[PDF] Download ☆ Splintered : by A.G. Howard [PDF] Download ☆ Splintered : by A.G. Howard - Splintered, Splintered Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of bugs and flowers precisely the affliction that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before This family curse stretches back to her ancestor Alice Liddell

  • Title: Splintered
  • Author: A.G. Howard
  • ISBN: 9781419704284
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ☆ Splintered : by A.G. Howard, Splintered, A.G. Howard, Splintered Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of bugs and flowers precisely the affliction that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before This family curse stretches back to her ancestor Alice Liddell the real life inspiration for Lewis Carroll s Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Alyssa might be crazy but she manages to keep it together For now When her mother s mental hAlyssa Gardner he


[PDF] Download ☆ Splintered : by A.G. Howard [PDF] Download ☆ Splintered : by A.G. Howard - Splintered, Splintered Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of bugs and flowers precisely the affliction that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before This family curse stretches back to her ancestor Alice Liddell Splintered

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Splintered : by A.G. Howard
    324A.G. Howard

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  1. This book literally made my jaw drop I m still reeling from some of the offensive, annoying and downright incorrect things that made it past editors, proofreaders and buyers.I could point out the way mental illness is sensationalized for a bit of drama and Alyssa s mother is just put in a straitjacket and wheeled off to a padded cell, even though straitjackets and padded cells haven t been used much since the introduction of psychotropic drugs in the 1950s and especially not for someone in her c [...]

  2. I m not giving it any stars because it s my brainchild But I will say that I love my heroine and her two guys the good one and the naughty one and I had a blast warping up Wonderland.

  3. I LOVED this book enough that I m posting my first ever detailed review The writing is gorgeous lyrical and evocative without ever descending into unnecessarily purple The story is compelling the twist was unexpected , and the characters felt like they were real enough to have heartbeats The author is also one of those wonderful creatures whose pre finished books are clean enough to read I read this in manuscript, pre galleys, and the writing was so polished that I only noticed one error in the [...]

  4. White girl anthem time, because literally, ew, I can t.Literally.Ew.I can t.So the other day I was watching Grey s Anatomy with my main bitch and I knew I was making a mistake because, being a casual viewer and by casual I mean that I can stomach perhaps one episode every seven months I wasn t invested enough in the convoluted story or the characters to ignore all of the insanely far fetched medical and social oversights a woman is furious that her brother died because I m a neurosurgeon, and I [...]

  5. seeing the cover seeing it s another Alice in Wonderland ideaseeing that it actually sounds amazing fangirling with everyone on seeing the release date

  6. Can we take one moment and wonder how much better this book would have been if Jeb wasn t in it CAN WE This guy was a major douchebag Besides the fact that he was as good as useless to the entire plot, he had no respect all for Alyssa s opinions or decisions Jeb, I think Shut the fuck up I decide what you can and can t do Protective was not even how I would describe him Controlling is still an understatement He treated her like a fucking puppy Its not even like I m reading too much into this bec [...]

  7. More reviews The Beautiful World of booksDNF halfway throughWhat I felt about the cover What I felt when I started reading this book What I felt about the main character What I felt about the male love interests What I felt about the love triangle What I felt about the plot What I felt about the writing My feelings for the book My final verdict

  8. Sometime during summer, I took this book in my hands, looked at it lovingly, and sighed before opening the first page and starting my reading of it.Oh, it so isn t the dark but magical story I anticipated It s been months since I ve put it aside to rot next to other books waiting for my interest to rekindle, but I just think that will never happen, because the only thing I like about it is MORPHEUS So DNF for now and probably for ever Oh well, happily never after.

  9. More of a 3.5 star rating.Okay, so here is a little truth for you There is no other children s tale that scared me most as a child than Alice in Wonderland I will never forget the first time I heard the story It was by way of my grandmother and these cassette tapes she bought me called Porch Swing Stories It was very generous of her, but let me tell you, those tapes were the devil Pretty much all of the stories were purposefully cranked up in the creepy department and I m convinced that the pers [...]

