The Naked and the Dead

The Naked and the Dead Best Read || [Norman Mailer] The Naked and the Dead Best Read || [Norman Mailer] - The Naked and the Dead, The Naked and the Dead Written in gritty journalistic detail the story follows an army platoon of foot soldiers who are fighting for the possession of the Japanese held island of Anopopei Composed in The Naked and t

  • Title: The Naked and the Dead
  • Author: Norman Mailer
  • ISBN: 9780312265052
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback

The Naked and the Dead Best Read || [Norman Mailer], The Naked and the Dead, Norman Mailer, The Naked and the Dead Written in gritty journalistic detail the story follows an army platoon of foot soldiers who are fighting for the possession of the Japanese held island of Anopopei Composed in The Naked and the Dead is representative of the best in twentieth century American writing

The Naked and the Dead

The Naked and the Dead Best Read || [Norman Mailer] The Naked and the Dead Best Read || [Norman Mailer] - The Naked and the Dead, The Naked and the Dead Written in gritty journalistic detail the story follows an army platoon of foot soldiers who are fighting for the possession of the Japanese held island of Anopopei Composed in The Naked and t The Naked and the Dead NAKED NAKED Diablo Diablo NAKED Diablo Diablo Amour Angels Nude Girls Pics, Movies and Videos of the AmourAngels Teens Girls Erotic Videos and Movies Nude Amour Angels Perfection Erotic Photos Angels Teens Videos Nude Girl Photography Hq Erotica Nacked Nature Girls Nude Art Younger Babes Most Erotic Teens Hq Erotica Nude Art AmourAngels Naked Security Computer Security News, Advice and Research Naked Security Computer security news, opinion, advice and research from anti virus experts Sophos. nakedbus Cheap bus tickets NZ bus fares from Book cheap long distance bus fares New Zealand nationwide fares from What New Zealand s long distance bus network, with daily services from all centres. Naked Science on the App Store Naked Science , aminakedornot aminakedornot Naked Life Make your next one Naked SUGARFREE ANTIOXIDANT Iced Tea reimagined Our Sugarfree Collections SODAS products ICED TEAS products TONICS products NON ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS products Let s stay in touch Sign up for our mailing list to receive new product alerts, special offers, and coupon codes Enter email address Join OUR OFFICE A Chapel Street, Home GNA Get Naked Australia Welcome To Get Naked Australia We are a group of people dedicated to being naked and free in the outdoors The feeling of being in a remote location and shedding your clothing and inhibitions is a feeling cannot be described, it must be experienced We aim to facilitate you with some encouragement to Naked Wardrobe Naked Wardrobe is for real Shop bodysuits, tops, dusters, dresses swim We use cookies to help improve our services, make personal offers, and enhance your experience If you do not accept optional cookies below, your experience may be affected. World Naked Bike Ride WNBR Naked Bicycle People Power The Auckland World Naked Bike Ride s purpose was to draw attention to oil dependency and the negative social and environmental impacts of a car dominated culture.Last year Aucklanders were killed by vehicle emissions, and people died in car accidents on the roads of Auckland alone Simon Oosterman

  • The Naked and the Dead Best Read || [Norman Mailer]
    141Norman Mailer
The Naked and the Dead

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  1. Us readers have no homes, like unnoticed birds we perch anywhere, like the most disturbed stalkers we go through anybody s underwear drawer, like vicious tax gatherers we audit everyone, the writers especially, their creatures the characters very particularly, and hanging between all three of us, the book It sits there in its cover We ticket, we note, we award, with our eyes, brains and stars We scribble in the margins to the outrage of future readers well, I do, maybe you do not do that I never [...]

  2. I can t recall how many years ago I tried to read this probably 30 or I recall hearing that it was the best story about war ever written so, impressionable as I was at that age, I decided I d have to read it My only recollection is that very early on there was a scene of such grim death and destruction that I felt physically sickened Coward that I was and probably still am I gave up the attempt to work my way through this tome immediately I noticed an excellent review from a GR friend and it re [...]

  3. The General had once said to him, I like chaos, it s like the reagents foaming in the beaker before the precipitation of the crystals It s a kind of savory to me To generals war is a theatre and a battlefield is a stage so they can admire the scenes of bloodbath from afar.The Naked and the Dead is Norman Mailer s best novel and it is the best American book about war The Naked and the Dead is a merciless and extremely graphic novel but what the hell, war knows no shame and no pity.Now that truth [...]

  4. Norman Mailer s The Naked and the Dead is War and Peace as written by Larry David It has all the Tolstoyean hallmarks dozens of main characters an ever shifting third person point of view and lengthy, turgid digressions on History, Philosophy, and the like It also has a thoroughly misanthropic point of view This book reminded me of nothing so much as an episode of Seinfeld set during the Pacific War The characters are all hateful, spiteful, little men None of them are likable Nothing really happ [...]

