The Secret of Happy Ever After

↠ The Secret of Happy Ever After ✓ Lucy Dillon ↠ The Secret of Happy Ever After ✓ Lucy Dillon - The Secret of Happy Ever After, The Secret of Happy Ever After Michelle doesn t believe in fairy tales She s a hard headed businesswoman making a fresh start in a new town And when she decides to take over a neglected book shop she knows the perfect manager For

  • Title: The Secret of Happy Ever After
  • Author: Lucy Dillon
  • ISBN: 9781444727036
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback

↠ The Secret of Happy Ever After ✓ Lucy Dillon, The Secret of Happy Ever After, Lucy Dillon, The Secret of Happy Ever After Michelle doesn t believe in fairy tales She s a hard headed businesswoman making a fresh start in a new town And when she decides to take over a neglected book shop she knows the perfect manager For book loving Anna it s a dream come true and not just because it gives her an escape from her three demanding step children and their adorable but hyperactive Dalmatian

The Secret of Happy Ever After

↠ The Secret of Happy Ever After ✓ Lucy Dillon ↠ The Secret of Happy Ever After ✓ Lucy Dillon - The Secret of Happy Ever After, The Secret of Happy Ever After Michelle doesn t believe in fairy tales She s a hard headed businesswoman making a fresh start in a new town And when she decides to take over a neglected book shop she knows the perfect manager For The Secret of Happy Ever After Secret Maryo Chronicles News Secret Maryo Chronicles is an Open Source two dimensional platform game with a design similar to classic computer games SMC uses an accelerated Open Graphics Library to support high quality textures and performance Read about the Features, take a look at the Screenshots and post your levels on the Community Forums Visit the Download page for the game package and the music addon If Secret Gardens Sydney Landscape Architecture Horticulture Secret Gardens believe that a house is just a house until absorbed into a garden, only then can you call it a home Sydney based company specialising in Landscape Secret Diary Wedding Stationery South Africa Secret We offer luxury stationery for all of life s special celebrations and events Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate, Baby Showers Visit Our Site Now Victoria s Secret The World s Most Famous Bras, Panties The world s best bras, panties, and lingerie Shop our favorite clothing from sleepwear and sportswear to beauty and swim Only from Victoria s Secret. Victoria s Secret los sujetadores ms famosos del mundo La lencera, las braguitas y los sujetadores ms famosos del mundo Compra en nuestra ropa favorita desde estilos para dormir hasta ropa de deporte y productos de belleza y BestSecret Fashion for members only Over designer brands at up to % off in our members only outlet By invite only. SECRET FAMILY No upload ILLEGAL links yo JACK DANIELS ENTER TO PARADISE

  • ↠ The Secret of Happy Ever After ✓ Lucy Dillon
    309Lucy Dillon
The Secret of Happy Ever After

384 thought on “The Secret of Happy Ever After

  1. Not sure how I feel about this book.Hmm,I have a love hate relationship with this book.I love the fact that library and books are a big part of this story,but on the other hand I don t think I really liked any of the characters.I m quite fond of Anna,but she can be annoying sometimes.There s a lot of things I didn t like,including the ending,but I m giving this book 3 stars because I enjoyed reading it and I loved Anna s step children and Pongo,of course.Things I liked 1 Like I said,I really lik [...]

  2. The Secret of Happy Ever After revolves around a bookstore Anna is given the chance at her dream job and run a bookstore leased by her friend Michelle In the course of the year, many events happen, and they both predictably come out better for it I think what made this book really great was Michelle It s easy to write a book that s full of book lovers, so the inclusion of an extremely business minded person like Michelle made for a great contrast I can actually understand her arguments, and I qu [...]

  3. E t o bom leres livros assim, cheios de ternura,com personagens simp ticas e tamb m os de quatro patas Muito bom.

  4. This started as a really fun and mostly quite light slice of life romance novel, set around a small town and bouncing between two POV characters, one of whom runs a homewares store and the other of whom winds up managing the bookstore next door All the delightful wallowing in books especially the kids books was really great and totally up my alley, and I also really enjoyed that the author did a great job showing an existing relationship and how both parties had to work at it, rather than just b [...]

  5. Liked Did not love I guess I could pin that down to reading 2 books in a row by the same author, but I know it had nothing to do with it I identified a lot with Michelle, yet I feel like I never really broke down the walls she built up around herself Oh, the irony is not lost on me, believe me I loved her relationship with Rory she thinks he s messy, he thinks she has a Knick Knacks shop and how it evolved throughout the book I felt a huge sympathy for Anna She s like this Superwoman handling ev [...]

