From This Moment On

È From This Moment On ↠ Bella Andre È From This Moment On ↠ Bella Andre - From This Moment On, From This Moment On With FROM THIS MOMENT ON bestselling author Bella Andre introduces you to Marcus the second Sullivan bad boy whose life will never be the same from the moment he meets Nicola For thirty six years

  • Title: From This Moment On
  • Author: Bella Andre
  • ISBN: 2940013088603
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Nook

È From This Moment On ↠ Bella Andre, From This Moment On, Bella Andre, From This Moment On With FROM THIS MOMENT ON bestselling author Bella Andre introduces you to Marcus the second Sullivan bad boy whose life will never be the same from the moment he meets Nicola For thirty six years Marcus Sullivan has been the responsible older brother stepping in to take care of his seven siblings after their father died when they were children But when the perfectlyWith FR

From This Moment On

È From This Moment On ↠ Bella Andre È From This Moment On ↠ Bella Andre - From This Moment On, From This Moment On With FROM THIS MOMENT ON bestselling author Bella Andre introduces you to Marcus the second Sullivan bad boy whose life will never be the same from the moment he meets Nicola For thirty six years From This Moment On

  • È From This Moment On ↠ Bella Andre
    328Bella Andre
From This Moment On

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  1. 4 Swoon Worthy StarsFrom This Moment On is the second book in the Sullivan series and centers on Marcus, the oldest Sullivan brother, and his sultry pop star heroine, Nicola Nico I enjoyed this book than the first The plot felt tighter and the romance balanced Plus, we get to meet the whole Sullivan family in this book There are SIX brothers and two sisters and, boy, let me tell you, the Sullivan brothers are divine The story is about two lonely and somewhat jaded characters who find love when [...]

  2. I m planning to use all the weapons in my arsenal to convince you that we belong together I m not afraid to play dirty this time, kitten She licked her lips I like dirty Marcus wow I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading Marcus and Nicola s story this one was much hotter than the first one in this series Sweet, sexy, a teeny weeny bit of angst this was super fun Moving on to the next in the series This is the big moment She gripped his large hands with hers and squeezed them tightly Are you sure you [...]

  3. While we re together, I want your body to be as much mine as it is yours Marcus Sullivan is my kind of hero He is thirty six years old, the oldest of seven siblings, who at fourteen stepped up to help his mom take care of his younger siblings I love how responsible he is and how much he loves his family Marcus has always known the kind of future he wanted but when the woman he thought was perfect for him turned out to be a liar and cheat he decides one night of meaningless pleasure is just what [...]

  4. This is Book 2 of the Sullivan family series, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this firey gem I expected a light, lovey, dovey romance and it was to some degree but what I got was a hot, steamy, kinky read First of all, we have Marcus who is the oldest one out of his seven other siblings In the last book there was a hint of problems with him and his fiance Jill This story begins with Marcus walking in on Jill doing the dirty deed with some tattooed and pierced dude, As you [...]

  5. This book was pretty good Bella Andre is a solid writer I felt like I knew both characters and while the relationship moved fast I liked it The H was 11 years older than the h, but because the h was a famous singer she was mature than the typical 25 year old They both just got out of bad relationships with people they didn t really love The h had only been with 2 men sexually we don t know what the H was up to before his 2 year relationship with his ex I fear he might have been a bit of a manho [...]

  6. Ever since I read Bella Andre s The Look of Love, the first book in the Sullivans series, I fell in love with the enigmatic Sullivan family There is just something about this series that pulls you in, perhaps it is the sweet, sensual storyline or the heady romance or the compelling characters whatever it may be, Ms Andre s books are entertaining and hard to resist From This Moment On is no different This book has it all, proving once again why I enjoy the contemporary genre.Admittedly, much like [...]

  7. From atastyreadFrom This Moment OnI officially LOVE Marcus Sullivanok I would take any of the other six brothers, but right now I am loving Marcus Nico Nicola is a pop star who figures if everyone thinks she is a wild party girl she might as well use the image to have a little fund she finds exactly the perfect man.Marcus, who is also looking to forget his cheating ex, and leave the club with a beautiful, sexy stranger What will happen between these two lonely people when they discover that the [...]