  5. This is a book about America Its no secret that Tolstoy is Mailer s favorite author, and reading this book right after reading War and Peace gave me a good perspective on everything defined in this book It captures a uniquely American milieu of characters at a time when a uniquely american sence of Idenity and patriotism was being forged It spoke of the physical and intellectual challenges of various backgrounds through about a dozen main characters with learned empathy And in the end and throug [...]

  6. Executioner s Song was one of the best books I ve read in the past year so good I haven t felt up to reviewing it so I had high expectations for The Naked and the Dead The front cover blurb from the SF Chronicle speculates that this novel is perhaps the best book to come out of any war, which really jacked up the ante and got me intrigued.Well, I got only a little over a hundred pages in, and IMHO The Naked and the Dead isn t bad, but it is not a better book than War and Peace or The Iliad It s [...]

  7. This is an amazing book considering it was the author s first published novel All the amazing considering Mailer was something like 20 years old when he wrote it I picked it up after reading somewhere that Mailer actually joined the military during WWII in order to gain some life experience so he could write a book I really enjoyed Mailer s writing style It was vivid, alive and gritty Mailer describes the jungle in perfect detail You can almost feel yourself being smothered by the dense foliage [...]

  8. This is the shittiest book I have ever read.H P Lovecraft, the horror writer from the earlier decades of the 20th century, wrote very little dialogue in his stories because he was aware that he wrote bad dialogue Stilted, pedantic garbage He knew that his forte was the description and action of his stories and so for the most part he stuck to that and wrote some very satisfying creepy stories.By contrast, Norman Mailer wrote a great deal of dialogue in the Naked and the Dead He didn t write it b [...]

  9. Probably the best war epic in the from here to eternity vein I ve read And all the astonishing because mailer seems to have started that style at least in America I ve not read Tolstoy And then even so because Mailer was only 24 when it came out Definitely a spectacular first novel.The problem is that it also confirmed for me that I m just not all that into the war epic in the from here to eternity style I admire Mailer s plot and character development on principle, and there are some brilliant [...]

  10. Less a war novel and a rumination on class and military structure, Norman Mailer s World War II book is a hard edged Catch 22 that dispenses with satire and revels in cynicism Unlike Joseph Heller s masterwork, perhaps the definitive WWII book in close contention with Vonnegut s Slaughterhouse Five, The Naked and the Dead contains no character we may call completely sympathetic, and is perhaps the only war novel out there that lacks a strict protagonist The main character in The Naked and the D [...]

  11. I read this long, long ago and none of the story or characters have stayed with me What is left is an impression of a war so gritty and dirty that one feels disgusted I remember one character having some sort of kidney problem, with attendant stomach ache and blood in urine for me, this has become the defining image of war Also, the last sentence Hot dog by a soldier contemplating possible furlough I think Mailer achieved what he intended, at least with me.

  12. DNF at 49%, 353 pages I m bored and this is slow going so I m giving up in total frustration It s not a bad book but it would take me way longer to finish than I can possibly bear.

  13. This is one of the great war novels from World War II Norman Mailer studied aeronautical engineering at Harvard, but he became interested in writing, having his first story published at age 18 He was drafted after he graduated from college in 1943 He served in the Pacific with the United States Army, where he obtained the knowledge and experience to write about soldiers in combat The Naked and the Dead was published when Mailer was 25 It instantly became a huge success, spending 62 weeks on the [...]

  14. As a young woman I swore I would never read anything by that bastard Norman Mailer I d read The Executioner s Song and thought it okay but I despised Mailer as if from a personal feminist vendetta In fact, I still do BUT this book knocked my socks off I loved it So much for prejudice.

  15. This was the first I ve read of Norman Mailer and I was extremely disappointed I had high hopes for this novel with its billing as The Greatest War Novel Produced in This Century What Every war novel written in the 20th century I ve read trumps this one Mailer s writing felt forced his weaving of soldier s back stories into the narrative I found clumpy, the details unrealistic his portrayal of General Cummings thought processes bordered on ridiculous at times and none of the plot lines ever came [...]

  16. This is not a war novel, but a novel about Americans at war And which Americans Largely cast with Depression era misanthropes, Mailer zooms in and out via flashbacks called Time Machines in an attempt to create an anti war novel of the post WWI species He mostly succeeds in creating an anti American novel of the 1950s species, where the least self aware have the keenest insights Does Tolstoy meets Bertolt Brecht make sense On the positive side, some inter character interactions were thrilling An [...]

  17. Apparently, when they called this a great novel, they meant great in the big sense I toiled with this one for weeks and weeks, but I finally finished it last night, just two days after Mailer s death Probably a very realistic representation of what it is like to be in the Army, I suspect.

  18. Eine erz hltechnische Bankrotterkl rung,die nur einem vollkommen unerfahrenen Autor mit den allerbesten Absichten gelingen kann Beim Verh ltnis des Umfangs dieses W lzers im Vergleich zum Handlungsgehalt der oben wieder gegebene Klappentext meiner Ausgabe l sst nichts aus ist man als Leser so bel dran wie jemand, der einen Doppelpack Kn ckebrot unter Zuhilfenahme von vier oder f nf Schnapsgl schen Wasser vertilgen soll Immerhin enth lt jede Packung acht oder neun unterschiedliche Sorten, so dass [...]

