From Where I Stand

↠ From Where I Stand í Tabitha Suzuma ↠ From Where I Stand í Tabitha Suzuma - From Where I Stand, From Where I Stand Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager who after witnessing the death of his mother is placed in foster care The Russells do their best to earn his trust but only little Ella manages to get through

  • Title: From Where I Stand
  • Author: Tabitha Suzuma
  • ISBN: 9780370329062
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ From Where I Stand í Tabitha Suzuma, From Where I Stand, Tabitha Suzuma, From Where I Stand Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager who after witnessing the death of his mother is placed in foster care The Russells do their best to earn his trust but only little Ella manages to get through to him Meanwhile at school bullies are making his life a living hell An unexpected companion comes in the form of Lotte a classmate bored by her ordinary friends TogeRaven is a d

From Where I Stand

↠ From Where I Stand í Tabitha Suzuma ↠ From Where I Stand í Tabitha Suzuma - From Where I Stand, From Where I Stand Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager who after witnessing the death of his mother is placed in foster care The Russells do their best to earn his trust but only little Ella manages to get through From Where I Stand

  • ↠ From Where I Stand í Tabitha Suzuma
    327Tabitha Suzuma
From Where I Stand

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  1. After being so moved by Tabitha Suzuma s incredible Forbidden, I was very interested in finding books by this author It s hard to engage readers intellectually and emotionally when you re tackling such touchy subjects, but the author managed to do so with extraordinary grace and dignity None of her other four novels are currently available stateside, but thanks to the fabulous Book Depository I managed to get them all in my hot little hands from the U.K at a very reasonable price.The first thin [...]

  2. Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager, who, after witnessing the death of his mother, is placed in foster care The Russells do their best to earn his trust, but only little Ella manages to get through to him Meanwhile, at school, bullies are making his life a living hell An unexpected companion comes in the form of Lotte, a classmate bored by her ordinary friends Together, they track down Raven s mum s killer, with the goal of exposing him to the police But their carefully crafted plan goes dange [...]

  3. 4.5 Stars The Story Raven is fourteen years old and arrives at his new foster home His foster parents and their five year old daughter are a nice happy family though Raven can t open up to them He is sad and can t bear to stand through a normal day at school or dinner with his new family All he can think about is this big loss because of his mother s death He knows who killed her and will do anything to get this person view spoiler Steve, his mother s boyfriend hide spoiler to confess murder so [...]

  4. I decided to read this book because I saw it in the school library and thought okay this looks interesting and as I read the blurb I was hocked I think that this is a good book and makes us think about how well our lives are going compared to others and what pushes people to the breaking point.This book is about a teenage boy who looses his mum in an accident and thinks that he knows who did it At the end of the story, through out the twists and turns we find out about his troublesome past and [...]

  5. I went into reading this book with very high expectations, having read Forbidden my favourite book of all time , which probably wasn t fair From Where I Stand revolves around younger characters, so it s told from a younger point of view Anyway, judging the book on its own, it s definitely worth reading Tabitha Suzuma is an amazing writer, and her writing seems to flow, so you get a complete image in your head of what s going on There s no having to do that annoying thing were you sit there for t [...]

  6. Oh boy that ending was crazy This wasn t the kind of book I use to read and I was getting a little bored at the beggining, after that ending I will remember this book forever Brilliant I simply loved it

  7. Wow wow I would give this book a trillion gazillion stars if I could This book this book is probably now my favorite book by Tabitha Suzuma I still love all the others, and I still love all the other protagonists and characters, but man oh man this one blew me away My kind of story completely Raven Winter LOVE that name is exactly the type of character I like to write about and read about.Scratch that he s the male version OF me We have so much in common I can relate to him quite a bit I ve even [...]

  8. Im a little confused on the age range, there were really dark topics yet written so simplistic and in a style that is for young children I did really like it and read it in one sitting for two hours straight but things were explained without actually telling me anything Also the book ended so bloodly abruptly, what happened after I want to know view spoiler When his foster father goes oh that s a nice picture of Billy I started thinking that Raven s story was not what he said it was and then wh [...]

