☆ Iced Ç Karen Marie Moning ☆ Iced Ç Karen Marie Moning - Iced, Iced From New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning comes the first book in her hotly anticipated new urban paranormal trilogy set in the world of her blockbuster Fever series The year is A

  • Title: Iced
  • Author: Karen Marie Moning
  • ISBN: 9780385344401
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Iced Ç Karen Marie Moning, Iced, Karen Marie Moning, Iced From New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning comes the first book in her hotly anticipated new urban paranormal trilogy set in the world of her blockbuster Fever series The year is AWC After the Wall Crash The Fae are free and hunting us It s a war zone out there and no two days are alike I m Dani O Malley the chaos filled streets of Dublin are my hFrom New York Times be


☆ Iced Ç Karen Marie Moning ☆ Iced Ç Karen Marie Moning - Iced, Iced From New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning comes the first book in her hotly anticipated new urban paranormal trilogy set in the world of her blockbuster Fever series The year is A Iced

  • ☆ Iced Ç Karen Marie Moning
    357Karen Marie Moning

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  1. How I felt about Ryo before reading this How I feel about Ryo now How I felt about Christian before reading this How I feel about Christian now I knew about the pedos going into this It did not prepare me for the pedos in this These are not alpha males These are a bunch of creepy, rapey sociopaths Their thoughts and insinuations towards the FOURTEEN YEAR OLD female lead were disgusting Their words and actions towards the FOURTEEN YEAR OLD female lead were deplorable.And you know what really made [...]

  2. My review ended up being a lot long winded than I d expected, hence the main points are in bold Iced was my 1 most anticipated release of 2012, and while it wasn t the biggest disappointment of the year, it comes close The beginning is extremely slow I was excited about being back in KMM s Dublin, but the joy wore off after a while and I wasn t nearly as captivated by this as I was by Darkfever Nothing seemed to be happening, the narration was dull, and I couldn t bring myself to care about Dan [...]

  3. This review contains lots of fucks, shits, angry gifs and spoilers Consider yourself warned.Hey you Fever fan Over here Hey, wanna know how my Friday night went You do It was fucking horrible You wanna know why You do Because I ve read Iced on Friday night, AND IT RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE Good times, no I ve been waiting for Iced to be out for a year I could not believe my eyes when I saw that KMM will continue the Fever series I mean Fever ZOMG Me loves Fever.And then Dani happened Over four hund [...]

  4. 5 stars7 5 2013 update a part of QA with KMM Q Is Dani older in BURNED A1 Crimeny, is it really all about sex Q Yes Now answer my question.A2 Although Dani is 14 at the beginning of BURNED, she does mature by the end of the book Someone asked if she would be 17 I said possibly.Q Will we get anyone else s POV in BURNED A Yes Among others, Mac is back Which means JZB is, too but don t expect his POV, LOL To those of you who insisted Mac and Barrons would never have let Dublin get iced because they [...]

  5. Updated 12 26 14It actually left me wanting The book would have been much better without all the sexualizing an underage girl nonsense which I am pretty sure KMM regrets herself She must be tired of explaining why her heroes are not pedophiles Sorry to say, but they kind of are as they are written in this book Editing, editing Someone should have done some of it for Iced.As seen on The ReadventurerWhat is the quickest way to make your intended sexy book absolutely, irrevocably, totally unsexy [...]

  6. I picked this book up a million times over the last 3 years before I was FINALLY able to finish it I reread the entire series in order to understand everything properly Honestly, she should have wrapped the series up in Shadowfever Dani was so bloody annoying the entire time, I mean ok, I can overlook that due to her being portrayed as a 14 year old, but does she have to be so fecking full of herself, Dani Mega O Malley, ugh And what is with literally everyone falling in love with Dani And Ryoda [...]

  7. This is not really a review but of a reaction Let me be clear, I love how Karen Marie Moning from here on out referred to as KMM because Karen Marie Moning is simply too long to keep writing writes I enjoy the way she crafts characters and the world she builds KMM is able to write characters that even when I don t like them, I want to keep reading And that happened with Iced I wasn t invested in the story, I was mildly bored by the storyline but I still felt compelled to keep going There is jus [...]

