Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil : by Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil : by Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti - Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil, Sheila Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil Sudah ada delapan murid berusia tak lebih dari tahun di kelas itu Seorang anak pernah dua kali mencoba bunuh diri seorang anak buta seorang lagi agresif dua orang anak menderita autisme seorang

  • Title: Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil
  • Author: Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti
  • ISBN: 9789793269061
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil : by Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti, Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil, Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti, Sheila Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil Sudah ada delapan murid berusia tak lebih dari tahun di kelas itu Seorang anak pernah dua kali mencoba bunuh diri seorang anak buta seorang lagi agresif dua orang anak menderita autisme seorang skizofrenia seorang pernah mengalami penganiayaan fisik dan seksual sedangkan yang terkahir menderita beragam fobia Bila Anda harus mengajar di kelas itu bers

Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil : by Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil : by Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti - Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil, Sheila Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil Sudah ada delapan murid berusia tak lebih dari tahun di kelas itu Seorang anak pernah dua kali mencoba bunuh diri seorang anak buta seorang lagi agresif dua orang anak menderita autisme seorang Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil : by Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti
    203Torey L. Hayden Rahmani Astuti
Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil

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  4. I remember reading this story as a child and being engrossed in it It s reminiscent of A child called It because of its extreme depiction of a child in severe abuse and neglect.Reading again as an adult and as an educator who works with at risk children I was horrified The story is a memoir written by a special ed teacher She clearly wants to be praised and lauded for her amazing breakthrough with Sheila but all I could think was that Sheila needed to be put into foster care She was clearly bein [...]

  5. Sheila came into Torey Hayden s class for special children at the age of 6 after having tied a 3 year old child to a tree and critically burned him ONE CHILD is Torey Hayden s story of her attempt to tap the unbelievable capacity of this tortured child Parts of this book the savage sexual molestation will enrage you Parts of this book Sheila s quiet description of her anger and fears and doubts will make you cry And parts of this book Sheila s gradual realization of her own potential may make yo [...]

  6. Esta cita o retirado do livro ser o melhor resumo do que acabei de ler Algumas destas crian as vivem com pesadelos t o medonhos nas suas cabe as, que cada movimento fica imbu do de um terror desconhecido Algumas vivem debaixo de uma viol ncia e perversidade imposs vel de expressar por palavras Algumas vivem sem a dignidade concedida aos animais Algumas vivem sem amor Algumas vivem sem esperan a No entanto, aguentam E, na sua maioria, aceitam, por desconhecerem outro tipo de atitude.

  7. I read this when it first came out and it cemented my desire to be a teacher I still want to be Torey when I grow up Also, my copy is long gone and I need to get another and re read this.

  8. The first thing I want to tell you is how much this book made me cry Buckets full Maybe even enough to fill an ocean Ugly cry, even Unashamed, let it all out, bawling That s how much I m not even exaggerating This is significant, because tearjerker movies get me to cry often, but in contrast, only a handful of books have managed to dissolve me into tears With One Child, I cried often, and I cried long and hard It s not only Sheila s circumstances that made me cry, but also because I was so grate [...]

  9. triste observarmos no mundo casos como o de Sheila.Sheila e Torey foram me cativando ao longo destas p ginas tr gicas e t o cheias de falhas.Ao mesmo tempo fico feliz por existirem educadoras e professoras como Torey que n o s ensinam como tamb m cicatrizam feridas com o amor, amizade e a esperan a depositada nas crian as com problemas.Todos pensavam que Sheila n o tinha solu o, por m Torey insistiu e provou o contr rio.

  10. This book is about a special ed teacher and her relationship with one child The child, Sheila, has been severely abused, left on the interstate by her mother, neglected by her father and is only 6 years old The story is a true store of how Hayden helped Sheila come out of her shell and trust someone will not abandon her and begin to love again.I liked the story, however, the teacher author, Hayden annoyed me I felt she made herself into a hero, and very few teachers could be like her and endure [...]

  11. Gostei muito da obra, aborda diversos temas bastante interessantes e tem uma mensagem muito forte sobre supera o e a for a do amor e da compreens o Considerei a obra um pouco previs vel, todavia adorei os temas, as personagens e a mensagem subjacente na obra Mal vejo a hora de poder ler mais obras desta autora.

  12. It s so difficult to rate and review true books about child abuse, and this one is no exception.Well written, easy to read and a cast of delightful characters Especially the crazy kidses I loved them.However, there was one thing about this book that I have to mention because it affected my overall view of the story Sheila, six years old and the main character of the story, is sexually abused by her uncle When he tried to have sex with her she was too small, so he cut her with a knife Torey, her [...]

  13. ahh One Child, by Torey Hayden was just plain FANTASTIC AMAZING GREAT I LOVED the book It was about a young girl at the age of 5 years old is what I remember Okay, so she was left on the side of a highway hanging on the gate by her mother, which left her to go live in California with the little girls only and little brother Her dad found her and took her back home, where she always gets abused and is taught many things So when she goes to school, she has the knowledge of a 5th grader BUT she has [...]

  14. This is a powerful book written by a special educator For one of my classes I has to read another one or Torey s experiences Just Another Kid Both are based on actual experiences of Torey teaching special education I really related She writes in a very raw way so there is inappropriate language spoken by her students Also, situations of her students are really difficult and hard so be prepared I felt she wrote in such an honest and straightforward way that she could have been in my classroom I d [...]

  15. I read One Child as a junior in high school as part of a project, I recently reread it this past winter This book highlights how resilient children can be Nature vs nurture is explored in this nonfiction story Six year old Sheila, a poor almost deranged child, is put into Torey Hayden s special needs class after she tried to light another child on fire She is violent, dirty, and scares the other children in the class until Torey begins to see the real Sheila who is sweet, kind, and a gifted read [...]

