No Country for Old Men

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ No Country for Old Men : by Cormac McCarthy [PDF] Unlimited ↠ No Country for Old Men : by Cormac McCarthy - No Country for Old Men, No Country for Old Men In his blistering new novel Cormac McCarthy returns to the Texas Mexico border setting of his famed Border Trilogy The time is our own when rustlers have given way to drug runners and small towns h

  • Title: No Country for Old Men
  • Author: Cormac McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780375706677
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ No Country for Old Men : by Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men In his blistering new novel Cormac McCarthy returns to the Texas Mexico border setting of his famed Border Trilogy The time is our own when rustlers have given way to drug runners and small towns have become free fire zones One day Llewellyn Moss finds a pickup truck surrounded by a bodyguard of dead men A load of heroin and two million dollars in cash are still inIn his

No Country for Old Men

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ No Country for Old Men : by Cormac McCarthy [PDF] Unlimited ↠ No Country for Old Men : by Cormac McCarthy - No Country for Old Men, No Country for Old Men In his blistering new novel Cormac McCarthy returns to the Texas Mexico border setting of his famed Border Trilogy The time is our own when rustlers have given way to drug runners and small towns h No Country for Old Men

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ No Country for Old Men : by Cormac McCarthy
    426Cormac McCarthy
No Country for Old Men

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  1. So are we gonna talk about No Country For Old Men, he said.Why not, she replied.Then we gotta do it like McCarthy, he said Short sentences Southern dialect No punctuation.I can drop the punctuation, she said But I can t do Southern.You can try.Well then I caint That good enough for you Youre tryin That s the important thing Caint do than try Thank you I wish I could speak it It s a beautiful language But I aint got his ear He s got the best ear for dialect this side of Mark Twain.He s got a mig [...]

  2. This is officially the 1000th review I ve written on , and I wanted to make sure that the book would fit the occasion so that s why I decided to re read this one What better novel could I choose than this heartwarming tale of human kindness from one of the most optimistic men on the planet, Cormac McCarthy Note That statement is sarcasm done in the interest of humor 1000 reviews have taught me that I apparently have to explain that or someone with poor reading comprehension will troll me in the [...]

  3. How does a man decide in what order to abandon his life Cormac McCarthy, No Country For Old MenMy first contact with this work of fiction was listening to a Partially Examined Life podcast with 3 young philosophers and Eric Petrie, a university professor who has made a study of Cormac McCarthy s dark novel set in Texas in 1980 This fascinating discussion motivated me not only to read the book but listen to the audiobook read by Tom Stechschulte I m glad I did Stechschute s reading is spot on, pa [...]

  4. Here s an unusual encounter.I met Cormac McCarthy at the Oscars this year, and we had a very pleasant little chat This was an important moment for me not only because he is the author of Blood Meridian, No Country For Old Men and The Road, all books I worship, but also because McCarthy is famous for his almost Salinger like reclusive tendencies He does not do interviews nor does he show up on The Tonight Show He doesn t walk red carpets, tour colleges on the lecture circuit, or do any of the pub [...]

  5. Coac McCartney s No Country for Old Men is a quick but intense read For those that saw the Cohen brothers movie first as I did years ago , the book is as bleak and violent as the movie was Chigurh is probably up there with The Joker as one of the most evil, conscience free bad guys in literature He kills willfully and without a shred of remorse before slinking back into the woodwork unseen and uncaught Moss is a tragic, but heroic character who gets caught up with something far beyond his abilit [...]

  6. Cormac McCarthy has created again the perfect villain, this time in the form of a former special forces killer named Anton Chigurh Like Judge Holden and Glanton in Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West, Chigurh is intelligent, resourceful and utterly devoted to violence and chaos Yet, like the antagonists in Blood Meridian, McCarthy has imbued in Chigurh a strange integrity, a devotion to a natural order that I think is McCarthy s embodied illustration of evil a man cut off and sepa [...]

  7. A taut thriller with crisp, naturalistic dialogue, this book refuses to avert its eyes from the darkness Perhaps I m rating this a bit low, but considering the author s reputation I expected Besides, I liked the movie better.

  8. Well, if you saw the Oscar winning film, you pretty much got the gist This is an examination of evil at its most primitive level, in which lawlessness, even in the modern world, reigns over conscience, reason morality Chigurh is the prototypical Boogeyman a walking, talking Michael Myers c.a 1978 by Carpenter that is not immortal, though the concept of him will rule all the ages, prevailing like a force of nature Powerful stuff, emotional heartless at the same time, of course, written in precise [...]