  8. So here it is The much anticipated spin off of the Fever series told from the point of view of Dani O Malley and carried on from almost exactly the point where Shadowfever finishes I have to say, as much as I wanted this to be good, I m actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the story and how much higher my opinion is of Dani after finishing it I ve read a few reviews from disappointed goodreaders but apart from one standout issue I thankfully do not share a lot of the concerns floating around [...]

  9. Posted on Under the CoversIf you haven t read the first five books of the Fever series, I strongly suggest you reconsider starting with this book It s not a spin off ICED is book 6 of the series The events of ICED occur after some events in SHADOWFEVER In ICED, you will encounter spoilers that will spoil the first five books, so you ve been warned.Readers say goodbye to Mac and Barrons for now and are introduced to the World of the Mega Dani O Malley is her name and don t you forget it Since the [...]

  10. While I knew I should have never gotten so excited about a book before reading it I just coudn t help doing exactly that I adored the fever series so much that the possibility of getting anything else from that world had me going crazy Probably the main reason for my disappointement.I was just SO SURE the heroine would grow on me now that she was getting her own bookI never really liked Dani and after reading this book I still don t She is barely a girl, not heroine material She is shallow, self [...]

  11. 6 December 2015 1.99 on Kindle23 December 2014 update Because I said I could sum up everything important that happens in the book in a few short sentences and did in a comment below , I figured I d add it to my review Serious spoilers below for the entirety of the book view spoiler 1 Christian is turning into a UP with all the perverted thoughts and actions that one would expect to come with it.2 Cruce is fucking with the sidhe seers minds and dreams Trying to get them all to help him, to the ex [...]

  12. 1 Somebody Please Kill Dani s Inner Voice StarsBefore I tell you about my experience with this book I should tell you that I DNFed it at 16% which was about 80 pages This book was TOO FREAKING LONG When I began this book I expected to hate it because of many reasons.a I don t like Dani s fecks and freakin fake bravado.b The oversexualisation of a barely 14yo girl isn t cool.c Having 2 older guys one of which is millenia old lusting after a kid is perverted but it s also way too far fetched and u [...]

  13. MacHalo buddy read starting December, 22 2014.Warning 1 there might be some spoilers in this review Get over it At this point, I couldn t care less.Warning 2 I m really pissed off about this Stand back while I unleash my rage.There are bad instalments in series Then there is Iced the worst instalment in the history of bad instalments Congratulations KMM, you managed the impossible.I really should have gotten drunk before I started reading this I have so many negative things to say about Iced I d [...]

  14. Ignore what I said last night Sleep is a myth I will now continue anyway There are a few minor plot spoilers, but most of my discussion is about character reactions to Dani, so know that there will be a few small spoilers going into this review if you haven t read Iced If you haven t at least read the Fever series, I d say to tread with extreme caution.Death on her left.Devil on her rightd so begins the first chapter in the story of Dani O Malley s life.I was one of the people who was on the fen [...]

  15. My life is so fecking interesting I almost can t stand it I absolutely adored this action packed sixth book of the series This story switches between three povs, including those of Christian, Kat the new head of the Abbey and Dani Each character s pov adds to this story and the big picture The writing in this book and the creativity was truly amazing and so much fun Dani Mega O Malley is a fifteen years old warrior who is extremely powerful and so fun to read I love the way she hops from foot to [...]

  16. Really enjoyed it, KMM never fails to entertain me What an imagination Dani was a riot too, I loved her despite her only being 14 y o It s not a YA book though, she s just a young character very much in an adult world I had some strong issues about Dani s age and the romantic sexual references made toward her, but the core story was solid good.Dani at 14 A girl or a woman OR Something is randomly icing areas around Dublin and further out , and there doesn t appear to be anyway to track its next [...]

  17. I m so happy to go back to this world I don t want to put up any spoilers Hope you all love it as much as me I m so excited that she is continuing the Fever series 5 books, yippee I d love to read about Ryodan TEASER 1 From Karen Marie Moning FB pageFour nights he s come to me, murmuring my name, making it an exquisite melody with which not even the divine orchestral choir of all the angels in heaven could compete He chimes my name in the language of the Unseelie and it makes my ears ring unti [...]