  10. SPOILER FREE REVIEW youtube watch v jN6NG4.5 You understand the logic behind the illogical, Alyssa It s in your nature to find tranquility amid the madness And that s what we re doing here We are giving our food a fighting chance I knew going into this book that I would either love it or hate it and to be honest, I so expected the latter Through the Looking Glass is one of my favourite books and as such I knew I would be drawing comparisons the whole time Lucky for me, I loved this book I had h [...]

  11. there s probably going to be a lot of grammatical errors in this review because i m a lazy shit i honestly don t know what to think of this one to me it was bland, boring and plain, yet somewhat enjoyable bruh, this was seriously not the kind of Alice in Wonderland i expected to read about i actually forgot what the tale even is, but whatever it is, it was definitely not this, like it was different and i just realized that sentence probably made like no sense, but what the fuck ever so the begin [...]

  12. Re Read 11 4 16 to 11 5 16 I m going to try to finally finish these booksSo after re reading this I was quickly going down to a 3 star, maybe less just because of Jeb s character I mean he s hot and all and he s does good things sometimes, but for the most part he just sucks I don t like the way he s controlling with Alyssa I mean who is he to be telling her what she can and can t do or be with when he has a girlfriend Whatever And even though Morpheus did some devious things in the book, I just [...]

  13. Before I start how gorgeous is that cover I mean really, if there exists such a thing as judging a book by its cover, I m so there.Alyssa is a descendant of the original Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Lewis Carroll s Alice in Wonderland book The women in her family suffer from a curse of madness, even the illegitimate by blows of the family become stricken with insanity after they reach puberty Her mother ends up in a mental asylum after trying to kill Alyssa when she was a small child, she [...]

  14. Splintered seems to be another instance where I appear as the black sheep I ve seen numerous positive reviews of the novel before I went into it, and came out feeling pretty disappointed A book I even thought at first I would absolutely love, ended up being just a little too drawn out I had little love for the characters, and the fascinating twists came a little too late to grab a higher rating.I will say, the novel is not a complete let down, especially for Alice in Wonderland fans I, myself, h [...]

  15. So I had to re read this book, and I m actually glad that I did, because a lot of the stuff in here especially a huge chunk of the last half I d completely forgotten Oh, and I have no idea why I ever considered myself Team Morpheus in the first place He s kind of an ass Actually I m neither on Morpheus nor Jeb s side I don t exactly love either of them But I do love this book even now, exactly two years after my first read I can finally read Unhinged now that I know all the necessary details.

  16. For this review, I will be utilizing the gloriously expressive face of Tom Hiddleston.To Splintered, I would basically just like to say one thing When I saw the blurb for this book, I was a little unsure I love Alice in Wonderland both the book and the Disney movie with like, every adaptation there s ever been But the bit about Alyssa maybe being crazy sounded weird, and I d also heard some negative things about Alice in Zombieland, so I was sort of wary of any YA take on this classic.Y all, I m [...]

  17. I sure wish now that I d taken the blue pill and not read this bookOn paper, a book might seem like many things Some might seem like rage inducing snooze fests directed at sexist people with a death wish Incredibly epic, of course, is the preferred synopsis of choice When I picked up SPLINTERED, glossed over the synopsis a few times, and took it in with a final hard look, I saw one word flash across my eyes AWESOME And that was what I took when I opened my Kindle and started this one Sometimes, [...]

  18. Alyssa is a descendant of Alice Liddell the Alice who inspired Carroll to write his tale of white rabbits and fantastical creatures But, Alyssa has a family secret the women of her bloodline go insane when they come of age.She tries to look on the positive side of this At least one good thing has come out of my inherited insanity Without the delusions, I might never have found my artistic medium pg 10, ebook.Alyssa is in love with Jeb, a dark and brooding young man with a penchant for grunge clo [...]

  19. I Dare you to enter the world of Splintered Oh, now being mad s not all that bad Alice In Wonderland Potion Magic youtube watch v xzgdr No one knows what he or she is capable of until things are at their darkest Avril Lavigne Official Alice Underground youtube watch v vyDRbAlyssa Gardner hears the whispers of bugs and flowers precisely the affliction that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before When her mother s mental health takes a turn for the worse, Alyssa learns that what she th [...]