  9. Losing a parent is hard, but I would imagine that losing two parents is even harder, especially when your living with a secret so deep and so dark that it causes hell to breathe in your every action, word and motive The book was a moving novel that actually displayed something that felt very real and natural Many children go through the situation of being placed into the care of social services, being fostered over and over again and yet being seen as a difficult and devestated child But the way [...]

  10. This review was originally posted at Fluttering ButterfliesTabitha Suzuma writes some really powerful books I first came across her name when Forbidden was published So many people were talking about this wonderful consensual incest love story that I had to pick it up And it shocked and surprised me how much I began to root for this unusual romantic couple.So I picked up another of her books, this time about a young man struggling with the pressures of a prestigious music academy and manic depre [...]

  11. Whilst no way near as good as forbidden it would have to be bloody brilliant if it was From where i stand Was still an entertaining thriller.It was a quick, easy read One difficulty i d have with this book, is deciding on its suitable age range Whilst it contains material that is indecent for young children to read self harm, heartless bullying, disturbed teen , the plot and story telling, was also too simple for adults.I felt the character s kept voicing everything, so that the reader understoo [...]

  12. From Where I Stand by Tabitha Suzuma was an amazing book I read it in one sitting I started at 4 and finished at 7.30 in the A.M What kept me awake and reading Why didn t I give a thought to the electricity bill There s a simple answer Suzuma s writing is gripping and fluid She writes with confidence and gets into her characters heads really well There wasn t a point at which I thought oh, it s getting boring now, I can stop here That was why I had to keep reading From Where I Stand is about a 1 [...]

  13. This is the second book of Suzuma s that I have read This one is also heartbreaking.14 year old Raven moves into a new house to live the Russell s His new school is at first a nightmare, but he makes friends with a girl called Lotte who is bored of all her boring friends Together they team up and set a plan to expose Raven s mother s killer.Tabitha is very good at writing about mental illness She can describe such deep feelings so that almost anyone can begin to understand what that is like, She [...]

  14. I don t know what to say about this book As many of you probably know, Suzuma is one of my all time favourite authors, and this is the last of her five currently published books that I ve read And honestly I didn t really like it I know it was about the second book she published, so of course her writing skills have developed over the years, but I just didn t connect with anything Not the characters, not the twists, not the storyline I only really enjoyed the ending, where the pace actually pick [...]

  15. This wasn t a bad little book There s something about Tabitha Suzuma s writing that draws me in The two books of hers I ve read, I managed to finish in the space of 24 hours because I was so sucked into the storyline This book was about 14 year old Raven, who had just been moved into a new foster home with a small, but cosy family, and his troubles with starting at a new school From the get go, you had the feeling things weren t exactly going to go well, or end well, for Raven He did make friend [...]

  16. From where i stand by Tabitha Suzuma I have to say is deffinatly my favourite book I have read this year Recommended to me by Sian Moriaty in my class Raven is a deeply disturbed teenager, he is in foster care after witnessing the death of his mother who fell from there home belcony He gets put with the Russles , who have one child , a daughter named Ella When he starts his new school the school bullies do what ever they can to make Ravens life a living hell He makes a bestfriend , her name is L [...]

  17. Manetty much any ya book I see now with a teenage male protagonist I ll jump on right away I m soooooo sick of finding a million books with the same ignorant, clever , and love struck protagonist girl and only like 5 with a good, genuine, realistic teenage boy protagonist For some reason I seem to favor guy protagonists Because it seems like most of them are girls right now and really annoying ones, at that Like in the Fallen novels by Lauren Kate Luce is the DEFINITION of that girl Ugh I m only [...]

  18. Cover Quite creepy and sad, but green is my favorite color, so Let s say 3 5.Writing Tabitha Suzuma s writing is fantastic It really gets you You re stuck inside Raven s head, it seems like you can t escape before you know everything about him and his mother s death 8 10.Story The story started quite simply Just another orphan kid But God, the last chapter was bloody amazing, and the ending is quite unexpected Well done 8 10.Characters I fell for Raven s despair and sadness, but the character wa [...]

