When Katie Wakes

[PDF] When Katie Wakes | by ✓ Connie May Fowler [PDF] When Katie Wakes | by ✓ Connie May Fowler - When Katie Wakes, When Katie Wakes Connie May Fowler is known to the world as the author of bestselling novels and powerful essays but no one knew that for years she was the victim of brutal abuse and relentless humiliation Now in this

  • Title: When Katie Wakes
  • Author: Connie May Fowler
  • ISBN: 9780345444547
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] When Katie Wakes | by ✓ Connie May Fowler, When Katie Wakes, Connie May Fowler, When Katie Wakes Connie May Fowler is known to the world as the author of bestselling novels and powerful essays but no one knew that for years she was the victim of brutal abuse and relentless humiliation Now in this harrowing spellbinding memoir Fowler finally tells her own story The daughter and grand daughter of battered women Fowler found herself irresistibly drawn to a man who waConnie Ma

When Katie Wakes

[PDF] When Katie Wakes | by ✓ Connie May Fowler [PDF] When Katie Wakes | by ✓ Connie May Fowler - When Katie Wakes, When Katie Wakes Connie May Fowler is known to the world as the author of bestselling novels and powerful essays but no one knew that for years she was the victim of brutal abuse and relentless humiliation Now in this When Katie Wakes

  • [PDF] When Katie Wakes | by ✓ Connie May Fowler
    407Connie May Fowler
When Katie Wakes

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  1. I have been a fan of Connie May Fowler since reading Before Women Had Wings maybe ten years ago Blame it on Oprah Winfrey this was one of the books Oprah mentioned that I decided to read After reading Ms Fowler s heart wrenching book, I was instantly hooked on her writing.In When Katie Wakes, Ms Fowler tells her amazing story of breaking free from years of abuse with the unconditional love of her dog, Katie While Before Women Had Wings was fiction dealing with domestic violence, When Katie Wakes [...]

  2. This is a very sad book, but it has a happy ending It is about the author, Connie May Fowler, and what happened to her as a child as she was abused by her mother and then how she went into an abusive relationship with a man that turned out to be very much like her mother was Both were alcoholics, both very mean in their abuse both physical and verbal.The book is also about Katie, Connie s black Lab, who helps her to survive her abuse from the boyfriend.The happy ending is where Connie does final [...]

  3. I feel like a monster, but I didn t like the woman telling this story I mean, maybe that was the POINT A woman who stays in a terribly abusive relationship, raised around abusive people, she doesn t like herself, so why would I I just became so grinding, so quickly Him treating her horridly and her taking it Which was is likely a very truthful telling of what it s like to have an abusive boyfriend, but that doesn t make it rewarding to read.A side note, I did some fevered research to identify he [...]

  4. Really well written memoir of childhood abuse followed by an abusive relationship It helped the reader understand why woman are so cowed by hurtful words that they feel unable to leave But with the unconditional love of her beloved lab, Katie, Connie Fowler eventually was able to rebuild her life.I would love to know what became of her aging abuser, who she financially supported.

  5. This is an excellent memoir written by the author of Before Women had Wings and a long list of other books I love In this book, Fowler describes both the horror of living with an abusive partner and the painstaking process of escape Because Fowler tells her story in present tense, and with unflinching honesty, the narrative takes on an immediacy that makes it hard to put down I m putting it in my top 10 list of books about domestic violence.

  6. I couldn t finish it It made me angry that she was so dysfunctional and co dependent I couldn t stand that she brought a dog into her awful situation.

  7. Anytime you read a memoir about abuse, it is a sad, heartbreaking and deeply emotionally charged study of the pain and anguish another person has suffered Connie May Fowler is a courageous survivor of alcoholism and domestic violence just as her own mother and grandmother before her experienced Despite her intelligence, education and experiences from the past, she seemingly became involved with a man who was physically and mentally abusive toward her Trapped in a vicious, controlling, cruel, and [...]

  8. What an engrossing read Once I started, I could hardly put it down May Fowler s story is absolutely heartbreaking Abused first by her mother and then by a man thirty years her senior, May Fowler is trapped but struggling to find her way out Her father abused her mother, her grandfather abused her grandmother, and on back for several generations After May Fowler s father dies, her mother turns on her as well as her two siblings As a mid 20 year old, she finds herself again being abused by a revol [...]