  20. I have no words to describe how terrible Splintered was Alice in Wonderland is a childhood favourite of mine, so I had pretty high expectations of Splintered Unfortunately, I didn t like much anything about it The plot was overdone Way overdone Alice the great great grandmother, then Alicia, then Alison, then Alyssa That is a bit much, don t you think I was expecting a bit from the plot A little substance and a little lessI found the whole thing a bit stupid And don t even get me started on Je [...]

  21. Buy this book on Barnes and Noble Audible BookDepository FREE WORLDWIDESHIPPING 3 out of 5 stars Please read my rating system below I m so glad that I finally got a chance to read this book I met the author about 2 years ago so it was about time that I got a chance to read her work Let me just say, A.G Howard is one of the coolest authors you ll ever meet I highly recommend going to one of her signings if you ever get the chance to My favorite part of this book would hands down be the character [...]

  22. Splintered is based upon real life Alice Liddell s story as created by Lewis Carroll Little Alice pictured here The females in her line all are inheriting madness They here bugs and plants talking Refuse to eat off of plates teacups please Until we come across Alyssa she does not want to end up in the mental hospital and will venture down the rabbit s hole in order to stop it This author did an amazing job on bringing a fairy tale to life Creepy and so very easy pictured in your mind, Wonderland [...]

  23. Ok, unpopular opinion time I love most retellings, but would rather just read the original Alice in Wonderland than see it get ruined like this I did like some creative elements of this version of Wonderland But the story itself was weird, full of YA cliches and slut shaming, and just didn t hold my attention The part that really killed the story for me was the characters I didn t necessarily like any of them, honestly The Jeb guy was super controlling, condescending, and possessive and what s u [...]

  24. I ve been reading this for so long All I know is that the only thing that will probably come out of my review for this one, is a rant As much as I love slamming sexist novels, I think I ll take a break from attempting to get into Splintered I had no idea it included sexism when I purchased it For now it shall sit on my shelf, waiting until further notice.Maybe I ll return to it at the end of my YA hype experiment.

  25. Splintered reads exactly like The Iron King, except without the awesomeness of Puck and Grimalkin.Both have incredible world building Even me, who has never officially watched Alice in Wonderland Which come to think of it, is a serious flaw in my Disney education can see the parallels Howard drew between the original and this wonderful reimagining Old friends are here the talking flowers, Cheshire cat, the Caterpillar I ll get to Morpheus a bit later and I absolutely loved the concept of Alyssa [...]

  26. I m gonna be honest with you I liked Lewis Carroll s Alice in Wonderland It may seem like a bunch of nonsense, but I liked it And the same can be said about Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There this one being even nonsense, but the plot was clever if something that makes no sense can be clever.Of course I was gonna go crazy when I saw this was a retelling of that classic if you don t believe me, just look at the pre review below, which I wrote like two years ago Besides, this [...]

  27. It s the Wonderland crew after a heavy dose of radiation poisoning Splintered is a book you just have to stick with My opinion of the book has drastically changed as soon as I hit the 100 pages mark It transformed from a dull and tragically angsty story, to a twisted and beautiful one Alyssa Gardner is a great great great grandaughter of Alice Liddel the girl who s dreams inspired Lewis Carrol s Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Every female in her family that was born since Alice, has gone mad A [...]

  28. Splintered is one of those books that has a great concept the family of Alice Lidell from Alice in Wonderland is cursed with a special kinda crazy as a punishment for Alice s mistakes in Wonderland Alyssa is only the latest in a line of women who hear the conversations of flowers and insects Alyssa tries to hide the voices, killing the bugs and creating artwork while her mother wastes away in an insane asylum Then she stumbles on a website about the rabbit hole and someone from Wonderland offers [...]

  29. Ugh Unlikable characters, plotting issues up the wazoo, derivative world building Tim Burton s Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll s original book are NOT interchangeable, and it s really freaking obvious where the author rips off Burton wholesale No thanks The audio had a much better narrator than the book merited.Can the uber possessive boyfriend thing stop now, please Jeb, the main love interest let s not kid ourselves that the love triangle was really a viable triangle in the first place, [...]


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