  19. Even though Raven is just 14 years old he s been through pain than I was in my entire 25 years I felt so sorry for him Every time Kyle and Brett picked on him, I was on the verge of shouting Leave him alone And when I read his poem I sit at my desk, I do as a must, my heart is ridden with pain I follow instructions without looking up, quietly going insane , I swear could hear my heart breaking image error But I always knew there was This wasn t just about the bullying, his mother being dead an [...]

  20. I d say this is 3.5 stars, but couldn t put that.I felt for Raven his pain jumped off the page and a liked that the author didn t tell you everything all in one go She dripped a little of the real Raven bit by bit.Ella was wonderfully enchanting, lightening the plot when things got too intense That being said, I think she left the big reveal about Raven until too close to the end The first sign that his truth isn t actually the truth is when Lotte sees the picture Sure, the readers asks how the [...]

  21. THANK YOU TABITHA Another fabulous creation The last 3 books I have read have been a disappointment just to clarify, obviously they are NOT Tabitha Suzuma books , I knew I would enjoy this oned I did What a lovely heartwarming and sometimes intense story with characters that jump off the page I m crazy about Raven, little Ella, and Lotte The only bad thing about this book is that it endedd there is no sequel Wonderful Raven couldn t stop shivering Ella reached out her hand and touched his It s a [...]

  22. I was disappointed with this, the read itself wasn t very interesting, it dragged at points I was however interested at the very end when the truth was revealed, I much prefered Suzuma s other book, Forbidden The characters in this book were likable I especially liked Raven s new foster family who were very caring and treated Raven like their own son and gave him space when he required it They gave him the chance to approach them if he required their help, they didn t smother him with attention [...]

  23. A thrilling book Good definition of the main characters personalities Leaves a lot to your imagination.As the story unfolds, you begin to put into place different theories, while eliminating others.I was constantly interested in finding out what happens next.I enjoyed reading this book.Unfortunately, it ended quite suddenly Perhaps there should have been an epilogue But still,it s a great weekend or quick read.

  24. I love Tabitha Suzuma s books and once again she has delivered the goods From where I stand is a complete page turner that leaves you on the edge of your seat until the very last word It is a fast paced psychological thriller where nothing is quite what it seems and the story culminates in an incredible, shocking twist that leaves you reeling This is a touching, beautifully written story that is both tragic and uplifting and will stay with you long after the last page.

  25. Another great work by this wonderful author whom I came to appreciate and through her books A powerful story, opening an interesting insight on the mind of an ordinary guy involved in an unspoken tragedy Tabitha Suzuma is always so delicate and poetic, even, or especially, when faced with the most difficult issues Raven, the main character, is alive and palpable, the plot worthy with of a fast paced thriller.

  26. Category None.I was loaned this book by a friend and it turned out to be great Within the first chapter I had so many questions and things I wanted to know about the characters I wouldn t rate it the best book I ve ever read but I was definitely interested throughout the whole book For a new author of this day and age, it was good.

  27. Absolutely amazing book very exciting story, and also very sad i really pity Raven.He is bullied at school, has no friends except for lotte,and witnessed the murder of his mother or so he says i was near tears at the end.i could not stop reading it, it only took me a day to finish Like i said, amazing book.

  28. I got given this book as a gift over two years ago and I never got round to reading it until this summer and wow do I wish I hadn t waited This book was so powerful for me, I felt in some circumstances that I could occasionally relate with Raven I started and finished this book within 5 hours, refusing to eat until I had finished it I need to find and read by this author

  29. An incredible YA mystery that takes a dark, compelling turn Thank goodness for Lotte and Ella who brings a balance of fun and kindness to this grim little novel I love it, but I m frustrated by the fact that the twist is so good you can t really read it than once.

  30. Disappointed with this one unfortunately I didn t connect with the characters and figured out the ending before I got there Pity, as I was so looking forward to reading Suzuma again Is there no topping Forgiven

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