What I Loved

[PDF] What I Loved | by ✓ Siri Hustvedt [PDF] What I Loved | by ✓ Siri Hustvedt - What I Loved, What I Loved This is the story of two men who first become friends in s New York of the women in their lives of their sons born the same year and of how relations between the two families become strained

  • Title: What I Loved
  • Author: Siri Hustvedt
  • ISBN: 9780340682388
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] What I Loved | by ✓ Siri Hustvedt, What I Loved, Siri Hustvedt, What I Loved This is the story of two men who first become friends in s New York of the women in their lives of their sons born the same year and of how relations between the two families become strained first by tragedy then by a monstrous duplicity which comes slowly and corrosively to the surface

What I Loved

[PDF] What I Loved | by ✓ Siri Hustvedt [PDF] What I Loved | by ✓ Siri Hustvedt - What I Loved, What I Loved This is the story of two men who first become friends in s New York of the women in their lives of their sons born the same year and of how relations between the two families become strained What I Loved

  • [PDF] What I Loved | by ✓ Siri Hustvedt
    110Siri Hustvedt
What I Loved

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  1. I have rarely read a novel of such intensity And it touches on so much the art world as well as art itself, relationships of many kinds, family, love, loss, psychology and the outsider, the world that is New York City, personasch that I m forgetting or avoiding for spoilers sake But then is is titled What I Loved and it lives up to it s title In addition to being one of the most intense reading experiences, in many ways this has been one of the most unusual At times I felt I was reading, not a [...]

  2. Beautifully written and a realistic insight into the difficulties of parenthood and relationships.A story with interesting and intelligent character development I enjoyed watching the characters grow and how the author developed and shaped the characters over a number of years This really is a study of relationships and how they develop between husbands and wives, family and friends over the course of a number of years and how love, and loss can change the course of friendships.I enjoyed the rea [...]

  3. Pero todos vivimos aqu , pens para mis adentros, en esas historias imaginarias que nos relatamos sobre nuestras vidas Escribir es un modo de localizar mi hambre Y el hambre no es sino un vac o Leo Hertzberg, el observador que atisba a trav s del agujero de su propia vida, reordena una y otra vez los preciosos objetos que atesora en un caj n, frutos y huellas de una existencia que se le escapa entre los dedos, tratando de conjugar a trav s del lenguaje el torrente de la memoria que los acompa a P [...]

  4. I never learn This book had been knocking around the house for a while, but I hadn t really been interested in reading it, due to a combination of factors but primarily because a the cover didn t interest me and b one of the most prominent quotes on the jacket describes it as a love story As I ve said before, while I always appreciate well written relationships romances in books, defining something purely as a love story is pretty much a surefire way to put me off So it was for no particular rea [...]

  5. Superbly written a very enjoyable novel that left me feeling introspective The characters were so beautifully portrayed so authentic that I hated to say goodbye The narrator is Leo, an art historian who forms a long lasting friendship with the painter, Bill Wechsler These two men and their families remain friends for over 25 years It s a story filled with passionate love affairs as well as tragic loss, grief and heartbreak I was so moved by this sometimes sad, sometimes sentimental, yet never ma [...]

  6. What I loved Take note of the past tense It evokes painful memories of the past Things that we used to cherish and treasure that are no longer there It evokes the feeling of losing something or someone either physically like a dead father or emotionally like an ex lover Come to think of it, there seems to me a big blur between physical and emotional losses A dead father may not be physically present but emotionally, he still resides in our hearts An ex lover may still be there physically but is [...]

  7. What I Loved This book Intense and engrossing, What I Loved could also be titled What We ll Do for Love or What Love Will Do To Us for it explores the psychology of friendships, intimate and family relationships and the actions people take for the sake of love But I get ahead of myself This is the story of two friends, their spouses and the son each couple has, told over the last three decades of the 20th century in a reminiscence by one of the friends, Columbia professor and art historian, Leo [...]

  8. I love Paul Auster Having discovered him through the joys of the 1001 books list, I ve now read almost everything he ever wrote and just when I was getting to the end of his stuff and wondering how I could get my hands on Paul Auster stuff short of holding a gun to his head and forcing him to write faster , along comes the literary off shoot of Auster that is Siri Hustvedt What I hear you yell in supportive indignation for Mrs Auster and her right to be recognised as a successful and talented a [...]