  9. I read this book years ago but I never forgot it Many people do not realize the impact an animal pet can have on some people This memoir is an example of how even at someones lowest a pet can help as the loyal companions they are, that amazing unconditional love they give is sometimes all that is needed to take the first steps towards a better life In my personal life I have memories that include some pretty special fur babies My Blackie girl was my rock in my junior high years, as I settled int [...]

  10. The way I feel about this book is akin to the way I feel about Maya Angelou s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings both writers took trauma and transformed their lives for the better by writing about bad experiences beautifully This one is so good that when I finished it, I read it again immediately in case I had missed something I tend to be a speed reader It s hard to read or grasp what Connie lived with on a daily basis, but her courage is always there underneath, fighting with her fear, self hatr [...]

  11. Connie Fowler is clearly a women with strength and humility Real skill and talent are required to produce such a memoir Due to birth and circumstance Connie has been deeply affected by other peoples short comings and been marked by both physical and emotional abuse At times the reading is not pleasant but it is written in such a way that the reader can understand her choices, so it is not hard to turn the page.A delightful aspect of her story is her relationship with her dog, very touching and b [...]

  12. I am a long time fan of Connie May Fowler s work and remember reading Before Women Had Wings in the late 90s, and the powerful effect it had on me Connie grew up with alcoholics who physically and verbally abused her, like her mother and grandmother before her She continues the cycle of violence when she lets an alcoholic and abusive man into her life Despite Connie s intelligence and education, she cannot break the cycle until she adopts a dog who eventually gives her the courage to get out.The [...]

  13. This was a touching and harrowing story of a young woman in an abusive relationship with a much older man Her mother, grandmother and great grandmother also lived this way and she knows no other life To witness her overcome her self hatred and make a better life for herself is inspiring At the heart of her story is a dog who makes her stand up and protect herself It is her memoir and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  14. I have not thought of this book in a very long time, but it is such a good memoir It makes my eyes tear just thinking about it It is about a woman who is in an incredibly abusive relationship and how her dog saved her life I love dogs Love, love, love them I can see how someone could lean on a dog in a time of extreme pain They are the most wonderful animals.

  15. This memoir by Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA instructor Fowler is one of the reasons I chose to attend the program She does a masterful job of helping understand how the narrator can tolerate such a horrifyingly abusive relationship There are still moments in that book that haunt me, two years after reading it.

  16. This gifted author is the survivor of a horrendously abusive childhood that continued into young adulthood A testament to the perseverance of the will to survive, and to eventually escape Her personal background gives new meaning to Before Women Had Wings This was a deeply moving profound book which strikes resonance with victim survivors of alcoholic, abusive, and violent pasts toni

  17. The book was good I dont like the way the author writes I lke the story and that she shared her life with others in the same situation I understand her emotions and the the way she felt I will never understand why she waited so long to do the right thing I believe she had so many chances to do the right thing but did not.

  18. Really poignant memoir touching, sad, uplifting all at the same time The story of an abused woman who left the violence I had the opportunity to meetConnie May Fowler, and it is amazing to see her now so full of life, it s hard to imagine she was ever in such an awful situation.

  19. This book was such an eye opener for me I was truly ignorant of why women chose to stay with their abusive partners This book introduced me to a completely different perspective.Very well written, I HIGHLY recommend this book.

  20. I really liked this book it s hard enough having lived a life surrounded by alcoholics but reading about someone else with the same experience opens up a whole new perspective to it I really enjoy her writing and confidence but I wish she d taken a little time to end this one

  21. At first I didn t think I would be able to get through this book, but I was glad I stuck with it until the end

  22. The author writes with such honesty about her life It was an amazing book and a very easy read I highly recommend it.

  23. A hard book to get through due to the topic of physical and emotional abuse, but inspiring Loved how the dog katie helped Connie make it though her horrific relationship.

  24. Stories of abuse are always sad difficult Connie was a strong woman was eventually able to leave her abuser with her loving dog at her side.

  25. I m big fan of this writer She from the South and her words put me back there in all the good and bad ways it touched me.

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