Things I Can't Forget

[PDF] Download ✓ Things I Can't Forget : by Miranda Kenneally [PDF] Download ✓ Things I Can't Forget : by Miranda Kenneally - Things I Can't Forget, Things I Can t Forget Kate has always been the good girl Too good according to some people at school although they have no idea the guilty secret she carries But this summer everything is differentThis summer she s a cou

  • Title: Things I Can't Forget
  • Author: Miranda Kenneally
  • ISBN: 9781402271908
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ✓ Things I Can't Forget : by Miranda Kenneally, Things I Can't Forget, Miranda Kenneally, Things I Can t Forget Kate has always been the good girl Too good according to some people at school although they have no idea the guilty secret she carries But this summer everything is differentThis summer she s a counselor at Cumberland Creek summer camp and she wants to put the past behind her This summer Matt is back as a counselor too He s the first guy she ever kissed and he Kate has a

Things I Can't Forget

[PDF] Download ✓ Things I Can't Forget : by Miranda Kenneally [PDF] Download ✓ Things I Can't Forget : by Miranda Kenneally - Things I Can't Forget, Things I Can t Forget Kate has always been the good girl Too good according to some people at school although they have no idea the guilty secret she carries But this summer everything is differentThis summer she s a cou Things I Can't Forget

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Things I Can't Forget : by Miranda Kenneally
    209Miranda Kenneally
Things I Can't Forget

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  1. I was really hoping the main character would be stabbed out of nowhere on the last page She wasn t I m upset.

  2. Being a big fan of Miranda s books since I read and fell in love with Catching Jordan I was only a little weary when I was told this one involved some religion which I usually quickly turn away from in books I must say, however, that as usual, Miranda used her magic and turned this into an immensely sweet read, making the religion aspect a simple fact of the story like anything else Every protagonist has passions and dreams that we get to see as a part of them, this is how religion plays a part [...]

  3. This was an okay story, but the pace was really slow.Kate was a little stuck in her ways, and seemed incapable of believing that anything other than her church s beliefs could possibly be right I totally got why people called her uptight and judgemental, because she did come across that way The storyline in this was about Kate working at a summer camp, and having a crush on a guy called Matt We also had the storyline about the thing Kate couldn t forget view spoiler her best friend had an aborti [...]

  4. This book was a conundrum and pure confusion The first two books in the series were about spunky girls who played sports so, naturally, I expected Things I Can t Forget to have a similar theme Imagine my complete shock when instead of reading a sports themed book I got to read about some overly annoying religious girl I get the message that the author was trying to make it s okay to have religious morals and be young It s a difficult and admirable thing to try to attain for anyone, let alone you [...]

  5. When it comes down to it, I just couldn t connect with the main character And the story was pretty boring However, I did like the cute ending, but it just wasn t enough to make up for the lackluster plot.

  6. Does being in love mean forgetting everything you know Or is it about folding that love into your life Because right now, I have no idea how to balance that Things I Can t Forget touches upon a of a difficult situation for our protagonist compared to the previous two books Jordan and Parker both had tough decisions to make too and horrible situations to deal with but I found Kate was hit much harder Kate had no one to confide in, as she d isolated herself away from her best friend after believi [...]

  7. A chance to win Things I Can t Forget is happening now on my blog 2 x winners and it s international Ends March 28th 2013 bookpassionforlife He grins, and looks around Are you King Crab Kate I cover my mouth with a hand Oh my gosh you re Miniature Poodle Matt I adore Miranda s work Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker were fantastic reads, which I rated 4 stars each, however, Things I Can t Forget gets a massive 5 star rating from me Third time s the charm right Kate is a good girl who always tri [...]

  8. 4.5 stars.I m going to start by stressing that I am not religious Not at all For this reason, I tend to be annoyed by books that push religion at me or that in any way promote, display, depict you got the gist So that I rated it so high in itself speaks volumes The story is about holier than thou Kate, who goes to work as a counselor in a Christian camp during the summer She s just lost her best friend Emily, who s been kicked out of the house after they discovered she got an abortion Kate helpe [...]

