The Blinding Knife

[PDF] The Blinding Knife | by ☆ Brent Weeks [PDF] The Blinding Knife | by ☆ Brent Weeks - The Blinding Knife, The Blinding Knife Gavin Guile is dying He d thought he had five years left now he has less than one With fifty thousand refugees a bastard son and an ex fianc e who may have learned his darkest secret Gavin has prob

  • Title: The Blinding Knife
  • Author: Brent Weeks
  • ISBN: 9780316079914
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Blinding Knife | by ☆ Brent Weeks, The Blinding Knife, Brent Weeks, The Blinding Knife Gavin Guile is dying He d thought he had five years left now he has less than one With fifty thousand refugees a bastard son and an ex fianc e who may have learned his darkest secret Gavin has problems on every side All magic in the world is running wild and threatens to destroy the Seven Satrapies Worst of all the old gods are being reborn and their army of color wGavin Gu

The Blinding Knife

[PDF] The Blinding Knife | by ☆ Brent Weeks [PDF] The Blinding Knife | by ☆ Brent Weeks - The Blinding Knife, The Blinding Knife Gavin Guile is dying He d thought he had five years left now he has less than one With fifty thousand refugees a bastard son and an ex fianc e who may have learned his darkest secret Gavin has prob The Blinding Knife

  • [PDF] The Blinding Knife | by ☆ Brent Weeks
    458Brent Weeks
The Blinding Knife

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  1. 1 With 7 days of reading to finish the book, I ll do my spoiler free review within 7 paragraphs like what Gavin Guile intended to do with his supposedly remaining 7 years 2 The Blinding KnifeThe second book in the Lightbringer series is better compared to its prequel, The Black Prism While in the previous book I had problems with the first 200 pages as it is created like a bad essay on the magic system with very few progress on the stories, that problem is now gone completely By now the charact [...]

  2. My first thought is to just say WOW I loved it all Gavin Guile is my newest favourite book hero and the way this book ended for him was devastating I have to go straight into the next one to find out what happens to him.Apart from Gavin there are lots of good things in this book The magic system is brilliant, the characters delightful, the story totally absorbing The development of the character of Kip was probably the most important aspect of this book and it is obvious that he has great things [...]

  3. I accidentally deleted this review I will write it again in the near future, but until then, long story short, it was the worse installment of the series, and yet, it was still awesome It was the least awesome Does that make sense You can find of my reviews over at BookNest

  4. This was an expansive story with lots of different plot arc intertwining and some cool world building in the best tradition of epic fantasy At times it verged into being overly pulpy but it was still a load of fun Kip s coming of age story was awesome, Teai Taei It s Something weird like that and I can t be arsed checking was a cool character and her sections added an interesting dimension to the book with cool spy stuff and a new dimension to the world s magic system , Liv s parts provided a re [...]

  5. 4.55 A buddy read with Eon and Sarah at BBB.Another very adventurous, exciting and enjoyable read It is the second in the series, so it does have some set up and transitional passages, but we got to know about those who have surrendered to their colors, about how terrifyingly insane the Color Prince is, and how much of a curse the blessing of drafting magic could be even for the best of peopleGavin is loosing the Colors, which is the sign that a Prism is dying and the magic of the colors he is [...]

  6. This was such an amazing ride It has it all as during the first one only maybe it was even a it better because I already know the characters The excitement following the end of the book is really overwhelming and I actually ended up hoping for the best for each of the characters I love This is such a great book I cannot stop recommending this series, it is such an impressive work of art I am at a loss for words to better convey this concept Yet this is a great book, not only for the characters, [...]

  7. awesome stuff so far about 100 pages in had to reread Black prism and greatly enjoyed it again on the 4th or 5th read great news that there will be four books in the series as the author needs another 1000 pages to finish itI finished the novel staying again way too late and turning the pages too fast towards the end to see what happens and I plan to start a reread later in the day to enjoy the book at leisure.A few points review on publication which means either Sept 11 or when i see it in stor [...]