  19. Brothers in Arms.Beh, passato un bel po di tempo da allora, da quando ho finito di leggerlo.Ma se ancora adesso mi ricordo di loro, se ogni tanto, quando guardo un film in cui si parla anche di guerra, di quella guerra, mi ritrovo a pensare alla storia di Hearn, di Red, di Wilson, di Roth, di Brown, di Gallagher, di Croft e di tutti gli altri se dopo tutti questi mesi ancora ricordo i loro nomi e non riesco a togliermi dagli occhi l immagine della montagna, dell isola del Pacifico di Anopopei im [...]

  20. Is it Mailer s second hand re telling of horrors of war makes him give a detachment to his characters Or is it his own inexperience makes it a better war novel as a whole Most novels based on war have a tendency to evoke sympathy, glamorize apathy or expect empathy Normal Mailer s The Naked and the Dead does none of that Its representation of bunch of people stuck in a war they don t understand, afraid of death hovering in every shadow The brutal prose Mailer executes removes all possible elemen [...]

  21. I read this book mostly for the satisfaction of completing a 700 paged book I was also somewhat interested in branching off into different types of books in this case a war book The Naked and the Dead is set during World War 2 on a Japanese island This book is said to be one of the best war stories ever and it accurately depicts the men at war If this is true, war lacks combat and excitement and it is filled with endless routine If you are expecting an action packed book, following the lives of [...]

  22. This was, by all means, not an easy book to get through In fact, I nearly put it down about one third of the way through I can t imagine how shocking The Naked and the Dead must have been when it was first published, and by today s standards it might be cliche and tame But Mailer s novel is a masterpiece that not only pits man against man but also man against nature Overindulgent at times, with long passages that meander nearly endlessly, this book certainly brings you up close and personal to t [...]

  23. Sure, Mailer was an out sized personality, but this book was written before all that It s a haunting look at war the boredom, the anticipation, the death The sheer range of human experience on display here is awesome Parts of it do feel dated these days, and sometimes Mailer s ambition outstrips his skill, but still, it s one of the best war novels around.

  24. Read for the 2017 PopSugar reading challenge With this book, I m checking off A novel set during wartime Nowadays, World War II is viewed through rose colored lenses A quote I always remember from The Simpsons There are no good wars, with the following exceptions The American Revolution, World War II, and the Star Wars trilogy The people who fought in it are part of the so called Greatest Generation people my age have effectively had to grow up knowing that they would never accomplish as much as [...]

  25. This is a good book which suffers from being horrifically overrated I don t just mean that it shouldn t be included on this or that list or that it s beloved by pretentious sophos, I wouldn t dock it stars for that I m not even referring to the quote from the San Francisco Chronicle on the cover that ludicrously proclaims it Perhaps the best book to come out of any war , even though it every time I looked at the cover I wanted to track down the author of this 70 year old review and yell what s w [...]

  26. During the time when and after reading this book I constructed in my mind several variations of my review and ended up writing a totally different piece It is this fact that shows you just how brilliant and powerful this novel is My only prayer is to get stories like this Norman Mailer s book is worth the time and energy you put into it It is one of the greatest war novels of all time It is World War Two Germany, Italy, and Japan are taking on the world In this case we are not looking at the wo [...]

  27. This is the first book I ve abandoned in quite awhile, and I feel like I should at least share my reasons for dropping it half way through It has nothing to do with not enjoying it in fact it has to do with enjoying it than I d like I read the first 250 pages avidly, never once getting bored, but in the end I did not like the strategy of the book It hit home as I was reading an interview with Wim Wenders this morning thanks again, Amanda , in which he talks about his own strategies for film ma [...]

  28. In his introduction to the 50th anniversary edition of his WWII opus, Norman Mailer says the book is the work of an amateur, a 23 year old who was passionate and naive He says parts of the book were sloppily written and marred by an overuse of adjectives I m sorry that this was how Mailer chose to introduce his work although he also commented on the work s vigor and passion because I spent the first 100 pages reading with the mind of an editor focusing on the words rather than the story It wasn [...]

  29. This was the book that I started my highlighting habit.It was really visceral The characters were great The pacing was great The psychologies were cool Read it.Hearn was a huge inspiration too I think that he s my favorite character from any book.Quotes The average man always sees himself in relation to other men as either inferior or superior Women play no part in it They re an index, a yardstick among other gauges, by which to measure superiority This was the first thing I ever highlighted by [...]

  30. Basically a second rate paste and copy job of Dos Passos, Dreisser, and Farrell, except without the vivid multidimensional characters The writing style is awkward The book was written to make the author, whose gifts were far greater than those he displayed here, famous The two books that followed were superior, but somehow rest under the shadow of this bloated thing.

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