  8. This story features the eldest Sullivan sibling Marcus and I thought it was much stronger better than Chase s story.I am now interested in reading about the rest of those Sullivan men in particular Smith s story and the twin girls, known to their brothers as Naughty Nice

  9. Well darn After buying this, I realize that it s available to read FREE here on Good Reads You can t beat this for a free book What a surprise this author turned out to be I read the first in this seriesin a pick it for me challenge It was good, and introduced the Sullivan family They re all successful, good looking, and of course each is just a little lonely and searching Marcus is the oldest brother, and has always been the rock solid, responsible head of the family since the death of his fath [...]

  10. too sickly sweet and repetitive in that sickly sweetness also love declarations after a week tossing around I love you s so carelessly only decreases it s value and weight I know it s not most dramatic to just say listen, I think we have a chance here are you willing to try with me but in my eyes it would look better than this

  11. EV R OK.K T YD.Bir iki sene nce filan hem Bella Andre nin hem de Marie Force un serilerinden birer kitap okudum Ge enlerde k k bir adayla ilgili olan seriye devam edeyim dedim, erez olur bana, ve akl mdan Sullivanlar kelimesi ge ti Ge mez olayd , yanl seriye devam etme karar alm m Asl nda g zel bir eviriyle okumu olsayd m bu kadar g mmezdim kitab ama Allah a k na, c mleler birbirini takip ediyordu ama anlatt klar hi yle de ildi o u yerde acaba ne demeye al yor diye anlamakla u ra mad m bile dire [...]

  12. 4.5 STARS Posted onUnder the CoversMarcus, the eldest of the Sullivan brothers and the winery owner dreams of settling down with a lovely wife and having kids In FROM THIS MOMENT ON, Marcus s dreams are shattered once he finds his girlfriend screwing another guy She wants to leave him, telling him that their relationship was falling apart, that Marcus never ever fought for her A girl wants to be cherished and loved Too bad Marcus doesn t actually love her.In an attempt to forget her betrayal, Ma [...]

  13. I loved Marcus and Nicola s story I really enjoyed the first book in the series by Bella Andre but this one was even better I couldn t put it down This book has brilliant characters, a great story with depth, emotion, sex and so much romance I recommend it to all romance lovers Bella Andre writes great books but I think this is the best so far Now I m counting down to Gabe and Meagan story, which I am impatient to get hold of.

  14. 4.5 Stars I was very much looking forward to oldest Sullivan brother Marcus story after meeting him in the first book of this series Bella Andre s smooth lead in to his story had me intrigued, I already wanted this brother who shouldered so much of the family burdens to find his true love It was his time, for sure Nicola was an endearing heroine untrusting after a nasty breakup with her slimy ex, she was struggling keeping up with her fame and figuring out who she really was deep down She was su [...]

  15. Originally posted on yareads, reviewed by Nichole.Holy, hotness I finished this book last night, and I am still fanning myself This book was SO GOOD Seriously, I finished it in less than 24 hours I don t know how any other book in the Sullivan series will top this one Nobody can be better than Marcus NOBODY Marcus was such.I don t even know how to describe him with words I loved how dominant he was and how willing Bella Andre was to explore than dominancy in him Nicola was so willing to accept t [...]

  16. 2.5 StarsI really enjoyed this for awhile, but the second half went downhill fast Super predictable, though pretty sweet at some points The love scenes are smoldering, and honestly are the main reason I plan to keep reading I swooned over Marcus, but absolutely HATED Nicola, Nico Ugh She was obnoxious, even after becoming sure of herself.

  17. 16 11 A light, fun, read it overnight kind of book that is the opposite of taxing to the reader s brain There wasn t much going on other than the interaction between whatshisname forgotten his name already , oh right Marcus, and Nicola every time I read her name I think of those cough drops called Ricola, ricola en us We didn t learn about Nicola s background through seeing her interact with anyone from her past, we were simply told everything and then the story moved on We re told that she has [...]

  18. I have had this book in my eReader for quite a whike, and I am kicking myself now for not reading it earlier I love Bella Andres writing style, and despite the fact that their us bound to be a happy ever after, she puts just enough angst and heat to keep you reading this book was no exception, loved it Marcus Sullivan is the eldest of the Sullivan clan, and has had a lot if pressure put in him, since his father died when he was 14 Stepping up to help with the raising of his brothers and sisters, [...]