  9. Is No Country for Old Men a great book It is Is Cormac McCarthy becoming one of my favorite authors He is You reckon I outta read of his books I do I don t know why I love this book so much I surely dont Read it bout three times now Bout three times or so Dont ever seem to get old does it sheriff It dont It surely don t Got a bad man in it Flips a coin Scares people Call it It s your lucky penny Books got an old west flavor to it with a contemporary tone all at the same time Feels older than it [...]

  10. This is started as a one star book, then progressed to four slowly as the story unfolded The novel grows on you.No Country for Old Men starts out in a thoroughly disjointed way Multiple POVs, total lack of punctuation, dialogue rendered exactly as the characters speak it the reader is utterly confused as to where the focus is, who the protagonist is, and what the story is about It could be about one Llewlyn Moss who stumbles upon a fortune while hunting antelope near the Rio Grande A transaction [...]

  11. 4.5 to 5.0 stars First, a pre emptive apologyis is my first Cormac McCarthy novel and so my gush of praise may be a tad too CAPTAIN KIRKISH in its melodramatic over the top ness, so please forgive me I will attempt to keep my giddiness to a minimumbut man can this guy write a novel I will start by saying without trying to sound overly stuffy or pretentious that I thought this was a brilliant, nuanced, multi layered story that was told in extremely simple, straight forward prose yet required the [...]

  12. Wanting to give upRefusing to give upNot knowing the meaning of giving up.When drugs and money come to a small Texas town, sheriff about to retire trope Ed Tom Bell is tasked with solving a deal gone murderously wrong This is indeed No Country for Old Men A psychopath of a hitman, Anton Chigurh that last name being pronounced cheekily similar to sugar, is making Bell s last days as sheriff a living hell Vietnam vet Llewelyn Moss isn t making things any easier Moss happened upon the drug deal aft [...]

  13. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD REVIEWERSRayner took the bolt of the Uzi and slid the firing pin on He aligned the springs and dropped the housing in He felt and made sure it was seeded properly He got the barrel and pushed that down It rotated and found the notch Bryant rolled a thin one, tamping the tobacco, pinching off the surplus and returning it to the tin There was a dog You fixin to make me flip a coin on you No I particular aint.Don t look like it to me You shouldn t likely do this Well you know how [...]

  14. With a book like this, the movie pretty much made itself You could ve just as well filmed the pages being flicked through preferably by Javier Bardem, I m sure he d do it astoundingly and you d get roughly the same experience I understand the comparisons being made between the film and the book That s the kind of understanding guy I am I can only say both are masterpieces It all starts with Cormac McCarthy though, and while the Coen brothers and the cast of the movie did a tremendous job, I thin [...]

  15. Elevating and Transcending Genre McCarthy and Existentialist Crime WARNING Here there be spoilers Another world unrolled like a carpet of dry, golden plains when I started reading No Country for Old Men the prose was vivid, but every word was a careful expenditure of idea and style Cormac McCarthy is not an overly descriptive writer But the antelope hunt in Southwest Texas that leads Llewelyn Moss to the bullet riddled cars and corpses of the silent cartel battlefield is told with absolute clari [...]

  16. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum No Country For Old Men has an unprecedented FOUR POINT THREE TWO rating amongst my friends so what s even left to say at this point Allow me a moment to let the book speak for itself Do you love it I guess you could say I do But I d be the first one to tell you I m as ignorant as a box of rocks so you sure don t want to go by nothing I d say The story here is of Llewellyn Moss, a single wide dwelling welder living near the Mexico US border with his child b [...]

  17. While out shooting antelope, Llewellyn Moss stumbles upon a crime scene three trucks, all shot up, and numerous bodies Upon further inspection, Moss finds a substantial quantity of heroin and a briefcase containing over two million dollars Moss takes the money and quickly ends up a wanted man Can Moss survive long enough to enjoy the money This was my first McCarthy book and probably won t be the last I devoured it in a single sitting The clipped style really drove the story forward, reminding m [...]

  18. I appreciate the nuances of a McCarthy novel his voice, the settings, the very real characters he conjures within that mind of his But the one thing I cannot accept is when people say he only writes westerns His books cannot be categorized with such a simple claim NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is a perfect example Sure, McCarthy uses some sterotypes easy going sheriff, bumbling hero, and creepy psychopath to tell his story, but he uses them in ways that few writers can McCarthy breaths life into his ch [...]

  19. This is my least favorite McCarthy that I have ever, ever read And you know what that tells you Not shit, except that the man can basically do no wrong in my eyes I can and will nitpick, but just know that I don t really mean it and it s only because I love you, baby.First thing s first I saw this movie about a zillion times before I read the book, though I wish, I wish, I wish that I hadn t When an author bases a novel s emotional heft largely on the momentum of its action, suspense, and genera [...]