  16. It is an excellent book for teachers of special education A special child may have immense potential within They need love and care.

  17. If your a parent, teacher, daycare worker, or just around kids, you NEED to read this book It has such a great message behind it I love that she wrote from her experience in the classroom with this student She never give up on her students She didn t do anything special, just treated showed her students love and respect Best book I ve read about teaching

  18. Kisah tentang Sheila ini cukup mengenaskan dan mengharukan Saat membaca kisahnya, saya dapat merasakan sedihnya, sakitnya, saya bahkan merasa menyayangi dia, walaupun dia tidak berada di dekat saya Dia hanya seorang gadis kecil Sayangnya , seorang gadis kecil ini pernah mengalami segala hal buruk yang mungkin dialami orang dewasa, mulai dari ditinggalkan orang yang disayangi, ditelantarkan, dijauhi, dihina, bahkan yang paling parah, dia pernah mengalami tindak pelecehan dan penganiayaan seksual [...]

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  20. The opinion on my blog flamesmr 2010 06 lLivro A crian a que n o queria falarAutora Torey HaydenNeste livro fala se de uma violenta crian a de seis anos com problemas a n veis sociais e emocionais Tudo isto muda quando encontra a autora do livro, uma professora de necessidades educativas especiais O grande problema deste livro o facto da autora ser muitoCONVENCIDABasta ler a capa do livro para encontrarmos a seguinte frase Era uma crian a de seis anos insoci vel, violenta, perdida num mundo de r [...]

  21. Torey Hayden is a teacher of those children society deems garbage tistic, schizophrenic, emotionally damaged, suicidal This was in the seventies and eighties, before autism became a popular disease I read One Child, a book I ve read before, which the story of Sheila, a six year old so abused and emotionally scarred that she takes a neighborhood child out to the woods and sets fire to him Because no one else will take her into a normal classroom, Torey gets her She s emaciated, owns one shirt and [...]

  22. I have read a few of Torey Hayden s books and I had been meaning to read this one for a long time A usually with Hayden s books, it follows her experiences working with children with special needs and running a special needs class The main character in the book is Shelia, a very troubled young girl Shelia comes to Hayden s class at the age of 7, whilst waiting for a placement in a secure unit, after committing a horrible crime on another child Shelia is a disruptive mute, whose worse attribute i [...]

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  24. Buku ini membuka mata dan pikiran saya bahwa sikap yang ditunjukkan oleh masing masing individu merupakan hasil dari apa yang telah mereka alami dahulunya Kita tidak diperbolehkan menghakimi tindakan orang lain karena masa lalunya bisa jadi berbeda dengan masa lalu kita.Tertulis di warta berita lokal, seorang gadis kecil mengikat seorang anak laki laki di pohon dan merencanakan untuk membakarnya.Gadis kecil itu bernama Sheila.Sheila mengalami trauma akan masa lalunya Ia diperkosa oleh pamannya s [...]

  25. This book was absorbing and enthralling It drew me in slowly, introducing Sheila, first, as merely a statistic in a newspaper Insignificant and unimportant despite the horrendous act which she has committed This is a good way for us to meet this brilliant and joyous little girl because it s how she has been viewed all of her short life We are told in brutal honesty about Sheila s early life and her upbringing At 6 she has experiences things a grown adult could barely comprehend but she is found [...]

  26. Great book This book follows the progress of a child that was placed in Ms Hayden s classroom because there was no where else to put her as she waited for an opening at the state hospital.I felt this book was sincerely written, and very honest It didn t dance around the subject matter at all I also felt that Ms Hayden was writing from a fairly objective perspective She didn t toot her own horn constantly, nor did she degrade or downplay the roles of others in the process of working with this gir [...]

  27. layak dibaca,gak hanya buat para guru, tapi juga orangtua.buku ini membuktikan bahwa perilaku anak itu terbentuk dari pola asuh di dalam keluargatika anak dibesarkan dengan penolakan dan segala hal negatif lainnya,dia akan menjadi anak yang gak percaya diri,temper tantrum,dan gak percaya dengan orang orang yang ada di lingkungannyaca buku ini bikin saya sedih sekaligus bergidik, bagaimana ada seorang anak yang berusia 6 tahun bisa menangis dalam diam, memendam traumanya sedemikian rupa, menimbun [...]

  28. One of my most loved books of all time I read it many times as a teenager and in my 20 s until I lost track of my copy Finally picked up a new copy, and it was like being reunited with an old friend Torey Hayden s One Child was the first book I ever read about behaviorally challenged children I loved it so much back then, that I eagerly went off in search of her other titles, and eventually branched out into other teacher authors like Mary MacCracken There are now many titles in this category th [...]

  29. THIS IS FOR ONE CHILD ONLY I first formed my relationship with Sheila in the 5th grade as part of an advanced English class I remember thinking oh my gosh this really happened to such a brilliant child Sheila was a 5 yr old child who lived in such horrific circumstances that the rats round her had better lives She is considered helpless after she sets a 3yr old on fire No where to go the State puts her in a special education classroom There she meets Torey a teacher, who helps Sheila blossom int [...]

  30. This was the first book I have read by Torey Hayden and the first book I have read about child abuse I wasn t sure if I was going to like it or how I would feel about it, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised The book was great, it was written beautifully and in good taste I enjoyed reading this book and will most defiantly being reading the follow up books and other books by Torey Hayden in the future Very glad I read it 5 5

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