  9. I highly admire Miranda Kenneally for writing this book Religion is a very sensitive subject to everyone s lives and for Miranda to incorporate it in her writing is brave Really brave.I totally enjoyed reading this book because it is relatable The situations in the book can be seen in our society And for Christians like me, you would totally love it So, the story is about this girl who is a devoted Christian She does things basing on what is accepted in the Christian world However, one incident [...]

  10. Buy this book on Barnes and Noble Audible BookDepository FREE WORLDWIDESHIPPING 3.5 out of 5 stars Please read my rating system further below OH GUSHER I read this so long ago and forgot to write my review but this was so cute I recommend reading this book if you re in need of a quick and easy read or if you just fell into a reading slump This book will do it for you My rating system I do use half stars 5 I do not use the 5 star Not because a book might not be worthy, but because a book is never [...]

  11. I read an earlier draft, but I m so looking forward to the final copy because this is my favorite of Miranda s books, so far.

  12. After Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker, Miranda Kenneally is on my auto buy list When the opportunity to review her latest title, Things I Can t Forget, came up, I jumped right into it Although I loved Kenneally s first two novels, I have to say that Things I Can t Forget is my favorite, which is very surprising since I m not into too much religion in my books.Kate was a surprisingly intense character that I really enjoyed reading about I had no idea that I would end up loving her so much bec [...]

  13. While Kate was very different from Parker Stealing Parker and Jordan Catching Jordan , I still really liked her I ve already seen reviews that call her judgmental and they say that they didn t like her, and I ll agree that she was definitely judgmental, but it didn t stop me from enjoying her character or her story.In fact, her being judgmental was one of those character flaws that made me enjoy her , and while at times it had me wanting to rip my hair out or made me want to shake her, Kate s ju [...]

  14. I just can t get behind this one I don t like the main character at all She was judgmental, hypocritical, naive, and selfish She wanted everyone to understand her beliefs but felt no obligation to understand or accept theirs She had no problem spouting her thoughts on sex and relationships and God to others when she believed they had sinned but didn t like it when people called her a Jesus Freak Her feelings were hurt by them but she couldn t understand how she had affected them I m also tired o [...]

  15. This review is paired with Racing Savannah and can also be found at Love at First Page.He grabs my hand and tangles our fingers together, and I remember how this felt on our first date.Right and perfect, even thought we re anything but right and perfect But being with him smells better than salt on the breeze first thing in the morning at the beach It tastes better than homemade vanilla ice cream It feels better than dragging a paintbrush across canvas Things I Can t Forget You are really pretty [...]

  16. I ve been a fan of Miranda s since I read Catching Jordan, and I will definitely read anything that she writes Still, I must admit that I entered on Things I Can t Forget with a certain amount of trepidation, having heard some talk of the focus on themes of religion and the personality of the main character I feared I might not like this one much, but, actually, Things I Can t Forget has turned out to be my new favorite of her three books.There is no doubt that Kate will rub a lot of people the [...]

  17. The first thing I noticed about the book was the title Why did it ruin the consistency of the first two and the fourth I really found it annoying.Without the title, the book s beautiful.I normally wouldn t read books about religion Stealing Parker had a bit of it, though but I couldn t pass up something by Miranda Kenneally.Our main character, Kate Kelley, was uninteresting at first, but then I came to understand her and why she did things Religion plays a big part in a child s development I m a [...]

  18. A companion novel to the equally fabulous CATCHING JORDAN out now and STEALING PARKER out Oct 1 , this follows Kate as she spends the summer before college as a church camp counselor, questioning her faith as she falls in love for the first time This book has amazing characterization At the beginning of the book, Kate s seldom questioned her fundamentalist Christian church s teachings, even though it s caused a major rift between her and her BFF She isn t immediately popular with some of the oth [...]

  19. DNF at 50% I think But I just need to say that I m so disappointed I ve loved all the books of the series Hundred Oaks by Miranda Kenneally, but I really don t want to read further any Why Let me tell you The main character Kate, she s a good girl A good Christian girl no offense to the religion itself, I know plenty people that are Christian whom I m friends with, but Kate She was such a judgemental bitch.I m sorry, I don t like to call anyone even if they re fictional any bad names, but truly [...]