  8. 3.5 Right, so, a few unpopular opinions ahead so let s get to it The biggest of which being that there was a little TOO MUCH of Kip and TOO LITTLE of Gavin and Karris for my liking I understand why that was and Kip s part in this series at least I think I do but doesn t mean I liked it For the most part, I couldn t stand him Yes, he goes through some good character development and comes out of his shadow in a way and all that jaz And there were times that I found myself rooting for him but he ca [...]

  9. Kung Fu Panda With GoreThere are five reasons for which I would have ranked the novel lower than it deserves, were I a member of the despicable tribe of reviewers who allow personal biases and even the extent to which they approve or not of the character s behavior to distort appreciation of mastery and technique But, since when Zarathustra sprach, he sprach about me I am immune to those petty un Vulcan emotions.Reasons I would have hated the book were I not Homo Superior 1 I don t dig plots abo [...]

  10. Ho LY SHIT I expected some of the things at the end, but a whole lot of stuff happened in the last four chapters or so, so like the last 20 pages, and I m not okay I don t have the next book, but I need it NOW Usually, the second book isn t just as good This one It s better Also, I ve been mostly listening to the audiobooks for this series just because of time constraints, and I love the narrator I need to get the next book right now I don t know what to expect I m still in shock about some of t [...]

  11. The Blinding Knife is a book with three major plot threads and I had pretty different feelings about each of them The largest is Kip s, the second largest is Gavin s, and the third is a significantly smaller one featuring the character Liv Kip s Story 4.5 Star I really enjoyed this part and I think it easily makes the book worth reading by itself Kip came across to me as much interesting and likable in this book than he did in the first book The Black Prism Though toward the end the focus shift [...]

  12. I am really excited to see how this great series continues Finally the release date is coming up soon I really love the new book cover, the colours are amazing and that is great considering how colour is sooo important when it comes to this series.Yes I finally have this book after waiting a year I am about half way done it and I love it I finally finished this book I was not disapointed at all This is an amazing fantasy novel and it is one of Brent Week s best novel yet This is one of the best [...]

  13. Executive Summary A vast improvement over The Black Prism It still has all the same flaws of the that book, but in far less quantity.Audio book I read rather than listened to the first book in this series The fact that Simon Vance was the narrator helped push me over the edge on continuing this series after being rather underwhelmed by the first book.As expected, he does an excellent job with a great variety of voices and inflections that just make the story come alive If you do audio books and [...]

  14. This book was SO much better than the first one I did enjoy the first book in this series and I gave it a 4 rating, however considering that all the previous Brent Weeks books I have read have been instant 5 reads I was hoping that the first in the Lightbringer series would be too, but of course that wasn t quite the case.The biggest niggle or issue that I had with book 1 of this series was that I felt as though there was a lot of focus on explaining the magic and this meant that the characters [...]

  15. KOCHAM J I JEDNOCZE NIE NIENAWIDZ Z CA EGO SERCA Ta cz jest o wiele bardziej polityczna ni poprzednia Mamy wi cej taktycznych zagra , uk adania strategii walki i oczywi cie planowania kolejnych strasznych rzeczy, kt re niesamowicie utrudniaj ycie g wnym bohaterom To jedyna seria, w kt rej z ca ego serca nienawidz i kocham czarny charakter nienawidz za to, ile okropnych rzeczy robi wobec g wnych bohater w, ale nie mog go nie podziwia za jego analityczny umys Ten go ciu jest geniuszem z a potrafi [...]

  16. Buscaba mis notas para hacer un comentario semi coherente, cuando record porque no las tenia sino unas pocas l neas Este es el libro que lei en mi tableta en su mayor parte durante cierta cantidad de apagones en un par de meses No s porqu , pero esos son los momentos y horas en que avanzaba m s en esta lectura Extra o Sobre todo con este t tulo y con todo lo que se refiere este libro y la importancia de la luz La base de la magia es la luz Quienes practican la magia se denominan trazadores Un tr [...]