  9. Because I ve been engaged in a book club with three others one who likes fiction, one who likes it with reservations, and a third who views it with trepidation I ve been thinking about why I like fiction so much Modern fiction, classic fiction, whatever what always draws me is the way human nature is portrayed What does it mean to be human Is it sad, broken, lonely, joyful, complicated Yes.This book is, for me, the dream of fiction, in that it tells us a story, and transports us, while at the sa [...]

  10. Among other things, Siri Hustvedt questions in this book the concept of contemporary art Evidently a connoisseur and an admirer, I think she wants to highlight through her imaginary world that there is a difference between real art and what people take for art nowadays Teddy Giles, a wanna be artist whose portrait is insisted upon in the second half of the book, bases all his projects on people s reactions to violence and to matters that are only meant to shock, rather than have an artistic valu [...]

  11. Siri Hustvedt n 1955 5 Estrelas liter rias Aquilo Que Eu Amava 2003 um romance escrito pela norte americana, de ascend ncia norueguesa, Siri Hustvedt n 1955 dedicado a Paul Auster o premiado escritor norte americano, casado com Siri Hustvedt desde 1982, e que antes contra ra matrim nio com a tamb m escritora Lydia Davis Siri Hustvedt divide Aquilo Que Eu Amava em tr s partes, perfeitamente individualizadas no espa o e no tempo, e que se inicia por volta de 1975, na zona do Soho, Manhattan, Nova [...]

  12. The second half of What I Loved might have made an enjoyably erudite thinking man s thriller set in the art world of the 80s and 90s, but the meandering first half about affluent Manhattanites and their dull, pretentious lives makes the book, as a whole, perhaps admirable, but hard to like.One often comes across perfectly entertaining novels that seem to have trouble getting started Instead of plunging their reader straight into the action, they begin with ten pages of backstory What I Loved rea [...]

  13. This is a tremendous book, and I was sorry that it had to end I would appreciate a sequel, because Hustvedt has given so much intricacy to her characters it would be wonderful to find out what happens to them She mixes art, both modern and classical, into a novel with rich themes such as art s immortal quality juxtaposed with our mortal inevitability Her immense knowledge is not boastful like Byatt s, though She examines the many facets of love, unrequited love being the most painfully sublime H [...]

  14. This 2003 novel could just as well have been titled What I Lost, which might be truer to its elegiac tone Narrated by Professor Leo Hertzberg and set between the 1970s and 1990s, it s about two New York City couples academics and artists and the losses they suffer over the years With themes of modern art, perspective, memory, separation and varieties of mental illness, it asks to what extent we can ever know other people or use replacements to fill the gaps left by who and what is missing Read i [...]

  15. I consider this book to be truly wonderful My fellow London commuters clearly thought I was crazy as I cried over passages on a number of trains I think the past tense in the title succinctly communicates the loss dealt with by Hustvedt.I didn t initially like the descriptions of the art installations, and had difficulty visualising them As I progressed through the novel I began to enjoy them .

  16. Now I have finished it Excellent Superb Who should read it Well, you sort of have to like cerebral books Absolutely never dull, never boring Always something that gets you thinking Kirkus say that Hustvedt writes spectacular sentences that embody the American experience in brilliantly specific physical imagery I cannot expresss this better than they do There is so much in this book add adolescence, a superb description that reflects what we have all been through There is so much to think about O [...]

  17. S o estranhos os caminhos que a vida percorre, o modo como a vida muda e deambula, o modo como uma coisa se transforma noutra continua procura da doen a que anda no ar, do Zeitgeist que murmura s sua v timas grita, deixa que a fome te corroa, come, mata Procura as ideias ventos que assolam as mentes das pessoas e que, depois, se transformam em cicatrizes na paisagem.

  18. Wow, I loved this There is so much depth and truth in this I love when stories introduce me to problems, thoughts, concepts that I hadn t been familiar with before It s not one of those books that will leave you overall satisfied and happy It is real life with all the ups and downs that come with it The setting in the New York art scene, the character s professions or the point in life they were at we follow them from dating to marriage to having children to whatever comes after wasn t something [...]

  19. In this moving story, a man who once wrote a book called A Brief History of Seeing in Western Painting but who is now older and is, ironically, losing his eyesight looks back on his life Even in just that short summary, there are layers of seeing, losing sight and looking back Hustvedt s book plays with these kinds of layers and perceptions.The story focuses on our narrator, Leo Hertzberg, his wife, Erica, their son, Matthew and the family of Bill Weschler I m deliberately not saying much about [...]