  20. As I was reading this book, I noticed how much it reminded me of the Bible They are the same book, I thought, No Country For Old Men and the Bible Only one is graphic than the other You have to use your imagination when reading the Bible McCarthy fills in the cracks, takes away your imagination That s all.I read a story in the Bible about a woman who lived with a large group of people, and a man from another tribe came in and raped her After that God s people came in and killed every one of thi [...]

  21. I m not really a huge fan of Westerns Only rarely do I settle into this genre and find myself enjoying it I m also a bit hesitant when it comes to classics, perhaps from all the years in school of being beaten over the head with them and then forced to analyze the shit out of them.However, I was pleasantly surprised by No Country For Old Men This book is a fast paced, bloody chase It s chalk full of morally questionable characters, with good and bad intentions The setting is gritty and realistic [...]

  22. No Country for Old Men 2005 is Cormac McCarthy s dark and violent thriller which whilst steeped in blood, violent and psychopathic behaviour writ large is much than the standard drug deal gone wrong good guy vs bad guy fair that we have seen so many times before.McCarthy s story follows said deal gone wrong well intentioned Vietnam vet Llewelyn Moss who finds the seemingly abandoned money pursuer Anton Chigurh one of the most chilling literary psychopaths of recent years and small town Sheriff [...]

  23. What s the most you ever saw lost on a coin toss No Country for Old Men joins the illustrious company of books that I ve reread and than deserves its place there, this is simply one of the most intense pieces of fiction I ve read and narrated by Tom Stechschulte who I now rate as highly as the fantastic Will Patton.There is just so much that makes this story, the dialogue centred around the hitman Chigurh is the highlight for me Sheer menace and danger epitomizes this man, if ever the dialogue [...]

  24. On a morning in 1980, a Texas welder named Llewellyn Moss goes out to hunt antelope and gets a lot than he bargained for when he stumbles across the site of a drug deal gone very, very bad Several men and a number of pickups have been shot to death and Moss discovers only one survivor who is very near death and who pleads for a drink of water.Moss ignores the request and searches the site, discovering a large amount of heroin remaining in one of the trucks There is no corresponding amount of mo [...]

  25. Cormac McCarthy is a goddamned poet with some mad, kick ass storytelling skills Speechless for the moment Brain is goo Please stand by.This book broke my brain On the surface, McCarthy is weaving a modern day western aptly soaked in blood and ruthlessness, where the line between hero and villain is sharply drawn On that same surface, what we have is a cast of archetypes the weary sheriff who has stayed too long and seen too much the everyday man living right until he is undone by greed the young [...]

  26. To be honest, I found this a bit irritating It jumped around a little too much and the violence was pointless and excessive I also found the home spun philosophy a bit hard to take There was not a single character in this book that I would urinate on if they were on fire their deaths, therefore, were devoid of interest I guess this book is Dirty Harry from the darkside Same crap, same fascination with guns and the voyeurism caused by the effect bullets have on the human anatomy I wonder what it [...]

  27. I read The Road about four or five years ago and it was a pretty powerful book to me I didn t even have kids at the time, but now that I do I don t know if I could ever reread that book as I ve always planned It gave me a good taste of McCarthy and it s been long past time to read of his work.No Country for Old Men is a chilling story about how bad things have become The depravity of certain individuals goes beyond comprehension It s absolutely terrifying to think that this actually exists in t [...]

  28. No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy No Country for Old Men is a 2005 novel by American author Cormac McCarthy who originally wrote the story as a screenplay The story occurs in the vicinity of the United States Mexico border in 1980 and concerns an illegal drug deal gone awry in the Texas desert back country.The plot of the book, rather than the film follows the interweaving paths of the three central characters Llewelyn Moss, Anton Chigurh, and Ed Tom Bell set in motion by events related to [...]

  29. The book is set in the recent past but the hero, in so far as the book has one, one might argue that it has several or none, is looking back, he lives in the shadow of the past, what he did or might have done during World War II and those actions in the light of his impressions of the characters of his ancestors In a different moment he compares his knowledge as a Sheriff approaching retirement of teenagers now with an old school report he came across dealing with teachers common problems a gene [...]

  30. I thought I d get a re read in before the year was out He s done it with the western and he s done it with the post apocalyptic novel And now Cormac McCarthy tackles a crime thriller and does what he usually does, turns it into something else that s part of a whole different genre Cormac McCarthy Fiction It starts as a simple noir Llewellyn Moss is out hunting game when he stumbles onto a botched drug deal complete with dead Mexicans, dead dogs, dead trucks, and a satchel of 2 million dollars He [...]

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