Voodoo Kiss

☆ Voodoo Kiss ✓ Jayde Scott ☆ Voodoo Kiss ✓ Jayde Scott - Voodoo Kiss, Voodoo Kiss Aspiring rock star Sofia had her whole future figured out Or so she thought until her sister s sacrificed in a horrific ritual Now Sofia s haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions from

  • Title: Voodoo Kiss
  • Author: Jayde Scott
  • ISBN: 9781470055752
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Voodoo Kiss ✓ Jayde Scott, Voodoo Kiss, Jayde Scott, Voodoo Kiss Aspiring rock star Sofia had her whole future figured out Or so she thought until her sister s sacrificed in a horrific ritual Now Sofia s haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions from a past she never knew existed On a trip to Brazil something awakens inside Sofia her legacy a blessing and a curse drawing to her every paranormal creature out there Aspiring rock star

Voodoo Kiss

☆ Voodoo Kiss ✓ Jayde Scott ☆ Voodoo Kiss ✓ Jayde Scott - Voodoo Kiss, Voodoo Kiss Aspiring rock star Sofia had her whole future figured out Or so she thought until her sister s sacrificed in a horrific ritual Now Sofia s haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions from Voodoo Kiss

  • ☆ Voodoo Kiss ✓ Jayde Scott
    339Jayde Scott
Voodoo Kiss

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  1. Autumn is my favorite season, and Halloween my favorite holiday, so I celebrated these dual favorites by reading a delightful, ghoulish, fun Y A paranormal novel by prolific and highly rated author Jayde Scott I was feeling particularly courageous and intrigued by the book s premise, so I did this despite the fact that I had not yet read the earlier books in the series called Ancient Legends a deficiency I quickly corrected after reading Voodoo Kiss Luckily, Scott is such a strong writer that th [...]

  2. Voodoo Kiss is even riveting and full of nonstop action than its prequel Scott offers an unflinching and grim look at what life can be when there is a death in the family and everyone gives you the blame.This dark, gripping, and highly suspenseful read will have readers chomping at the bit for a sequel.

  3. Voodoo Kiss is an intriguing, fast paced read I really enjoyed all of the characters, but I would have to say Thrain was my favorite The story line was great Scott blended the paranormal creatures seamlessly together I look forward to reading from this author.

  4. Voodoo kiss is an exciting page turner It was my favorite of the series All I wanted to do was keep reading Thanks for a wonderful book that all ages can enjoy

  5. Jayde Scott really knows how to wield a pen to drag you into her world and not let you go until the very end and even then your begging for

  6. In my review of Doomed, I didn t want to give away the loss Cass was forced to endure, as I felt this was one of the major cliff hangers of Doomed and would have needed a spoiler alert, which I steer clear of, so I m banking on the fact that everyone has read the first two books of this series before reading this one Jayde is a wonderful writer, and Voodoo s Kiss was the best one in the series yet I was creeped out by Gael, and the danger I sensed with him sucked me into the story immediately.In [...]

  7. Bad boy meets troubled girl.When I started to read the first two books of the ancient legends series,little did I know how addictive this series is Whenever I finish a book in the ancient legends series, the first thing I do is buy the next one.Voodoo Kiss picks up right where the second left off and although we have now a new character Sofia , the story continues from the last book and becomes downright sweet, romantic Sofia is a troubled girl She s lost her sister Her parents believe that she [...]

  8. I was so excited to get to read this book I have really liked this series and couldn t wait to get to Voodoo Kiss After the first few pages of this book I was wondering how it was going to all tie in with the other books characters in the Ancient Legends series All I can say is about this book is that it blew me away It was put together so well that the plot just flowed so well I found myself in parts of the book, admiring the writing technique I wasn t sure I would like Sofia after enjoying Cas [...]

  9. Another great story by Jayde Scott I really believe she outdid herself this time I was especially glad to see that she included all of our favorite characters throughout the whole book while introducing us to new characters I m also excited to know that she is working on a fourth book in the series I can t wait for Bewitched to come out This is a must read for YA Paranormal Romance fans make sure to read A Job From Hell and Doomed too I recommend reading them in order, as the storyline flows fro [...]

  10. loved it I m all about the paranormal stuff and I love books that have to do with it I don t like books that are slow paced and this one definitely wasn t just wish the author would have extended some of the action scenes rather than concentrating on the mushy ones don t get me wrong, mushy gushy is great but not every other paragraph over all I still loved it and am totally enjoying this series.

  11. I love this series The way all the main characters from past books are important in each new one And that each new one has a new main plot with different characters at the forefront You never really know what the next in the series is going to bring you, always a surprise Can t wait for the next Jayde Keep them coming

  12. Good book Started out a little bit slow but once the action picked up I couldn t put it down You follow Cass search to return Dallas to his body through a voodoo priestess Thrain, a tracker demon, helps locate Sofia and also learns they share a bond I am anxious to find out whose story we get to read about next in Bewitched.

  13. Jayde Scott really knows how to make demons sexy I had no idea about this author, but with the price of this book, you can t beat it I flew through each one in the AL series and really enjoyed them all I will be getting of her books in the future.