  20. This is a book, like most amazing books, which is about how exhausting and glorious and terrible it is to live Especially if you are the one who lives A new favorite I soak in her prose, whether I planned to or not More soon.

  21. Leo Hertzberg seeks out Bill Wechsler after he buys one of his paintings, starting a lifelong friendship between the two men The lives of their two families become entangled in this story about relationships, love, and loss.Leo, an art historian, is the narrator looking back on the last twenty five years in a book divided into three sections The first part sets us in the New York City world of artists, academics, and intellectuals There are beautiful, detailed descriptions of Bill s art and Viol [...]

  22. Una novela muy neoyorquina, llena de galer as de arte, calles atestadas de gente, estaciones del tren subterr neo, tranv as que recorren incesantemente los largos trayectos entre suburbios y ciudad, estudios de pintura, teatros, bares y restaurantes prestigiosas universidades, cielos encapotados, nevadas repentinas y, en fin, todo aquello que conforma la vida en aquella ciudad maravillosa del noreste de la Uni n Americana Me parece que tambi n los personajes son muy neoyorquinos ya que se trata [...]

  23. The writing was rich and very compelling It s been a long time since I ve thought about characters when I wasn t reading about them The bits about art, perception and time that were thrown in as the characters developed and progressed through the plot were moving too The story is divided into three parts I was drawn into the first two parts completely The third part I resented on some level Thinking about it now, it s the mark of a well written and executed story because I realize my resentment [...]

  24. Todo cuanto am , de Siri Hustvedt, es una de las novelas m s inteligentes que he le do ltimamente C mo calificar un libro de inteligente, por su erudici n, por su estructura narrativa, por las ideas y pensamientos que desarrolla, por la trama Sin duda, Todo cuanto am cumple todos estos requisitos y algunos m s De qu trata Es una historia de amor, como bien indica el t tulo, pero no s lo de amor entre personas, tambi n de amor por el arte y la creaci n Leo es un profesor de historia del arte que [...]

  25. Perhaps I wouldn t be emotionally exhausted had I read this slowly, instead I inhaled it in two days I m in a daze I enjoyed this once I recovered from the flood of long ago memories and emotions of working with patients like Mark while writing my thesis on hopelessness.I know there is so much I am missing in this book, so I look forward to reading reviews now that I ve finished For now though I ll note a few very random thoughts Since first person POV is my favorite, I especially enjoyed Leo s [...]

  26. Lo storico dell arte Leo Hertzberg, ormai vecchio, racconta un lungo pezzo della sua vita famiglia, amici, lavoro , con le vicende private che si stagliano avendo per sfondo il mondo colto newyorkese Leo rievoca particolarmente la sua grande amicizia con Bill, l artista dell avanguardia William Wechsler, e quindi l intenso rapporto tra le rispettive famiglie si alternano le gioie e i dolori, anche atroci, finch nel racconto prende ampio spazio una serie di complicate trame con al centro Mark, il [...]

  27. Gostei mesmo muito deste livro A hist ria come a devagar, mas agarrou me desde o in cio, pois centra se em dois temas que me interessam particularmente, a arte e a literatura volta deles, desenvolve se o enredo, sobre a amizade, o amor, a obsess o e a perda um livro cheio de pormenor e informa o, mas essa densidade, ao inv s de o tornar fastidioso, confere lhe um interesse maior e a leitura torna se surpreendentemente f cil, medida que a hist ria se desenvolve, com um toque de suspense que me fe [...]

  28. Cuando de un libro puedes decir que tras su lectura has aprendido m s sobre cuestiones como el arte, la paternidad maternidad o los trastornos mentales que en l has encontrado frases bell simas y tambi n escenas perturbadoras casi terror ficas y que antes de acabar de leer las ltimas l neas ya sabes que vas a echar de menos saber m s de algunos personajes No puedes hacer otra cosa que puntuar muy alto esta novela que por momentos parece un ensayo sobre los trastornos mentales la creaci n art sti [...]

  29. I still love The Blazing World , though it s hard to separate the book itself from that feeling of pleasurable surprise when you discover a new author, a really good one, and think, now this person s books are waiting for me Also I think I just know Harry in a way that I don t necessarily already know Leo Almost like clicking with a real person This was nonetheless a fine read, one which leaves me with thoughts connected to one another by theme rather than any kind of real summary or review Thou [...]

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