bastards got us all banned Trevor sighed Gee, I hadn t thought of that, she mumbled, trying not to laugh Trevor slowly looked down at her His eyes narrowed dangerously on her as she did her best to bite back the smile, but lost th [...]

  30. 3.5 stars or 3.75 stars, maybe 4 stars.I m torn on my rating My enjoyment was a 4 4.5 stars The story was a 3 3.5 stars But I really really enjoyed it I mean a family of men who loved to eat and get thrown out of buffets can I not be amused Both hero and heroine were likable.Why can t GR create half stars or something

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