  14. This is one of my favorite books by this author Who can t say no to a HOT shapeshifter who wants to protect you Yummy J Scott knows just know to describe Thrain so you can almost picture the guy right there with you HOT

  15. I really enjoyed this book A very unusual story line The writing is amazingly descriptive Update January, 2013 I re read this book when I was looking for a new book to read Thoroughly enjoyed it the second time through So descriptive and unusual story.

  16. Jayde Scott does a wonderful job drawing into her world and wrapping you up in the story I feel like the characters are my friends I look forward to spending time with them.I am so glad Cass Dallas and Aiden Amber have their stories continued, even as secondary characters.

  17. Let me say that I did not see this ending coming This was such a breath of fresh air for me A completely original concept that stands alone from all of the rest of the paranormal books i have read in my life Definately a keeper

  18. Review also on chillinwithbooks Plot Voodoo Kiss is another wonderful installment to the Ancient Legends series The book is very fast paced, a lot seemed to happen in one chapter While I do like to have a complex story, sometimes I tend to forget details from previous chapters when I put down the book and picked it up later Luckily, I wasn t exactly lost, I could pick things up again after a few paragraphs, when the memories come back The story this time is mystery like We had a lot of questio [...]

  19. Book Review Voodoo Kiss by Jayde ScottSophia is a struggling musician, who is playing small gigs and getting ready for college Her boyfriend Gael has surprised her with a trip to Rio She is torn about going because her feelings for Gael aren t what she thought, besides his behavior has changed lately He has become demanding and controlling However she decided to go and ignore his behavior He was there for her when her sister died Of course her life is about to change.Once in Rio at the airport [...]

  20. Best book I ve read in this series so far If you haven t read it, its about a girl Sofia who is the reincarnation of a powerful voodoo priestest The whole gang is back in this book Cass, Amber, Aidan, Kieran, Clare, and Thrain HOTT And of course Thrain and Sofia end up having the bond together I really liked the relationship between Sofia and Thrain, it was much relaxed then any of the other ones She isn t whiny at all, and doesn t fight their bond There whole relationship is simple and cute an [...]

  21. Sophia and Thrain s story, very cute Sophia was very open to the changes and explanations of what was happening around and to her But not in a way where she came across as naive, just putting her knowledge and history together with what she learned, and makes reasonable conclusions So it was refreshing to not be frustrated with the heroine all the time, like Cass and Amber can be This wasn t my favorite of the series so far, but only because I was very vested in what was happening with Amber and [...]

  22. Had to read book 3 FAST Had to know what happened to Dallas So intro a new character, Sofia Sofia is a rock star hopeful She comes from Russia where she and her mom struggled after her dad up left them she followed him later to America where he has a new family thankfully she s welcomed Unfortunately, her Russian bloodline is a wanted one and bad people prey upon her kill her little sister Theo Lucifer tells Cass she needs her so she sends Thrain, the shape shifting demon, to track her down They [...]

  23. I was bored yes, but I suppose not completely bored all the way to tears Just sort of bored to a quivering chin that could lead to tears if it wasn t summer and I had actually paid for the book As it was, thankfully it was a free ebook on my nook and I had consciously signed up for a brainless read I hate when I do that It always seems like a good idea but then I get into these brainless books and my faith in good story telling is shaken.

  24. I m giving up on this one about 70% through Not that I hated it, I just wasn t interested in the outcome, mostly because I skipped book 2 in the series I really liked it about 2 stars worth, but I m giving it a 3 because it s my fault for not reading book 2 I probably would go ahead and finish it if I didn t have so many other books in my TBR pile that I m dying to get to Maybe I ll go back and finish this someday.

  25. Alright Thrain is delicious i must say and Sofia with thrain is even yummy I loved their relationship The story was good but some things well not things but how the writing went That is why it can t get a 5 star Sometimes reading was annoying because how Jayde writes is hmm not bad but to quick Yes i love quick reads but sometimes certain things i wish were explained or she use different wording Other then that it was a good read and lots of steamy kisses D

  26. I had a difficult time reading this series Though I usually finish 20 books a month, it took all of December to complete this 6 book series I loved this story line, but with all of the irregularities and bouncing from one character to another, I was lost I didn t really like either Dallas or Cass, and further books in the series didn t really clarify anything This could have been a Great series

  27. More supernatural beings, mystery and humour in another book of the Ancient Legends series Dallas is dead, Cass is cursed to never leave hell, Amber is feeling the loss of her brother Is there a way to bring back Dallas Is this 3rd book of Ancient Legends Amber, Adrian and Thrain search for a Voodoo Priestess with the power to bring back the dead.

  28. I really enjoyed this book It is definately the best one of the three Even though I disliked the second book it set up this book perfectly The characters, story line and sub plots were incredibly well written and fantastically executed I really look forward to reading Jayde Scott in the future.

  29. I liked this plot better then the second Wish I could do half or three quarter stars This is definitely better then the second book but I only gave it 3 stars because of the horrible editing alot of repeat paragraphs, someone walking down street in the morning, but all of sudden it s a nighttime scene that sort of thing.

  30. AwesomeI just love how everything ties together in this series Everyone is connected and unlikely friends and soul mates are found Amazing read I m addicted to the series and can t wait to read the next book

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