  6. Nice book great, nothing bad Ending is a bit abrupt and a little too happily ever after I was expecting a little fireworks at the end While I like kids books, the references were a bit too much of it for my tastes I have a 9 year old daughter and sorry, in today s world, they just aren t enthralled with Little Women and neither was I 40 years ago There are many many amazing books written by wonderful children s authors today and the March sisters just aren t relatable SORT OF SPOILER Seems to m [...]

  7. Apesar das personagens e das hist rias de cada uma delas, ser uma grande atra o no livro, o que eu gostei realmente foi o cen rio onde a ac o se desenrola Se ao in cio o foco era apenas a loja de Michelle, a partir do momento em que entra no espa o, a livraria da Anna, o enredo torna se muito melhor Porque tudo muito melhor com livros, e um livro sobre livros quase perfeito.opini o completa cronicasdeumaleitora.

  8. Um romance fofinho que termina da forma que imaginamos quase desde as 1 s paginas, mas vezes sabe bem ler um livro assim, que n o nos d muito que pensar Podia ser um pouco mais pequeno, n o era preciso ser t o longo pois tive a sensa o de que a escritora estava a fazer render o peixe mas foi sem duvida uma leitura agrad vel.

  9. Mysig bok med en gnutta romantik och v rme Och mycket k rlek till b cker som f r en bokmal som mig att m bra

  10. I would have given this novel two stars, but for the delicate way Dillon presented being a stepmother, and feeling as though you are a bit part in your own story Really effectively done, and particularly poignant for me as I find myself in this position these days.What failed to light this novel up was the balance There wasn t masses of plot to begin with, but it was stretched so thoroughly over 450 pages that it became thin, and then everything was tied up with neat ribbons in just a few pages, [...]

  11. Gosto de um bom livro aconchegante De uma hist ria que se destaque pela beleza da escrita e pelas imensas voltas e reviravoltas do enredo, mas que, no final, me deixe com um sorriso perp tuo nos l bios Acima de tudo, gosto de percorrer viv ncias incompletas que buscam, fervorosamente, aquele pedacinho de felicidade, de aceita o, de conforto que, demasiadas vezes, vemos escapar nos das m os Este livro assim purificante, enternecedor, um aut ntico b lsamo para a alma.Segredos para um final feliz , [...]

  12. Last year I read my first Lucy Dillon novel when I read Walking Back To Happiness I loved it, it was warm and it was just the perfect book to curl up with during the colder Tenerife months Yes, Tenerife has colder months So when I received a copy of her new novel The Secret of Happy Ever After I was looking for yet another warm and enjoyable read, not to mention some loveable dogs it s all about the dogs for me who needs likeable characters when you have loveable, cute dogs and I m pleased to le [...]

  13. Lucy Dillon my new favourite author This is the first of her books I have read and I will be serching out her previous ones asap I was captivated even before I started the story because Lucy Dillon is a woman after my own heart who mentions her love of Enid Blyton, Malory Towers, Chalet School, Ballet Shoes, Mrs Pepperpot oh, numerous books that were the very heart of my own childhood and of many like us Her knowledge and love of these childhood stories shouts from the pages and I am sure I am [...]

  14. Okay so, so many thoughts about this one First off, found out about this while browsing through GR So thank you for the suggestion for book related books aboutoks And the summary had me at bookshop So of course this would be my kind of read right Well, let s just say I was surprised with this one You have two different women, Michelle a businesswoman who starts a shop called Home Sweet Home and then the shop next door which was already a bookshop She then has the book shop running again and appo [...]

  15. I enjoyed this book It was a nice, easy read and there wasn t anything really wrong about it I wouldn t call it a favourite but it was a good one to spend a few days of Christmas break on I liked that there was a bookstore, and at first I thought all the references to old childrens books were fun I, too, loved such books when I was a kid, so I really enjoyed this at first I haven t read all of the books mentioned, but most of them I loved Little Women and books like that, and I can definitely re [...]

  16. What a lovely read this was I really enjoyed it, and loved that the main focuses wer on a reader, library and local bookshop perfect combination

  17. If you know me well, you would know why I was attracted to this book This book isn t really about love Well, actually it is, but it s about life And the things you go through You can really learn alot of things from reading this book, but if you re a booknerd like me, you d learn about so much books to add on to your evergrowing book list HAHA This book is about two bestfriends, Michelle and Anna They are two complete opposites, but they bonded over an unexpected incident Michelle was neat, a [...]

  18. 4 stelle e mezzoMichelle e Anna sono grandi amiche, sono anche due donne completamente diverse razionale e all apparenza fredda la prima, dolce e sognatrice la seconda.Michelle una maniaca della precisione e della pulizia, separata da anni, gestisce con successo un negozio di suppellettili per la casa, non sembra avere alcun interesse per la vita sociale e pare possedere un cuore di ghiaccio, ma sar veramente cos Anna felicemente sposata con Phil, fin da bambina ama la lettura e il suo sogno pi [...]