  18. Dani Ryodan Christian Lor Jo Kat DanceFirst read Oct 2012See Sophia and I discuss how feck we felt and what the feck we think at Fiction Vixen Book ReviewsI was afraid I wouldn t like Dani because her voice in the previous books was just short of annoying I loved her It didn t take long for her to grow on me.Love Christian He made me laugh even if he is bat shit crazy view spoiler Ryodan, however, I didn t care for him WTF is this thing he has with Jo What is he playing at I know Dani is too you [...]

  19. Actual rating 2.5 StarsI m saving you the trouble to read it, here s all you need to know to skip this one and go straight to Burned view spoiler Christian is changing into an Unseelie Prince and he s really into Dani, I m sure he almost said I want his virginity somewhere UGH Ryo took her because she s obviously something than just a human and he s a mercenary so he sees an opportunity there He also implied that she s gonna be an amazing woman in the future Dani is exactly what you saw in the [...]

  20. Ooooooh.So.Yeah, this was pretty bad.The first problem is that this is not a YA book, but the main character is a young adult So you have an adult genre writer trying to make a YA character sound natural in an adult book In adult situations Except she doesn t.Doesn t sound like an adult.Doesn t sound like a young adult, either.Dani sounds like she was written by someone who has never been around a tweenager.Fourteen Riiiiight.My seven year old daughter doesn t sound that immature And, just so yo [...]

  21. Reread Buddy Read with the crazy fun group over at Dust Off Your Machalo Read 2 I can Fecking take it.I finished this book AGAIN I didn t like it as much the second time through and I ll NEVER read it again 2.75 Stars This is the first book in a new series currently centered on Dani O Malley and with that a new voice While it isn t as intense as her voice in the Fever series it is still very different from Mac s I really missed Mac and Barrons in this book as there are only a few scenes that inv [...]

  22. Original Read October 2014 4 stars Re read December 2014 3 stars This was a Buddy Read re read for me with my soul sistas at the MacHalo Buddy Reads GroupI ve decided to stop my re read at page 147 This book has always been my least favorite, but I still liked it However, I am about bored to tears, so am stopping before I end up disliking it I don t have any of the issues most people had with this book It s just really boring me It s only been a couple months since I read it the first time, so m [...]

  23. Seriously, what the fuck Aside from the rampant, rapey sexualization of a 14 year old by every man who comes into contact with her, the main character is annoying, and the writing style drove me crazy Ugh.

  24. 4 Mega StarsFor Dani Mega O Malley and all the girls out there who want to grow up and be somebody s hero I glimpse things through the open doors of clubs that no fourteen year old should see But then, that s been the story of my life It s the year 1 AWC, a year after the walls between Faery and Earth crashed and the nightmare began We witnessed the Fall through Mac s eyes No we witness the consequences through Dani s and it s war and hell.Humans are dying, slayed and preyed upon by the Unseelie [...]

  25. BR with my lovely friend StacyWARNING SPOILER TAGS USED LAZILY.WARNING SWEAR WORDS.There s never a dull moment in the Mega verse.Let s be honest guys, I thought this book was going to be fucking horrible I was dissing this before I even started Dani was already pissing me off, Ryodan was radiating some serious asshole energy and the molesty vibes from Christian were so strong you could touch them inappropriately Then I actually read it Dudes Dudes.The Fever Series really is one of my most loved [...]

  26. Final rating 1 5 starsEDIT i honestly want to rewrite the whole review I look at this and cry I am also thinking of dropping it to 1 star Not two stars EDIT 2 This review has been rewriten, because I was writing this in my first review start and it was completely bad So here is a review.I am disappointed It failed to deliver the awesomeness and greatness of first 5 Fever series books Was there a need to make books No The story ended up perfectly, but authors love doing spin offs Not that I can [...]

  27. 4.5 StarsAfter finding out Iced centered on Dani, Mac s fourteen year old sidhe seer friend, I did not plan on reading it I changed my mind after Jenny Supernatural Snark forced convinced me to pick it up, and I was instantly hooked I m shocked at how much I ended up loving this story I mean, come on, it s an adult story centered on a fourteen year old Color me surprised This story picks up after the events of Shadowfever Cruce is imprisoned under The Abbey, Mac found out Dani s part in her sist [...]

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