  19. It s been sometime since I read the first book to this series and I must admit that it wasn t that memorable to begin with When I saw that Novel Publicity was hosting a whirlwind tour for this series, I jumped at the chance if only for the reason that I wanted to give this series another chance Lo, and behold I actually loved Marcus and Nicola s story.From this Moment On is the story of the oldest Sullivan, Marcus the father figure and caretaker of the family Upon discovery of the woman whom he [...]

  20. I have liked some of Andre s books This one not really IMO, this one was just cheesy and irritating In the opening, we hear about the Hero s being betrayed by his fiancee, which sends him off looking for a one night stand which is when he meets the Heroine Other than that backstory, the first 40% of the book is almost all about thoughts feelings of lust and longing Sooo many repetitive thoughts of wanting the other person it drove me crazy And, these thoughts aren t even believable sounding, jus [...]

  21. For this review and Live Read and Breathe Book 2 in the Sullivan s It starts up immediately after book 1 which I liked You quickly find out that Marcus and Nicola have been recently been burned from reality and are looking for a non commital escape and the last thing the were looking for is what they found a deep aching love.These Sullivans not only have great genes they also have great luck at falling in love at first sight However in Marcus s case it is so well deserved and you want nothing b [...]

  22. 4.5 stars From This Moment On is the second book in the Sullivan series and centers around the oldest brother Marcus He has spent most of his adult life being a father figure to his younger siblings What can I say about Marcus other than to describe him as So Dreamy He is the strong, silent type who happens to like being a bit bossy in the bedroom Nicola was an extremely likeable character She is a famous popstar who has been burned in the past by the people around her, causing her to be very gu [...]

  23. BOY WAS MARCUS HOT, I LOVED that he was able to let his Dominant side out I loved Chase and Chole s story, but I loved Marcus and Nico s even Marcus has been the responsible one and the care taker of his family for years He ends up ending a relationship with who he thought was going to be the one Nico is a famous pop star who was betrayed by her last boyfriend, the public perceives her as a wild child, but she really isn t Marcus and Nico decide to visit a club to take a walk on the wild side f [...]

  24. The Sullivans by Bella Andre is a contemporary romance series I ve been reading out of order depending which book is Kindle freebie at the moment.Likes Interesting take to the one night stand relationship, I felt the immediate connection too Marcus was such a loving, big, strong hero I cheered for him to find his partner and HEA Nicola was strong and independent, I liked how she took charge of her singing carrier.Dislikes BDSM tendencies totally unnecessary From This Moment On should be a prefec [...]

  25. 04 26 2013 Overall Rating 2.5Book Cover Book Blurb 3 4 3.5 StarsWriter s Voice 3 StarsCharacter Development 2.5 StarsStory Appreciation 2.5 StarsWorth the Chili 2 Stars 4.99 on One of my favorite authors gave this one 5 Stars I thought, hmm Why not I m not quite sure what she saw in this one In the end, this book was a bit like Charlie Brown s teacher for me wah, wah wha, wah wah wah Not much substance and the story was went round and round and round again Same song, same verse Nothing new or or [...]

  26. I enjoyed this book than the first in the series which was no easy feat as I loved the 1st and gave it 5 stars as well I think what took it into 5 star category was how much I loved Marcus s dominant side Hello hotness It seemed to be exactly what Nicola needed Nothing I can think of to detract from this book other than the fact that I m not sure when the next one is coming out and the wait will be torture

  27. I enjoyed this second addition to the Sullivan family series Marcus seemed so broody in the last book, it was nice to see him open up a bit.I wasn t a fan of the insta love thing that Nicola and Marcus had going on, but I like that the author spread the HEA out at least a little bit.I really enjoyed seeing the family again and can t wait to continue with the series.

  28. I absolutely loved this story I enjoyed the first story in the series, but liked the development of the second book much Both Gabe and Nicola were looking for a one night stand but ended finding so much There are challenges they face due to Nicola being a pop star, but true love finds a way to make the troubles worth it I can t wait for the next book to be available

  29. This book was amazing Right from the start the chemistry between Nicola and Marcus was undeniable Bella does an incredible job describing every thought, every emotion This series is only getting better as it goes and I think every woman wants a Sullivan boy in their life

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