  20. This ARC review will be posted at my blog, The Flyleaf Review closer to the book s publication Things I Can t Forget is the 3rd book in the Hundred Oaks Series It is a companion novel to both Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker.You don t have to read either of those books before starting Things I Can t Forget, but I think you will get much out of it if you do Like I mentioned in the above disclaimer, Things I Can t Forget is a companion novel to author Miranda Kenneally s first two books Old fa [...]

  21. At this point I have read a ton of reviews for Things I Can t Forget Almost all have given Miranda Kenneally high praised very well deserved for her writing and the story Almost all have also mentioned having a hard time connecting with Kate I am absolutely not trying to argue or discount those feelings, each person comes to a book bringing their unique outlook on life and relationships What I want to do is offer an alternative point of view in regards to Kate.Kate Kelly is maybe the best exampl [...]

  22. Interview Giveaway on the blog somelikeitparanormallKate helped her best friend through something really difficult It was something Kate didn t believe in so now she just can t move on Her friend is trying to move on and Kate continues bringing up all the guilt so no one can move on They get in a big fight Kate has to work at a summer camp without her Kate flashes back to the emotional event throughout the book It weighs heavily on her mind.Kate is very hard to relate to at first She is trapped [...]

  23. Read this review on my blog Things I Can t Forget by Miranda KenneallyI ll tell you what I soon won t forgetis book, that s what Miranda s books have always struck a chord with me I ve always been able to relate on some level, therefore making her books really memorable for me But what she did to me with Things I Can t Forget was beyond that I hung on every word of this book like it my life depend it on it.I ve often found myself struggling with religious beliefs and my meaning in this life, whe [...]

  24. Miranda has once again proven herself to be among the stars of the contemporary YA genre with her newest book, THINGS I CAN T FORGET While CATCHING JORDAN will probably always be my favorite of hers, I think THINGS I CAN T FORGET gave it a run for its money, especially in the guy department The storyline is heartbreaking and yet seductive at the same time, making for one heck of a ride for the reader There are many things I won t be able to forget about this book Kate is the epitome of a good gi [...]

  25. This is the third book I ve read by Miranda Kenneally, and I enjoyed it as much as I did Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker Parents looking for a clean read to get for their teenage daughters, I highly recommend the Hundred Oaks series Each book can be read as a stand alone and every story deals with one or the other moral dilemma faced by teens today Things I Can t Forget specifically deals with teens having to make tough Christian value based decisions in today s world where issues such as se [...]

  26. This series has been tough for me in the sense that I loved Catching Jordan so much It suited me well at the time and I still adore it to pieces, but Stealing Parker, while still enjoyable, was not exactly my cup of tea I liked it, but not as much as the first book After hearing how people felt like Things I Can t Forget was a tad preachy Idk I was expecting to feel lukewarm about it, but guess what I actually liked this one Learning is never a bad thing And neither is changing your mind about t [...]

  27. View of my review and others at my blog mynotsovacantshelfI love Miranda Kenneally s writing I hope that she writes for years to come Although this book doesn t have the sporty title like the two before it, and although it doesn t really involve sports, doesn t stop this book from rocking like the first two This book is heavily focused on religion, mainly on Kate s beliefs and where they fit into her life At first I didn t really like Kate, I thought she was judgemental and almost snobbish, and [...]

  28. I ve enjoyed the first two books in the Hundred Series, but Things I Can t Forget is my new favorite of the series Kate s journey through the book looks at her faith and has her questioning if God is punishing her for her past choices I appreciated that Kate s story is about internal conflicts and dealing with her faith, it gave the story depth and it really pulled me in.Kate and her best friend, Emily, used to attend Cumberland Creek summer camp when they were kids and now that they are old e [...]

  29. An Electronic Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change.Warning Mild sexual thoughts are sprinkled throughout the book.Kate is the good Christian girl who does no wrong, who doesn t drink, or do drugs, and certainly doesn t have a boyfriend Until her summer job as a camp counselor, she meets her childhood friend Matt who shows her how much she s been missing.I loved Catching Jordan, and I couldn t wait until Ste [...]

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