  19. A book that mentions other books, is always going to be a winner with me I m also a sucker for Listopia on , so I thought I would use my little cat shaped post its to keep track of all the books mentioned to make a list when I was finished Well, I was getting through a lot of post its and even had to commit the cardinal sin of turning the pages down something I would NEVER do under normal circumstances Turns out there is a list of the books in the backever it doesn t list ALL the books so I didn [...]

  20. Fate Just like that Michelle was a sophisticated businesswoman who always thinks about profit and sales Despite her cold and composed demeanor, lies a fragile woman who was once shrouded with traumatic dark past She managed to conquer her trauma and became very successful and independent Love come when we least expected it.Anna, a selfless person who married a divorcee and managed to get three stepdaughters Teenagers Teenagers are rebellious, sarcastic, dramatic and inconsiderate For someone unr [...]

  21. I have been wanting to read a Dillon book for some time now And this summer I decided to try to read at least 10 library books, and Dillon was one of those.A nice little town village I d love to live there, it sounds nice.Two Povs Anna who lives with her husband, and he has shared custody of 3 kids and a dog I felt sorry for her She tried so hard to please those kids She took care of the, the dog, the house She wanted a child of her own, but her husband said wait But for how long One is ready to [...]

  22. What a heartwarming lovely book I have knly just recently started reading chick lit but I truly enjoyed this book Apparently all of Lucy Dillon s books include dogs somehow which I adore as I am a huge animal lover and I m a sucker for animal stories particularly those with happy endings but this book also focused on a bookshop It is my lifelong dream to own or work in a bookshop and this made me so warm inside I also loved the way relationships are depicted in this cute novel themes of parentho [...]

  23. This is the second of Lucy Dillon s books that I ve read, the first being Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts and I came away from that one feeling vaguely disappointed The Secret of Happy Ever After didn t leave me disappointed I fairly sped through this in an evening I don t whether it was the nostalgia from all the memories of childhood reading or the two main characters just being so empathetic and realistic, but I absolutely loved this The plot was both funny and heartbreaking in various places and [...]

  24. Regalatomi per il mio compleanno, questo libro stato una piacevole scoperta Di mia iniziativa, probabilmente, non l avrei mai comprato per il semplice fatto che nell ultimo periodo mi sono concentrata pi sul genere thriller.E una lettura piacevole, scorrevole e alla portata di tutti L autrice ha un modo di scrivere semplice, che arriva immediato e permette di non perdersi ma di rimanere costantemente concentrati E una storia di amicizia, di amori sbagliati e di rinascita Nel mio caso, mi sono ri [...]

  25. Die Geschichte h tte man auch in einem Buch unterbringen k nnen, dass halb so dick ist Vielen unwichtigen Stellen wird zu viel Platz gegeben Ich habe zwischendurch mal 20 Seiten bersprungen und trotzdem nichts verpasst.Au erdem fand ich die Hunde berfl ssig Mag daran liegen, dass ich kein Hundefreund bin.Die Charakteren waren teilweise richtig toll die Kinder , aber manchmal auch einfach zu anstrengend die Erwachsenen.Die Geschichte war insgesamt nett, aber vorhersehbar Ein bisschen mehr Humor w [...]

  26. I was babysitting my sisters children while they were sick, so I found this book and since I had some time while they were napping, I started to read I was a story about Anna and Michell You couldn t find any different people Anna a booklover something I can totaly indentify , dreamy naive 30sh stepmother and Michell very rational storeowner 1 I hate Phil.2 Not ever understood the desperate need to have children Anna , though I kinda get her point on this, but I think she took it too far.3 Mich [...]

  27. For the most part, I really enjoyed this book I found it sweet and cozy and wanted to read about the great book shop However, there were times that I disliked every character, or maybe it was just the way they were acting at the time I guess this makes it true to life though everyone acts badly at one time or another, and relationships don t go smoothly all the time As the title of the book says though, by the ending things were working out happily for everyone I would love to revisit these ch [...]

  28. This was truly a book about happy ever after and how life isn t what you expected No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes This book proves that I used a lot of time reading this book But I m happy I didn t rush it I finished it now the morning I m off to study abroad in Leeds I m so scared but by reading the book about the secret of happy ever after, it made me calmer Everything s going to be alright.

  29. Loved this so much A heartwarming story of two women and their lives, their trials, their loves, their families, and a few dogs and a load of books besides The sort of story that is both true to life and uplifting and optimistic.

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