  17. 3.5 starsAlthough I liked the continuation of the story this book didnt lure me in as much as The Black Prism.I like the first part of the book skimmed through the card games ugh and the second part read rather bland Im not sure how to explain why, I guess I found tbe content boring I enjoyed reading about ironfirst and Kip and his training to become a blackguard Getting to know Teia and Cruxer Janus Borig added a mystery that introduced this eerie vibe.The locked up Gavin plot was getting tense [...]

  18. This second book in the Lightbringer series is even better than the first The magic system is really delved into and explored some The world building is expanded as we learn of the history and religion of the Seven Satrapies The political intrigue is really ramped up with so many twists and turns that had me glued to the kindle screen There is also quite a few mysteries left for the reader to discover and speculate on what exactly is the Blinding Knife Who and what is The Lightbringer What is [...]

  19. Oops looks like I forgot to put a review up for some of the books I readOk here goes.While I already enjoyed Black Prism a lot this one I liked even better In book one Kip was quite an annoyance to me and if I didn t read as much YA as I do, I don t know if I would have ended up loving the book as much as I did Thankfully I read a lot of YA and therefore have a rather well tolerance for whiny teengers built up So this book was way better in my eyes, as all the characters progressed to have way [...]

  20. A super fun BBB reread with Choko Sarah that just reminded me that this one deserves all the coloured stars

  21. Enjoyed it, but did think it a bit slow at times Kip is certainly growing on me and I hate Liv with a passion right now.Will start the next book immediately

  22. I haven t yetbut once this series ties up assuming it gets there and I m around to see it it may they may be added to my favorites shelf.Again I find myself waiting for the next installment of a series I was hoping this would be a trilogy but in this one Mr Weeks makes a comment about the third book in the series and we already have a forth book space under the series here with an expected publication date of 2016.Mr Weeks.I m 61 now I m not sure how long God intends to let me hang around.Anyway [...]

  23. I though this had 750 pages I was prepared for 750 pages Not 709 WHAT IS THAT CLIFFHANGER DOING HERE I didn t think the book would end at that, and then I turn the page and see Acknowledgement ahhhhWell I have this 5 stars because the characters are fucking amazing and half of them has made it to my favorite characters of all time list Plus the writing is on point And the plot is fast paced and you never know what s about to happen The only think that bothers me with these books are some of the [...]

  24. THE BLINDING KNIFE reaps the rewards of THE BLACK PRISM s blood, sweat and tears With all the tedious staging firmly in the past, this book starts with a bang and keeps banging until the finale which concludes with a bang For a book fueled by politics and religion it really packs a punchE BLINDING KNIFE veers directly into urban fantasy while not losing any of its high fantasy pizazz The story centers mostly on The Chromeria, the school for drafters located in the urban center known as the Jaspe [...]

  25. I had similar issues with The Blinding Knife as I did with the first novel There s a great story here, with a creative and inventive magic system, but the writing is subpar A lot of the humor, violence, and romance has a very juvenile feel to it At one point, during the climax of the book, there is a sentence to the effect of fat kids really know about momentum that was totally off putting.This brings me back to the author s obsession of the main character, Kip, being fat and slow I am now 1200 [...]

  26. Noww that is how you write a follow up to a weak original Awesome Really bloody awesome I ll be writing a full review for Fantasy Faction and will later re post it here, so watch this spaceRight now I want to write something over the top in great big capital letters, something along the lines of BRENT WEEKS IS BACK BABY But then I realise that he s since published another novel so that hyper statement is no longer valid BUT HE S BACK IN MY BOOKS BABY You may assume with this brief overview that [...]

  27. I did it I finished Not quite in September like I wanted, but close enough I am currently a coiling bundle of emotions so urgbergergburble That s how I feel about this book Onto the next, hopefully soon.

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